Saturday, April 24, 2010

CBC Charging For What We Already Paid For

The arrogance.  The Chutzpah.
The CBC is a publicly owned and funded news organization which exists to inform Canadians of events going on in their country and around the world. It doesn’t make sense that the people who co-own the CBC cannot comment on and quote the articles that it creates for review by the public.
We already paid for the CBC.

Now, if we want to quote something from an online CBC article, we've gotta pay up.  What they took, they decided they want more, so...

WTF?  Hey, I already paid.  My employer confiscated some of my paycheck and gave it, via the effin' tax bureaucrats, to the CBC.

Now the bloody CBC wants me to pay AGAIN to use it?  WTF?!

Ok, then.  Let's scrap, kill, abolish this arrogant, far-left, entitlist, Liberal-partisan thing already.

Now do we Canadians understand why the American Tea Party folks are upset?  After all, the state apparatus, and its apparatchiks, obviously believe that they're entitled to be ever-richer and more pampered, and if they feel like getting more, they'll just take more from us, The People, who, we must remember, have the power to fire as many of them as we want, because we're their employer.  And as the employer, we get to decide not only how much they'll be paid, but also whether to retain them in our employ.

The CBC?  What good is it?  Do we need it?  Would we REALLY miss it if it were gone?  Most folks would say no.  I almost never bother to watch it, myself... pretty much nothing's on that's worth watching on that channel, except, perhaps, for the very rare documentary, albeit told through a far-left, historically-revisionist filter.  As for their "news", oh, come on!  Forget about it!

If they want to charge for use, then they'll have to give up our tax dollars.  Cut 'em loose, force 'em to do it the hard way.  Either give people what they want, or go out of business.  No point in paying taxes so the CBC can entertain and brainwash the far-left fringes of Canada, some of whom don't pay taxes, anyway.

Another example of greedy, arrogant state apparatchiks robbing us...

Speaking of apparatchiks wanting more than they've already taken, in return for a crappy service, get a load of these arrogant Manitoba judges who are literally taking Manitoba taxpayers to court to get an extra 18% out of them, even though they already get nearly $200,000 a year from them, for simply sitting around, looking down upon everyone, all high-and-mighty and delusionally glorious in a black robe, hitting a desk with a stupid little wooden hammer... Who do they think they are, like an Obama or something?  Of course, Obama doesn't wear a robe, and he hits little white balls with something called a "golf club" whilst laughing at all the problems he's been creating for Americans...
"The recommended salary increases for those years would be unfair and unreasonable to the government in relation to other public service salary increases in order to maintain what it regards as the greater good of the public service," it said.

No kidding. Who do these judges think they are anyway? These are low-level, meatball surgery judges -- some of whom are repeat Eight-Ball Award winners -- whose judgment is sometimes so questionable, they're lucky to be anywhere near the $200,000 range.

But they don't see it that way and they're planning to fight the government in court on it at taxpayers' expense. The association filed an application in court in February demanding the government's decision be quashed.

"What the judges' association has done is they have filed an application with the Court of Queen's Bench essentially to have that decision set aside and to have the compensation committee's recommendations fully implemented," said Doug Cieszynski, director of negotiations services for the province's Treasury Board Secretariat.

Wanna do crappy work real easy for a LOT of money?  Just become a state apparatchik.

No offense, though, to those who are apparatchiks but who aren't arrogant and greedy.  It's those who are, who give them all a bad name.  But the arrogant and greedy elite (ie. the "progressive" brainwashees/entitlists) are the ones who seem to have the power and who decide what's what, apparently, as the unions are so far-left in ideological leadership and policy, not to mention being openly, aggressively political, supporting the most far-left political parties and demonizing political parties who try to remember the interests of The People (who pay for the apparatchiks' salaries, benefits, vacations, retirements, etc) and balance them with respect to the needs (note that I said "needs", not "excessive wants") of those who are supposed to serve them.


Kez Creates said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say about the CBC story. Most bloggers I frequent are careful to give proper sources and links, to be sure to steer clear of any plagarism or copyright infringement by posting a quote, stating where they got it from, and then linking to the full article. That's the right way to do things and it generates more traffic for the news site too - but now apparently that's the wrong way to do things?

If the various organizations offer their stories online for free, and the bloggers are not making any money from posting the links/quotes, what's the big deal? If they only want paid subscribers (ie online newspapers) to read, then they should set themselves up that way and then I suppose they could call out copyright infringement if people are posting articles online for free after copying from their own paid subscription.

But as you said, the CBC is supposed to be free, and it's largely supported with tax payer money. I paid you paid we all paid hooray! And now as though a blog is a rotting carcass, the CBC vulture circled overhead and decided to make it an easy meal. Ridiculous!

Just another way to stifle free speech. A free online news service paid by the public now suddenly becomes 'not free'. I don't get it - and I guess I will refrain from pointing to the correct sources if I am going to use anything the CBC posted in the future - is that what they want? Of course then I would be in trouble under a different clause instead. I think the CBC has shot itself in the foot on this issue.

Canadian Sentinel said...

If the same story is available from a non-CBC source, just use that other source.

Besides, there's another way. Do what the Big Media does: Say something like, "So-and-so said that...", and just put it into your own words. No need to even link! Betcha they'll hate it if we do that, even though they do it all the time! Of course, do save the link just in case. Might as well save a screenshot in case the outlet changes their article and you then can't prove what you said they said.

Kez Creates said...

I don't think I've even used many CBC articles the past couple of years but I will be treading carefully from now on anyway. Not out of fear but out of sheer annoyance at what they are trying to do. Anyone in the world can go to their site and read the articles for free, so I don't get it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

They at the CBC don't "get it" either.

But then again, they're predominantly Liberals. Since when do Liberals "get it", eh!

What I'd like to see the CBC "get" is the shaft. Cut 'em loose, withdraw the artificial life support and see if they can do without. Why wait for the asteroid?

Lynn said...

This must be the CBC's way of getting back at the many conservative bloggers who have exposed their not-so-hidden agenda.

I resent every cent of my tax money that goes into that left-wing cesspool. Find a group of CBC employees,as I did,and you'll see a very-well heeled bunch of artsy left wingers,living very nice lives on our dime.

F*** 'em! Find other sources,but DON'T pay a cent to CBC!