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Canada's Tea Party Is Born

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Islamo-Supremacist Desecrates War Memorial With Violently Hateful Incitement, Goes Free

Appalling story of dangerous dhimmitude here.
But the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that graffiti proclaiming future world domination for Islam, glorifying Osama Bin Laden and calling for the assassination of the British Prime Minister, 'was not religiously or racially motivated'.
They're insane.

Expect more of the above...

OTTAWA - A sign marking the future site of a mosque in Ottawa's Barrhaven area was spray-painted with racist graffiti sometime overnight Thursday. 

Wait... what?  "Racist"?!  Um, excuse me, but Islam isn't a "race", so it isn't "racist" graffiti.  It's anti-Islamic graffiti.  Why the confusion?  Stupid?  Get it right!

And the second mistake:  Using the CAIR-Can for commentary.  The problem is that the CAIR-Can is the Canadian wing of the CAIR, a known terrorist-supporting organization which is a front for Hamas.  Doesn't the Big Media know this, either?  Doesn't the Big media know anything at all?  What good is the Big Media if they don't ever seem to know what they're talking about?  Sheesh.  Thinking that Islam is a "race" and not knowing that the CAIR-Can is a hate group, an Islamic Supremacist group masquerading as a "Muslim civil rights organization"...  Such astonishing ignorance!

Ah.  In Britain, an Islamic Supremacist desecrates a war memorial, praises Osama bin Laden and incites assassination against the Prime Minister, and goes free.

But in Canada, expect the cops to leave no stone unturned looking for the perp and bringing 'em to justice.  Unless, of course, it was a hoax, which is entirely possible and not without precedent, either.  Of course, it's possible for an affiliate of the CAIR to commit a hoax for the purpose of propaganda.  Not that I'm saying that it's a hoax, but let the police conduct their investigation.  We'll see if they turn up anything... or not.

Political/Media Double Standard: Propaganda Re Illegals Vs Tea Parties

We've been hearing from the Obamacrats, the Far Left in general and the Far-Leftist Big Media about how scary and violent they supposedly believe the Tea Party folks are.  We also see no evidence at all that their phobias with respect to these millions of American patriots are warranted.

On the other hand, although the state apparatus is preparing for the worst regarding the upcoming illegal-alien protests in response to Arizona's crackdown on illegal aliens within the state, we're not hearing the same kind of prejudicial language being hurled against the illegal aliens and their radical-left-wing supporters.

Interesting.  Why the double standard?  Why fearmonger against the Tea Party and call them violent, but not the illegal aliens?

We'll see just how peaceful the illegal alien protest goes in L.A.

No predictions.  Just sayin' we'll see, with this one, and with the ones sure to follow.  The Far Left, after all, does have a history of using violence and intimidation to get what it wants.  The regular American folks, ie. the Tea Party, has been perfectly non-violent and non-intimidating, despite the Far Left's and the state apparatus's desperately intensifying attempts to provoke whatever they hope to provoke.

Also, it's interesting to note that the Big Media, when talking about the Tea Parties, tends to focus on the Tea Party, rather than its actual message which focusses on the behavior of the Obama-Democratic Party regime's behavior... but, on the other hand, when the subject is the illegal-alien protestors, the Big Media is bashing Arizona, rather than trying to paint the illegal aliens as crazy, teabagger, hateful, racist, violent, etc., etc...  Hmmm!

The Lone Phantom On The Grassy Knoll

Remember this?

We know for sure that that actually happened.  We SEE it happening.

Now watch this...

All we saw there is a bunch of Leftist assholes in suits walking past a bunch of peaceful protestors.  That's all.

Now watch this...

Ah, but that was a figment of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's imagination.  It wasn't real, and didn't happen.

So... what, then, is the truth?  Who spat?  Who brandished the alleged rock(s) allegedly seen by the paranoid politicians?  Who, if anyone at all, said the claimed "fifteen instances of the N-word"?  Who said the alleged "f-word" to the ultra-hypersensitive, paranoid Barney Frank?

Dammit... there's NO EVIDENCE that what the Leftist-asshole politicians allege happened even happened.  Surely if somebody had yelled the "N-word" fifteen times, the cameras would've picked it up.  After all, the politicians themselves were holding up video-cameras, and so was even Jesse Jackson, Jr.  And they, and no one, gathered any evidence whatsoever to corroborate the allegations of the slurs.  No one, despite the $100,000 reward offered by new-media news tycoon Andrew Breitbart, who has declared, given the absence of any evidence whatsoever, the allegations to be lies.

Only fools and conspiracy theorists will believe the allegations, given the fact that there were audio-video recording devices all over the goshdarned place and they picked up... nothing to back up the allegations.

Who spat on Kramer?  Was there even any spit?  Were Kramer and Newman putting on an act so they could blame Keith Hernandez for the alleged spitting?  After all, we know they didn't like Keith Hernandez, so it's conceivable that they might've conspired to frame him with that act.  Hmm...

Hmm.... Hmm... Hmm...

Who really shot JFK?  Was it really Oswald, or was he a scapegoat to protect the real assassin and those who sent him?  Hmm...  Hey, maybe Bush is responsible for JFK's assassination... Bush is responsible for everything bad, after all, right?  At least as far as the Left's concerned.

Let the conspiracy theories abound.  Like they do from the asshole Democrats who tried to provoke something, anything, from the Tea Party folks, and failed, so they had to make up accusations... soooo desperate to discredit the majority of Americans who make it clear that they disagree with the Democrats and Obama...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obamacrats Send Stormtroopers To Intimidate Peaceful Tea Partiers

Hell, the SWAT guys might as well have been wearing brown shirts.  I almost expected them to do the goosestep, too.

Story, with pix, here.


Looks like the Obamacrats are creating a police state, which is ironic, 'cause leftists always raise the specter of a "police state" whenever a conservative government is in power, but leftists have no problem with a leftist police state, as we see now.  Hmm.  The other day they had some special cops doing the unexpected and unprecedented... they expelled the Big Media so that they couldn't cover an embarrassing (for Obama) protest in front of the White House by a bunch of gay folks who were mad at him.  Now they're marching the SWAT team right through a Tea Party.  To scare 'em, perhaps.  Probably won't.

Yup.  Just watch 'em.  There's no threat at all, yet the paranoid Obamacrats are acting just like the Chinese Communist regime.  Paranoid cops everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  If you're a suspected dissident, better watch out!  'Cause the commies don't like it when the lowly citizenry diss their masters.


Police issue big, fat lie, falsely accused Tea Partiers... video proof.  Apology demanded.

Wonderful.  Now the police will lie as well as intimidate law-abiding Americans... to save Obama from inconvenient political embarrassment.  Uh-oh.

Little girl upset that Obama ignored Constitution, intimidated Tea Partiers and ruined her first Tea Party.

Watch the little girl criticize Obama's mean-spiritedness...

