Monday, December 21, 2009

Discovery Of 2000 Year Old Dwelling In Nazareth

If the People don't speak, then the stones will.   -The Angel

Yes.  THAT Nazareth.

Where He lived.


Jen said...

The Angels were correct.

This is great news. The Son of God walked among us and still some have difficulty in accepting the facts- they are 'doubting' Thomases.

Jen said...

Until then, nonthinking folks will believe what the Big Old Media tells them, which is lie after lie after Big Lie.

Until the day we put an end to it.

The Afghans after decades under strict taliban rules lived in silence but now under a new rule, the Afghans have new media, radio show hosted by women.
Yet in canada we live under the same rule of the NATIONAL MEDIA's manipulation, lies, insults hate disrespect(a taliban style media) and unlike the Afghans and their new media, canadians remain in the dark.
We have a choice.

There are reporters out there who are very good and credible but are rarely heard. They need to come forward fast. Whispering behind close doors or seeing their written article be place in the back page is not to be allowed anymore.