Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movin' On Up

Yep. Me. Moving. This weekend. Finally got a bigger piece of the pie; took a whole lot of tryin' just to get up the hill and all that.

Don't expect much, if any, posting for a while.

I'll be back.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Librano$$$ Are Baaack! Aaaaah!

Don't be fooled by the new faces. These guys are all the same. All in the family, y'know.

Don't let these crooks rip you off yet again.

Don't be conned by their fearmongering and guilt-tripping on "climate change" being your fault; it's just their latest crooked ploy to take your money away!

What can you do? Always remember: Don't vote Liberal!

UPDATE: The Librano$ are caught stealing a trademark.

What will they take away next? Besides our money, our rights and other folks' trademarks?

What a bunch of shifty, shady characters. I'm amazed by these schmeckels' neverending chutzpah. I therefore applaud their consistency in corruption... *clap, clap, clap...*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gordon Brown Picks His Nose

Classy, distinguished Leftist Prime Minister of Britain, digs in...

Apparently the Italians are quite excellent nose-pickers as well. Watch Silvio Berlusconi have a nice little green snack and wash it down with a swig of expresso...

Liberals' Scary Environment Propaganda Film

The following propaganda film reminds me of propaganda films I've seen, done by Nazis, Communists and Islamic supremacists/imperialists.

Rather Goebbelian, don't you think?

Don't be fooled by envirofascist smiles. Nazis, Communists and Islamofascists have been seen smiling, too.

Boy... talk about Big Lies...

Hezbollah Poised To Attack in Canada

They're here. And ready to demonstrate their hatred and evil.

Story here.

A report by ABC News claims that Hezbollah sleeper cells may be active in Canada with the intent of targeting Jewish institutions, but CSIS has yet to comment on the report.

ABC News says North American intelligence agents have been tracking the movements of Hezbollah outside the group's base in Lebanon.

Hezbollah is apparently seeking revenge on Israel for assassinating its military commander, Imad Mugniyah. He was killed by a car bomb in Damascus, Syria, and the Israeli government has denied any involvement.

The U.S. and Canadian intelligence agents, who are not named, told ABC News that suspected Hezbollah operatives have conducted surveillance on the Israeli embassy in Ottawa and synagogues in Ottawa and Toronto.

Just like Islamic supremacists/ fascists/imperialists to take "revenge" on innocent civilians worldwide, directly targeting them, instead of going to war against militaries. They have no honor. They're cowards, barbarians, butchers, scumbags. They accuse the good guys of deliberate targeting of innocents whenever there's accidental collateral casualties (sometimes Hezbollah and other Islamic hate/murder groups kill civilians themselves and blame it on the good guys), yet they themselves definitely target innocents on purpose. Strange how Leftists don't realize this, or at least don't care, practicing a bizarre, and dangerous, double standard in favor of the evil haters/murderers.

Oh, of course! Let Taliban Jack Layton and Saint Barack Obama just sit down and talk with them and they'll suddenly, miraclously nod their heads, having seen the light of reason, logic, humanity and all that and never again hate non-Muslims for being non-Muslims and never again attack anyone who's different, nor preach vile hatred, nor incite hate and murder against anyone ever again. Sure. That's all it takes! And I just saw Big Bird, Elvis and Osama bin Laden having a coffee together at the neighborhood Tim Hortons!

Oh, and don't expect Warren Kinsella to raise any alarm over these guys. It really does seem to me that Warren Kinsella looks at the likes of Islamic fascists/terrorists and sees the Teletubbies or Care Bears or something cute, cuddly, harmless. He'd rather hunt imaginary Nazis in public toilets.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Liberal Fascists Seek To Control Media Messaging

Story here.

'Media Reform' event promotes government control of speech - WASHINGTON, June 18, 2008

Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid, the only conservative media analyst reporting from the far-left “National Conference for Media Reform” in Minneapolis, is warning that “media reform” is a cover for 'unleashing the powers of the federal government on those who use television and radio to resist and challenge the liberal-left agenda.'

