Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tories Broke No Rules With Giant "Cheques": Top Bureaucrats

Sorry, Liberals, NDP; your grasping-at-straws exercise is a waste of time...
Treasury Board Secretary Michele d'Auray told MPs on the Commons government operations committees Tuesday that MPs who used "ceremonial cheques" as props at such funding events weren't covered by the federal communications and wordmark policies, so they were free to use them the way they did.


Privy Council Clerk Wayne Wouters, who was making his first committee appearance as clerk since he took over the job in July, told MPs that the government's $34-million advertising campaign, website and signage for its economic action plan also followed all federal rules.
The Tories are clean. Poor Opposition. Sooo disappointed. They've got nothing else to throw at the Tories, except shit.

Now, about that Liberal-ADSCAM motion and the missing $43 million...

Oh, and a message to desperate, clowny War Room Big Stinky Cheese, Warren Kinsella: Dude, BUUUURRRRN!!!!