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The Truth, On Video: Pro-'Palestinian' 'Humanitarians' Actually Savages

And the view from above, looking down...

And, in the latest report from the Associated Press, they don't mention this evidence at all and pretty much just carry on with the usual anti-Israel bullshit.  Obviously, the AP is useless as a source of accurate information and quite useful to the PLO as a propaganda mouthpiece.

At least Canada's National Post is being fair and balanced and speaks to the evidence, as well as actually providing a link to video...

Meanwhile...  Harper Seen as Champion of Israel

One Big Reason To Vote Against Lib-Dipper 'Coalition'

 Just say NOPE to the DOPE!
No hope in communism!

Because Jack Layton would be Prime Minister.  Jack LaytonTaliban Jack.  The big, giant far-left-wingnut of Canada.

The Canadian Obama.

The Red.  The neo-Communist.

The Big-Taxer.  The Welfare-Stater.

That what you want?  Move to Cuba, then.  Or Venezuela.  Or China.  See how you like living under totalitarian rule!

Will the Liberals dump Iggy now?  Um, not so fast...  Looks like they'll have to get used to the grumpy-old-professor smell...

Tories, don't get complacent.  Sure, the Opposition is divided and screwy as hell, but the Liberals got complacent and arrogant, and now look where they are...  So keep kicking the Libs while they're down, 'cause they did it to us, and will do it to us again and again...  How about hauling some more Liberal skeletons out of more closets?  How about making them repay the $40 million they stole via ADSCAM?  Why be so nice to such mean people?  Let's make sure they can't come back to power to do to Canada what Obama's doing to America...

As Andrew Breitbart told us, we don't have to be nice to the mean people opposite...

Judeophobic CUPE Thug Attacks BCF, All Caught On Video

Look, see.  ANOTHER violent-extremist, hateful "progressive" who supports "Palestine", hates Israel and Jews.  Attacking citizen journalist Blazing Cat Fur.  BCF captures the whole thing as the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal attacks him!

The rest of the story here.  This all happened in Toronto as Israeli PM Netanyahu visited, invited by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Follow all the links for all that happened- there's more videos in addition to the one below.

The hairy, lowbrow, far-left, "progressive" knuckledragger, named Ali Mallah, attacked the husband of blogger and author Kathy Shaidle.  This Ali Mallah is a dangerous, violent fellow whom the police should be watching more closely.  I'm sure the RCMP and/or CSIS must have a file on him.  He could be a threat to national security, a potential terrorist, in my opinion.  All you have to do is watch him act.  He's obviously nuts!

'Humanitarians' Suicidally Attack IDF With Knives, Axes, Bring Retaliation

Story here.

See?  The "humanitarian" flotilla hellbent on breaking the legal blockade and going to Gaza is really a terrorist operation posing as "humanitarian".

It's a tactic as old as the proverbial Exploding Ambulance.  Classic "Palestinian" bullshit.

UPDATE:  It's now reported that a couple of guns were found in the possession of the so-called "humanitarians" who attacked the IDF.

Something To Think About

 What Obama really means when he addresses us:  
"Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.  Listen only to me..."

Ever wonder whether the economic downturn (that, interestingly, all of a sudden, just instantly happened in the middle of the federal elections in Canada and America) was actually by deliberate design by unscrupulous, greedy, powerful players behind the scenes?

Daniel Estulin, author of the hot-selling book,  "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group," has even been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal.

"In Spain, Bilderberg is the 'it' topic," Estulin told WND. "The attention this is getting in the European mainstream press is equivalent to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal publishing extensively on it."

The attention, Estulin said, has come as his predictions on the cost of oil and other economic factors – based on investigative reporting into the Bilderbergers – have proved more accurate than other economic models in Europe's financial meltdown.

"Economists cannot explain it without acknowledging the shadow masters working to manipulate economies," Estulin said. "There is a general awakening taking place in people and the national press. This is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. Especially in Europe, we're seeing enough cracks to have hope that this dam will break and more and more people will demand to know what the Bilderberg Group has been doing." 

Hmm.  Might as well get Googling for Spanish news websites in English (and in Spanish, if one's familiar with that language)...  After all, plenty of stuff gets reported in foreign media which the North American media refuses to touch... for some reason... wonder if the Bilderbergs have anything to do with the media in N.A. and what spews forth from its mouth, and what doesn't?

There's nothing wrong with wondering and asking questions.  And investigating, following up on one's questions to get answers the hard way, rather than waiting for it all to be reported on "the news", something that probably won't happen anyway.  Yes, there are those who poo-poo the idea of being pensive, curious, questioning, inquisitive, investigative, etc... there are even those who will deride such healthy activity as the antics of the insane, of "conspiracy theorists", "birthers", "racists"... oh, wait... that's the Obama Eligibility thingy, which, of course, is a thingy which powerful people don't want us asking about, let alone investigating on our own...

