Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jews Regret Voting For Obama

Major facepalm...
"Look," he said last night, "we didn't care for George Bush. We thought he was way over his head and couldn't seem to put two good sentences together. He ran the budget through the roof, too, and he's a Republican.

"So when this Illinois senator, well-spoken and obviously intelligent, talked about 'change' and 'transforming America,' we bought into it. We had no idea.

"I mean, we didn't know that much about him. The media didn't divulge much . . . but we wanted something better than what we had. And now we've got worse! This man thinks he's an emperor, a dictator, and nothing can stop him.

"The Congress seems afraid of him, or they've been bought off somehow. What are we gonna do? What can we do?" 
 At least Bush could be considered a friend of Israel.

Obama?  An enemy.  Of Israel.  Of America.  Of the Free World, as a matter of fact!

Hmm.  You know, German Jews also voted for Hitler, because they fell for the propaganda that made him look like Germany's savior, Germany's messiah, the answer to all problems.  Of course, they had no idea what kind of horrific monster lurked within that odd-looking, master-orator, little shit of a twit...

Of course, it didn't take the German Jews long to regret voting for that guy, either...

Which is why I keep telling people to look much, much, much more closely at anyone they might feel like voting for.  Unfortunately, people say they "don't have time" to become informed the hard way, and prefer to let the TV and other Big Media tell them what to believe...


Balbulican said...

I LOVE your headline.

The "Jews" cited are Pat Boone's family physician and Ed Koch. That's - uh - two people.

So - if I can find two Jews who say nice things about Obama, I can say "Jews Delighted With Obama Presidency."

This is why I love your blog, Scenty. I don't think you even realize what a parody you are.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm. But what are the ODDS that the only two Jews in America who regret voting for Obama happen to be Boone's doctor and Ed Koch? Why a famous guy's doctor and a famous former mayor? Why not perfect nobodies? Hmm? Wonder how many unknown perfect-nobody Jews out there regret voting for BHO?

Funny how you eagerly assume that there's only two.

Believe whatever you wish.

And when I get more, I'll be sure to post it, so you can say, "Ok, so there's three, four, twelve, five hundred, five thousand, five million... oh, wait... I see your point, Scenty...".

This, you see, is an ongoing process.

I predict stuff, you laugh at me.

Then stuff happens. Of course, when it does, you'll pretend I never predicted, and you never laughed... 'cause you hate the taste of crow.

Nevertheless, I don't blog to make Balbulican happy, nor to turn him into a rational, logical, reality-respecting person. To even try, would be a waste of time. Life's too short, after all.

Anonymous said...


∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

Anonymous said...

Ehhh I guess liberal Jews voted along party lines (mostly Democratic) probably.

If I said it once I said it a thousand times: Bama a Muslim!

What did they expect? Human stupidity never ceases to amaze. They never learn they never listen. Sheeple programmed by the mainstream media and indoctrination centers (schools).

They are hostile refuse to listen.

There is something called "consistency". This is how the Chinese brain washed every single American captive. The captives were asked if their country was perfect. Of course they said not everything is perfect. From then on they felt compelled (psychologically) to be consistent with their assertion that there is something wrong with their country!

In the same vanity people today cling to their vain egotistical warped view and refuse to acknowledge reasonable warning.

History appears to be repeating no matter how much reasonable warnings are offered. History includes the story of horror and pain on a massive scale. It can happen here no doubt. If you aren't outraged, no...terrified, you are not paying attention.

Trying to warn of danger only earns contempt and anger.

Globalization destroys and moves the means of production (jobs and manufacturing) to the cheapest labor pool. Americans are being ripped-off and fleeced, divided by partisan politics and special interest groups. The third estate of the French Revolution only succeeded when they united.

Anyway here is an interesting link about globalization http://www.bizarrepolitics.com/

Well Bush the II repeatedly warned Israel not to respond to outrageous terror attacks. It was only after 911 that he changed his tune because he need strategic support for the Iraq invasion?

Treason on the high seas of politics is the rule of the day.

We need another John Hancock not another Benedict Arnold. What if America lost the revolutionary war? It did.