Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bill Clinton Incites Fear Against American People Who Dissent

Story here.

Hey, isn't this the same guy who claimed that there's a "vast, right-wing conspiracy", affirming his wife's own conspiracy theory?

What a crank.  What a loon.

This guy also, remember, said that he didn't have "sexual relations" with Monica.  Yeah, right.  Suuure.  I think the gay community would (but they haven't... funny, that) beg to differ that what happened was, indeed, "sexual relations", 'cause it's the same stuff they call "sex".

Only the lazy-minded will believe anything Billy Clintoon says.  He's a crazy old pants-down-and-on-fire lefty loon who's fullashit.

Who's going to listen to a man whose pants are always down, and whose willy's always out?  Sheesh!

Besides, he says he doesn't like "incendiary language".  Well, what of the incendiary language that his own people have been hurling against Bush and Sarah Palin?  Isn't he worried that his people will "go too far"?  What say he of that?

Billy's just trying to inspire fear in the Left with respect to ANYONE who dissents from The Agenda.  Which means that the majority of Americans are being smeared with the "Tim McVeigh" image, in the guillible, prejudicial minds of the Left.  Just because they criticize the government's policies and agenda.

Next thing you know, they'll be bringing in Hugo Chavez's advisors and strategists to help them with "communications" and with stifling dissent...

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