...but the bottom line is that if we don't bother to wonder, to ask questions, to look into things, and just lazily wait to "be told what's what", well, that's stupid... and dangerous.  I mean, you know, Winston Churchill raised concerns about Hitler, the Nazis and their agenda, but hardly anyone took him seriously, including the German People.  What if enough people everywhere had openly pondered, questioned, investigated.... with respect to that evil entity, and discovered the frightening plans, before they could be implemented?  What if it had been uncovered, and a halt was put to it?  Would we have averted the Holocaust and WWII?  Imagine... if only more and more people had the courage to think, wonder, stand up and ask, and encourage others to do the same...

Why should we remain stuck on stupid and let nasty, wealthy, powerful and evil people behind the curtain decide our future on our behalf?  There is nothing crazy about asking questions about one's world.  There is nothing crazy about looking into what's actually going on out there and not relying on the worthless, incompetent, uncaring Big Old Corporate Media, which has, quite obviously, come under the influence of the same folks of whom we speak, ie. those who own the media outlets and get to set the communications agenda therefor, deeming, according to nothing but their own preferences and agenda, and those of their special secretive group, what shall and what shall not be promulgated as "news" and what the spin shall be.

The governments we elect, are they really in charge?  Or are there others who somehow influence, at least indirectly, the way they govern?  Of course stuff goes on "behind the scenes" which we don't know about, because we're not supposed to, and because, of course, the Big Media isn't going to tell us about, unless its puppetmasters tell them to.  Hmm.  Which brings me to observe that there's been a LOT of negative, daily reportage with respect to the Conservative government of Canada.  Every day, we see something, perhaps little, irrelevant, insignificant, being reported, that's inconvenient to the Conservative government.  It's as if massive resources are being employed to dig up anything and everything possible that's negative to be used to bash the Tories in "the news" and give the Opposition a new bucket of doody to chuck in Question Period.  I mean, WTF?!  It's surreal.  It really does seem that the Big Media is waging an anti-Conservative-government propaganda war lately.  They're digging up everything they can find via access to information requests and babbling about it in their reports.  Funny how they didn't do that for the Liberals, how they don't do that to the Obamacrats.  Funny how they did it to Bush and how they do it to Harper.  Hmm.

"To these powerful people, national resources are theirs, not everyone's," Estulin told WND. "All these people want an empire. They don't want the people of the world to develop, to prosper, to grow the population. They want us to work for them, where our children and our children's children work for an elite group, the oligarchy.

"If people participate in the ideas shaping the world, if a nation is allowed to grow its own food, develop its own natural resources, be truly self-governing, it would end the Bilderbergers' oligarchy," Estulin said. 

Ok, fine... call me nuts.  But I'll be in good company.  Along with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Frederick Banting, Winston Churchill...  All dismissed by the Elites of whom we speak, but all of whom were right, and all of whom had the courage to think for themselves, ask questions that needed asking, and speak out publicly...  Clearly, there are people who don't want us to do that, so they make their propaganda machine make fun of us, demonize us, defame us, smear us.... as "cranks", "loonies", "conspiracy theorists", "wingnuts", "nutters", "racists", "birthers", "right-wing extremists", all that crap.

Well, screw them.  We're gonna think for ourselves, look into stuff, find evidence to put together and share, and discuss amongst ourselves, and report...  THEY don't want us to do that.  They want us to sit down, shut up, turn off our brains, do as we're told, etc... so they can get what they want.

Remember, it's not nuts to think for oneself, to gather solid evidence, to analyze the evidence logically and rationally, to share one's findings... not nuts at all.  Perfectly normal.  But we're told to think otherwise by those who fear exposure and potential personal consequences stemming from their selfish, destructive actions.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama: The Kramer Of Presidents?

Story here.
The lights should be going off above the heads of all the handlers in the White House: the president’s moment of glory has arrived.  He suddenly would be hip and cool again.  Mr. President, we need you to shoot the golf balls into the hole.

If Kosmo Kramer can shoot a ball into the blow-hole of a whale, surely you can land a few in the name of saving the southeast coastal region.  You’d be the hero.  Everything would turn around and your party might not be decimated nearly as badly in November.

Then you can stand up and tell America that you lent your unique abilities to save the day.

Unfortunately, Seinfeld isn't real life, and Obama isn't a real president.

Hmm.  Now, I wonder... What Would Mr. Bean Do?

Oh, of course... like Mr. Obama, Mr. Bean took a holiday.

Told ya!

The Tyranny Of The Few

Story here.

“Whether it’s a soft tyranny or a hard tyranny, it’s time to put our foot down. If we don’t stop this train that’s headed for a cliff right now, we won’t have the country we grew up in.”


The Democrats aren’t listening to the people, she says, adding, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


Tea partyers represent the first political responders to Washington’s follies, Thomas says.

“That’s because they’re the people figuring this power grab out quicker than most,” she says.”

Is Bill Maher Racist?

