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Big Important Stuff The Big Media Refused To Report In 2009

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12/25: Coverup?

The witness who saw the mysterious "Sharp-Dressed Man" who helped the 12/25 terrorist get onto the plane apparently without a valid passport has more to tell us.  (Read the whole thing)

Seriously think about this people. You have a suicide bomber who had recently been to Yemen to but a bomb, whose father had reported him as a terrorist, who supposedly was on some kind of U.S. terror watchlist, and most likely knew the U.S. was aware of these red flags. Yet, he didn't go through "Normal passport checking procedures." What does that mean? Maybe that he flashed a passport to some sort of sympathetic security manager in a backroom to avoid a closer look at the terrorist's "red flags"? What is important is that the terrorist avoided using normal passport checking procedures (apparently successfully) in order to avoid a closer look into his red flags. Who cares if he had a passport. The important thing is that he didn't want to show it and somehow avoided a closer inspection and "normal passport checking procedures." Each passport comes with a bar code on it that can be scanned to provide a wealth of information about the individual. I would bet that the passport checking procedures for the terrorist did not include a bar code scan of his passport (which could have revealed damning information about the terrorist).

Please note that there is a very easy way to verify the veracity of my prior "sharp dressed man" account. Dutch police have admitted that they have reviewed the video of the "sharp dressed man" that I referenced. Note that it has not been released anywhere, You see, if my eye witness account is false, it could easily be proven by releasing the video. However, the proof of my eyewitness account would also be verified if I am telling the truth and I am. There is a reason we have only heard of the video and not seen it. dutch authorities, "RELEASE THE VIDEO!" This is the most important video in 8 years and may be all of two minutes long. Show the entire video and "DO NOT EDIT IT"! The American public deserves its own chance to attempt to identify the "sharp dressed man". I have no doubt that if the video indicated that my account was wrong, that the video would have already swept over the entire world wide web.

Instead of the video, we get a statment that the video has been viewed and that the terrorist had a passport. Each of these statements made by the FBI is a self serving play on semantics and each misses the importance of my prior "sharp dressed man" account. The importance being that the man "Tried to board the plane with an accomplice and without a passort". The other significance is that only the airport security video can verify my eyewitness account and that it is not being released.

Who has the agenda here and who doesn't? Think about that for a minute."
There's also a "30-ish Indian Man In Orange" whose carry-on bag was nosed by the sniffer dogs and who was taken into custody, handcuffed following interrogation, and who wasn't mentioned in the Big Old Media.   The Witness is indicating that The Authorities are lying about what happened, making stuff up, apparently.

Apparently some folks, ie. The Authorities, fear the inconvenient truth, for apparently it may very well expose themselves, and perhaps by extension, their current political masters, in some damaging way...

One thing's without a doubt, and that is that something's fishy-smelling.  And, for once, it ain't Janeane "The Teabaggers're All Raaaaacists!" Garofalo.  Boy, do The Authorities ever reek.  Ditto the Big Old Media, who appear to be pretty much uninterested in the inconvenient truth.

If this was Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, that sort of regime, the Witness would most likely... "disappear".

I hope the current regime in America wouldn't dare...

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Profiling Is Absolutely Essential To National Security

Earlier I did this post explaining that profiling is logically absolutely necessary to protect national security, and that failure to do so (for political correctness stupidity reasons) is why we're seeing terrorism and attempted terrorism in America.

Now I see an American politician who has the fortitude and gonads to stand up and say pretty much the same thing.

Of course, Newt Gingrich certainly has balls and ain't afraid to let us know of it.  Thank goodness for Newt!
Once again, instead of targeting the source of the threats, our politically correct government decides to make life more miserable for the travelling public by imposing hopelessly meaningless rules such as not allowing passengers to leave their seats in the last hour of the flight.  Bound by cultural sensitivities, the default reaction of the bureaucracy is to review the procedures and wring its hands ineffectively.


We know our opponents are radical extremists of the irreconcilable wing of Islam (Islamists, some would call them).

We know they have an ideology which is anti-female, desires to impose fundamentalist Sharia as a form of law, is hostile to other religions and is prepared to kill the innocent to achieve their goals.

We know how to identify these enemies but our elites have refused to do so.
He forgot to mention that they also want to kill his sister just 'cause she likes other girls more than she likes guys.  But I guess he doesn't want to think about that, obviously, which is understandable.  But it's true... the Islamists do, because of fundamentalist Islam and the incessant, widespread, and rapidly-increasing propagation thereof, hate gay folks and do execute them rather cruelly, slowly and torturously, as they do in Ahmadinejad's Iran, for example.

The bottom line:  If we want to save lives, we HAVE to profile.

If we don't, well, we're going to have wacko Muslim US soldiers going Islamo-Postal and killing their fellow soldiers on US bases and guys from Nigeria blowing up their skivvies on loaded US airliners (if the stupid guy burnt off his weewee trying to murder all those people, well, let it serve as a lesson to him, should he choose to accept its significance).

Analyzing Obama's Failure To Protect Americans

Obama Gets an F
Yes, the buck stops in the Oval Office. Obama may have rather smugly given himself a “B+” for his 2009 performance but he gets an F for the events that led to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarding a Detroit-bound plane in Amsterdam with a PETN bomb sewn into his underpants.  He said today that a “systemic failure has occurred”. Well, he’s in charge of that system.

True.  He's in charge.

Seems, however, he's been too busy partying, golfing, attacking political and media dissidents, bowing before monsters, imposing stuff that Americans don't want, etc... to do his job!
4. In his studied desire to be the unBush by responding coolly to events like this, Obama is dangerously close to failing as a leader. Yes, it is good not to shoot from the hip and make broad assertions without the facts. But Obama took three days before speaking to the American people, emerging on Monday in between golf and tennis games in Hawaii to deliver a rather tepid address that significantly underplayed what happened. He described Abdulmutallab as an “isolated extremist” who “allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body” – phrases that indicate a legalistic, downplaying approach that alarms rather than reassures. Today’s words showed a lot more fire and desire to get on top of things – we’ll see whether Obama follows through with action. In the meantime, he went snorkelling.
Hey!  Many of us ordinary Joes and Janes don't have as much free time as the frickin' POTUS!

Wouldn't surprise me if it also gets revealed that he spends a lot of time in the Oval Office surfing bootylicious sites, the links to which were left on the "favorites" tab by Bubba and ignored by Dubya, who was too busy whooping bad guy ass to bother to delete 'em...

Get back to work, Barry, if you want to have a job to get back to!
5. There has been a pattern developing with the Obama administration trying to minimise terrorist attacks. We saw it with Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, a Muslim convert who murdered a US Army recruit in Little Rock, Arkansas in June. We saw it with Major Nidal Malik Hassan, a Muslim with Palestinian roots who slaughtered 13 at Fort Hood, Texas last month.  In both cases, there were Yemen connections. Obama began to take the same approach with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. We’ll see whether this incident shakes him out of that complacency. Whether it’s called the war on terror or not, it’s clear that the US is at war against al-Qaeda and radical Islamists.
 And DHS Head Janet Incompetano has proved to be a bomb, like pretty much every Obama appointee that's faced reality on the job...
7. Janet Napolitano, Obama’s Homeland Security Chief, has been a disaster in this, exhibiting the kind of bureaucratic complacency that makes ordinary citizens want to go postal. On Sunday, she told CNN that “one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked” and ABC News that “once the incident occurred, the system worked”. A day later, she grumbled that quoted “out of context” before reversing herself, telling NBC: “Our system did not work in this instance. No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.” The “system worked” comment was a “heckuva job, Brownie” moment. Is she up to the job?
Y'know, I remember that Janet and her flunkies were too busy gathering bullshit from the internet about an imaginary crisis involving "right-wing extremists" in America and warning the cops to be on the lookout for anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with the Obamacrat Reich... to worry about Islamic extremists such as have been killing and trying to kill Americans under her watch.  What's wrong with that old 'Crat?  Delusional?  Insane?  Out of touch with reality?  Hellbent on pretending things are going on that aren't, whilst turning blind and deaf and brainless, ie. totally, wilfully, criminally, treasonously oblivious towards things that actually are?  Of course, she's Leftist.  Duh.

