Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obamacrats Send Stormtroopers To Intimidate Peaceful Tea Partiers

Hell, the SWAT guys might as well have been wearing brown shirts.  I almost expected them to do the goosestep, too.

Story, with pix, here.


Looks like the Obamacrats are creating a police state, which is ironic, 'cause leftists always raise the specter of a "police state" whenever a conservative government is in power, but leftists have no problem with a leftist police state, as we see now.  Hmm.  The other day they had some special cops doing the unexpected and unprecedented... they expelled the Big Media so that they couldn't cover an embarrassing (for Obama) protest in front of the White House by a bunch of gay folks who were mad at him.  Now they're marching the SWAT team right through a Tea Party.  To scare 'em, perhaps.  Probably won't.

Yup.  Just watch 'em.  There's no threat at all, yet the paranoid Obamacrats are acting just like the Chinese Communist regime.  Paranoid cops everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  If you're a suspected dissident, better watch out!  'Cause the commies don't like it when the lowly citizenry diss their masters.


Police issue big, fat lie, falsely accused Tea Partiers... video proof.  Apology demanded.

Wonderful.  Now the police will lie as well as intimidate law-abiding Americans... to save Obama from inconvenient political embarrassment.  Uh-oh.

Little girl upset that Obama ignored Constitution, intimidated Tea Partiers and ruined her first Tea Party.

Watch the little girl criticize Obama's mean-spiritedness...

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