The left-wingnut Bill Maher

So Bill Maher's saying that Obama's not a "real black president".

Maher claims that a "real black" would lift up his shirt and show off a gun in his pants, to deal with the BP oil spill.  And would be profane.

(Oh, wait... at least Obama did say "damn" and did refer to plugging a hole.  How's that for profane and vulgar?  As for lifting up his shirt and all that, well, there's no reports of that happening.)

Like the stereotypes we see in the movies.

What's the matter with Bill Maher, babbling about the color of peoples' skin and stereotypes?

Is Bill Maher Racist?  Why is he talking about race and stereotypes, and not about something that matters?  What kind of idiot is he?

Or will he get away with this nonsense because he's a... leftist?  You KNOW that if he was a Republican, then the left would be using this to bash him mercilessly, calling him a "racist".  But not a fellow leftist.  After all, racism is sooooo common amongst leftists...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be There June 6th To Defend 9/11 Victims From Dishonor

 Screaming "Allahu Akhbar!", Muslims did this and slaughtered three thousand innocent people IN THE NAME OF ISLAM AND ALLAH.

NOW they want to replace the World Trade Center with a MEGA-MOSQUE!  WTF!   

Like, f... that!

The rally against the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero is a go for June 6th.


Plus, I'd add...
Stop the hate!  Stop the grave offence aimed against the victims by Islamic Supremacists masquerading as harmless people!



APPLAUSE: Spirit Of Rebellion Alive And Well In Liberal Party (Sort Of)

 Liberal Michelle Simson, heroically defying the tyrannical hypocrite Ignatieff

Story here.

Whoo!  I guess she doesn't realize that she's in the Liberal Party.  Time to wake up, Michelle!  "Doing the right thing" is as important to Liberals as it is to the Chicago Mob!
Ms. Simson is the first MP to take the bold step of publicly revealing her MP expenses. Last year, with little fanfare, she posted the information on her website, fulfilling an election campaign promise to her constituents that she would show them how she spent their money. 

The Liberal Party isn't happy with her doing the right thing.  Liberals don't like "right".  They prefer "wrong", because it's more fun and profitable.

Witness Michael Ignatieff's "leadership" in warning Liberals they better do the wrong thing, not the right thing...  Witness him using stupid excuses...
Rather than praising her and encouraging other MPs to follow her lead, however, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told members not to do what she did.

He told his caucus to stick together and not to be mavericks on this issue. He is concerned that different MPs could post different expenses, creating the perception of inequities.

“Right now, she is not very popular in our caucus,” said the Liberal source. “It’s hard when you go against the grain, especially when it’s the right thing to do.”

She's not a Liberal, obviously.

It already seems to me that the Conservatives are smartening up.  Sometimes people forget to do the right thing.  But if they correct their oversights and brainfarts once they realize the error of their approach, then they should be commended and rewarded.

So let's see how much gum which MPs are making us pay for (remember David "I'm entitled to my entitlements" Dingwall, the Liberal who loves gum but is too cheap to pay for it himself?

Sorry, Obama, But WalpinGate Will Not Go Away

You remember Mr. Walpin, who was fired after being wrongfully smeared by the Obamacracy, after he daringly went after a corrput associate of Obama's for wrongdoing.

Yup.  He went after the Chicago Mob, angered Obama, and was canned with extreme prejudice and smears.

He went to court.

But the judge refuses to do his job, ignoring the case even beyond the time period within which he's required to do his job.

The Big Old Media also refuses to do its job, letting the whole thing go quietly.

Except for the likes of the Washington Times and World Net Daily.

Isn't it amazing... this guy will get away with everything... will he?

At least until he's either impeached or thrown out of power by November 2012.

BP Oil Spill: Desperation, Confusion, Anything-Goes Helplessness Is Order Of Day

 Oh, lookee Obama.  He's finally there, looking serious, pretending to "be in charge", "on top of it"... finally, after over a month of golfing and such crap.  Three whole hours... and then off to vacation and play five-hour rounds of golf...  Hey, Barry!  DO YOU FECKING JOB OR RESIGN!  WHAT, ARE YOU WAITING TO BE IMPEACHED FOR GROSS, CAVALIER, GLEEFULLY-UNCARING INCOMPETENCE?

Kind of like Obama's Presidency.

Amid mixed messages about problems and progress, the effort — called a “top kill” — continued for a third day, with engineers describing a painstaking process of trying to plug the hole, using different weights of mud and sizes of debris like golf balls and tires, and then watching and waiting. They cannot use brute force because they risk making the leak worse if they damage the pipes leading down to the well. 
Huh.  That's no different from what the average, clueless American would try.  Apparently, the "experts" and "authorities" haven't a clue, either, what the feck they're doing.

At least Obama looks good for the picture.  Soooooo photogenic.  He'd have made a good living as an underwear model or porn star or something.  From now on, maybe only ugly people should be allowed to be President.  Time to amend the Constitution?