 In all, there's ten points, so read 'em all.

Bottom line:  Obama and the 'Crats aren't up to the job of protecting America.  Personally, I doubt they even give a damn.

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Political Correctness Is The Cause, Not The Vague Phrase 'Systemic & Human Failure'.

Story here.

...and what, if anything, did Obama know/not know... and do/not do?  Why/why not?

These are the hard questions he must be asked and which he must answer truthfully.

After all, if it was Sarah Palin who was President today, surely the Big Old Media would be asking these questions all day long, day after day.  And if she didn't satisfy them 100%, if she didn't say what they wanted to hear, they'd bomb and blitz her and the community organizers would gather the ragged, mentally-disordered young useful idiots to march naked whilst lynching and burning her in effigy on the streets and screeching that she's Hitler with tits and all the other standard Hard-Left bullshit smears we saw them spew about Bush, but which they refuse to spew about Obama, because the community organizers are all on Obama's side.  Anyway, y'all with brains know what I'm talking about, for you've seen it all, surely.

Let me tell y'all what's the REAL cause of the failure.

Political correctness!

In other words, the US knew that a Nigerian national was going to try to blow up a US airliner.

But they didn't want to engage in "profiling", particularly because it's expected that pretty much any randomly-found Nigerian would be dark-skinned, meaning that they'd be engaging in "racial profiling", which would be, in their feeling, even worse than letting a black Muslim go ahead and blow up a loaded US airliner!

That's what happened.  They didn't do their job.  They didn't do the necessary profiling stuff.  Period!

A Nigerian without a passport(!!!)  A besuited guy fast-talking the airline folks into letting him get onto the plane.  No problem.

And he had a bomb on his person.

And he almost blew up the plane.  Almost is too much!


Again, I want to ask:  What, if anything, did Obama know, and what, if anything, did he order done?

Hmm.  You know, if it was somebody like Timothy McVeigh, does anyone believe that racial profiling wouldn't have been performed?  Exactly.  Ok to racially profile white guys but not anyone with dark skin.  Hey, that's racist!  And it's racist to look the other way with EVERY potential terrorist with dark skin, but not with light skin.

To not racially profile regardless of race... is racist!  And potentially deadly.

Of course we must use ANY AND ALL characteristics in profiling to filter out potential mass murderers... no matter what their skin color, nationality, religion, etc...

When it's about saving lives or letting them be destroyed, I think the moral and ethical imperative is to save lives, regardless of political correctness considerations.

Who cares about the race, nationality, religion, etc., of the persons we're trying to weed out according to intelligence?  If we don't do the job, then people WILL die.

Is it worth it to submit to the Hard Left's ideological bigotry if it means that sooner or later people WILL die because of such political correctness evil?

You know... The Fort Hood terrorist, Hassan, was known to be a risk, but nothing was done to prevent what happened.  Why?  Because of the Obamacrat Reich's Prime Directive of political correctness, particularly the sort in which there must be no profiling of MUSLIMS when it comes to weeding out potential terrorists, even though pretty much ALL of the terrorists are Muslims.

Yep.  People died at Fort Hood because of the Culture of Political Correctness!

Political correctness is on everyone's mind all the time, because we're all brainwashed to think of it.  There's no escaping the mentality, no matter who one is.

And this mentality is the cause of the failures, not VAGUE (talking points) "systemic and human failures", as Obama would have us believe.

The cause of the failures is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

If it's ok to profile on the basis of people being white, in order to marginalize and neutralize white supremacism, then it's ok to do it on the basis of anything and everything in order to marginalize and neutralize any kind of supremacism and to save lives.  We KNOW this.

Leftists want to spare peoples' feelings, at the cost of the lives of some.

Normal people want to spare peoples' lives at the cost of the feelings of some.

Who's taking the moral high ground?


To believe that feelings have more worth than lives is... illogical.

Ergo, it's also a failure of logic.

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Obama Makes Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians List


Judicial Watch.

Hmm.  Nine Democrats.  Only one Republican.  Conclusion:  90% of corrupt politicians are Democrats?  Nah.  Most politicians do seem to be corrupt, but apparently Democrats are the most corrupt of all!

Funny how the Lefties complain that I and others are pointing out the inconvenient truth about their leadership figures.

After all, we remember how they carried on about Bush.  And how they get all unhinged, without valid reason, about folks like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck et al...

A Christmas Miracle: Mom, Newborn Die, Come Back To Life

What are the odds of this happening, particularly on Christmas Eve?
"We are both believers ... but this right here, even a nonbeliever — you explain to me how this happened. There is no other explanation,"

Uncaring Obama Dismisses Terrorist As 'Isolated Extremist'

What a dangerous idiot currently residing in the White House!

He's just as clueless and foolish and careless as Clinton was after WTC '93.  Then, of course, came WTC 9/11/01.

Now there's another Democrat in the White House saying he doesn't give a flying frig about the guy who tried to blow up an American airliner on Christmas.

Calls the guy an "isolated extremist".

Based on what evidence?  Actually, we've got candid testimony from the perp is that he's Al Qaeda, plus Al Qaeda Yemen indicates their responsibility for the act.

And Al Qaeda Yemen is connected to  the Fort Hood terrorist. 

Speaking of which, well, how about telling us what the Ft. Hood investigation turned up?  Why the hell are the Obamacrats sitting on the information?  Who are they protecting?  What are they hiding?  Sheesh!  One would think it was Obama's REAL birth certificate, which he's sitting on, too!  Obama just loves treating Americans like mushrooms, doesn't he?  Y'know, keeping y'all in the dark and feeding y'all y'know what...

And the perp warns that he's only the first of many more to come.

This warning reminds me of the warnings after WTC '93 that there was more to come.  And come it did.  On 9/11/01.

This Obama guy... very dangerous for America.  Very, very, very.

Nothing good is going to come of this radical neocommunist wackjob's presidency.

History is repeating itself.

Oh, crap.

(Click to enlarge)

One Big Ass Mistake, America.

The sooner y'all throw the bums out, the better.  Impeach the Big Ass, ASAP!

"Climate change"?  Are they kidding us?  Lookit... there's terrorists telling us they're going to be bringing catastrophe upon us, and the Obamacrats don't give a gosh darn!

Blowing our money on a Big Myth will render us unable to protect the Free World from the Axis of Evil!

Perhaps that's the Obamacrats' core agenda?  Are the Obamacrats The Enemy Within?

Is MSNBC A Real News Organization At All?

MSNBC is taking flack from both the Left and Right for its failure to act as a real news organization and choosing instead to act as just another cable channel, with a little bit of "news" thrown in.