Obamacare Bill Created 'Obama Youth' Corps

So that's one of the reasons why the Obamacrats wouldn't let Americans read the bill before it was voted on by politicians.

The Obamacrats broke their promise to put it online for a certain time period before it'd be voted on.  They lied to Americans.

The Obamacrats have made it incredibly more difficult for the People to be represented, as they now have politicians who don't bother to read the bills for them.  The thousands-of-pages bills, that is.  Who has time for such monstrosities?  Exactly.  This is why the Obamacrats hid all that pork-barreling inside the monstrosity of Obamacare... and the "Obama Youth" Corps was hidden inside as well.  The legalese, for sure it's a wide-open loophole to the unknown and unprecedented... and un-American.  Just watch.

 Click to enlarge and see Mrs. Obama's quotation, which is scary and ominous.
Note that she says that Obama... "...will require you...", "...demand that you..."... and "...never allow you to go back to your lives as usual".

If the bill had been posed online (as promised, and as not done) for enough time for the People to go over it and report their findings widely online, they'd have discovered the frightening part of it that created the "civilian army", whose mandate is apparently open and unspecified.  What is the hidden agenda behind its creation?

Anyone who tells me they like Obama... I just shake my head and realize that they're hopelessly ignorant.  Hopelessly because they won't listen, won't look harder, won't think for themselves...  Much like the German People prior to and during the Third Reich.

"Democrats".  Nope, they aren't.  They're dictators and tyrants.

It's All In A Book Now: The Manchurian President

Coming in May.  Order here.
Tens of millions of Americans sense there is something very wrong with the president of the United States, but they don't know exactly what. "The Manchurian President" answers that question. In writing this exhaustively researched book—which is thoroughly documented with over 800 endnotes—Aaron Klein, with Brenda J. Elliot, definitively exposes just how dangerous Barack Obama really is as America's president and commander in chief. Among the book's chilling findings:

  • Obama's deep ties to an anti-American fringe nexus instrumental in building his political career, some members of which are helping draft White House policy

  • Obama's extensive connections to ACORN and its union affiliate, including much new information not previously documented elsewhere

  • Extremists exposed in the White House, including top czars and communist-linked Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod

  • Obama's healthcare policy pushed and crafted by extremists

  • Obama’s deep association with the Nation of Islam

  • Obama's ties to terrorist Bill Ayers much more extensive than ever previously disclosed

  • Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Financial-Irregularity Complaint Filed By Liberal Against Former-Astronaut Liberal MP

    Expect the Big Media to be hush-hush-nothing-to-see-here-move-along-watch-JafferGate-instead about this.  Gotta protect their Liberal Party buddies and cronies.

    An allegation.  A complaint.  You know, the Liberals and the Big Media have been treating the allegations against Jaffer and Guergis as if they're true.

    So they can't complain if we treat the allegations against former Astronaut-turned-Liberal-MP Marc Garneau as if they're true, can they?  That'd be hypocritical.

    Time to give 'em what they've been giving us!

    GarneauGate!  GarneauGate!  GarneauGate!  Bad, bad, baaaaaad!

    Sounds dirty to me.  Well, what do we expect from Libranos?

    So Where's The Evidence?

    Here it is.

    Unfortunately for the Obamacrats who told the lies about the Tea Partiers, the evidence actually demonstrates that what they allege happened... apparently did NOT.

    Still, despite a $100,000 reward for evidence to support the claims of the Obamacrats, no one has come forward with any evidence to collect the money.

    Hmm.  This reminds me of the Kennedy Assassination footage...


    NAH. No grassy knoll, no lone "teabagger"... sorry.  But let the conspiracy-theorizing of the Obamacrats continue...

    And just look at the arrogant way Barney Frank aggressively gestures backhandedly (stereotypically flapping his hand like that... really, Barney... you should know better than to encourage the limp-wrist/flappy-hand stereotyping!) "get outta my way, filthy peasants!" at Tea Party folks, unafraid of them... if they were as threatening as he and the others claimed, he wouldn't have been so aggressive.  Hell, if they believed that the demonstrators were any kind of threat, then how come they walked through the crowd?  Especially without bodyguards?!  Why didn't they do what they usually do, ie. walk through the underground tunnels and avoid the crowd altogether?  OBVIOUSLY THE WHOLE THING WAS STAGED FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES.  WHAT A FAILURE!

    Obamacrats Spoiling For Fight With Arizona

    They won't fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, but they'll fight Arizona.

    How un-American.

    Why is it that the Obamacrats refuse to do their job, and then when a state does what has to be done, all by itself, the Obamacrats seek to stop the state?

    WTF?!  Either the Obamacrats do their job, or let others do it.

    This is really tyranny.  Imposing illegal immigration onto the states and onto Americans.

    For what?  For the ideology of "progressivism".  That's all.

    President Barack Obama has instructed the Justice Department to examine the Arizona law that he said last week threatens to "undermine basic notions of fairness." He also is pressing anew for national immigration legislation, saying, "If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country."

    Hmm.  Let's see.  "Undermine basic notions of fairness".  Oh?  And what, specifically, are these, Obama?  And why don't you practice these notions when dealing with dissidents and political opponents?  Why aren't YOU fair, yet you utter such meaningless talking points (which, nevertheless, do serve to impress the impressionable, unquestioning, nonthinking, hard-left rabble who'll probably vote for you and yours anyway just 'cause you're leftist)?

    And the reference Obama made to "acting on the federal level" is codespeak (of course... since when doesn't Obama speak in code?) for legalizing illegal aliens so as to make them citizens who would then be able to vote.  Millions of them.  And guess who they'd vote for, to thank them for making them citizens of a country still-better than the one they seem to hate enough to abandon, Mexico?

    Indeed, legalizing illegals is yet another way the Democratic Party plans to cheat to win in elections.  Of course the downtrodden and welfare-recipient will vote for those who make the most impressive, comforting promises to them.  Socialism in action!

    Chinese Organ Harvesting Expands To More Hated Groups

    Story here.

    It's becoming more widespread.
    China's hidden policy of executing prisoners of the forbidden quasi-Buddhist group Falun Gong and harvesting their organs for worldwide sale has been expanded to include Tibetans, "house church" Christians and Muslim Uighurs, human rights activists said Monday.

    In a news conference on Capitol Hill, several speakers, including attorney David Matas of B'nai Brith Canada and Ethan Gutmann of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said their investigations have unearthed a grisly trade in which an estimated 9,000 members of Falun Gong have been executed for their corneas, lungs, livers, kidneys and skins.

    They likened the practice to the Nazi treatment of Jewish prisoners in World War II concentration camps, which included using them for sadistic medical experiments and taking the gold fillings from the teeth of corpses.

    The newest wrinkle, they said, is that organs from other religious prisoners — specifically dissidents from China's Christian, Muslim and Tibetan Buddhist communities — are also being harvested to satisfy an insatiable global demand.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Left-Wing Terrorist Plot Foiled

    ...And the Big Media continues to claim that "right-wing" folks are the violent terrorists, without evidence to back up the incessant claims?