Woe is America.  Nobody "in charge" knows what the hell they're doing... not BP, not BO.

In fact, speaking of golf balls, funny how, while Obama spends five hours at a time on golf, he'll only give three hours for the optics of "being on top of" the oil spill crisis/disaster.  How's that for priorities?

Wonder how much time he devotes to the economy, Iran, North Korea, joblessness, "uniting the races", etc..., vis-a-vis all the time he spends golfing, insulting the disabled, insulting Mainstream Americans, pushing Israel into the sea, bowing before evil tyrants, secretly meeting with terrorists, communists and mobsters in the White House, "being on top" of Michelle (or is it the other way around?), etc., etc...

Oh, shee-it...  And they said Bush sucked????  Hoo-boy!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Lady Crosses Her Legs


Nice of the liberal WaPo to notice such important things.

Myself, I wouldn't look up there.

I guess that's another of Elena Kagan's own ideas of what's "progressive".

Imagine the "progressiveness" of her potential Supreme Court rulings, if the GOP pussies (or peters) out and lets Bamm-Bamm put 'er there.

Perhaps that's what Bamm-Bamm was actually talking about when he said "Plug the damn hole"...

1948 Cartoon Prophesies The Obamacracy

...First, a reminder of what made America grow and become great.  Then, a warning of the evils of "progressivism"/socialism/communism/statism...  Too bad not enough American voters paid attention in 2008...

Bill Ayers's Wife, Fellow Terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, Almost Killed Woman

L-R:  Obama's racist, anti-Semitic, America-hating pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama's terrorist pal Bill Ayers & his wife, fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn share a gay moment together.  What's up with the duct tape and bungee cable Bernardine's carrying?  Shouldn't DHS keep a closer eye on her?

Story here.
A woman is suing Bernardine Dohrn, saying the 1960s radical drove into her as she walked home from church.

Maricela Canuto said she was struck by Dohrn's 2005 Buick LaCrosse as she tried to cross 55th Street at Christiana Avenue around 7:50 p.m. Feb. 28.
Ms. Canuto is suing.

Illegal Aliens And Budget Deficit


"We spend a ton of money on housing, conservation, law enforcement, hospital care -- all the different areas you would take care of an immigrant, we would spend on illegal aliens," he said. "If you subtract the illegals from that equation, then we don't have a budget deficit."


Palumbo said racism has nothing to do with it. "There's a big difference between someone who comes over here as an immigrant and someone who comes over here and just completely ignores the laws of the country," said Palumbo, who acknowledged that it might surprise people that he's a Democrat. "It isn't a Republican versus Democratic issue."
It never ceases to astonish me, the stupidity of those who can't tell the difference between a legal immigrant and a criminal illegal alien.  Ditto their stupidity when they say that upholding the law is somehow "racist", when, in fact, it applies to criminal illegal aliens of ALL races and national origins.

BP Oil Spill: Disaster By Deliberate Design?

Story here.

Apparently the cause was deliberate decision to forego proper procedure... and apparently such corrupt decision-making led pretty much directly, consequently, to the disaster.
Some of these decisions were approved by the U.S. Interior Department's Minerals Management Service, which has come under fire for what President Obama has called its "cozy relationship" with the oil industry. But in at least one case, the decision made apparently diverged from a plan MMS approved. MMS declined to comment.
Questions, questions, questions...

Who will ask them?  Who will answer them?  Who will investigate?  Who will prosecute?  Who will face the music?

How can we have any confidence in getting answers and justice... when the Obama-Democrat regime is pretty much in control of everything and everyone so as to be more or less immune from scrutiny and consequence?

Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?

Could it be about creating... another convenient opportunity to bash capitalism and usher in national/international socialism that will only help to destroy America?

There's been a LOT of these "opportunities" so benefiting Obama and the Democrats... since the 2008 Election, with the credit crunch thingy fomented by the Left.  Hmm.  Funny how these "opportunities" keep on coming up...

...and such "opportunities" are being taken advantage of by the Obama-Democrat regime.  For neo-communist purposes.  Apparently all part of the whole "change" thing...

More details emerged Wednesday about a disagreement between employees of rig operator Transocean Ltd. and oil giant BP PLC over how to begin shutting down the well just hours before it exploded in the Gulf of Mexico last month.
 Apparently some people still have scruples... and speak up.  Too bad it's not those with the power...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Must Remain In Force

Here's why.

Just the facts... inconvenient but true.

Nice Try, Barney, But You FAIL

 Barney Frank (D).  Big, giant poophead.

Duh.  One doesn't need to have been born in America to be a Congressman.  One does, however, in order to be President.  Which reminds me, by the way, Obama never proved validly that he was born in America.  He refuses to allow anyone to see his real birth certificate, trying to claim that a derivative document his camp uttered online is somehow his "birth certificate", which it is NOT, and is, anyway, a document that was issued for babies born anywhere in the world, actually.  The plain fact is that Obama hasn't proven that he was born in America to two American citizens (the latter is actually known to not be the case, but the former isn't, one way or the other).