MSNBC has to be the absolute worst "news" network on the boob tube.  Absolutely.

They don't just drop the ball... they don't even bother to pick it up or catch it in the first place.

Probably too busy getting stoned in the dugout.

Probably be gone before we know it.

Chavez Craps On Obama

Big time.

Is Obama going to let that little turd get away with dissing him like that?

Or does Obama only retaliate against Americans who don't worship him?

Why doesn't Obama tell that little pipsqueak dictator to f... off?

Is Obama going to let foreign dictators talk about him like that?  And about America like that?

Or is Obama the Designated Punching Bag for America's Enemies?

Is that Obama's job?  To open America to the worst slanders of all-time, as well as submitting himself to same?

A Real American wouldn't take any shit from America's enemies.

But Obama's happily gobbling it all up as they pile it on!
See how far being nice to those neo-communist monsters gets us?

And now to compare/contrast real men/women with the big pussy...

What kind of a man (or woman) does one expect to stand up for America? 

And don't forget to compare the big, interior-decorating pussy to Sarah Palin, who's got bigger balls than Barry-O.  See?  They make good eatin'!

Obama Executive Order Surrenders US Sovereignty To INTERPOL

Doesn't surprise me.  I know the guy's agenda, and this example is consistent with it.
At, Steve Schippert and Clyde Middleton have dug up the bizarre and unsettling issuance of an executive order recently signed by President Barack Obama. Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425, signed December 16 and released a day later, grants the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) rights on American soil that place it beyond the reach of our own law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Schippert and Middleton note that Obama’s order removes protections placed upon INTERPOL by President Reagan in 1983. Obama’s order gives the group the authority to avoid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests — which means this foreign law enforcement organization can operate free of an important safeguard against governmental abuse. “Property and assets,” including the organization’s records, cannot be searched or seized. Their physical locations and records are now immune from U.S. legal or investigative authorities.
This is consistent with the Hard Left's plan to impose global government.  This is another step towards that aim.  Obama's clearly following orders from The Mystery Men Behind The Curtain.

INTERPOL sounds just as corrput and bizarre as the United Nations, favoring the Axis of Evil over the Free World:
No finer point can be made about the endemic problems of the INTERPOL/ICC than that made by a recent diplomatic incident that erupted in Great Britain, where an Israeli government official had to cancel travel plans to England because of an arrest warrant issued by an English judge — because of Iranian charges of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The brief but intense conflict was one Iran helped instigate, as the Persians supplied the terrorists in Gaza with the rockets they used against Israeli civilians, triggering an inevitable Israeli response.
A weapon to be used against the very US Forces forced by Obama to go to war in his name:
If President Obama and his radical allies in the Democratic leadership have their way, American soldiers could presumably be brought up on charges as war criminals by enemy nations and marked for arrest and deportation by an international police force on American soil. They would face charges in a foreign land without the constitutional protections they fought and bled to protect. The White House seems to be on the bewildering path of giving al-Qaeda terrorists who murder innocent women and children more legal protection than the very soldiers that risk their lives trying to bring terrorists to justice. The asinine court-martial charges being brought against three Navy SEALs based upon the word of a terrorist they captured suddenly make a sickening kind of sense.
  A weapon to be used against domestic political opponents:
It also stands to reason that Obama’s seeming willingness to put American soldiers’ lives in the hands of a corrupt international community could also be brought to bear against his political enemies. Foreign investigators of dubious intent, and our own left-wing extremists, have long branded officials of the previous administration “war criminals” for actions they’d taken in the war on terror. It is entirely conceivable — perhaps even likely — that these same organizations and enemy governments that went after 25 Israeli government officials through INTERPOL and the ICC would quickly move to indict a wish list of current and former U.S. government officials for alleged “war crimes.” Former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would obviously be at the top of such a list of politically motivated suspects, but such a list could just as easily include General David Petraeus, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, congressmen, and senators.
It's like the KKK again.  Except I doubt it'll involve lynching Republican opponents this time,  because the Democratic Party, which is responsible for the KKK and everything it did, has become more sophisitcated and nuanced in its evil, criminal ways.

Only fools who hate America will trust Barack Hussein Obama.  He's a puppet of shady characters who hate and wish to destroy America, submitting her to the supremacy of the Axis of Evil via their control of international institutions such as the UN, the ICC and INTERPOL.

Thinking people don't need the Big Old Media to raise the alarm for them.

Thinking people can see with their very eyes and understand with their very brains what's going on here.

The submission of America to the World, including to the Axis of Evil.

Obama must be impeached as soon as possible.  He's a criminal, a traitor, practicing the highest form of treason in the White House.

And it's not even clear whether he meets the Constitution's Eligibility Requirements for being President, because he won't prove it to us... and we're not supposed to talk about that.

Americans are supposed to sit down, shut up and brainlessly submit to whatever Obama imposes, and whatever the rest of the world imposes, given freedom to so so by Obama... and this includes even America's mortal enemies.

Is this what Americans want?

I seriously doubt it.

This is why this Administration's days are severely numbered.

I want to see Barack Hussein Obama impeached and tried for treason!

Evil is as evil does.  And what do you expect of a puppet of an admitted-and-unrepentant Nazi collaborator?

We must fight evil, no matter where, no matter how, no matter who, no matter when, and no matter what the cost.

Failure to defeat evil is, after all, the most expensive thing of all.  Nothing can hold a candle, in terms of expense, to allowing Evil to prevail.

Just imagine what the world would be like today if the Nazis were allowed to take over the world unopposed.  Ditto the Imperialist Japanese.  And apply that, going forward from today.


PM Dismisses Ignatieff

Story here.

ht: NNW

“Emmanuelle Latraverse (a Radio-Canada television journalist) asked Michael Ignatieff why he wants to be Prime Minister. An easy question for a man who wants the job so badly he tried to force an election in the middle of a recession – someone who returned from Harvard just so he could become Prime Minister.”

The PMO internal e-mail says that Mr. Ignatieff couldn’t give a straight answer and that he stumbled and rambled.

“He talked about everything and anything, except why he wants to become PM.”


“This latest episode demonstrates what we have said all along: Michael Ignatieff is not in it for Canadians. He is in it for himself.”
 Ha-ha... the paper says that the Iggy People are "livid".  Ha-ha.

Too bad, Iggy People.  But that's the inconvenient truth about Michael Ignatieff.  He's your guy.  Deal with it, chumps!

It's irrelevant that Iggy managed to provide an "eloquent" answer in a year-end interview with the CTV.  After all, these interviews are planned and rehearsed.  So Iggy can recall whatever his crackerjack make-stuff-up-for-Iggy "communicators" told him to say in response to the planned question, but if he can't think of an answer all by himself when prompted impromptu... well, he looks like an Obama caught in the stage lights without a teleprompter!

Also smells like Stephane "Do-Over" Dion.

Poor Iggy's gotten himself caught with his pants down... and look, he's got black socks on!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Nutty Lefty Celebrity Spotlight: Tori Amos

That's singer Tori Amos, apparently breastfeeding a pig.
Would you believe that she actually believes she knows more about MidEast politics than does Sarah Palin?
Like, how would she know?  She didn't say how.

Promises to run as a Republican if Palin runs again.

That someone like this would think about being a Republican is a slap to the faces of Republicans who falsely claim to be conservative.  Now they're so "moderate" that even nutty lefties want to be Republicans, too.