    Clearly the evidence (and it mounts pretty much daily!) shows that it's a LEFT-WING thing.
    The group describes itself as anarchist and is opposed to all forms of micro-technology as well as nuclear power and weapons.

    Swiss police said today that their car was halted on the night of April 15 at Langnau en-route to the technology centre at Rueschlikon, near Zurich. 

    The site is due to be opened next year and already has some of the most complex and advanced computer equipment in the world installed in it.

    'A large quantity of explosives was found,' said a police spokesman.

    Hmm.  Eco-terrorist.  That's leftist.  Anarchist.  That's leftist, too.  And anarchist means anti-government.  That's leftist too (oh, wait... then again, leftists are big-government statist socialists, so, come to think of it, those anti-capitalism, anti-government anarchists must be a different breed of leftist... interesting!).

    Funny how the Big Media would rather make up fictions and smears that the Tea Party patriots are somehow "anti-government terrorists", even in the complete absence of any smidgen of evidence whatsoever!

    I'll say it again:  The Left is violent.  The Right isn't.

    Conservatives are law-abiding, Constitution-obeying people who don't believe in doing illegal things like using violence or property destruction to effect change in policy.  That's what the Left does all the time.  The evidence demonstrates it, though one won't normally find such evidence in the Big Media, who tends to cover up the frightening activities of far-left groups such as ACORN, the SEIU, etc., etc...

    Testing Free Speech

    Everybody who genuinely believes in free speech is drawing Mohammed!

    Tories Kept Promise not touch the abortion issue.

    So those who complain that they're keeping their promise, well, too bad.  They probably didn't vote Conservative anyway, and probably wouldn't anyway.

    Look Who's Running In November To Boot Out The Bums

    Lots of REAL, deserving Americans who care about their country and people, not about their bank accounts.

    No more dour, aloof, arrogant career politicians who do whatever George Soros tells them.

    How about, for just ONE great example, this guy, two-time Gulf War veteran, Nick Popaditch, celebrating the defeat of Saddam's regime below, to replace Nasty Nancy as Speaker?  He sacrificed an eye for the cause of freedom.  What'd Nasty Nancy do?
    Popaditch, nicknamed "Gunny Pop," had been engaged in combat inside the terrorist stronghold for 36 hours before he was severely wounded, disoriented, blind, deaf and covered in blood. Video of the attack is available at the website for his book, "Once a Marine." He was medically retired from the Marines in 2005.

    (CS note:  That video of the aftermath of an attack on the tank is a must-watch, and captures the inconvenient truth of war as well as any other footage).

    Nick Popaditch, real American hero.  Making Arnold look like a figment of a screenwriter's imagination.

    Betcha this guy, who's for real, not a movie character, could kick Arnold's ass.
    AND he could be President.
    Imagine this guy telling the Axis of Evil to "Go ahead, punks... make my day".

    Kind of reminds me of Moshe Dayan, who, after also losing an eye himself in WWII, led Israel to victory in many wars...

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Leftists Incite Hatred And Violence... See?

    Look who's inciting violence.  LEFTISTS/PROGRESSIVES/SOCIALISTS...

    Why doesn't the Big Media tell their dwindling, clueless audience about these folks, rather than fabricating false, defamatory myths about Mainstream Americana (the Tea Party)?


    Union Leader Charged With Assualting Officer At G-8

    See?  Violence... from "progressives"!  NOT from "right-wingers"!

    Ugh.  Neo-Communists denouncing capitalism and calling for the abolition of international organizations, ie. G-8 and G-20.

    Do these fools really see socialism working for workers?  Do they really know what it's like for workers living under socialist tyranny such as in China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.?

    And just check out how "mainstream", "normal" and "regular-folk" these folks are...

    Those are some of the openly-crazy-and-violent ones.  The ones who look like regular folks, well, they're carrying anti-capitalist signs, meaning that they're socialists, not normal folks.

    Funny how the Big Media doesn't say nasty things like "they're teabaggers" and "they're racists and terrorists", etc., about these Hard-Left folks, whereas the Big Media goes out of its way to spew nasty propaganda about the Tea Party, which represents Mainstream Americana...

    Isn't it nice how the Big Media gives these people a big voice but not the Tea Party folks?  Isn't it interesting how the article indicates that "police allege", but it indicates that "the protestors say"?  Funny, that.  When the police say something, it's an allegation, but when the Progs say something, it's as if they're telling the truth, not "alleging" something.  Keen-minded readers will catch this differential treatment.  Of course, if the protestors had been regular folks like Tea Partiers, then the Big Media would use "police said" and "teabaggers alleged"...

    By the way, the leftist protestors at the G-8, hey, they're Astroturf.  They're fisters.  They're all racists.  They're potentially violent.  They're anti-government.  How do they like being called those things?  Oh, they don't?  Then maybe they shouldn't call ordinary folks those things for simply disagreeing with Obama and the Democrats.  Nice of the Big Media to never call radical, extreme leftist protestors vulgar names, ain't it?

    Obama Excludes Millions Based On Identifiable-Group Status

    He's writing off millions of Americans because they're not the right race and sex as far as he's concerned.

    That's racist and sexist.  That's discriminatory.  That's exclusion.

    If a Republican had made a speech in which s/he had directly mentioned only a narrow range of identifiable groups to whom s/he was reaching out for "being in this together", you just know that they'd be called those things, too, and much worse.

    But Obama will get away with it because "progressives" and the Big Media let their fellow progs get away with the most reprehensible things, as we well know.

    The only consequences for Obama will come from Mainstream Americana come November this year and November 2012... if he dares to try to go for a second term (but that might be impossible, as I believe then he'll have to show us his REAL birth certificate, because he won't get away with playing Americans for fools a second time!).  Of course, the New News Media, doing the job the Big Media long ago stopped doing, will deliver consequences via negative coverage and commentary, fair and square, citing Obama's own words of exclusiveness and discrimination.

    Mainstream Americana believes in inclusion, tolerance, equality, fairness, liberty, democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution.  Obama doesn't.  Nor do the Democrats.

    Great Universities For Disciplined Christian Students

    Got an interesting request via email.

    It's a list of what appears to be proper, orthodox universities in line with Christian tradition, quite different from the universities we've heard about where it's all get-drunk-and-stoned-and-laid and stuff.

    So if you're a serious Christian parent or student and don't want to have to worry about hardcore left-wingers acting crazy around you all the time and want a proper environment in which to focus on learning what you're there to learn, then perhaps one of these universities is for you.

    Of course, the review of these universities comes from someone who sounds "progressive" but who at least practices restraint in opined criticism.