Yet Barney Frank thought it'd be smart to ask for the birth certificate anyway in this case, to make a point.

How lame.  Major FAIL! 

What a teabagger.

American Catholics: World's Most Tolerant People: Penn Jillette

L-R: Penn and Teller.

Story here.

Yup.  Of all the groups Penn's offended, the Catholics are the most tolerant, most rational ("fewest nuts"), least angrily reactive of all.  He says so himself.

Hmm.  I notice that he didn't mention Muslims as one of the groups he's offended.  Perhaps because everyone already knows how "tolerant" that group is...

Leftists/"progressives" will have a hard time agreeing with Penn.  Because they prefer to remain prejudiced.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leftwing Terror Group Attacking Talk Radio In Name Of 'Fairness'

"Fairness".   Calling it that doesn't fool those of us who know that what they want to do is silence inconvenient voices that dissent from the the hardcore, revolutionary "progressive" "liberal" left-wing orthodoxy, policies and revolutionary agenda.

It's the "Citizens for Civility and Accountability in Media" (CCAM).

Do you smell the odor of George "Proud, Unrepentant Nazi-Holocaust Collaborator" Soros's money emanating therefrom, too?

They hurl the usual terrorist-attack smears at non-"progressive" dissident communicators, such as "hate" and "incite violence".  The disdainful-yawn-provoking usual.  Same wholly-unsubstantiated, and blatantly-hypocritical bullshitty gobbleddygook charges hurled by Obama, Pelosi et al at the peaceful, mainstream Tea Party movement.

Of course, it's another of those groups, like the terrorism-supporting/Islamic-Supremacist/state-apparatus-infiltrator propaganda group CAIR and the hard-left propaganda organization "Southern Poverty Law Center", amongst countless other hard-leftwing terror/propaganda groups, that are given a very loud, prominent, favorable voice in the Big Corporate Media which supports the revolutionary "progressive" agenda and the Obama-Democrat regime.

Their barely-legal intifada against freedom and human rights in America has already begun.

 The usual, all-too-familiar, overused-cliche, propaganda talking points...
Kimber charged that "KMJ programming is dominated by ... talk hosts that are anti-government, anti-President Obama ..." He went on to declare that this kind of talk "creates an atmosphere of divisiveness that allows for the real possibility of violence toward elected officials including the president of the United States."

He offered no examples of this connection between critical talk and subsequent violence because there are none to offer – unless you attend one of the lectures given by radical imams. 

Ironically, hypocritically...
During the Bush years, criticism and dissent were "patriotic." Today, the left embraces its inner censor. 

Speaking of hypocrisy and of inciting violence, it's the "progressive" folks who are doing that.  See?  How's THAT for substantiation?  I provide substantiation, whereas the hard-left brownshirts/bolshevists don't.

Yup.  Obama himself, when himself a dissident against the way-way-way-better-even-though-imperfect Bush Administration, said that dissent was "patriotic".  Today, now that he's in power and proving to be the absolute worst, most destructive, most dangerous, most extreme, most subversive, most America-hating president of all time, he NEVER says this anymore.  Quite the exact opposite!

Funny how this left-wing terror organization says that media should "be responsible for telling the truth".  Why doesn't the hard left ever demand that the establishment-elite big old corporate, leftist, Obama-Democrat supporting media "be responsible for telling the truth", too?  Hmm?  Fecking hypocrites!  Asshats!  They can eat poo!
These tactics mirror a call to action from the FCC "Chief Diversity Officer" Mark Lloyd who has praised Hugo Chavez for taking action against media owners who stifle "intelligent dialogue" and the ability of local communities "to communicate."
Funny how the "progressive" intelligentsiya and footsoldier-terrorists publicly say the exact opposite of what they really mean... isn't it?

Remember, whatever the "progressives" tell you, the opposite is the truth.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, in Canada, a loony lefty invades a Conservative Cabmin's Constituency Office, going berserk...

PLUS:  Obsessed Palin-hating writer moves in next door to Sarah Palin.  Palin says tall fence to go up to keep out the moonbat.

Motoon Rage Only Begat More Motoons

Funny, isn't it?

While it may in other circumstances simply be obnoxious, or legitimately (not to say to an extent justifying murder) offensive to lampoon someone else’s cherished religious leader, the Muslim reaction to Infidel cartoons of Muhammad is entirely itself responsible for the interest Infidels have in lampooning the Islamic prophet in the first place. If Christians had reacted to Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ or Chris Ofili’s dung-encrusted portrait of the Virgin Mary with the same murderous outrage with which Muslims greeted the cartoons of Muhammad, the West would be experiencing a glut of pictures blaspheming Christ and Christianity.