After all, anyone who thinks that Obama is better than Bush (she didn't say why, how, etc... didn't back up her claim)...

So she says Palin "isn't qualified" for the job.  Well, hey, lady, what makes Obama qualified???


Dismissed.  With a laugh.

Get a brain, honey.  Then come back and see me.  But only then, please.  Got important stuff going on... too busy to deal with ditzy-bimbo lunatics.

Vile Tree Ornaments Indicate Obama's Ideology

White House 008 
 Above: One of Obama's tree ornaments.
A Communist mass murderer who destroyed Chinese culture, replacing it with ugliness that only pleases the piggishly demonic Communists.

How lovely.  No angels?  No Santas?  No Jesuses, no Wise Men?
Of course, there ain't no wise men in the Obama White House!

A Mao ornament.  A rainbow flag ornament with a tranny's mug and autograph on it.  An ornament depicting Obama's head on Mount Rushmore.

Mass-murderous Communism.  Sexual extremism.  Self-aggrandizement.  Oh, my!

Yep.  Clearly, Obama's a LEFTIST!  All those things are leftist.

The facts can only make the reasonable person feel shocked by the Obamas' sanctioning of evil via proxy.
He uses his brand to market the most destructive and cancerous ideas in human history. Obama uses proxies to get the most noxious narrative into the national dialogue, the daily workplace, and the minds of our youth.

I have documented for years the unprecedented hate speech, bigotry, Jew hatred, and anti-American invective on Obama’s Web site, both during the campaign and in its new transitional incarnation of — Organizing for America.
Pamela explains that what's allowed to stay up and what isn't is what demonstrates the ideology of the Obamacrat Reich.  Any wonder now as to why I use the term "Reich" when discussing the Obamacrat government?  It's as if there's a Reich Minister of Propaganda overseeing everything that gets communicated in any way, shape, or form.

I recall that many questions about eligibility and Obama's birth certificate were posted on the so-called "Openness and Transparency" website of Obama's, and they were ALL removed.  Obviously asking The Big Question is verboten and is considered blasphemous to the Reich!

But hate and violence incitement against folks the Hard Left hates... were allowed to stay up, with the excuse that, well, the Obamas didn't write the stuff, so they're "not responsible".  Much like Obama's number one benefactor George Soros makes up illogical gobbleddygook to wrongly deny responsibility and guilt for his collaboration with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Well, I wonder if there are anti-Muslim and anti-gay comments allowed to stay on any of Obama's sites?  I seriously doubt that (I'd eat my shorts if anyone could provide a link to some old anti-Muslim and/or anti-gay stuff on any of Obama's sites).  Surely such filth would be removed, but not the Judeophobic and anti-Israel hatemongering stuff.

Pamela takes a resolute stand:
This is not moral equivalence. This is sanctioning evil, promoting it under his trillion-dollar brand.

The ornaments were no accident. They were part of a cultural revolution like Mao’s - and you know how that worked out.

It was a very Maoist Christmas, courtesy the Obama White House!

Chinese Pwned Obama, While Harper Wisely 'Kept His Powder Dry'

At Copenhagen, Obama bent over and dropped trou for Chinese Communist Party minions.

As the New York Times reported Sunday in a riveting piece from the back corridor of the conference: "Twice during the day, Mr. Wen sent an underling to represent him at the meetings with Mr. Obama. To make things worse, each time it was a lower level official."


There's more. The White House set up an evening meeting with the presidents of South Africa and Brazil, as well as the Indian prime minister and the Chinese premier, and when senior staff arrived, as the Times recounted it, they "were startled to find the Chinese premier already meeting with the leaders of the other three countries" - without the president of the United States, the guy who called the meeting in the first place. According to the Times, Obama rushed to the meeting and called out from the doorway: "Mr. Premier are you ready to see me? Are you ready?"
Pleeeeze, pleeeeeze, pleeeeeeze, Mr. Commmmunist, sir... will you talk to meeeee tooooo?  

Also, got any cheese?

Oh, *GROAN*...

God help America!  Steve Urkel is in da White House!

Obama's got NO DIGNITY.

The Leaders of the World don't respect him.  Wonder why?


As for Canada's position, so closely aligned with the U.S., it is hard to know where we go from here. There is no doubt about the need for a level playing field in our integrated North American economy. Perhaps, Stephen Harper and Obama can negotiate a North America accord that can serve as a model, much as the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement served as a model for the World Trade Organization.

That will take leadership, on both sides of the border. As for the chaotic conclusion of Copenhagen, Harper's role there, and Canada's, were modest to say the least. Given the outcome, it might not be a bad thing to have Canada going along with the Open Bar Accord without having our fingerprints on it. At least Harper kept his powder dry.

Because Harper, a conservative, is smart, whereas Obama, a liberal, isn't.

Harper knows what's going on in the world.  Obama's dreaming in Technicolor and couldn't be any more clueless and hapless.

The sooner Obama's removed from the White House, the better off America will be.

And since hardly anyone's supposed to care that Obama doesn't meet the Constitution's Eligibility Requirements for being President, well, should they then also not care that Bush isn't allowed under the Constitution to serve more than two terms?

Who else'd like to see Bush come back and show Barry how it's done?

Just wondering out loud, hypothetically.  It's not that preposterous, once one thinks about it and looks at the facts surrounding how Obama got to be President, regardless of the Constitutional requirements for being eligible for that office.

Oh, and I couldn't help myself.  Here's Barry-O getting pwned again.  Talk about priceless...

And it's amazing that Canadians haven't yet come to realize that Obama makes Stockwell Day, circa 2001, look like a great leader, by comparison.

HT: Orville H.

Obama Notified Of Terrorist Act TWO DAYS AFTER THE FACT

CLUELESS.jpg CLUELESS image by dsgraphics_photos 
Barack Hussein Obama.  
Unfit for command.

Why wouldn't the President of the United States of America know, within minutes, of an attempted terrorist attack on an American airliner?

Bush knew pretty quickly.

Obama only knew two days later, after the fact.

Whazzup the horse's wazzoo with that?

It's incredible.

And raises serious questions as to whether Obama's on top of anything at all, or is just a mostly-clueless, uncaring-about-anything puppet awaiting orders from the Men Behind the Curtain.

I guess it's more important to worry about what FOX News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, World Net Daily et al are saying about him...  They're the "real enemy" as far as the Obamacrats are concerned, I guess...

Chuck Norris Disappointed In Obama Re Meaning Of Christmas

Chuck Norris isn't pleased with The ObamightyTM.

Can you believe that Obama?  Saying the Wise Men were just a bunch of powerful rich guys who travelled a long way "to see a little baby".

Chuck Norris reminds us...
(The wise men traveled across te Middle East desert "just to see a litle baby"? Let me quote from the gospel according to Matthew 2:11: "And they bowed down and worshiped him" as the Savior of the world.)

I wonder if Obama'd ever dare diminish Mohammed as "some guy".   Oh, no... that'd offend the Muslims, right?  But who cares about offending Christians?  Not Barry-O; he'll do it with arrogant impunity!

Better listen up.  Chuck Norris is speaking to us!  Who are you going to believe, Chuck Norris or some privileged asshole who lives in a white house?