    Actually, I wish the university I went to was that strict, because, as it wasn't, I ended up, being as young as I was (began when I was 19), terribly distracted by all sorts of stupid stuff.  It's a wonder I still somehow managed to graduate with an honors degree in business.  Perhaps if it had been a strict university, I could've much more easily focussed on my studies and learning instead of being distracted by weird leftists and leftist stuff.  And gotten high honors instead of just honors.  Hard to resist hot leftist babes when one's in one's early twenties.  They'll mess up a young dude's brain for sure!  If I ever go back to a university, it'll have to be one where all the girls are just like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, 'cause, though they're hot, too, they'll probably tell me I'll be more attractive to them with my nose in a textbook!

    If, however, all you want is to get drunk, stoned and laid all the time, then perhaps you're better off going to, I don't know, wherever Obama or Clinton went...

    'Innocent' Arar Stands Up For Al-Qaeda Khadr

     Maher Arar.  Looks pretty happy for a guy who claims his "life was changed" by a year of horrific torture at the hands of evil Syrian Islamists.

    Sounds like Maher Arar is becoming (or always was) a soft jihadist.

    Note the headline referring to his "struggle".  "Struggle" is a definition of "jihad", after all.

    Gotta love the spin in the article.  Saying the guy's "working for human rights because Canada's 'scorning' them".  Sheesh!

     Omar Khadr of Al Qaeda.  Arar is supporting him.

    Again a Big Media article says he was tortured, rather than correctly saying he claims to have been, while it was never proven.

    Weird how the same Big Media uses phrases like "allegedly tortured" and "claims to have been tortured" when referring to William Sampson, who was obviously tortured in illegal captivity by the evil Saudi regime.  WTF?!  Why the difference?  Is the Big Media really that ignorant, clueless, brainwashed?  Do they not ever think for themselves?  Do they just write and say whatever they were told to?

     William Sampson, wrongfully accused, imprisoned, sentenced to death and tortured by Saudi Arabia.
    Has Maher Arar even mentioned Mr. Sampson?  Why only talk about Omar Khadr?
    (Click to enlarge)

    Come to think of it, why hasn't Maher Arar tried to reach out to William Sampson... why hasn't he talked about Mr. Sampson's case, tried to help him get compensation, too?  Hmm?  Is it because Mr. Sampson isn't a Muslim, isn't a fellow terrorist or suspected terrorist?  One must ask about this.  If Arar really cares about human rights and the way Canada treats people overseas, then he'd be standing with Mr. Sampson, and not just the avowed Al-Qaedan illegal combatant Omar Khadr.  But he isn't.

    Arar also directly accuses the Canadian government of "subcontracting torture".  WTF?!  Does he have proof to offer us?  Let's see some proof.  No?  Then he's just a soft jihadist spewing incendiary propaganda against the Free World.

    Funny how he never condemns Syria, the country he claims tortured him.  Funny, that.  Why blame Canada?  Did Canada torture him?  No.  He said it was Syria.  But he's not mad at Syria.  WTF?!  What an asshole!  Oh, wait... maybe Syria never tortured him.  Maybe he made it all up for the money, Big Media coverage and the potential soft-jihad propaganda value.

    Funny how healthy and fit Arar looked right after a year of his alleged "torture".  Why is it that William Sampson was an entirely different person physically following his apparent torture in captivity, but Arar was as fit as a fiddle, looking none the worse for wear?  Something's fishy.  Why must we automatically believe Arar's claims but doubt Mr. Sampson's?

    I'd also note that the article misspelled the Prime Minister's first name as "Steven" instead of the proper "Stephen".  This suggests a mind lacking attention to detail.  Which is common in Big Media minions.

    'Coffee Party' Draws Only Wacko Progs

    It's silly to even bother to try.

    Because virtually everyone going to the hard-left "Coffee Party" is just a crazy zombie lefty.

    The leadership of the "Coffee Party" wants civility.

    But the membership isn't interested in that.  They want to, well, act like wacko progs.  You know what that means.  Ugly "demonstrations"... very ugly and scary.

    You see, the Tea Party is representative of Mainstream Americana, and is civil and rational.

    The Obamacracy-linked, Astroturfy "Coffee Party", well, obviously isn't, and is getting nowhere.

    I hope they don't actually drink coffee.  Can you picture unhinged progs hopped up on caffeine?  Not a pretty picture!

    The "Coffee Party" isn't moderate.  It's extreme.  Uncivil.  Delusional.  Potentially violent and terrorist.  Just watch them prove it, though their propaganda arm (the Big Corporate Media) won't tell us about it.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    University Expels Student Because Of Religious Beliefs

    Was Julea Ward expelled because she's a devout Christian, or is it because she's a black woman who dares to be a devout Christian?  Is it just Christianophobia, or is it that, plus racism and sexism?

    Are blacks and women, in the eyes of the "Progressive" Intelligentsiya, effectively forbidden to be Christian, as well as being forbidden to be conservative and Tea Party?  Hmm?

    We know that the "Progressive" Intelligentsiya Elites have some pretty extreme, unfair, inequitable points of view and that they discriminate with impunity, believing that they're right and righteous because they tell one another so and they've been getting away with it for so many decades, double-thinkingly thumbing their noses at their countries' constitutions and bills of rights, treading upon the rights of those whom they hate, without consequences.

    This bigotry and entitlism of the Intolerant "Progressive" Intelligentsiya must end.  Haul them to court as much as possible.  Make them sorry for their bigotry.  Inconvenience them.  Force them to shell out thousands and thousands for legal defence.  Expose them virally, shame them in the New News Media.

    Story here.
    "The arrogance, disdain, and intolerance with which Eastern Michigan academics treated Julea Ward should be punished and prevented from happening on any other campus, but unfortunately, it'll be Michigan taxpayers who are left holding the bag for the legal liability and possible financial damages that result from EMU's egregious violation of her civil rights," Glenn wrote in a statement.

    "The Legislature should act to take taxpayers off the hook and make university employees who violate students' civil rights individually responsible for their own legal defense," Glenn said, "specifically by prohibiting the use of state tax dollars to pay attorney's fees and damages for employees found by a court of law to have violated such rights."
    Perhaps fear of personal consequences for discriminating against, amongst other religious peoples, Christians, will make bigoted atheist left-wing extremists think twice about doing to Christians what they'd never dare do to, say, Muslims.  For sure they'd have accommodated a Muslim in this case.  Can you imagine the Islamic-community rage that'd result if leftists forced Muslims to argue in favor of homosexuality, which is against their faith?

    Better yet, what if homosexual folks were told that they had to renounce their homosexuality in order to be allowed to finish their degree, which is only a few months away?  Of course, leftists and gay fascists will argue in favor of their convenient double standard here, because leftists believe that they're entitled to what they want and that others who disagree with what they want aren't entitled to their beliefs.  Leftists are bigots.  Leftists don't believe in equality or fairness.  It's either agree with them or "get out of here, forget about getting an education, etc., etc.".

    It's also about Christianophobic hatred.  There is clearly a LOT of that, and it's being encouraged by subtle slurs and jokes and such, by leftists and by political correctness.  Yep, the leftists, they engage, often with subtlety and nuance, in what they'd hypocritically turn around and call "hate speech" if it were done by folks who had a different viewpoint.