It is, in the first place, an irresistible human impulse to tweak the humorless and self-important; it can in many cases also be a healthy safeguard against tyranny. The figure that cannot be mocked or ridiculed is the one that holds all the cards, all the power. Opposition, dissent, free exchange of ideas depend upon the ability to cause offense without taking one’s life in one’s hands. That’s why the Muhammad cartoons published last week all over the Internet were not an exercise in obnoxiousness or gratuitous offense. They are, rather, the foremost battleground in the defense of the freedom of speech today. Every newspaper in the country should be printing them today, to show they are not cowed and will defend free speech.

Hmm.  Kind of like how people continue to express dissent against the Obama-Democrat regime's policies and agenda, despite being smeared by it and its supporters and big-media propagandists as such nonsensical things as "right-wing extremists", "racists", "mobsters", "potential terrorists", "anti-government", "teabaggers", "Nazis", etc., etc... Indeed, Americans will NOT stop openly expressing their disagreement with policies which Obama and the Democrats never even mentioned during the last election campaign yet are imposing fast and furious against the overwhelming will of the majority...

Hmm.  Next taboo to break:  Dissing politically-correct, fascist homo-orthodoxy in which we're required to speak of homosexuality only in glowing terms, never, never asking questions, never, never asking for proof of claims made about it... or else be thrown behind bars without fair trial, and in violation of our inalienable right to freedom of expression and freedom to offend!  Hey, if it's ok for non-Christians to offend Christians because the Constitution guarantees them the right to do so, then of bloody course non-Muslims can offend Muslims and non-gays can offend gays!  Yes!  Fair is fair is fair!  You offend me?  Ok, fine... but I get to offend YOU, too!  No double standards will be tolerated!  No one is superior; no one is inferior.  All are equal under and before the law.  Tit for tat.  Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.  If they do unto you badly, then they can't complain if you return the favor.

If You Liked 'Conan The Barbarian'... just might like Solomon Kane even more...

Here’s a hero who’s fighting evil in the name of God, something you don’t see much anymore. And he’s not afraid of taking on whatever comes his way, no matter how terrifying it may be. He’s fierce and unwavering and even demons from hell better think twice about pissing him off.

Obama's Ties To Hard-Left Extremist Mobs

Story here.
Heather Tobis Booth, SEIU, NPA, the DNC, and the Democratic Socialists of America have a very long history of working together.

President Obama has long standing and deep relationships with these people, who organize law breaking mob actions on the streets of America.

More than one of these groups and their organizers have visited the Obama White House more than once, begging the question regarding these protest “actions”- what did the President know and when did he know it?

If the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive Branch of government to help coordinate/facilitate mob actions against American citizens, would that be an impeachable offense? Would it at least warrant a couple of questions from the alleged White House Press Corps?

If it was Bush who had strong ties to "far-right extremist" groups (not that there's any evidence that there's really many, nor that they'd be very impressive in numbers, funding, organization, certainly nowhere approaching the far-left to which the Obamacrats belong) wreaking havoc in public and intimidating and terrorizing people, you KNOW there'd be questions all day long, every day... it'd be all over the media, everyone'd be talking about it...  But for Obama, it'll be all hush-hush-or-else!

Funny how Obama and his folks try to smear the Tea Party folks who merely organize peaceful-dissent demonstrations and parades and such, while himself simultaneously meeting at the White House with representatives of the far-left extremist groups who go around terrorizing people, even on their own private, residential property!

Yup.  America is being ruled by far-left extremists.  Led by a far-left extremist.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Soros Propaganda Horn Attempts To Smear 'Manchurian President' Author

Aaron Klein explains how the George Soros-funded, hard-leftwing propaganda organization "Media Matters" is spewing nothing but lies against him and his book.

When the "progressive" movement has no evidence to use against their opponents, they make stuff up and utter outright lies.  Shame on them.

You know, if there was ANYTHING in "Manchurian President" that was factually incorrect, well, someone from the Left would've already told us specifically what.  Of course, this hasn't happened.  So, in an act of desperation, the mouthpiece of proud ex-Nazi collaborator George Soros, Obama's puppetmaster, spews defamatory smears instead.

Man.  The left, the "progressive" movement, "liberals", "social democrats", "social justice" activists, etc... they're so dirty, dirty, dirty and blatantly dishonest!

Pat Boone Exposes Felipe Calderon's Astonishing Hypocrisy

 Arizona has no lessons to take from THIS guy!

The President of Mexico had the nerve to go into Congress and smear Arizona for cracking down on illegal aliens.

Well, Felipe Calderon isn't in a position to be pointing fingers and issuing criticism.  Because his country is far, far, FAR harsher than Arizona is on illegal aliens.  He admits it!

Here's part of the Wolf Blitzer interview with Calderon:
Then Blitzer asked, “Do Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants?”

And Calderon responded, “Of course. Of course, in the border, we are asking the people, who are you?” And when Blitzer pressed further — asking if people who had “sneaked in” from a southern country can get a job and go to work — Calderon answered “No, no. If somebody do that without permission, we send back... we send them back.”