Chuck, um, I mean, Mr. Norris, also says of Obama's misinterpretation of Christmas:

So let me see if I got this straight. Obama's Christmas theology and mission is thus: Jesus is Gandhi. The wise men were non-greedy corporate executives who were on a baby tour. The "most important message" at Christmas is personal potential. And the "most important thing" children can do for their future is read and do math.
God help us.
I'm all for encouraging children's potential, but, when the president's "most important message" at Christmas time is "You too can be president," I've think we've completely lost our way.
Um, unfortunately, like Obama, many have indeed lost their way.  The direction of America and of Human Civilization (known as The Free World), as opposed to the Atheist/Islamist/Neo-Communist Axis of Evil, has also again strayed from The Path.

And Obama claims to be a Christian?  Well, then, what kind of "Christian" is he?  The kind that never goes to Church again, ever since quitting the racist, Judeophobic, anti-American so-called "church" he attended for two whole decades, quitting only for political reasons.  Guess he couldn't find another "church" like his old one, the one pastored by the infamous Jeremiah Wright.  All those many, many churches out there everywhere, and he can't find one, can't just drive around, spot one, and walk in and say, "Hi... may I join the congregation, please?".  Whatever happened to "yes we can"?  Guess he can't, or won't.

Why doesn't Obama just admit that he's not a Christian?  Why not admit he's either agnostic, atheist, or still a Muslim, as he was thusly born?  Why not admit he celebrates Festivus, if applicable?

Maybe Obama just celebrates himself.

No One Leading TSA

What's the matter, Barry-O?   Must you appoint no one other than Hard-Left extremists to absolutely everything in the Administration?

Don't you ever consider anyone who's moderate and not a Hardcore Leftwing Radical?

Many American airline passengers may be surprised to learn the Transportation Security Administration, the agency responsible with securing all modes of transportation in the country, currently has no leader.

Republican lawmakers have placed a "hold" on President Obama's pick to head the TSA over concerns he could undermine safety by unionizing airport security. The nominee is Erroll Southers, assistant chief in charge of security and intelligence at the Los Angeles airport's police department.

"It's very simple. Giving union bosses control over security at our nation's airports is dangerous and will harm our ability to respond to serious threats," said Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.

"If President Obama's nominee will not commit to putting homeland security above the whims of union bosses, it should give everyone serious concern," DeMint said last month when the conflict developed.

And that's not all with Erroll Southers.  There's more.  He's been censured by the FBI.

Erroll Southers, who was serving as an FBI special agent at the time of the censure, asked a co-worker's husband who worked for the San Diego Police Department to run a background check on his ex-wife's boyfriend.
We've already seen, in Canada, what happens when we allow unions to run things, like health care.  People die needlessly!

After all, unions are run by Hard-Leftwing Extremist Radicals.  And such folks aren't fit to run anything more complex than their own hotdog stand.

C'mon, Obama.  DON'T BE AN EXTREMIST!  Appoint someone MODERATE!


It's a matter of life and death!

It's not a matter of entitlement for the pampered, brainwashed, useful-idiot few!

Just pick someone who won't inspire objections.  Pick a moderate who's willing to declare unequivocally that he will NOT allow the unionization of the TSA.

National security is more important than neo-communist ideology and its imposition.

I predict that Obama's going to dig in and insist on this far-left extremist leading America's transportation security apparatus.

Perhaps it's better, however, for there to be no leader at all than to have a neo-commie as leader.  Let the frontliners take care of stuff by themselves, then.

No wonder Obama's approval ratings continue to steadily worsen.

Any Opposition To The New Housing Is Just Judeophobic

Story here.

ht: Drudge Report

There's nothing wrong with Jews living in any part of Jerusalem, nothing wrong at all.

They have as much of a right to live in "East" Jerusalem as the so-called "Palestinian" Muslim/Arabs have to live in Israel, which they actually do, wherever they live.

The Israelis/Jews are just moving into new apartments in a different part of their capital city of  Jerusalem, which is clearly, indubitably in their own country, not a mythical nation dubbed "Palestine" which has never legally existed at all.

The Muslims just don't want any Jews living near them, so they oppose, out of red-eyed hatred and prejudice, any new Jews in the neighborhood.  Shame on the bigoted "Palestinians"!  They're xenophobic haters, plain and simple!  The "Palestinians" are no better than were the Nazis, who also had a red-hot hate-on for Jews and were able to execute many more than the "Palestinians" have been able to, but only because the Nazis controlled everything.  If the "Palestinians" control enough stuff, then watch out, for they're going to unleash Hell on Earth when they see the plausibility and probable success of doing so.  First they've got to weaken Israel... that's their modus operandi and they're very patient with it.  History is the proof, for those who doubt what I'm saying here.

The "Palestinian" Muslims are no better than stupid homophobes who don't want any "faggots" moving into their neighborhoods.  They're no better than white supremacists who drive new black neighbors out of the neighborhood.  No better at all.  We should be viewing the "Palestinian" Muslims like we view deranged homophobes and white supremacists.

And we must necessarily, if we're righteous folks who care about the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, truth and lies, etc., view the Jews/Israelis as defenders of their own existence and own nation, which the Islamic World has been trying to destroy from Day One, first via conventional war and then by "terrorism" and an international hate-propaganda campaign.

Isn't it weird that the nations of the Islamic World, just next door to the area, have banned the Muslims of the area, since 1967, from relocating to those Islamic nations?  Why do they refuse all "Palestinian" refugees?  The Free World is obviously superior to the Islamic World on the refugee file, and so is Israel, for treating the refugees as equals, for giving them equal opportunities, allowing them to become Israeli citizens, run in and win in Israeli elections, etc., etc...  But the "International Community" doesn't seem to be privy to these indubitable facts, or, alternatively, is, but chooses to ignore these facts out of Jew-hatred.

It's all part of a vast conspiracy to destroy Israel.  Oh, yes.  A conspiracy.  Only idiots and fools and haters will disagree with this obvious reality.  It's been revealing itself right before our very eyes for decades!

By the way, what the hell need Israel care about what America thinks of what she does?  What business is it of America's?  Hey, maybe America should be bossing the Chinese around vis-a-vis Taiwan, if it's demanded that America boss Israel around!  How about bossing Russia around vis-a-vis the Georgian land they stole and now occupy?  Why not boss Iran around, rather than just letting the Islamic theocracy carry on with its evil agenda that promises to destroy both Israel and America?  Hmm?

It's ridiculous, in light of the bigger world problems facing us today, to bitch and whine about a few hundred Jews moving around in their own city, in their own country, moving into new apartments.  I mean, who does it harm?  How could it harm anyone?  Really, they're not hurting anyone.  The only people who ever start any harming is the "Palestinians" who do it just because they hate Jews.  Israel is only causing harm in the name of her own self-defence and fight to survive against those who hate Israel beacause she's a Jewish nation, and the only one in the Middle East, and the only one that practices freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!

To hate Israel and impose impossible demands upon her is to hate all of the good things she's about.  To hate Israel is to love tyranny and oppression and evil.

It's time for the "International Community" to awaken.  And to tell the Islamic World, including those who self-label as "Palestinian", to stop hating Jews and Israel and to accept their existence and equality, and to leave them alone... if they, in turn, are to be left alone.

Bottom line:  Leave Israel alone and Israel will leave you alone.  Attack Israel and she'll attack you back.  Fair is fair!

Dem Drunk On Taxpayer Dime

...and get his name... Max Baucus, which is close to Bacchus, the Greek God of Wine and Intoxication!

