Friday, March 31, 2006

Breaking: Ex-JuF Member Starts Blog, Aims to Expose Terror Group

Now we're blogging! I was just checking the comments under CP's posting about Jamaat ul Fuqra's leader Sheikh Gilani's Bin-Ladenesque verbal return-fire sparked by the investigations ongoing into him and his organization.

Lo and behold, there's a comment from a former member of JuF who left when he realized what they're really all about. Today he started a blog, named "Shedding Some Light", aimed at exposing the organization. The URL is:

Excerpts from the premier post (emphasis mine):

Glad to see others are learning what I lived for 9 yrs. I am still muslim but no longer part of or have any affiliation with Sheikh Mubarak Ali shah Gilani. I despise his teachings and his wicked ways, they r brain washed into believing that HE visits them spiritually, while all the while he is in pakistan. His followers give up 30% of their earnings to him as he says " its for the sake of God, so give. Indeed if u have ever seen his houses in pakistan you would know where all that 30% money is going. He owns land cruisers, mercedes, huge houses in many cities and virtually owns villages.

Hmm... now Sheikh Gilani doesn't sound like a real Muslim, does he? He says to give, but it doesn't sound like he does; it sounds like he takes. He sounds like a greedy sonofabitch. Running a cult. Yes, a cult. We've heard of other cults, including those that brainwash members into committing suicide. Now, a terrorist cult would have no problem getting members to wear bomb vests while going into town... or climbing onto a plane...


But who would dare question him, he will say: How dare you question the spark of light that came from God.


I knew it was time for me to get the hell away from these brainwashed, radical lying gun running people who call themselves " good citizens".

I say we pay attention to what "Fuqra Hater" has to say.

Perhaps the blognet will help prevent terrorist acts and save lives by encouraging former insiders to come forward and tell the world the truth...

For the enemies of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, the Free People are on their case and will never tire, never surrender, never rest until they are defeated.

We are watching relentlessly. All the time. And our forces are rapidly growing in number.

The enemy will fail. The Free World will prevail!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bin Laden IS Planning New US Attack: Former Bodyguard

Abu Jandal, former Bin Laden bodyguard

Via Drudge:


A former personal bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden says he is certain the al-Qaeda leader is planning an attack on the U.S. In the first television interview with an al-Qaeda member close to bin Laden since 9/11, Bob Simon first-hand details about the world's most wanted man for a 60 MINUTES report to be broadcast Sunday, April 2 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Abu Jandal, who was with bin Laden in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2000, says bin Laden's last tape on which he threatened consequences to the U.S. is not a threat, but a promise. "When Sheik Osama promises something, he does itÉ.So I believe Osama bin Laden is planning a new attack inside the United States, this is certain," he tells Simon in the interview conducted in Yemen earlier this month.

This is consistent with what I've learned about Bin Laden in the past: when he says he'll attack, he does. Only question is when. The bastard mountain goat has been making these "promises" for years now. Why? To keep us in suspense long enough to wear us down and decide he's just babbling like some crazy old fart with nothing better to do. Unfortunately, many in the Free World have fallen victim to this mass psychological manipulation. This, Bin Laden counts upon, is the best time to strike: when folks are blissfully ignorant and their guard is down.

The bottom line: it's going to happen again, or at least the enemy will try. It's coming. No matter how patient they are, we must not surrender to the frustrating suspense nor waver in our steely resolve to stand on guard against these enemies of the Free World, of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

We are watching. And we will never stop. Yes, you vile, evil goats, remember this. We're wise to your strategy and tactics. We anticipate your adaptations. We expect the unexpected.

If you somehow manage to escape the dragnet, we'll be waiting for your yellow-bellied attempts to force the will of your deleterious theocratic camel dung upon the Free World.

The Free World rejects all that you stand for. You, terrorists, oppressors, tyrants... will fail.

In fact, the Free World will succeed. Resistance is futile. Freedom is in the blood of all. Freedom is the greatest force on Earth, against which all the murder-bent Islamofascist minions are totally insignificant. And that goes as well for those evil national empires with apparent world domination aspirations, along with their stupid little sidekicks.

We have defeated you before and will again prevail!

Update: Airliner's Missile Encounter

Image hosting by Photobucket

Late last year I did the following posts on an incident that, according to the evidence, I contend is highly unlikely to be anything other than a missile missing an airliner which took off from Los Angeles International Airport last November 2005.

The posts were:

Missile Fired at Civilian Passenger Jet, Misses; MSM Mute

Developing Story: Missile Narrowly Missed Airliner in US in Apparent Terror Attack: Proof Here

Now the Northeast Intelligence Network has followed up with further evidence to add:

(Emphasis mine)

This week, ABC News World News Tonight ran a story about the possible threat of shoulder-fired missiles to commercial and passenger aircraft. In that article, reference was made to the incident involving American Airlines Flight 612 that departed from LAX last November, where the pilot reported seeing what appeared to be a rocket or missile narrowly missing his aircraft. According to official reports, it was determined that the pilot "most likely saw a hobby rocket" that posed no threat to the aircraft.