    Why is it that folks on the left say that they "don't want Christians imposing their views on us", but the same leftists aggressively impose theirs onto Christians?  How do they explain the hypocrisy and double standard?  Perhaps they hate Christians because they're a little different, and this difference makes leftists a little uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, leftists need sensitivity training so that they can come to understand that they are forbidden to discriminate against Christians and forbidden to force Christians to abandon their beliefs.

    Besides, if it were to be allowed to blackmail Christians into abandoning their beliefs, then it would have to be, as per constitutionally-guaranteed equality, allowed to blackmail homosexuals, Muslims and "progressives" into abandoning theirs.  Think about that.  If you do it to a particular group, you should expect that it may be, in turn, done to you by that group, and if it is, then you have no right whatsoever to complain!  Yup, it's a "how would YOU like it if it were done to YOU" question!

    Arrogant homo-fascists, Islamo-fascists, "progressive"-fascists, etc... they must be told plainly and firmly... DO NOT DISCRIMINATE... ACCOMMODATE!  OR PAY FOR YOUR OWN LEGAL DEFENSE!

    In other words, if they're nice to us, we'll be nice to them.  Otherwise, well, there's always the justice system to which to turn for remedy...

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Spock Visits Vulcan, Alberta, Endorses Kirk For Governor-General

    Story here.
    Leonard Nimoy's pilgrimage to Vulcan comes as the 79-year-old actor announced he will be hanging up his Mr. Spock ears for good, retiring from the role that made him famous.

    "I will not be doing any more directing or acting in films or television," Nimoy told The Canadian Press. "I have so many other things to do."

    When Nimoy touched down in Vulcan, a small town about 130 kilometres south of Calgary, this afternoon, he was greeted by about 2,000 people from the town and the surrounding areas, CTV's Janet Dirks reported.

    As for the grassroots campaign promoting William Shatner (Captain Kirk) for Governor-General of Canada:
    "I have not only heard about it, I think it's a wonderful thing, because Bill desperately needs something to do," Nimoy joked. "I hope he gets the job, and I'm advising him to take it, so he can do something useful with his life."
    Captain Kirk, now that you're retired from Starfleet and somebody else is commanding the Enterprise, this could be your new seat, should the guy on the left offer it to you when the lady's finished with it.  Nice chair, ain't it?

    Obama Claims Godlike Power To Control Economy

    Obama is hopelessly delusional.
    Obama used his weekly radio address to build on the administration's argument that lawmakers need to quickly pass the most wide-ranging changes to financial market oversight since the Great Depression.

    "That's how we'll help to put an end to the cycles of boom and bust that we've seen," Obama said. "And that's how ... we'll not only revive the economy, but help to rebuild it stronger than ever before."
    (Emphasis mine, to highlight Obama's delusionality and arrogance)

    Wonder if there was background music commissioned by Leni Riefenstahl?  What, was it the tune related to Triumph of the Will, reminiscent of the insanity written in Nietzsche's bizarre-drivel book Thus Spake Zarathustra?  Nah... Obama's even crazier than all that crap, going way further and effectively asserting deity-level powers.

    Uh-oh...  Such delusion of grandeur and omnipotence...  This is, as history has taught at least some of us, cause for alarm, when someone in Obama's position makes such an impossibly grandoise claim of being able to and having a (vague) plan to fix massive, incomprehensively-complex, uncontrollable-by-man problems for once and for all.  Of course, that Obama's of this quick-bring-me-a-straitjacket mentality, that's no surprise, as he already believes, as does Al Gore, that he, a mere mortal, can control the climate.

    Then again, what do we expect of "progressives"?

    Next thing you know, he'll be telling us that he somehow, mysteriously, understands exactly how the Universe works and that he's prepared to rule it and make it work perfectly.

    I cannot help but be reminded of historical socialist leaders who made similar unbelievable promises and couldn't keep them, because it was impossible.

    Obama must've been toking again.

    CBC Charging For What We Already Paid For

    The arrogance.  The Chutzpah.
    The CBC is a publicly owned and funded news organization which exists to inform Canadians of events going on in their country and around the world. It doesn’t make sense that the people who co-own the CBC cannot comment on and quote the articles that it creates for review by the public.
    We already paid for the CBC.

    Now, if we want to quote something from an online CBC article, we've gotta pay up.  What they took, they decided they want more, so...

    WTF?  Hey, I already paid.  My employer confiscated some of my paycheck and gave it, via the effin' tax bureaucrats, to the CBC.

    Now the bloody CBC wants me to pay AGAIN to use it?  WTF?!

    Ok, then.  Let's scrap, kill, abolish this arrogant, far-left, entitlist, Liberal-partisan thing already.

    Now do we Canadians understand why the American Tea Party folks are upset?  After all, the state apparatus, and its apparatchiks, obviously believe that they're entitled to be ever-richer and more pampered, and if they feel like getting more, they'll just take more from us, The People, who, we must remember, have the power to fire as many of them as we want, because we're their employer.  And as the employer, we get to decide not only how much they'll be paid, but also whether to retain them in our employ.

    The CBC?  What good is it?  Do we need it?  Would we REALLY miss it if it were gone?  Most folks would say no.  I almost never bother to watch it, myself... pretty much nothing's on that's worth watching on that channel, except, perhaps, for the very rare documentary, albeit told through a far-left, historically-revisionist filter.  As for their "news", oh, come on!  Forget about it!

    If they want to charge for use, then they'll have to give up our tax dollars.  Cut 'em loose, force 'em to do it the hard way.  Either give people what they want, or go out of business.  No point in paying taxes so the CBC can entertain and brainwash the far-left fringes of Canada, some of whom don't pay taxes, anyway.

    Another example of greedy, arrogant state apparatchiks robbing us...

    Speaking of apparatchiks wanting more than they've already taken, in return for a crappy service, get a load of these arrogant Manitoba judges who are literally taking Manitoba taxpayers to court to get an extra 18% out of them, even though they already get nearly $200,000 a year from them, for simply sitting around, looking down upon everyone, all high-and-mighty and delusionally glorious in a black robe, hitting a desk with a stupid little wooden hammer... Who do they think they are, like an Obama or something?  Of course, Obama doesn't wear a robe, and he hits little white balls with something called a "golf club" whilst laughing at all the problems he's been creating for Americans...
    "The recommended salary increases for those years would be unfair and unreasonable to the government in relation to other public service salary increases in order to maintain what it regards as the greater good of the public service," it said.

    No kidding. Who do these judges think they are anyway? These are low-level, meatball surgery judges -- some of whom are repeat Eight-Ball Award winners -- whose judgment is sometimes so questionable, they're lucky to be anywhere near the $200,000 range.

    But they don't see it that way and they're planning to fight the government in court on it at taxpayers' expense. The association filed an application in court in February demanding the government's decision be quashed.