Hmm.  Looks like, as a commentor on that site said, YouTube seems to have stopped the hitcounter at 176,795.  If they think that'll fool us into thinking that only that number of folks saw the video, well, it's not going to work, as someone over an hour prior to this post pointed out the stoppage of the hitcounter at that number.

On his Facebook page, former congressman Mark Foley commented on the video: "This is the senator that hired his staffer and then took her on trips...and divorced his wife....and they had me run out of town."

Obamacrat Response To Terrorists A Return To 9/10 Mentality

 This makes sense to me.

(...) while the United States was on a strong war footing during the Bush Administration, rejecting the criminal paradigm of the previous administration, we were not attacked again.
Coincidentally again, now that we are back to a strategy of denying the Jihadis of warrior status, treating them like criminals who simply need to be found guilty in a court of law, there is an apparent uptick in attempted/successful attacks against Americans on American soil.

ABOVE: Obama sending the wrong signals to The Enemy, who interprets "diplomacy" as weakness.  The Enemy doesn't respect wimpiness ("niceness", the Obamacrats call it).  The only thing that keeps monsters like the fellows above from attacking us is the knowledge that it will only bring about massive, destructive retaliation, such as that demonstrated by George W. Bush.  Today The Enemy breathes easy and carries out attack after attack with impunity, secure in the knowledge that there won't be any consequences as long as that little pipsqueak Obama is in power.

Evidence that Democrats have returned to the 9/10 mindset of treating Jihadis as nothing more than common criminals, not worthy of the status of warrior, can be found in the Obama administration’s reaction to the Ft. Hood Jihad massacre. The official response has thus far been to refuse to admit that Hassan committed an act of Jihad when he gunned down dozens of Americans.

Evidence that Democrats have returned to the 9/10 mindset of treating Jihadis as nothing more than common criminals, not worthy of the status of warrior, can be found in the Obama administration’s decision to bring the 9/11 Jihadis to NYC to face trial in a common criminal court, rather than a military court.

Evidence that Democrats have returned to the 9/10 mindset of treating Jihadis as nothing more than common criminals, not worthy of the status of warrior, can be found in the Obama administration’s reaction to the failed Christmas Jihad of 2009.

 ABOVE: British PM Chamberlain attempting to appease Hitler.
As History's lesson teaches us, it didn't work.
Because it doesn't work to appease those obeying the Devil's orders.
Check out the expression on Hitler's face.  Looks like he's thinking:  "What a fool!"

Indeed, the warnings that the Obamacrats wouldn't protect America from her enemies... are being proven true... by none other than the Obamacrats themselves.  No denying this.  No argument.  Debate irrelevant.  The reality is clear and sound.   

The Obamacrats are NOT protecting America.   

They're leading America towards catastrophic change.

Skeptical?  Don't be.  See for yourself that The Enemy, as backwards, unimpressive and ragged as they look, is openly declaring war on America, notwithstanding Obama's incessant bowing and apologizing and putting on his Muslim face and all that...

Remember, hardly anyone took Osama bin Laden seriously when he declared war on America.  Hardly anyone dreamed that that Chong-resembling camel-humper dude in the sandals way out there in some Middle Eastern desert could possibly execute such a catastrophic attack on the most powerful country in the world, briefly bringing her to her knees?

It's catastrophic that folks like Obama don't understand the reality of the world.

In the meantime, be prepared for the unexpected and keep your powder dry.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thwarting The ACLU

So the ACLU hates the Ten Commandments and wants them removed from public view?

Well, too bad for the ACLU.

Because every time the ACLU succeeds in getting a particular Ten Commandments display banned, a bunch of Ten Commandments displays, bigger than the banned one, will be erected on private property, clearly visible to the People.

The ACLU will have to come up with a whole new argument now, since the myth of "separation of church and state" can no longer be cited as a bogus, albeit accepted by leftwing activist judges, reason.

Speaking of separating religion and politics, what the hell is a de-facto religious figure, Obama, doing as the supposed President of the U.S.?  Seriously, Obammunism is a de-facto religion, so it's rather daft to trumpet the myth of "separation of church and state" whilst exalting and worshipping The Messiah Obama as he resides in the White House.  Shouldn't, therefore, the ACLU logically be suing to remove Obama from the White House on the grounds that Obama's  presidency allegedly violates the myth of "separation of church and state"?  Surely, if a former Pope were to become President, don't you think the ACLU would militate against him, for having been elected largely on the basis of what they'd call religious propaganda?

Really, the Ten Commandments only offend the arrogantly immoral Hard Left.

It's also silly for the ACLU to be wasting time and resources in trying to eradicate all symbols of Christianity in America.  After all, hey, Americans do have the freedom of looking the other way if they so choose.  So, really, why bother to go so far to remove things in public that those who prefer to ignore them are ignoring anyway?

Myself, I ignore the "gay" parades; I don't bother to go and see 'em.  But I'm not going to bother to sue to have them banned on any grounds.

Seems that the ACLU thinks that religion is bad and must be kept out of the public realm and forced to remain a private thing, just like sex acts.  Funny how they don't care about the "gay" parades in public, reasoning that only religion is bad, and that sodomy, cunnilingus and fellatio are somehow good things that will somehow enrich and enhance society and human civilization.  Oh, sheesh!

Why, however, does the ACLU target Christianity rather than Islam?  Ever heard of the ACLU suing to ban public Islamic footbaths and Islamic prayer rooms for Muslims on the grounds that they violate the myth of "separation of (religion) and state"?

I guarantee y'all that if there's a monument erected in public somewhere in America that says such things as "Islam is peace" or "Islam is the light" or "Islam is salvation", etc.,  the ACLU will NEVER sue to have such things removed.

Hmm... just a thought here... y'know, how about claiming that the Constitution somehow supports a doctrine of "separation of sex-related stuff and state"?  Then we could sue to ban "gay" parades and other such things that mix sex-related stuff with public places.  After all, we don't see porno stores being permitted to set up kiosks in shopping malls, do we?  Oh, no- gotta keep all that stuff out of view of the public so as to avoid corrupting too many people, especially children, right?

One day the tables will be turned on the ACLU, their tactics stolen and used against them and their ideological masters and comrades.

Christmas Terrorist Had Well-Dressed Accomplice: Witness

Story here.

ht: WND
While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, 'He's from Sudan and we do this all the time.'”

Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab's lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.

The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn't see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane.


“I stood up and walked a couple feet ahead to get a closer look, and that's when I saw the flames,” said Haskell, who sat about seven rows behind Mutallab. “It started to spread pretty quickly. It went up the wall, all the way to ceiling.”


“He didn't fight back at all. This wasn't a big skirmish,” Haskell said. “A couple guys jumped on him and hauled him away.”

Didn't fight back at all.  Sounds like he was just "doing as he was told".  Apparently, however, they neglected to teach him to lie, to pretend something else was the case.

Or did he realize that, since he apparently already demonstrated his attempt to blow up the plane, that lying would be futile this time?

Surely the "innocent, profiled Muslim" schtick wouldn't work this time.  Once one has attempted and failed and been caught, one's totally up shee-it creek and the best option is to cooperate.

He was ready to die, anyway.  So it doesn't matter to him what happens to him now, though apparently maximum cooperation will probably be in his interests.  This is an advantage for counterterrorists and an inconvenience for the Men Behind the Terrorism Plotting Curtain.

MSNBC's Matthews: Rad Commie Saul Alinsky One Of His Heroes

Doesn't surprise me in the least.