(NIN dismisses the "official" account and provides a link to its analysis)

Bolstering the possibility that the LAX incident was probably NOT a model rocket is Senator Barbara Boxer who serves on the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation. Stated Boxer: "We had a scare in Los Angeles. We've been told that they cannot rule out the fact that it was a shoulder-fired missile."

Click here for the NIN report and link to analysis.

Here we have a senator with the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation declaring that they've "been told that" a missile cannot be ruled out.

Apparently the authorities aren't confident in their initial dismissal of the incident being a missile fired at the plane.

Wonder what next? Perhaps the authorities may later admit it was indeed a missile fired in a failed terror attempt?

Whatever we learn next, if anything, I continue to contend it had to be a missile. See my analysis at the posts hyperlinked above and think for yourself.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Canadian Sentinel Post Gets Published

Click above to read Ottawa Core online magazine. It's brand-new this month, and as I went to check it out, lo and behold, the very first article of the magazine is a post I did on the appointment of Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court of Canada by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I'm honored. Thank you so much, Ottawa Core!

In Defense of Freedom: Robert Costall

Pte. Robert Costall
For story: click here.
Private Robert Costall, of the 1st Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, paid the ultimate price for our freedom on 28 March 2006.
Pte. Costall valorously engaged the enemy, the Taliban, in Afghanistan in combat and fell in honor. He joins the legions of many, many heroes who have bravely stood up to the enemies of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, giving their lives for us.
There is no greater gift than that given by Pte. Costall. His life for our freedom.
He died for Canada. And for the Free World.
Canadians are in Afghanistan as it is a war for freedom, democracy and the rule of law. It is our war. Yes. Else, how could Canada claim to be standing up for these fundamental human values?
These values were gifts given, paid for in lives. These gifts must not be taken for granted. They are without a doubt worth going to war to preserve them and defend them from those who would take them away from the Free World. And make no mistake, there has always been and always will be those with the means and motive to make a serious attempt. Hence we stand on guard for thee!
I honor Pte. Robert Costall and thank him for his great gift.
He stood on guard for thee.
So must we.

Breaking: JuF Terror Leader Unhinged over Investigations

"Now, here comes the latest aggressor, Douglas J Hagmann. In one breath he concocts so many lies that one wonders how a person with common sense can do such a thing. His statements themselves are self–contradictory, identical to his predecessor, Yusuf Bodenski."
--Sheikh Syed Mubarik 'Ali Gilani
That was the leader of Jamaat ul Fuqra. Below are the words of Khalid Khawaja, longtime crony of Osama Bin Laden and associate of Gilani.
(Emphasis mine)
“I am telling you, Osama doesn’t have many people in America,” Khawaja says. “But here (in Pakistan), he has lots and lots of followers there and followers who are, I am telling you, I am sure of one thing, Osama does not have even one of his followers as committed as Sheik Mubarak Gilani. Source: CBS NEWS 60 Minutes II
Read the breaking story from the Northeast Intelligence Network here.
29 March 2006: On the 12th of February, a so-called ‘interim investigative report’ by an unknown private individual who called himself ‘CP’ investigator and Douglas J. Hagmann , with the internet address,, was released. This highly questionable report about Muslims of the Americas (MOA), their town Islamberg, NY, the International Quranic Open University (IQOU), and the Vice Chancellor of IQOU, is a small part of a campaign of hate, fabricated falsehood, lies, and appalling propaganda aimed at bringing about a clash between Muslims and Christians the world over, and particularly in the United States (U.S.) As the Imam of the Muslims of the Americas and Vice Chancellor of IQOU, I take this opportunity to expose this recurring scheme of deception and falsehood conjured up by vested interests.
It's not over. Not by a long shot. The Northeast Intelligence Network, American Blogger "CP", myself and others have really flushed this one out from hiding.
My own previous articles:
The Sheikh also accuses, in a style of rhetoric reminiscent of Osama Bin Laden:
In this regard I am going to prove that Douglas J. Hagman and his group are the actual perpetrators of international terrorism, and racial and religious bigotry and their ceaseless campaign of hate, is more damaging to the U.S. than any other country. The U.S. has become a pawn of hidden hands that use America’s wealth and the innocent
blood of their sons and daughters to wage their wars against Muslims.....
Huh? I've been investigating and reporting on JuF myself. If the NIN is a perpetrator of terrorism, then so logically must I be. But that's totally ludicrous! How are we the terrorists here? We're not connected in any way, shape nor form to terrorism nor terrorists. The Sheikh has all the connections. Just read all the reports and see for yourself the facts.
I am not a racist nor a bigot. Nor do I campaign any hate. I just hate terrorism! Is that so hard for this asshat to understand? I care enough to watch all who apparently pose a threat via their actions and statements. And I am fully justified in going after such folks and organizations.
Hey, Gilani, we hear this false, inciting rhetoric all the time. You do yourself and Muslims no favors by going around accusing those concerned about the security of their nations from any and all threats of such terrible nonsense. You offer no proof that you're harmless... all the evidence collected so far damns you. So either prove us wrong or shut up and cease all JuF operations. Disband the facilities for once and for all. And I advise that the rhetoric of political correctness will do you no good whatsoever, as I have no respect for the dangerous dogma of political correctness.
We will not be intimidated. We will not cower in fear in the face of any imposing figure like yourself uttering vielled threats. We cannot give in lest the enemies of freedom, democracy and the rule of law become casualties.
You, Sheikh Gilani, brought this investigation upon yourself in the first place. How dare you presume to tell us to ignore all the evidence? And why just blame us civilians? The authorities have been on your case as well. Why not a word about them? Afraid? Why just go after civilians? What are you, a coward?
What are your true intentions?
I stand on guard for thee.
See also:

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

American Blogger Praises Canada

Go read this post by my American friend "CP", entitled Canadians Can Be Proud .

He links to a profile in the Walrus magazine profiling Canadian warriors fighting in Afghanistan.

CP writes, in part:

I am encouraged by what I have seen so far from Mr. Harper. I have wanted for some time to see a Conservative leader in Canada as have many other US conservatives. For too long we felt that a French Canadian socialist elitism muddied the relationship that should be enjoyed between our two countries. We are each other's largest trading partners and we should be allied closely when it comes to world affairs. I believe Canada can have a bigger seat at the table if it wants to - they have just lacked good leadership.


We must continue to realize that we are at war and this is not just the "United States' War on Terror" as some people like to put it in quotes. It is an ideological and cultural struggle. I believe we are just beginning to see an awakening in other Western countries and I hope that Canada prepares itself to stay the course.

PM Harper's recent visit to Afghanistan was a real encouragement to me. His emphatic statement that Canada would not "cut and run" reflected a boldness not seen in his predecessors. I was again encouraged when he phoned the president of Afghanistan this past week on behalf of the Abdul Rahman, who faced trial and execution for his Christian faith.

Hey, my fellow Canadians and American friends... we're back!

Read the whole post!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Leftists Deny Christians Equal Rights. Again.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Above: Christian youth exercising their constitutional liberties to freedom of religion, assembly and expression. What's wrong with that? It is, after all, America, the brightest beacon of freedom in the world. Right?

From (read it all for the whole story)

Photos: click

More than 25,000 evangelical Christian youth landed Friday in San Francisco for a two-day rally at AT&T Park against "the virtue terrorism" of popular culture, and they were greeted by an official city condemnation and a clutch of protesters who said their event amounted to a "fascist mega-pep rally."
"Battle Cry for a Generation" is led by a 44-year-old Concord native, Ron Luce, who wants "God's instruction book" to guide young people away from the corrupting influence of popular culture.
Luce, whose Teen Mania organization is based in Texas, kicked off a three-city "reverse rebellion" tour Friday night intended to counter a popular culture that he says glamorizes violence and sex. The $55 advance tickets for two days of musical performances and speeches were sold out, but walk-up admission was available for $199.

Sounds good. Regular folk exercising their constitutional liberties and making their voices heard. Right?

Unfortunately not:
...Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who told counterprotesters at City Hall on Friday that while such fundamentalists may be small in number, "they're loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting, and they should get out of San Francisco."

See? The left doesn't want Christians to enjoy the same civil liberties as they do.
A Democrat, of course. "Small in number"? There were 25,000 people!

My-0-my... just marvel at the wondrous tolerance and openness of the left!

Nope... they're bloody intolerant, the left. They are infamous for all sorts of "loud, obnoxious, disgusting" stuff of their own.
Click here to see some examples of the civilized, rational, calm left. (Warning: extremely offensive, includes some nudity w/medically dangerous genital manipulation in public).

"Get out of San Francisco?" You know, if a conservative person said that about, say, suspected/known terrorists, the left would be up in arms and screaming, "racist"!
Now... why is it it's okay for left-wing extremists to go around behaving as you saw in the photographs at but it's not okay for Christian youth to have a peaceful rally simply stating what their own values are and inviting folks to come join them?
How can anyone believe the left when it claims to be tolerant of others regardless of differences?
And notice how the left is virtually silent regarding the threats to the life of a newly-converted Christian in Afghanistan? And the way they simultaneously scream terrible epithets at these Christian youth exercising their civil rights?
Is the left fundamentally anti-Christian as well as anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-America?

New: Specific Terror Threats to Washington

This I was unable to find anywhere else via a quick search of the MSM and other sites I visit daily.