    "What the judges' association has done is they have filed an application with the Court of Queen's Bench essentially to have that decision set aside and to have the compensation committee's recommendations fully implemented," said Doug Cieszynski, director of negotiations services for the province's Treasury Board Secretariat.

    Wanna do crappy work real easy for a LOT of money?  Just become a state apparatchik.

    No offense, though, to those who are apparatchiks but who aren't arrogant and greedy.  It's those who are, who give them all a bad name.  But the arrogant and greedy elite (ie. the "progressive" brainwashees/entitlists) are the ones who seem to have the power and who decide what's what, apparently, as the unions are so far-left in ideological leadership and policy, not to mention being openly, aggressively political, supporting the most far-left political parties and demonizing political parties who try to remember the interests of The People (who pay for the apparatchiks' salaries, benefits, vacations, retirements, etc) and balance them with respect to the needs (note that I said "needs", not "excessive wants") of those who are supposed to serve them.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Another Leftist Issues Threat Of Violence To Legislators

    Story here.  There's video proof.
    The threats were direct, they were physical, and they were made in broad daylight. Yet there was no outrage from a media that has, in general, been at great pains to cast the Tea Party movement as violent and extreme.

    The man delivering the threats was Henry Bayer, director of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). But there are plenty of union workers who would prefer to keep their jobs without paying higher taxes.


    EKOS Pollster Graves Destroys Own Credibility, Tarnishes Company's Image

    By spewing incendiary, ad-hominem propaganda designed to smear the Conservative Party as some kind of horrible thing.

    I can see what he's doing.  He's a cunninglinguistic propagandist of the Far Left and the Liberal Party whilst ludicrously claiming that "his data supports" what he says.  And whilst claiming, laughably, to be "center-moderate".

    His ad hominem attack really hurt the polling profession.

    I don't think anyone ought to do business with this guy.  He's got no credibility now.

    He claims that his data supports his contention that all sorts of weirdoes and extremists gravitate towards the Conservative Party.

    Well, we've seen for ourselves by observing Liberals and Liberal supporters, in action and in speaking, that all sorts of weirdoes and extremists are firmly entrenched within the Liberal Party.  No doubt about it.  Why didn't Graves do a poll to find out, for example, how many Liberals are anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel, compared to Conservatives?  I suspect that if he did, he'd destroy the findings for fear that someone might find out that the Liberal Party is, as we well know, full of crazy hateful dangerous wackos.

    Plus... how do we know that Graves didn't make the alleged data up?  Hey, if the University of East Anglia, of ClimateGate infamy, could make up stuff, fudge data to get the result they wanted, then so could Frank Graves of EKOS.  How do we know that their "science is sound"?  We don't.  We're just expected to take this ultra-partisan, demagogic, ad-hominemizing cunninglinguist at his word?  Hey!  But he's... a... LIBERAL, and we know beyond all doubt that LIBERALS LIE!

    Besides, hey, where's the alleged data?  I bet it's all manipulative-question push-polling and open to gross, irrational, illogical, nonsensical "progressive" interpretation.  Like, you know how Liberals say that anyone who disagrees with Obama is "racist"?  Well, Liberals will slap the label "racist" on ANYTHING they want, so as to suit their purposes, and, from there, spew their big lies and propaganda to cheat their way around in the marketplace of public ideas.

    I dismiss Frank Graves's claims, his alleged "data", just as I dismiss the now-debunked "global-warming" data of the IPCC. 

    I wouldn't go to him if I needed statistical research done for ANYTHING.

    Because it's impossible not to doubt the guy's integrity now.

    I betcha Frank Graves believes in global warming and all that crap.  He's the kind of guy who'd go around telling us the sky is falling.

    Spock To Kirk: Be Governor-General Of Canada!

    "It's the logical thing to do, Jim.  Go for it!
    Of course, on the other hand, drinking and fixing stuff with Crazy Glue wasn't so logical... now, help me get my other fingers unstuck..."

    Mr. Spock himself... (Via Twitter.  How about that... Spock twittering!  Never thought I'd see that!):

    Bill: You're being considered for Governor General of Canada. Do it !!  Finally a chance to do something w/your life.

     "Well, I suppose I could use a nicer throne..."


    Facing Court-Martial, Defiant Soldier To Force Obama To Prove Legitimacy President and Commander-in-Chief.

    The soldier's point is that unless it's validly proven that Obama is, under Constitutional requirements, eligible to be President, Obama's order to deploy to war is invalid.

    No proof has ever been offered that Obama meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause, ie. that he be born of two American citizens on American soil.  (Already, in fact, he's proven to be not-natural-born because only one of his parents was American.  Which makes it incredible that he's, nevertheless, notwithstanding the Constitution, allowed to be President!).

    An unauthenticated, and invalid anyway, document (a "Certification of Live Birth", issued at the time of Obama's birth for babies born anywhere in the world) was uttered online by the Obama campaign in the last election, incorrectly claiming that it was somehow a "birth certificate".

    Obama's original, authentic, long-form, complete birth certificate is claimed by the state of Hawaii to be in its possession and that they're forbidden to let anyone see it unless and until Obama himself changes his mind and tells them to let people see it after all.  Whether Hawaii is telling the truth is another question, but let's assume that they're telling the truth, and not a party to a Big Lie to screw around with the American People.  Let's assume that Obama's orginal, complete, valid-proof-of-place-of-birth-and-parental-citizenship-status is in the possession of Hawaii and that it is being hidden on Obama's order and that Obama wants it to stay a secret forever.

    So as this criminal case goes forward, the court will have to uphold the right of the soldier to "discovery", thus forcing Obama to prove his legitimacy for once and for all.

    This is one case to watch.  It's serious, historical and has extremely serious ramifications.

    And guess what?  Obama brought it upon himself.

    Of course, seeing as how the Constitution is already being ignored, it's quite reasonable to believe that the soldier's rights will be ignored, too.  This happens all the time, and "progressives" are ok with it when it does, as long as it doesn't inconvenience the "progressive" agenda.
    "That disturbs me more than anything, and that's why we've got to stand up, because we're getting in more trouble.  It's like we're watching Washington burn as Nero watched Rome. What are we doing about it?
    "Only the people can solve this problem. That's why the people must stand up and do what's right for America because we can't go this deviant route anymore. If not, we're lost as a country."

    -Maj.-Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret)

    Obamacracy Agents Going After Amish Farmers

    The Obamacrat Reich is getting more and more aggressive all the time.

    Like in this case.

    One would think that such things would happen in, say, Zimbabwe, Red China, North Korea, the old USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, Rwanda, Iran, etc..., and not in America!
    You know, I'd rather see them, instead of harrassing Amish farmers, raid and shut down the Jamaat ul Fuqra terrorist training camps which they "have credible evidence" and "have reason to believe" are operating in America.  It's not as if the Democratic Party, when in power, is shy of raiding suspected "extremist" compounds, after all... remember when they attacked, with tanks and stuff and burned the Branch Davidian compound to the ground just because they wanted to go after so-called "Christian extremists"?