And this man is standing in front of our Congress, and with our president in the White House, lecturing us? Criticizing us and denigrating us for daring to enforce the laws already on our books, laws that are not as strict or punitive as his own?

Thank You, Captain Obvious

Well, anyway, it's obvious to me and to many others 

BUT it's NOT obvious to many, many more, because they haven't "been told" by the establishment corporate elite "news" media whose agenda is to manipulate the perceptions of the public so as to exercise some indirect control over their voting behavior.  Their dependence upon this discredited, manipulative media for their "information" as to reality is the cause of their being out of touch with reality and misinformed.  And the cause of their voting wrongly (as when they voted for Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats).

Oh, yes... millions and millions of people are guillible enough to believe the Obamacracy's propaganda as delivered via the Elite Establishment Media. Oh, yeah, suuuure- only the fancy, arrogant, stuffy, pompous, politically-correct, "mainstream" media tells the truth and is trustworthy.  Everyone else is, in the words of the Obamacracy, "lying".  But of course.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, right?

We're talking about the battle for the minds of the critically-important "SWING VOTER".

Here's Newt Gingrich telling it like it is.  Uncut, unfiltered, unspun.  Raw.  To hell with comforting, delusion-promoting "nuance".

Obama In Bed With Big Oil

And Americans get the shaft.

Sarah Palin asks the inconvenient, annoying questions the Big Corporate Media (with whom Obama's also in bed, with Americans getting the shaft as a result) refuses to ask, even though they'd certainly ask wrt Bush and Palin and anyone who's not a "progressive" "liberal-democrat" leftist.

"I don't know why the question isn't asked by the mainstream media and by others if there's any connection with the contributions made to president Obama and his administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration," she told Fox News Sunday.

More than 3.5 million dollars has been given to candidates by BP over the last 20 years, with the largest single donation, 77,051 dollars, going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Palin suggested this close relationship explained why Obama was, "taking so doggone long to get in there, to dive in there, and grasp the complexity and the potential tragedy that we are seeing here in the Gulf of Mexico."

Not only has this "man-made disaster" (what Obama calls Islamic terrorism, quite ludicrously and euphemistically) proven that the government is unable to "solve" this problem, it's also proven that even hardcore left-wing extremists like Obama can be in bed with the same players with whom Republicans have been accused of being in bed with.

Yet somehow, for those lazy-minded swing voters who depend exclusively on Big Corporate Media headlines and soundbites for their informaton about "what's going on out there", Obama wrongly comes out of it all smelling like a rose rather than like a dog's fart.  The media will just tell us what Obama wants us to hear, ie. whatever Obama himself says.  And, of course, Obama will say that he and his regime are "doing a great job" and that "it's BP's fault".

Of course, even though the Obamacrat Reich will blame BP for the disaster, they still won't really punish 'em too hard... just a little for optics so that they can fool the critically-important, lazy-minded, guillible swing voters.

Yup.  Obama's giving America one helluva lube job.  And doing it all wrong.

Palin describes the size of the part of Obama's brain responsible for ethics and conscience

Mexico's Racist, Anti-Immigration Law & Constitution

If it was America's, the Left and the Big Media would call it "racist" and "anti-immigrant", so I'm calling Mexico's anti-illegal-alien laws and their Constitution "racist" and "anti-immigrant", just to be fair.

And to expose President Calderon as a HYPOCRITE and the Obama-Democrat regime as America-hating extremists guilty of high treason.

Mark Levin brings us the truth which the Big Media doesn't want to even acknowledge exists.

(ht for link: Commentor "Sounder")

In a nutshell, you know, Mexico, compared to America, looks like Nazi Germany and  President Calderon looks like Adolf Hitler.  Ok, a little over-the-top, but, hey, so's Calderon and so're the Obamacrats and the Big Corporate Media!  Screw 'em all!

So Arizona has NO LESSONS to take from Herr Calderon, seen below in two different pictures, one with his mask, and one without...  So next time he speaks, visualize the pic on the right doing what it does a lot of (plop, plop, plop, plop...).

Just helping my American friends by coming to their assistance with some heavy artillery, including some inconvenient, undeniable truth, plus some devastating propaganda bombs to deliver the Hard Left their just desserts.  Eat up, Lefties!  It's full of fiber... good for you!  Pre-digested, too... yum, yum!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself... speaking of Calderon and butts, here's a pretty good "separated-at-birth":

There's Calderon again.  And Brent Butt, a professional joker.

With apologies to Brent- I do NOT think he's a horse's ass.

And here's Kelso, having read this post, and saying...

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here's Obama getting HIS just desserts...
Note that it's a chihuahua, a Mexican doggy.  As Mexico makes America eat poop, I felt it appropriate to post a graphic of a Mexican poochie poopin' into Bamma's pie-hole...  He invited Calderon into the Peoples' House to feed Americans shit.  So it's Bamma's turn for a turd.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doesn't Anybody Read Anything Anymore?