From the Northeast Intelligence Network:

(Emphasis mine)

The unimpeachably-vetted source states that an unspecified number of Rocket Propelled Grenade’s entered the United States via the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. It is unknown if just the RPG warheads entered the country or if they came with their launch tubes. The “middle eastern” caller to the Knoxville PD apparently made the call from a Kangaroo Mart gas station and convenience store in Knoxville, TN. The caller identified the Washington, DC targets as being on Pennsylvania Avenue, Constitution Avenue, F Street and K Street. Timing of the potential attack is unknown.


It is my suspicion that this threat is directly related to the arrests in the UK on 21 and 22 October 2005 of Irhabi 007 (Terrorist 007). Terrorist 007 is now known to us as Younis Tsouli and his accomplices, Waseem Mughal and Tariq al-Daour. Younis Tsouli’s laptop reportedly contained images of the White House and the US Capitiol Building as well as other specific Washington DC landmarks. Waseem Mughal is charged with having a recipe for rocket propellants, and Younis with possessing an instructional Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device video tape.


There exists a direct link, a series of chain-like links, from the Washington DC terror plot of the Younis Tsouli's terrorist cell in West London, UK to the Maximus/Bektasevic terrorist cell in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization of Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi in Iraq. Is the current threat of potential terrorist action in Washington, DC as I describe above part of the same terrorist plot? In my assessment, absolutely, yes it is.

Read the rest of it all for yourself! There's more.

I would pay attention to this. If the threats of 9/11 hadn't been ignored and action had been taken, then perhaps 9/11 wouldn't have happpened. What if this is ignored and the acts transpire? Then there'd be one helluvalotta shit hitting the fan.

Does the MSM again have its head in the sand? Is that its preference? Blissful ignorance? Like the blissful ignorance most of us had up until the moment the first plane hit the first WTC tower?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

UNC Jeep Jihadist Sought Gun, Laughs During Witness Testimony

UNC Jeep Jihadist Mohammed Taheri-Azar

Following-up on this TCS post.

Via WorldNetDaily

The Charlotte Observer:

Mohammed Taheri-Azar declared (emphasis mine):

"I would instead use a handgun to murder the citizens and residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but the process of receiving a permit for a handgun in this city is highly restricted and out of my reach at present, most likely due to my foreign nationality,"

Taheri-Azar, a 2005 graduate of the school, also had two cans of pepper spray and folding knife in the rented vehicle. He has said the act was to avenge deaths of Muslims caused by the U.S. around the world.

What was the pepper spray for? Did he believe he was a police officer? Nope... it was for terrorism purposes, no doubt. The knife? The 9/11 terrorists used box cutters to intimidate innocents to make it easier to carry out their dastardly deeds.

"...I made the decision to continue my studies and to graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill so that the world will know that Allah's servants are very intelligent."

Talk about delusional! He thinks "Allah's servants are very intelligent"?

If he's so bloody intelligent, then why does he let corrupt, evil mullahs tell him what to think, rather than thinking for himself like a very intelligent person would?

What a stupid nutcase.

Hope he rots in prison.

Also via WND: Family: Alleged UNC campus crasher a “kind, gentle soul”

WTF is this nonsense about "alleged"? There's no doubt whatsoever that he did it! There were witnesses! And he literally ran over them with the Jeep! Stupid MSM, always softening the hardness of the real world for the bad guys!

An excerpt from that article (read it all for yourself and draw your own conclusions about this piece of rodent dung):

....Mohammed Taheri-azar, 22, appeared to laugh during a hearing earlier in the day as witnesses described the attack on the university's flagship campus.


Taheri-azar, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, appeared to be reading the Quran during much of the hearing and seemed to laugh at times during testimony.

Oh, the bastard!

Bet the left and the so-called "center" want to see him go free just because he's one of the darlings of left-wing political correctness.

House Leftists Threaten to Block Anti-Gun-Crime Bill

The Liberals, NDP and the Bloc Quebecois are rattling their pink plastic sabers over the new Conservatives' bill to implement minimum mandatory sentences for gun-related crime.

They claim --surprise, surprise-- that the penalties are too "draconian" and that they would be unconstitutional.

Here we go again with the stupid leftist parties. Again with the "give murderers a hug; understand them; let them go free in accordance with their civil/human rights...".

I would say that the civil/human rights of innocent Canadians are more important than those of those who want to hurt and kill them by any means. Guns merely make it easier for the killers to do their horrible deeds.

Are you getting tired of their pinko-dinko nonsense, too?

I would say that having scumbags going around treating the good citizens of Canada as shooting gallery targets is itself far more draconian than tossing said scumbags into a cell to prevent them from doing it anymore!

From the article:

The opposition, while willing to deal with the governing party to fight a spate of gun violence in urban centres, say the Conservative penalties could run afoul of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' guarantee that the punishment must be proportional to the crime.

I ask the leftists: Who gets to determine what punishments fit what crimes? Nine people in bad Santa suits or the duly elected government, which is constitutionally the only entity, along with Parliament, allowed to make such determinations? It is clear it is the government who decides, not the leftist opposition, nor the courts.