    But, hey, it's easier to go after relatively powerless Christians and the pacifist Amish than to go after supremacist, murderous Islamic jihadists!

    Obama Plotting To IMPOSE On Israel?

     No, this isn't prejudiced.  Obama has earned this graphical protest.
    The effect of his hateful actions towards Israel makes it appropriate. 
    Deal with it, ignorant, no-time-to-self-enlighten Obama worshippers.

    Oh, I'm sure he's got such a plot in the works.  Impose on the Jews.  Of course.  Everybody's always imposing on the Jews, after all, so as a me-too "progressive", he'll do the popular, "progressive", "sophisticated", "intelligent", fit-in-with-the-politically-correct thing, right?

    I'd rather see him impose on "PALESTINE"!  After all, it's the Hamas-PLO ("Fatah") "Authority" who is intransigent and refuses to deal, consistently demonstrating zero interest in "peace", and, in fact, have it written in their constitution that their raison d'etre is to destroy Israel (it says nothing about "peace" with Israel).  They were made, by Israel, an offer they couldn't refuse, like, 99% of what they wanted, and they refused anyway, and started a war against Israel, using brainwashed human beings, including children, as bombs.  And Israel got blamed.  WTF!!!
    In the intervening decade, matters have become worse. A "two-state" solution seems impossible, simply because it would have to be three states to account for Hamas' control over Gaza. Some recent media accounts have reported that Hamas would accept Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas negotiating on its behalf. Perhaps, but a four-day blood-soaked coup in Gaza three years ago suggests otherwise.

    Hamas is far from the only stumbling block, however. Palestinian society has become increasingly radicalized, not just by Hamas propaganda, but also because of the handiwork of Mr. Abbas' supposedly moderate Fatah. Mr. Obama would be well-advised to comb through the Web site of the invaluable Palestinian Media Watch, which has documented hundreds of examples of violent Islamic indoctrination from both Hamas and Fatah.

    Simply put, ordinary Palestinians are not ready to accept peaceful coexistence with a Jewish state of Israel. Various polls over the years have shown clear majority support for rocket attacks and suicide bombings, and those who disagree publicly do so on strategic - not moral - grounds.

    Is a society where no one speaks out against the depravity of brainwashing its children to become mass murderers ready to embrace peace?
    I just don't trust that man, Barack Hussein Obama, himself born a Muslim and acting and speaking very (if rather nuanced) radical/supremacist-Muslimy while in office.  I know what kind of man he is, because I've been researching his actual past, noted his many violently-hateful extremist associations and have been closely watching his actual behavior and utterances... and am deeply appalled.  And regular readers have read my posts indicating, with proper linkage to hard evidence, the inconvenient truth about him which we're not supposed to know.

    Note to the ignorant ("no time to enlighten themselves and go over the heads of the cover-up-obsessed Big Newsmedia"):  It is NOT "prejudice", nor "hatred", nor "racism", nor "Islamophobia".  It is a conclusion based on the content of the man's character, as demonstrated by his past and current actions.

    It's very bad to have an extremist like that in the White House.  Very bad.  They said Bush was bad, but Obama really takes the American-Israeli cake... and redistributes it... to the Islamic World.  Besides, he's getting away with waging the same wars (plus bombing Pakistan, his own war 100%) as Bush was and was getting crucified for.  Something's wrong with this double standard, very clearly.

    Nothing good is going to come of Obama's dictatorship.  He's not interested in doing good, just in telling us that what he's doing or planning to do is somehow "good".

    Obama doesn't know what he's doing.  He doesn't understand the reality of the situation over there... at all.  Then again, he's just a puppet, saying and doing what the Men Behind the Curtain, including admitted and unrepentant Nazi-Holocaust collaborator George Soros, instruct him to.  Obama really doesn't care.  He just likes the money, the illusion of being a powerful man, the artificial popularity... as long as he gets all that, he'll do and say whatever they (not the People, but rather his secretive, shadowy Puppetmasters) tell him.

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    CAIR Threatens Billy Graham's Son Franklin

    Just in...
    The jihadist infiltrators are feeling emboldened. You ain't seen nuthin yet, brothers and sisters. The forces of darkness are pressuring the already compromised Pentagon to cancel Franklin Graham. I hope Graham brings recent pictures of all the Christians and Jews murdered at the hands of jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Somalia, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, etc., about which CAIR has been diabolically silent.

    It's OK for hateful and jihadist imams like Johari Abdul-Malik of the 911 terror mosque Dar al-Hijrah to give the opening prayer to the oldest elected state legislature at the state capital in Virginia, and it's OK that Obama's inauguration prayer was given by the president of  a terror linked  organization ... but Franklin Graham is the problem?

    Franklin Graham is the solution. I pray he doesn't submit to Islamic thuggery and supremacism and retract, or that the mighty Pentagon doesn't quiver, cower, cry and cave to CAIR.

    Radical Islamists Get South Park Censored

    South Park.  They offend everyone, no exceptions.

    Finally they get censored.
    In its run of 200 shows, the irreverent animated program “South Park” has mercilessly satirized Christianity, Buddhism, Scientology, the blind and disabled, gay people, Hollywood celebrities and politicians of all persuasions, weathering repeated protests and threats of boycotts. But this week, after an ominous warning from a radical Muslim website, the network that airs the program bleeped out all references to the Prophet Muhammad in the second part of a two-episode storyline that featured the holy figure dressed up like a bear.

    In episode 201, which aired Wednesday night, Comedy Central covered the character with a block that said “censored" and bleeped out audio apparently referring Muhammad.

    I guess they didn't want to get what Theo Van Gogh got.
    The network may have felt it had no choice after, the website of a fringe group, delivered a grim warning about the previous week’s episode, which seemed to depict Muhammad dressed as a bear. “We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably windup like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting said.

    A photo of Van Gogh’s body lying in the street was included with the posting. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

    ...And the Obamacrats and the Big Media have been telling us that Mainstream Americana (the Tea Party) is the scary, violent, threatening group?  Well, if that were the case, they wouldn't be going around calling the Tea Party folks nasty stuff, would they?  Hmm?

    Now we also know why the Obamacrats banned the use of the words "Islamic terrorism" in the government.

    How about the Obamacrats going after ""?  Nah.  Not a chance.

    Ignatieff Converts To Hardcore Leftism

    Michael Ignatieff is now marching in lockstep with Barack Hussein Obama.

    According to Big Media pundit Laurence Martin.

    Uh-oh.  Get ready for war.  The Liberal Progs are on the warpath.  They're going to get feckin' nasty now.

    Prepare for battle, mates!

    Looks like they're going to be divisive again, giving the West the finger and bending over with dropped trou for Ontario and Quebec.  A la the Merciless Neo-Communist Dictator Chretien.