“It will be carried forward in the name of media ‘fairness,’ the ‘public interest,’ stopping ‘media consolidation,’ Internet ‘neutrality,’ and stopping harmful ‘hate speech,’” Kincaid says. “But it will leave the First Amendment in tatters and the federal government in control, and conservatives will have to resort to using the mostly liberal courts to get their rights back. Make no mistake - this is what they mean by ‘change.’”

Frightening. Leftists everywhere want to shut up those who exercise their rights and don't submit to leftist dogma. They want to take away (non-leftist) peoples' right to free expression.

The People must say "NO!" to this "reform". After all, we know what happened with Nazi "reforms" and Communist "reforms". And with Islamic "reforms" in Iran. And what's happening with Vlad Putin's "reforms" in retrograde Russia.

Groundbreaking Breakthrough: Cure for Cancer?

Read about it for yourself. ht:

A cancer patient has made a full recovery after being injected with billions of his own immune cells in the first case of its kind, doctors have disclosed.

The 52-year-old, who was suffering from advanced skin cancer, was free from tumours within eight weeks of undergoing the procedure.

After two years he is still free from the disease which had spread to his lymph nodes and one of his lungs.

Doctors took cells from the man's own defence system that were found to attack the cancer cells best, cloned them and injected back into his body, in a process known as "immunotherapy". After two years he is still free from the disease which had spread to his lymph nodes and one of his lungs.

Experts said that the case could mark a landmark in the treatment of cancer.

Unfortunately, in Canada, even if this were to prove a cure for one or all types of cancer, there's a problem: The communist-style health-care system has a limited budget within which to allocate resources amongst the population. The result is rationing and forced wait times. Diagnosis may come too late; one can become terminal during the wait period just for diagnosis in Canada, let alone the wait period to even have an appointment with an oncologist to determine treatment, after which, who knows how long one will be forced to wait for treatment? One would have to leave the country if one wanted to live. But only people who can afford it can do that, so where's the equality component of Medicare if only people with money can afford to live? What good is it if it's "free" if you can't get it in time anyway? Indeed, Medicare actually condemns the poor to death in Canada, even though it pays for their health care.

It's time to end the hatefully evil monopoly of socialized medicine in Canada that's killing people all the time for lack of timely diagnosis and treatment. Let capitalism help make things better.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

US Dems Show Communist Colors On Refinery Nationalization

Story here. ht: Drudge

House Democrats responded to President's Bush's call for Congress to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. This was at an on-camera press conference fed back live.

Among other things, the Democrats called for the government to own refineries so it could better control the flow of the oil supply.

They oppose exploration and development and want to have the state control the refineries. Just like a Communist, Islamist or other totalitarian-type country.

Chinese Communist Spy Gets Two Years in Jail

Story here.

A Canadian citizen who admitted he tried to sell fighter-pilot training software to the Chinese navy was sentenced Wednesday to 24 months in federal prison, in the first sentencing for a newly defined intellectual property crime.

Xiaodong Sheldon Meng, 44, was sentenced on the rare charge of committing economic espionage against the United States. It's the most serious crime under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 and involves stealing trade secrets to benefit a foreign government.

Meng, an engineer, is a Chinese national with Canadian citizenship who lives near San Francisco.

Sounds to me, from reading the article, like they went easy on him. Not wise, as anything that jeopardizes national security must be frowned upon rather sternly. Besides, in Communist China, they'd blow off a spy's head and bill his family for the bullet...

Oh, and, "Bobby Fletcher", you'd best be careful, lest you become Mr. Xiaodong's cellmate!

I Had Nothing To Do With That

I didn't write this news article. I didn't come up with the Conservative talking points about the proposed Liberal "tax-shifting" scam, either.