So the leftist opposition must smarten up. Canadians have already declared they've had enough of the Liberal soft-on-crime BS and the rampant, illegal, unconstitutional judicial activism.

After all, with this horrible stuff happening all the time in Toronto alone, combined with the totally worthless leftist "program" nonsense, Canadians are in no mood to tolerate any more appeasenik leftist gobbledygook!

An excerpt from the CFP article's statistics:

Year to Date 2006 in Toronto

Shooting Incidents

Persons Shot

Persons Killed

And that's just so far this year. It's been ongoing for a long time now. I don't hear the left making any logical, proven-effective proposals. "Prevention"? Why the hell don't they make the bloody case rather than just babbling slogans like "Prevention"?

Stupid leftists. They're literally getting people killed via letting the killers roam free to kill! Why can't they understand that? Take away the killers and save innocent lives! Duh!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Palestinian Education: Readin', Writin, & Dyin'

What's this? Children with machine guns? Dressed in Hamas terrorist colors? Why?

What's the story? Click here. Read it for yourself.

Now spotlighting Palestinian Media Watch. h/t: WorldNetDaily

Be certain to bookmark that site. It's very valuable for information you will not get from the MSM and for the truth the left doesn't want to know or want you to know, either.

About PMW:

(Emphasis mine)

Palestinian Media Watch was established in 1996 to gain an understanding of Palestinian society through the monitoring of the Palestinian Arabic language media and schoolbooks. Palestinian Media Watch analyzes Palestinian Authority culture and society from numerous perspectives, including studies on summer camps, poetry, schoolbooks, religious ideology, crossword puzzles, and more.

Palestinian Media Watch has been playing the critical role of documenting the contradictions between the image the Palestinians present to the world in English and the messages to their own people in Arabic. The world’s view of the Palestinian Authority, to a significant degree, is the result of Palestinian Media Watch research.

Here's some lyrics from a children's music video in Palestine (click here for such music videos... these videos are a must-view!):

"Shake the earth, raise the stones. You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my country’s stones, You will not be saved, Oh Zionist, from the volcano of my country’s stones, You are the target of my eyes, I will even willingly fall as a Shahid [Martyr for Allah]. You are the target of my eyes, I will even willingly fall as a Shahid. Allah Akbar, Oh the young ones".

How dreadful. Does that sound like teaching children to be tolerant and peaceful, or does it teach them to hate and to kill? What kind of society is this? Bringing up the children as weapons of mass murder against those who are different?

Is the left listening? How about the so-called "centrists"? Do these people care for the truth? Do they think it's okay for the "Palestinians" to use children as murder weapons to kill people they hate?

How on earth can these people claim to want statehood if they're killing off their children? For without children, there can be no future and no state.

It's time for the world to just say "no" to Hamas and to the residents of the disputed territories now better known as "Hamastan". They must transform and adapt to the modern world, accept their neighbors, however different, and accept Israel, for Israel is never going away.

They must become tolerant. Right?

PM Harper's Approval Rating Up to 62%

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

"Harper's approval rating is way up," said Darrell Bricker, president of Ipsos Reid Public Affairs. "These are Chretien-type numbers by reaching the 60s. Paul Martin didn't know what the 60s looked like..."

(From w/h/t to NealeNews)

Sooo isn't that interesting? We've been hearing incessant MSM babyish whining and moonbat screechery against Stephen Harper, yet look-- the majority of Canadians approve of the Conservative Prime Minister.

Perhaps we should proceed to ignore the MSM and the loud moonie crowd and think for ourselves, as it seems the majority of Canadians don't have any significant problem with the man currently in charge in Ottawa. Maybe they're onto something? Something the "center" and the "left" haven't figured out?

And the disgraced Liberals are bluffing about defeating the government? What a pathetic ploy. What an illuminating difference between them then and the Tories now.

Who's "scary" now? Not Stephen Harper. Say 62% of Canadians. The mainstream.

I did not make this up.

More Violent Left-Wing Scariness

W/h/t to NealeNews

I feel I simply must put this up for all to read as further evidence of the scariness of the left.

Why do I rip so much into the "left"? Because they have been ripping into anything with which they disagree or anyone who displays the courage and intellectual sovereignty to question or oppose them or simply promote different directions for society and the world. The left stops at very little. As an example, here's some excerpts from a conservative blog which only survived for a week due to the incredibly uncivilized, felonious verbal attacks suffered by its author, who was running "Red America" for the

The hate mail that I have received since the launch of this blog has been overwhelmingly profane and violent. My family has been threatened; my friends have been deluged; my phone has been prank called. The most recent email that showed up while writing this post talked about how the author would like to hack off my head, and wishes my mother had aborted me.

That actually sounds familiar. I recall in the comments of a fifteen year old female's conservative blog, a leftist had expressed a wish that her mother had aborted her. I myself have been called by a claimed former Chretien spin doctor a "piece of human garbage".