    They're going to become super-ultra-extreme all over again.  So much for turning over a new leaf and appealing to the Mainstream.  They're regressing to the extreme-left-wing Nineties, a decade of excesses and corruption that led to the crap we're suffering from today.

    The Liberals want to copy the ultra-extreme-left-wing revolutionary Obamacrats.

    Which is why we must work hard to make sure the Liberals never again return to power.  We don't want the Obammunist crap the Americans are rising up against as we speak.

    I'm looking forward to the political combat.  The nastier the Librano$$$ get, the more I become motivated to point the finger of truth and reason, fight fire with fire and say what needs to be said about the bastards!

    Bring it on!!!

    Ontario Liberals Back Down On Extreme Sex-Ed Indoctrination Plot

    Yesterday I blew my whistle on this bizarre idea of the McGuinty Liberal regime in Ontario.

    Today it's reported that they've decided to nix the whole thing.

    Guess the Liberals were caught with their pants on the ground, up to no good...

    Of course, if it had been the Obamacrat Reich, they'd be going right ahead fast and furious and ramming it all down America's throat.  They're doing it with everything else, after all.  Nothing's stopping them.  If they pull back, they'll surge forward again once the heat dies down enough.  Come to think of it, the Ontario Liberals might sneak the dirty thing back in once no one's paying attention.  This is how the Progs work.  They'll never, ever give up.  When they want something, they'll find ways to get it.  Trial and error and patience.  Plus a lot of propaganda and extremism.  They make it happen, especially when The People let it.  The Progs are programmed and hellbent on imposing all kinds of crap, no doubt about it!

    Apparently, the Muslims were offended.  So I guess it's no surprise that the Liberals submitted.
    “There’s a big reaction in Muslim community,” said Suad Aimad, president of Somali Parents for Education. “We believe basically that sex education may be taught by the parents to their children. It’s not public, it’s a private matter and that’s why I don’t think [sex] should be part of education, especially at such a young age.” 

    Christians aren't happy with the Liberals' extremism, either.
    Murielle Boudreau, of the Greater Toronto Catholic Parent Network, said Catholic parents aren’t happy that Mr. McGuinty is condoning such an explicit approach to sex education and she expected many would keep their children at home in protest.

    “I don’t understand how the business of sensual behaviour between consenting adults has anything to do with Grade 3,” she said. “Grade 6? Getting them ready for masturbation and vaginal lubrication? Give me a break. They’re going to traumatize these children – they’re going to be doing everything out in the schoolyard.”

    OMG... indeed, you know how children are.  If you teach them to do this, do that, oh, yea, they're gonna do this and that!  After all, if the teacher says it's "ok and good and natural", what the hell does one expect?

    Loony Liberals, eh!  Sheeeesh!

    Guess perhaps Canada is more conservative than America, which already has crap like that going on in schools, with the Obamacrats plotting even more, with the help of sexual extremist Kevin Jennings, one of the Obamacrat Reich's ultra-crazy-ass "Czars". 

    SIOA Wins Court Victory Over Miami Censors

     The ads are back up, as per court order.
    A victory against the Soft Jihadis!

    Story here.
    The Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) and Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) today announced that Miami-Dade Transit is restoring bus advertisements in defense of religious freedom that had been taken down after an anti-free speech campaign by a Hamas-linked Islamic hate group.

    Scary Leftist Group Compiles 'Hit List' Against Patriots

    Above:  The de-facto figurehead of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a braying ass.

    The "Southern Poverty Law Center", an extreme-far-left-wing propaganda group, has compiled a list of 40 top American patriotic activists against whom to, well, do whatever it is they've got planned.  Violence?  Who knows?  After all, it's clear from the evidence that the Left is the violent side.

    It's like an "enemies list" drawn up by the radical, fringe-elementist, Obamacracy-worshipping Far Left.

    Whoo.  Anyone who thinks the SPLC is any kind of "moderate" or "mainstream" organization must themselves be a far-left wingnut.  Really, the SPLC is clearly extremely paranoid and believes that there's "right-wing" monsters in its closet, under its bed, in the attic and in the cellar, not to mention poised ready to bite its ass when it sits on the porcelain unmentionable.

    WND report on SPLC's frightening "hit list" here.

    Oh, and guess who's the "ringmaster" of the folks on the list?  Yup.  Some guy on TV.  I'm sure Mr. Beck will have a real good ROTFLHAO at that one.

    Glenn Beck, "ringmaster" of forty scary patriots, says the Far Left.  Wow!  LOL!
    Funny, but I thought it was GW Bush.  Or Ann Coulter.  Or Rush Limbaugh.  Or Sarah Palin.  Or Dr. Evil.
    Sheesh.  The Far Left cannot make up its mind who's the Number One Enemy of "Progressivism".

    I bet a lot of folks, millions, in fact, are disappointed that they didn't make the list.  Plenty of apparent nobodies on it, yet millions are left out.  Hmm.  Maybe the SPLC has a page whereby one may apply for admission to the list of awful right-wingnut scary-warys...

    The guy at the top of the list, Chuck Baldwin, says of the SPLC's latest paranoid bowel movement:
    Again, this SPLC report would not even merit a mention (much less an entire column) except for the fact that the SPLC has become a source of information fuelling anti-freedom hysteria for countless bureaucrats at the DHS. Add this to the previously exposed MIAC and DHS reports, and the Army major's report blaming "millennialist" Christians for much of the ills of the world, and a disturbing trend is quickly developing: so-called right-wing ANYTHING is being targeted and demonized as a "public menace."
    I guess that Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties is a "public menace"... He's "right-wing", after all. Just look at the kid cackling evilly whilst plotting to overthrow the government and resurrect Richard Nixon to once again terrorize the American People! Ahhh! Call the DHS!!!

    After all, everybody who's not a brainless moonbat is a monster, right?

    If anything, the SPLC's list will just get laughed at, along with Nancy Pelosi's own unhinged rants.

    Obama Regime Submits To Iran, Won't Take Any Action

    Story here.
    US deputy defense secretary Michele Flournoy said Wednesday, April 21: "The US has ruled out a military strike against Iran's nuclear program any time soon."  This is the first time a senior administration official has publicly admitted that America has dropped its military option against Iran. Instead, said Flournoy, the US is hoping that "negotiations and United Nations sanctions will prevent the Middle East nation from developing nuclear weapons." 

    Oh, crap.  I can see the Iranian tyrants laughing and dancing...

    Yeah, right.  Sit down and talk, and let the UN deal with 'er.

    In other words, they just gave up.  And will simply let Iran do whatever it wants.

    This after turning their backs on Israel, the only Free World nation in the Middle East.
    (...) gone back on the longstanding American commitment assuring Israel of recognized and defensible borders in any future accommodation with its Arab neighbors.

    Barack Hussein Obama, born a Muslim, has, whilst boosting the power of the Islamic Republic, kicked Israel while she is down. 

    Fools.  The world is even less safe now.  The big hand has advanced a little closer to midnight...