The only surprise is that Matthews had a brainfart and exposed himself as a hard-leftwing ideologue, a useful idiot, a fellow traveller, a neo-communist.  It's a surprise because Leftists aren't supposed to self-expose as Hard-Left Neo-Communists.

Chris Matthews said:
Well, to reach back to one of our heroes from the past, from the `60s, Saul Alinsky once said that even though both sides have flaws in their arguments and you can always find something nuanced about your own side you don`t like and it`s never perfect, you have to act in the end like there`s simple black and white clarity between your side and the other side or you don`t get anything done. I always try to remind myself of Saul Alinsky when I get confused.
Ah.  He makes stuff up (acting like there's b/w clarity between your and the other side).  Typical of members of the Hard Left.   In other words, they'll tell themselves something that isn't true, but that makes them feel confident about their position, however wrong or bad, so as to pretend they haven't lost an argument.  And this not-losing is frequently used as an excuse by Leftists to push their wrongheaded agendas/policies.

Guy's a Hard-Left ideologue. Like so many in the Big Old Media.

Kind of a gift, Mr. Matthews's candidness.  Now we can say with confdence that he says some of the stuff that he does... in service of The Agenda.  How?  He's cut from the same Hard-Left ideological cloth and is drinking from the same koolaid fountain as is His Glory The Obamighty.

And... just watch his career in the Big Old Media continue as is.  He won't be forced out, nor will he feel he needs to leave in order to tell it as he wants to tell it.  After all, like him, the Big Old Media is neo-commie, Alinskyist, Obamite, etc...

ht: WND

Obama Regime Knew He Was, But Deemed Terrorist 'Not A Threat'

The Obamacrat Reich sure has a funny way of "keeping America safe".

Why, why, why... did they allow a suspected-dangerous person to fly?  Why, why, why???

The alleged Christmas Day terrorist had been in one of the U.S. government's largest terror databases since November, when his father brought him to the attention of embassy officials in Nigeria.

But Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab came to the attention of intelligence officials months before that, according to a U.S. government official involved in the investigation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

 The guy's apparently so deranged and dangerous that even his own father felt it important to warn America about his apparent intentions.

Oh, well, it shouldn't be any surprise, as we've seen how much the Obamacrat Reich considers clearly-dangerous folks to be a threat.  We've seen Obama appoint such people, like Van Jones and Kevin Jennings, to powerful or at least high-level advisory positions in the Reich, thus putting America and the American People at risk.  Look at where the evidence logically leads your investigation, each and every time you see dangerous ideological radicals being appointed to the Reich and, incredibly, shockingly, having their existence ignored or sugarcoated by the Big Old Media.

The questions, naturally, must now fly around.  Bear in mind I'm just posing questions, ok, so don't bother labelling me a "Truther", not that it'd apply in this case, because we KNOW that the Reich KNEW that there was this dangerous enemy entity threatening America who, amongst other things, oughtn't be permitted to climb aboard an American airliner.  It's not a theory this time.

Is it actually NOT a question of stupid-liberal negligence and cavalierly arrogant uncaringness?

Is it, instead, frighteningly, more a question of cold, calculated, malicious deliberation, at least on the part of the Wealthy, Powerful Men Behind The Curtain, obediently followed by Obama and the Obamites?  Is all of this stuff on purpose, in service of an agenda dangerous to America and the American People?

I ask this as it actually appears consistent with the Reich's suspected hidden agenda to, for whatever insane-or-evil-or-both reasons, more or less destroy America as we know her, to turn her into something she's never been, to destroy that about America which made her the greatest nation in the history of the world and the brightest beacon for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights worldwide.  Might letting just a few lone terrorists actually succeed... might this be part of The Agenda?  Just let a few suspected-dangerous folks get through, what could it hurt?  So a few folks will die, a few buildings will be toppled, but at least it might help accelerate The Agenda, which could benefit from chaos and catastrophe?

Or was it just a matter of delusional, politically-correct, racist thinking, "well, see, the guy's black, so it's impossible for him to be a threat, as we well know that it's only the whites who can possibly ever be bad and dangerous, so let him fly"?  Is it the same thinking that motivated the Obama-Holder Justice Department to let off the hook the "New Black Panthers" who commited the hate-crime felony of intimidating white folks away from a polling station, waving batons and uttering racially-aggressive phrases?  Open-and-shut case, conviction guaranteed, but it was dropped, apparently because the racist felons were black, like the guy on the plane who was allowed to get on it in the first place, despite the credible signs that he's too dangerous to be so permitted!

The Obamacrat Reich knew that Maj. Hassan of Ft. Hood was a dangerous threat, but did nothing.  The rest is horrific history.

Is a pattern emerging?  Will we eventually be unable to foster any remaining reasonable doubt as to whether the Obamacrats give a damn about dangers to America and Americans?

When will the next terrible event occur, for which it'll, after the fact, become clear to us that the Reich had foreknowledge that the perpetrator(s) were dangerous and likely to do something deadly and destructive on American soil?

No doubt... it'll happen again.  Because it's becoming apparent that the Obamacrat Reich doesn't want to prevent it!

One Big Ass Mistake, America.

Next time use your brains and ignore the propaganda in the Big Old Media that's telling you to...

"Vote for this guy, he's great!  He utters big, cool, comfortably-vague words like "Hope", "Change" and "Audacity", so forget about his scary-looking narrow mustache and crazy-sounding oratory and just vote for him!  He'll bring all kinds of cool, unknown stuff to the nation!  Hell, he says he'll change the world, too!".

Foiled AQ Terror Attacker: Did Obama, Napolitano Know Of His Intent?

Surely, if a terrorist's father warned the U.S. government that his son is plotting to attack people via terrorism...  well, use common sense.

A congressional official said Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, popped up in U.S. intelligence reports about four weeks ago as having a connection to both al-Qaida and Yemen.

Another government official said Abdulmutallab's father went to the embassy in Abuja with his concerns, but did not have any specific information that would put him on the "no-fly list" or on the list for additional security checks at the airport.

Ah.  There's the "specific information" thing again.  Apparently now we've seen that it's problematic.

I suggest scrapping the "specific information" requirement.  It's obvious that it doesn't work, and that it prevents America from being careful enough to prevent terrorist attacks.  Sure, this one failed, but it almost succeeded.

Besides, we're talking about an administration which infamously warned law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for so-called "right-wing extremists" who simply oppose any government policies (pretty much ALL Americans), not bothering to remind them of the "specific information" requirement for being allowed to pursue any individual for anything.  Fortunately, the regime was caught, shamed and forced to abandon the advisory, as, clearly, they were actually targeting Americans who didn't like Obamacrat policies and wanted to scare/intimidate them into submission somehow, using local and state police officers to do their dirty work for them.

Thank goodness for those "anonymous officials" who tell us what's what, despite being forbidden to do so.  These brave folks know that their orders to shut up about this stuff... such orders are wrong in that they tend to cover up the truth that terrorism/attempted terrorism is a far more frequent problem than "the authorities" will let us know.

Since we know that there are far more dangerous enemies to America than mere peaceful civilian opposition to some policies thereof, well, I'd urge the current regime in Washington to pursue America's actual enemies with the unprecedented, astonishing zeal with which they've been pursuing peaceful, democratic political opponents at home!