Why is the left so terribly intolerant of diversity in public discourse?


But I do have one other collegiate example that might be to the point. When I was a junior in college, I wrote an article about liberal protests against Henry Kissinger’s visit to our campus. The leftists featured in the piece tried to get me kicked out of school. They mounted a six-month campaign against me. They posted fliers about me on campus. They sent me reams of hate mail. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful – the Honor Council completely cleared my name and the article as the truth. The events of the past 72 hours seem like a rerun of that experience.

I have a great many friends who are willing to stand and defend me on this. I appreciate their support. I have enormous respect for Jim Brady and the vision he has at WPNI. But while the folks at understand my position and are convinced by my arguments on many of these issues, they also feel that the firestorm here will only serve to damage us all, and that there is no way this blog can continue without being permanently tagged to this firestorm. Therefore, I have resigned this position with

See? The left once again has silenced a civilized voice which they don't like.

Congratulations, leftists. You won another little tiny battle. But you won't win the war for freedom, democracy and the rule of law, all of which you willingly militate against!

To my conservative friends: if the left has a "right" to behave so terribly, then surely we have a "right" to speak the truth and rip into them for opposing not only that but also our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression.

We will NOT shut up! Freedom belongs to all, not just to leftists.

Hear us roar!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Al Qaeda-Linked Mosque Leader Arrested Leaving Mosque with Rifle, Bombmaking Info

Again, the Northeast Intelligence Network comes out with the news before the MSM does.

I just did a quick search of Albany, NY, news outlets on the web, the major MSM sites and news aggregators and came up with absolutely nothing. Why? Are the MSM ignoring this?

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

23 March 2006: Classified documents unsealed late Tuesday in U.S. District Court indicates that Yassin Aref, spiritual leader of the Albany Mosque, repeatedly called a phone number in Syria that a FBI report indicates had been used to gather terrorist intelligence for Osama bin Laden. Aref and Mohammed Hossain, an Albany pizza shop owner and co-founder of the mosque, are in jail for their alleged involvement in a plot to make money from the sale of rocket launchers to terrorists.


Here's where it gets interesting:

In addition to the alleged connection to Osama bin Laden' and al Qaeda, unsealed documents indicate that Aref's name, his home address in Albany, and telephone number were discovered in several suspected terrorist strongholds in Iraq.

This is more evidence emerging of an Al Qaeda-Iraq link. There have been evidentiary indications pointing into this direction already, as I've observed via the internet, and this is the latest I've encountered.

In addition to the above, criminal history reports for two men, one whose name is on a terrorist watch list and who had attended the Central Avenue Masjid As Salam mosque were unsealed. James Earl Johnson, 26, was arrested by Albany police in
December 2001 as he exited the mosque carrying a rifle. He was arrested again in 2002 while driving a van on the New York State Thruway near the town of Herkimer; the van was loaded with weapons and computer discs containing terrorism-related manuals containing instructions on making fertilizer bombs, nitroglycerine, cyanide, chorine gas and letter bombs. Johnson was also arrested in Afghanistan in March 2000, carrying similar computer discs.

Certainly read it all. There's more, including this, regarding an Ali Mounnes Yaghi:

...failed a polygraph examination during an interrogation in which he was shown photographs of the 19 hijackers and asked whether he knew any of them.

It never ends. Wonder if the MSM is even capable of detecting these things and letting us know. Guess not... after all, I've been following terrorism-related reports on the web and the MSM seems to have its head in the sand and in denial.

This information isn't something we should ignore. We need to know who, when, where, what and why. For our security.

If we ignore the terrorists again... well, just think about what went on in your head the moment you realized just what had happened on September 11th, 2001.

It's not over. Not by a long shot.

Hillary Goes Bananas, Invokes Jesus for Political Gain

Above: a moonbat named Hillary Clinton showing off her vocals

From WorldNetDaily:

Here's part of the article, including likely Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's own moonbatty utterances:

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton invoked Jesus to argue against a House immigration bill that would make illegal presence in the United States a felony.

"It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures," Clinton said, according to the Associated Press, "because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."

Read the rest, of course.

Huh? Mrs. Clinton is practically accusing the House of wanting to ban Jesus?

My-oh-my... seems the distaff half of the bizarro Clintoon duo has decided it's good politics to invoke the name of Jesus to score cheap, stupid political points.

This sounds like something former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin would have done in his desperation during the last Canadian election.

Oh, dear... someone call the big men in the white pajamas to bring a straitjacket already! The lady desperately needs help!

The left is really going moonbatshit!

Leftist Junk Science

Here we have another moonbat professor going around claiming to have done a study making a conclusion which would give some artificial comfort and legitimacy to the left.

What else is new? Will he next be pushing a claim to have studied a bunch of cadavers, claiming to have found differences in the brains of leftists and conservatives?

