Monday, April 19, 2010

How Is Disagreeing With Someone 'Racist'?

 Herman Cain.
He disagrees with Obama.  Does that make him a racist?

It's illogical.

The Left says that if one disagrees with Obama's policies and agenda, and if they want to see his original, long-form birth certificate that proves where on earth he was actually born (thus satisfying, or not, the Constitution's Eligibility Clause which requires a President be "natural-born", ie. born on American soil to two US citizens)... then they're "racist".


One man, who, by the way, has darker skin than Obama, discusses this ridiculous idea.
When someone calls me a derogatory name such as "Uncle Tom" or "sellout," I don't even flinch because it puts their ignorance and lack of intelligence on display. But when someone accuses me or others of being a racist because we disagree with President Obama, I get really, really, really angry.

I couldn't care less that they call me a racist. But I care a whole lot that they try to intimidate me into not disagreeing with Obama because he is African-American. To suggest we cannot disagree with our elected leaders for whatever reason is to suggest that we are a nation to be governed by tyranny.


People who use race and illogical comparisons to segregation and slavery to defend Obama are the real racists. They resort to this empty logic when they are desperate to say something to refute the facts even if it does not make sense. It is also an attempt to silence and intimidate people, especially white people. According to their empty logic, that makes me a black racist against black people, in addition to an "Uncle Tom" and a "sellout."


Millions of black Americans and I went to school on the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents to learn how to think for ourselves. We succeeded! All Americans are beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the significant progress this country has made toward equal opportunity. And we are supposed to just shut up because Obama is dark-skinned? I don't think so! 

It's also racist to tell "white" people to shut up just because Obama has darker skin than they do.

Therefore, Leftists are racist because they want us to shut up about Obama's suckiness as President, his horrible policies and agenda, etc... just because he's "black".

Yep.  Leftists are racists!  Raaaaaacists!!!!!

And so is Obama!  Because he thinks we should let him do whatever he wants because he's "black".  Raaaaaacist Obama!!!

Besides, I contend that Obama is an Uncle Tom and a sellout because he's in the Democratic Party, the very party that brought forth the Ku Klux Klan and which imposed the racist segregation laws onto America.

Put that in your hashpipes and smoke it, Leftists!


Jen said...

All this could not possibly have taken place had it not been for medias like FOX and Breibart.
Had the americans the only medias like we have here (chavez like media) this gentleman would not be talking.
There is something rather eerie about OBAMA'S administration.

Canadian Sentinel said...

There is something rather eerie about OBAMA'S administration.

---I think that's one of the points the Tea Party and the New News Media are making.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ve vill tolerate NO opposition!

-Barack Obaka

Anonymous said...

I like logic, it protects us from useless ideologies , or it should anyway. For this gentleman to argue against Obama's policies is indeed causing a stir with some blacks, especially the ones who voted for Obama because he was indeed black. Racism is not the exclusive province of white men in sheets or wirh bald heads my friends. To me any judgement or consideration generated as a result of race be it positive or negative is racist.
I don't dislike black drug dealers or pimps because they are black , I dislike them because they are low life scum, nevermind that they sell out their own people by perpetuating the stereotypes many blacks have worked hard to dismantle.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Good point. I dislike scumbag white drug pushers, too, not because they're white, but because they're scumbags. A scumbag of whatever color is still a scumbag, after all. And I consider neo-Nazis and Skinheads to be scumbags as much as I consider those two militia-clothed "New Black Panther" felonious thugs with batons who stood in front of a polling station trying to intimidate white folks from entering to vote for someone other than Obama.

When I was a kid, nobody was babbling about race or stuff like that, so I never gave it any thought. But today the Left and the Big Media won't shut the feck up about our differences, so it's impossible to not think of it. But it doesn't make any difference to me what color anyone is. It's, as MLK Jr. said, all about the content of peoples' character.

Of course, Leftists don't want to be judged based on their character...

CaptainCanuck said...

Yup , I'm afraid of what craziness the left will think up next. To be sure there are reckless dangerous people on both sides of this and any other equation but I'm beginning to view left leaners as uninformed naive little kids.
When I want to worry or just plain scare the shit outta myself I just look at recent events in Europe , especially thr Netherlands and England. To think that body bags containing British soldiers are being sent from countries that are a great source of immigration to the UK baffles me.
Immigrants who adopt the local culture and embrace it cease to be viewed as immigrants after ahwile . However those who come to Western Countries and wish to destroy it or change it to suit them will always be seen as outsiders, the best place for them is indeed outside.