I know it all sounds as if I had something to do with it, but I swear I didn't. So, Balbulican, don't bother to suggest that I did, no matter how much the puns remind you of my writing style.


PS. Hey, Stephen, if your guys are getting their political communications ideas from me, then why not fire them and hire me instead? :)

Oh, and who can forget that Iggy said that Liberals stow their shift, just like puffins?

Mrs. Irwin Ready To Wrestle Crocs

Crocodile Hunter's wife, Terri Irwin, with daughter Bindi, shows off the results of her training in preparation for taking over late hubby Steve's job.

Story here. ht:

While Terri, 47, and her nine-year-old daughter Bindi made an impressive show of girl power at the Daytime Emmy awards in the US, the mother-of-two's musclebound appearance stunned her fans.


Despite always maintaining good physical fitness, Irwin has increased her daily routine in preparation for a research trip in far north Queensland next week, where she will be expected to tag more than 30 wild crocodiles.


"She's picking up where Steve left off and has to be physically fit to keep up with the boys," Stainton said.

Awesome! You go, girl! Kick crock ass!

I think I'm in love... hey, Terri, how about a date? :)

Hmm... y'know, I'd like to see a wrestling match between Terri and Kate McMillan... oh, gotta go and take a cold shower now...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Al Gore's Energy Consumption Rises 10%

The S.O.B.... telling us to consume less energy... himself personally consumes more.

NASHVILLE - In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

“A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,” said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.


In the wake of becoming the most well-known global warming alarmist, Gore won an Oscar, a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, Gore saw his personal wealth increase by an estimated $100 million thanks largely to speaking fees and investments related to global warming hysteria.

“Actions speak louder than words, and Gore’s actions prove that he views climate change not as a serious problem, but as a money-making opportunity,” Johnson said. “Gore is exploiting the public’s concern about the environment to line his pockets and enhance his profile.”

Well, that's what I've been saying all along myself. Now the Tennessee Center for Policy Research says the same things.

Did Chinese Gov't Cause Earthquake With Nuclear Bomb?

Story here.

Boxun News, a Chinese-language Web site based outside China, reported that an unnamed expert has claimed that there was a nuclear explosion near the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, based on witness reports and the discovery of concrete rubble believed to have come from an underground military installation. The news of this nuclear explosion has raised questions about the cause of the earthquake.

Mr. He, a local resident, stated that when the earthquake occurred on May 12, people saw something erupt from the top of a mountain next to the valley, "It looked like toothpaste being squeezed out," said He. "No, it wasn't [magma]. It was these concrete pieces. The eruption lasted about three minutes."

According to a China News Services (CNS) report on May 31, 2008, paramedics from People's Liberation Army (PLA) hospitals and psychologists from Beijing onsite May 23 found concrete debris at the bottom of a valley near the epicenter. The half-mile-wide valley was covered with debris 10 - 20 inches thick, covering the valley floor for almost 1.5 miles.


The thickness of the concrete pieces seemed to match that used in China's underground military bases, according to Boxun's expert. He explained that while there are documented cases that earthquakes cause volcanic eruptions, there are no accounts of eruptions ejecting concrete.

Based on the CNS report and timing of the eruption at the scene, there seemed to be no evidence of natural volcanic activity. The expert stated he was certain a nuclear explosion shattered the underground concrete structures, hurling debris into the air.

Was the tragic, catastrophic earthquake actually the fault of the Chinese Communist Party? Did a nuclear bomb accidentally... or deliberately... go off?

Could it have been an attempt at a distraction from the Communists' troubles leading up to the Olympics? I note that the earthquake pretty much diverted media attention from the massacres in Tibet and crackdown activities in China.

I had actually wondered to myself whether they could've actually caused an earthquake on purpose.

Now my suspicions are being given legitimacy. Well, we're talking about the horrible Communists. They're capable of anything, no matter how monumentally evil.

Chinese Communist Agents Attack Falun Gong in NY

Story here. There's pictures of the bigoted Communist agents in action at the link.