I don't understand why the MSM treats this complete BS from a leftist "academic" hellbent on getting attention and accolades from the brainless left by making wild, silly claims like this.

Hellbent, fullashit leftist "academics" are nothing new. Think Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill and on and on...

If there was any such study, and it's entirely possible it's a hoax, well, it's only one and the numbers are statistically insignificant.

Why bother to do a study if it won't stand up to scrutiny? Par for the course for the left!

The professor just wants to stir things up a bit with his own wishful, biased "thinking" and give comfort to the very blatantly obviously whiny left.

Tell me: how is it that, as he claims, liberals develop from calm, self-assured infants yet are as adults the whiny ones? How is it that, as he claims, conservatives come from whiny infants yet as we know from years of observation, are the calm, rational, logical, realistic ones?

I dismiss and declare the "study" at the link to be more worthless ultra-extreme leftist junk science. No wonder the leftist Toronto Star is giving it such attention.

And the left and MSM wonder why fewer and fewer people are bothering to pay them any attention. Perhaps because the left and MSM are so damn whiny and all that?


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Warning to Afghanistan

We've been hearing about an Afghan man who converted to Christianity from Islam and is now facing execution just for that.
So far, I haven't said anything. Not because I'm ignoring this issue. No... far from ignoring it. Of course I've been thinking about it as I'm seriously troubled by it.
The Free World, including Canada, has given the lives of many of its own so that Afghans could not only live, but could live freely. However, we did not liberate Afghanistan just to see one horrible government replaced with a two-faced one which does the same things, except in a sugarcoated manner. This is the problem.
I do not accept the claims of the Islamic fundamentalists that they must execute people just because they're not Muslims or have "abandoned" Islam. I reject this belief of theirs, as it is completely incompatible with freedom of the individual and with freedom of religion (which, by the way, is also under attack from the ultra-far left in the Free World, what with large special interest groups like the ACLU and courts all over the Free World making and hearing applications by left-wing extremists to quash the rights of religions to operate under their own roofs according to their faith).
It is not ok to kill people on the basis of faith. Being a JudeoChristian or Muslim or Scientologist or of any other faith is not any ground for execution. Certainly, there are grounds for execution, for example, murder, terrorism and high treason), but religion in and of itself-- no.
I notice the left of the Free World and the MSM are not up in arms about this. Another nail in their own coffin-- once again they demonstrate their hypocrisy. These are the folks who don't want Free World nations to watch for and round up suspected terrorists on the basis of even solid evidence. They oppose catching terrorists just because of the unfortunate, indubitable fact that most terrorists are Muslims and a large majority are Arabic. Hell, where was the left when terrorist McVeigh, a white, American, allegedly Christian male, was executed for his crime? I don't recall them holding violent "demonstrations" to free him. Don't leftists see that we don't just pluck folks off of the street via "profiling" to charge them as terrorists? McVeigh was as "white" and as "American" as anyone could appear via profiling, after all. And we executed him for a terrorist act. Race and religion were completely irrelevant and still are.
I would strongly advise Afghanistan not to persecute anyone just for not being Muslim. I warn them not to execute anyone just because of their faith. That would render the new administration no better than the Taliban. Any differences would then be superficial and the lives of the liberators from the Free World would have been sacrificed for naught. This would be unacceptable and intolerable.
Afghanistan must adapt to the reality of the modern world. It is no longer acceptable to use one's faith as the basis for one's nation's justice system. It might be ok to use the predominant religion as a basis of culture, tradition, etc., but faith cannot be used, in my view, as the law. Faith must not be used as a basis upon which to persecute people.
If Afghanistan proceeds with this execution, I would no longer support Afghanistan. I couldn't. They would become no better in my view than Saudi Arabia or Iran, for example, which I don't support as they themselves are barbaric, oppressive, Islamofascistic tyrannies.
If Afghanistan wants the help of the Free World to remain free of tyranny, it must ensure that it remains itself free from tyranny in its own affairs of state as currently constituted.
I respectfully implore President Hamid Karzai to block any move to execute Abdul Rahman. For allowing any execution on the basis of faith would greatly harm the nation's relations with the Free World. And this is not something we want to see happen.
Don't step backwards towards Talibanism. Step forward towards freedom. Join the Free World.
An additional advisory:
To the Muslims of the Free World I advise:
Should you fail to take it upon yourselves to stand up for the religious liberty of Mr. Rahman and call upon Afghanistan and the entire Muslim world to end persecution based upon faith, you will be doing yourselves a serious disservice and may well end up setting back whatever goodwill you may have earned for yourselves among the non-Muslims of the Free World. Mr. Rahman's execution wouldn't merely be a setback for Christians; it would also certainly be a setback for Muslims.
Muslims of the Free World must vociferously oppose Mr. Rahman's execution just for being Christian.
It is the moment of truth for the Islamic community of the Free World.
To all Free World Muslims:
The Free World in which you live is watching and listening with great concern.
Speak up now.
The choice is yours. Make it wisely!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anti-war Protestors Wrong & Refuse Dialogue: Afghan Ambassador

Based on YahooNews; h/t:

Omar Samad, Afghan ambassador to Canada, Monday said that the moonbats of the Free World are wrong to say that Afghanistan was better off under the Taliban than it is being free. He also says that they don't want to talk about it.