You know things have already gone from bad to worse when politicians have stopped reading stuff before passing false judgement on it.  Like, they should've read the Obamacare bill before voting for it, and they should've read Arizona's law to see for themselves what it actually is, before prejudicially calling it "racist".

ht: SDA

I'd also suggest the following as mandatory reading (with testing!) for those dumbasses...

Look!  The cute little kitty is reading!  You should, too!
Look!  Little Bear is surprised at how much fun it is to read!

A good read is better than an orgasm!

If Pamela "Boobs Not Brains" Anderson can read, then anybody can read, even politicians!

Why It Was Terrible Mistake To Give Gaza To 'Palestine'

Just look at what Gaza has become under "Palestinian" rule.  A horrific place, in terms of human rights.  Things have regressed by, perhaps, 1,500 to 2,000 years or so, thanks to the barbarically hateful and evil Hamas "government" which the "International Community" so inexplicably, maddeningly adores while pretending that there's no institutional Neanderthal barbarianism within.

Very different from the relative progressive economic and human rights utopia it was under Israeli sovereignty.

This considered, one has to be brainwashed, misinformed, ignorant, stupid, insane, hateful, and/or evil... to think that "Palestine" should be a "nation", let alone be given any more land by Israel.  One must have some kind of mental disorder to believe the Big Lies being told about human-rights-respecting, welfare-state, progressive Israel while pretending that "Palestine" isn't a human rights and civilizational tragedy wholly of its own peoples' making.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Left-Wing Terrorists Escorted To Private Home By Police Protectors

When the police go bad...

WTF?!  Police from OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION escorted the left-wing extremists to the private residential property and remained "to protect them".

These police have no authority to uphold the law because they're outside their jurisdiction.

They were supposed to have advised local police (with jurisdiction) of what was to be going on... but they did NOT.


Read it all.  And see that something fishy's going on.

Then again, it's just another typical fishy day in the United Socialist States of Obamerica.

Those Leftists are tricky, sneaky... and corrupt.

What I want to know is whether there's any way at all to ensure that the police aren't corrupt, that politicians and others aren't interfering with their job, aren't illegally, unconstitutionally telling them what to do, etc.

Has the Left taken control of the police?  Are the police the Left?

Why is it that Christians always get arrested for simply standing around holding Bibles anywhere near abortion-performing businesses and anywhere near any kind of homosexually-themed event, but what we see the Left getting away with... they always get away with, escorted and protected by the police?

WTF is going on in America today?

You know, those extra-jurisdictional police invaders remind me of these guys below...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Huge Buildup Of Strike Force: Obama Now Seriously Preparing To Attack Iran?

 USS Harry S. Truman
Leaving for Persian Gulf Tomorrow
More to follow

Wishful thinking, yes, but then again, look at all the equipment and manpower now being sent over there.

--"Four or five"  aircraft carriers to Persian Gulf by July-August

--German frigate accompanying, under US command
Another four US warships will be making their way to the region to join the USS Truman and its Strike Group. They are the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and guided missile destroyers USS Winston S. Churchill, USS Oscar Austin and USS Ross.

debkafile's military sources disclose that the 6,000 Marines and sailors aboard the Truman Strike Group come from four months of extensive and thorough training to prepare them for anticipated missions in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.


Obama to start war just before Midterm Elections?

Looks like.  After all, it's clear that they're THAT desperate.  Plus, seeing all the unprecedented extremism they've already committed, well, would starting a war be beyond them?

Left-Wing Terrorists Strike Again In America

 Oh, goody.  Left-Wing Extremists who support Obama and the Democrats criminally trespass on private residential property, terrorizing the family inside

Story here.

That's unconstitutional.  Protesting en masse on peoples' private residential property, trespassing, terrorizing.

But they're backed by the Obamacrat Reich, who will never prosecute these criminal terrorists.  After all, they're the de-facto Brownshirts of the Reich.

They have NO RIGHT to do that.

God help America.

US DOJ Attorney Quits In Disgust Over Obamacracy Refusal To Prosecute Racists

Story here.
A trial attorney with the Department of Justice’s Voting Rights Section has resigned, citing concerns about the government’s refusal to prosecute a case involving voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party. A letter of resignation obtained by The Washington Examiner from a former Justice Department employee makes clear DOJ has refused to allow attorneys in the Voting Rights Section to testify before the congressionally-chartered bipartisan U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, despite subpoenas that could result in their being held in contempt.
The dangerously extreme lengths to which the Obamacrat Reich goes to protect racists and other hateful criminals never cease to astonish me.

God help America.


What does one expect from a party (Democrat) and administration (Obama's, Holder's, etc.) chock full of racists?

You know, it's becoming clearer and clearer all the time that Glenn Beck was absolutely correct when he said that Barack Hussein Obama is a racist.  After all, it's blatantly, totally clear and undeniable that Obama condones what happened at that polling station on the day of his election.  Racist!