Also, it really doesn't matter how light or dark a person's skin is.  The new political correctness is to pursue suspected enemies without regard to skin color.  Right now, law enforcement and counterterrorism agents are bound by political correctness imperative that intimidates them away from pursuing suspected enemies due to fear of the automatically-spewing-from-the-Left (and from the Islamic crimimal-organization CAIR) "racial profiling" charges.

Light or dark skin, doesn't matter.  Any and all reasonably suspected enemies of America, go after 'em!  It saves lives!

Of course, only fools will believe the Obamacrat Reich will protect America from her enemies.

Hell, their Head Puppet has been seen bowing before some of them...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rifqa Receiving Christmas Cards

Well, after all, she's now a Christian, so surely Rifqa Bary's Islamic parents ought to be understanding of that and not try to prevent her from receiving Christmas cards

The Ohio girl, who ran away to Florida because she said she feared her father would kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity — only to be sent back to Ohio by a Florida judge — remains in the care of a county children's services agency where she has been receiving "quite a lot" of Christmas cards from well-wishers across the country, according to one of her attorneys.

John Stemberger said an attorney for Bary's parents filed a motion earlier this month seeking to ban the 17-year-old from receiving outside messages, including Christmas cards. But Rifqa is receiving the cards nonetheless, he said.


"If she's declared an independent, that'd be a victory," Stemberger said. "The essence of this case is a girl who converted and is getting increased hostility from the people who should be loving her the most. It's the reason she ran."

All should be supporting Rifqa Bary.  We must not fail her, for, because of Supremacist Islam, her life is in danger.  She deserves protection from dangerous haters. 

UPDATE:  Rifqa doesn't have to 'sit down with' supremacist family

Obama's Secret 'Planned Parenthood' Meetings Subject Of Lawsuit

Obama secretly met with "Planned Parenthood".

"lackey of Planned Parenthood in championing government financed abortions" 

I don't believe for one second that he's unaware of their anti-black racist nature.  Of course he's aware.  Surely he saw the undeniable proof via the sting videos the Big Old Media, as with the extremist-lunatic "Czars", the ACORN sting tapes, the CAIR sting operation, etc., dutifully ignores, refusing to inform The People that "Planned Parenthood" is racist and other bad, dishonest, even felonious things?

Yet he's willing to grant them secret meetings.

For what purpose?  I'll tell you what I think.  To invite the Nazi-sympathizer-founded, racist, eugeneticist, criminal organization to do business with the US Government for the purpose of helping the Obamacrat Reich achieve its goal of murdering as many more babies as possible, fully funded by the American Taxpayers.

Yep.  Abortion is, as far as Obama's concerned, a "public good" that must be paid for by ALL, period.

Apparently Obama doesn't give a damn that most of the "Planned Parenthood" human-abbatoir factories are deliberately constructed in neighborhoods predominantly populated by People of Color, like Obama himself.  Of course he's aware, and he wants to do business with PP.

Yes, it's possible to be a black supremacist and look the other way on the mass slaughter (in the millions) of black babies... IF one has been brainwashed into believing the Big Lie that the Unborn "are not human".  You see, Obama, an apparent black supremacist, is practicing doublethink, in letting the New Black Panther racist felons off the hook for their polling-station racially-motivated hate-crime felony and then looking away on the massacre of black babies, on the delusional grounds that unborn babies, regardless of race, are somehow "not human".

Yet another reason NOT to trust Barack Hussein Obama, International Man of Mystery.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stunning Declaration, Friendly Fire: WH Controls MSNBC 'Directly'

Yup.  A stunning admission that the Big Old Media, at least in the person of MSNBC, is controlled by the State, hence validating the term "state-controlled media".

SCHULTZ (07:14): I just want to get things clear, it was not arranged for me to have a question for David Axelrod.

SCHULTZ (08:12): So Mika starts looking at her Blackberry and so does Scarborough and obviously the White House is texting them or emailing them or whatever and they didn't like the show. Because Arianna had been on there, I'm on there, Howard Dean had been on there and they wanted some balance.

Now think about that - here's the White House getting in contact with 'Morning Joe' because they're afraid there's too many lefties on the air! Now if that's not sensitivity at its highest level, I don't know what is! I told ya a few days ago they had rabbit ears! They don't like anything that's being said right now, they're getting beat up!
Apparently even the most well-trained Leftist seals can accidentally put the Obama Reich into a pickle.  When they do that, they get Blackberry-Whipped.  No surprise there.  After all, Leftists do have many brainfarts and will frequently make a mistake as to what they're supposed to say/do, so their State Controllers will have to yank their choke chains.

It's just like Obama and his teleprompter or perhaps something he might have in his ear.  We've observed him suddenly freeze, go "um, uh, er, ah", basically failing to perform once he'd lose his instructions from the Men Behind The Curtain.

Apparently, it's The Unseen People who run America.  One wonders who's ultimately calling the shots, if it isn't necessarily George Soros.  Does George Soros take orders from someone else?  Someone from overseas, perhaps?  Intriguing, fascinating questions.   Worthy of investigation.  That'd be a helluva sting operation... exposing The Man Behind The Man Behind The Curtain.

Sheesh.  The people who claim to be busy running the country are instead busy running the Media!

ht: Drudge Report

Discovery Of 2000 Year Old Dwelling In Nazareth

If the People don't speak, then the stones will.   -The Angel

Yes.  THAT Nazareth.

Where He lived.

Now THIS Leftist Is Truly Insane

"birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups"

...That's what that Democratic Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, called the vast majority of Americans.  The vast majority, we know they are, by looking at the polls on how Americans feel about Obamacare.

Astonishing!  Simply, f...... astonishing!

Holy moley!  Get a load of this extremely deranged Far-Leftwing Clown!

How is it that people like him end up in government as opposed to walking around in public shouting the most delusional stuff we've ever heard?

Does he realize what he's calling about three quarters of the entire American population?

See, folks?  Leftism/"progressivism"/liberalism IS, indubitably, a mental disorder.

And this guy needs the rubber room, restraints and an army of the world's top mental professionals.

Somebody please, quickly, have him committed, before he starts killing people all over the place, like those terminally deranged madmen who enter public places and mow down everyone in sight!

Besides, hey, what a hypocrite!  Look who's talking!  Look who's calling the kettle black!

Why is this guy, who worships a racist President, going around calling most Americans racists and stuff like that?

Ah... of course.  Almost forgot.  HE'S A LEFTIST... A LIBERAL... A PROGRESSIVE... AN OBAMITE "DEMOCRAT".

These folks are the useful idiots of the Axis of Evil.  Hell, it wouldn't surprise me that they'd been abducted, brainwashed and returned to go forth and do The Enemy's bidding, to destroy America...  Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Not at all.  After all, these folks are so surrealistically delusional and deranged that it's like we're watching an episode of the X-Files or The Twilight Zone or something like that, except it's in real life.

These folks never fail to astonish us.  One can only hope and pray that one day they'll suddenly start laughing, pointing at us and saying, "You've been punked!" and then Ashton "Kelso" Kutcher (an Obamite fellow traveller himself) will come over, laughing, and pat us on the back...

Maybe we should just return the favor and call all supporters of Obamacare Communists, Nazis, Islamic Jihadists, rapists, pedophiles, cop killers, etc., etc...  Why not?  Sounds like fun anyway, to throw it all back into their faces and see if they recognize themselves in the mirror (they never do, unfortunately).

Sheesh.  Geez.  Goshdarn.  Fofecksake.