Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cutting ACORN Funding Ruled 'Unconstitutional'. So?

I see.

So what, though?

Like, since when do the Obamacrats give the tiniest shit about the Constitution?

Obama never demonstrated that he adheres to the Constitution's Eligibility Clause vis-a-vis constitutionally being permitted to be President. He's getting away with his fraud.

And the Obamacrats, the Big Old Media and the Left in general don't give a gosh darn's worth of a speck of poop.

So I say totally eliminate ACORN'S funding. Cut the criminal organization off completely!

Unconstitutional? What're ya, a conspiracy theorist or something? Who cares about the Constitution?

Until Obama's forced to prove he was born in America, it's ok to eliminate all funding to ACORN.

Go ahead. Cut 'em off!

Obama's Presidency is unconstitutional. But who cares?

Defunding ACORN is unconstitutional. But who cares?

See what I mean?

The Left only gives a crap about the Constitution when it serves their interests!