Here, I'll give some quotes from Mr. Samad. As he's required to use diplomatic language as ambassador, I'll provide my own version of a translation for ordinary folk so they really get the message.

"My embassy just called me this morning and said that some of the demonstrators were saying that Afghanistan was better off under the Taliban," Omar Samad said Monday. "For God's sake, these people have no clue whatsoever about what they are talking about, so let's sit down and discuss this."

Translation: the moonbat fools inexplicably believe that the Taliban was a nice, benevolent administration. They are astonishingly ignorant of the reality of the world for God knows what reason or reasons. We should really have a frank, open-minded discussion about this with respect for the truth, reason, logic and real human values.

"I have contacted some of these groups. They're sort of reluctant to discuss the issues."

Translation: the ignorant, intolerant, myopic moonbat imbeciles simply refuse to have any meaningful dialogue regarding what they say being at odds with the reality of the world.

"Where were you when the women of Afghanistan were imprisoned?" he asked. "Where were you when the children of Afghanistan were denied schooling? Where were these demonstrations for human rights and dignity and honour?"

Translation: who do you think you are, you who cared not worth a mouse turd about the horribly inhuman, barbaric treatment of women under the Taliban? Why didn't you conduct any huge, noisy, disorderly "demonstrations" demanding that Afghan children be provided with an education? You stupid, brainless moonbat asshats don't give a damn about human rights at all, no matter what you say, how loudly you scream it like brainless banshees and no matter how often you scream your fool heads off!

"My job is to tell anyone who is opposed or supportive that there are very strong reasons for Canada to be part of this large international contingent, this multilateral effort in Afghanistan," he said.

Canada is doing the right thing in Afghanistan. The unhinged moonbats of the world neither understand nor care feck-all about the issues and reasons as to why Canada is in Afghanistan. Leftists should pluck their fool heads out of their ani, open their eyes, smell the coffee and actually listen to those who don't reside where the sun don't shine!

So is there any doubt as to the sheer stupidity, myopia, narrow worldview and intolerance for the truth on the part of the left-wing moonbat community? Is there any doubt now that leftists are too lazy to think anything other than what their dangerous, extremist leaders and phony idols tell them to think?

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye leftist asshats out there: get a brain! And use it! No one will pay any attention to you otherwise!

Sheesh! Can y'all believe the left? Bloody bastards! They scream incessantly about human rights but their screams don't register inside their empty crania. They have willingly rendered themselves humanoid vessels for the messages of evil in sheeps' clothing.

The left isn't mainstream. The left is extreme. The left is scary!

Need proof of the terrible reality of the disease of leftism today? Click here! (Caution: graphic and extremely offensive images of sheer moonbattery!)

Hey, left-wing moonbat appeaseniks and peaceniks:

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Breaking: Hamastan Civil War Beginning?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Above and below: scenes today from the disputed territories now known as "Hamastan"

Image hosting by Photobucket

From MyWayNews:

(h/t: World Net Daily)
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Palestinian gunmen from the ousted Fatah Party stormed government buildings, briefly took over a power plant and blocked a vital road in the Gaza Strip on Monday, injecting more chaos into the volatile area as Hamas militants readied to take power.
Nine people were wounded in five separate firefights with Palestinian police. The violence was a foretaste of what might happen if Hamas tried to impose its will on Fatah gunmen.
Read it all.


From the Jerusalem Post;

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

The Palestinian Authority has ordered its security forces to destroy or hide all files containing information on Hamas and its members, the movement claimed on Sunday.
Hamas also accused the PA security forces of transferring weapons from their storehouses to Fatah militiamen.


The latest allegations are an indication of the growing tensions between Hamas and Fatah in the aftermath of the parliamentary vote.
The PA security forces consist solely of Fatah members who have made it clear in the past few days that they would not take orders from a Hamas-run cabinet.

Read the rest at the JP link above.

(h/t: Mideast Truth, where there's more)

...And they think they're fit to have a country of their own? They can't even trust one another.

Will it never end?

Moonbat Declares Self for Lib Leadership

Ashley MacIssac

Well, well... okay. So we have this dude indicating he's going to run for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party.
Name's Ashley MacIssac. He's a fiddler. Nothing wrong with that. But how does it qualify anyone to run a country? We've had far better Liberal PMs but they totally reeked up the whole place!
Poor, poor, pitiful Liberals. See what they went and did to themselves?
Yep... they're all set to regain power in a jiffy!
Also rumored to throw their hoods into the ring are:

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