FLUSHING, New York City—Two attacks on Falun Gong practitioners occurred on Sunday and Monday of this week. The first attack was in Brooklyn on Sunday and another similar attack occurred in Flushing, Queens on Monday.


Police arrested a man on Monday in Flushing, Queens after he struck and broke the camera of Hongyi Pan who has been reporting for The Epoch Times on recent attacks on Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing. The incident took place around noon on Main Street. According to Hongyi, pedestrians told him that a man was acting crazily and was aggressively grabbing newspapers from Epoch Times distributors.

The man was said to be angry that his photo had been published on the cover of the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times in a section showing those involved in a hate protest against a Falun Dafa parade.


A similar attack occurred in Brooklyn on Sunday this week. Qiu Wei, a man known to be a local Chinese community leader, allegedly assaulted Falun Gong practitioner John Yu with a metal steering-wheel lock.

Hate crimes. These hateful attacks against the peaceful Falun Gong are becoming more and more frequent.

Whither the ACLU? Oh, yeah... forgot. The ACLU is Communist, too, so we shouldn't expect them to come to the aid of the Falun Gong, whom the Communists hate for no valid reason at all.

Why, also, doesn't the mainstream media tell the People about this alarming crisis of hate speech and violence against the peaceful Falun Gong? Is the mainstream media Communist, too? Do they whore themselves out to the Chinese Communist Party? Are the mainstream media hateful?

This hatred must be stopped. Let's get to work! For starters, let's deport anyone suspected of being an agent of the Chinese Communist Party with an agenda of spreading hate. The CCP can't complain if we do, for the CCP is one of history's nastiest, bloodiest, most hateful, evil entities of all.

Muhammed Parvez Charged With Murder One For Killing Daughter

Islamic "honor killings" will get the perps charged with murder. Thank goodness!

We can be excused for wondering whatever happened with the case. In fact, just yesterday I was actually wondering whatever happened to the Parvez murder case, whether they were going to let the guy go just because he's a Muslim and they don't want to anger the likes of the CAIR-CAN, the CIC, etc.

Story here.

The father of a Mississauga teen killed last year has been charged today with first-degree murder in connection with her death.

Muhammad Parvez, 57, appeared in a Brampton courtroom today where he was officially charged. The charge is an indication investigators believe the girl’s killing was pre-meditated.

Parvez was arrested in early December after his daughter Aqsa, 16, was found strangled in the family's Mississauga home.


The death drew international attention after her friends said she had argued with her father over her desire to shun the hijab, a traditional Muslim scarf that covers the head and shoulders.

No tolerance for intolerance. No apology for being free. Being a Muslim does NOT entitle one to abuse and murder women, children, Kaffirs, etc... So Muslims in Canada beware: You will be prosecuted for breaking our laws, just as must and will everyone else! You are equal to everyone else, therefore you have both the same rights and responsibilities. So break the law and you'll be forced to take responsibility.

Muslim daughters have the same rights as non-Muslim daughters. Harm them in any way for exercising and enjoying their rights, and you'll be very, very sorry!

We say NO! to Islamization. We reject Islam as a potential government. We will never tolerate any move towards an Islamic state in Canada. So forget about Islamizing Canada, for it's futile, and the further along you get, the more Canadians will become aware, and the more that we become aware, the harder it'll get for Islamic fascists/supremacists/imperialists to try to impose their ideology on us.

So complain to the HRCs. See if I care. The HRC fascists can suck the moisture out of my shorts.

Liberals Want To Slap Tax on Electricity, Home Heating

Are they politically suicidal?

What makes them think we want to pay more, via a "carbon tax", on electricity and heating our homes?

I sure as f*ck don't want to.

So... is there any doubt that they want to raise our taxes?

Don't believe their lies about "shifting" the taxes around. We remember their infamously broken vow to abolish the hated GST.

Sure, we want "strong leadership" on "the environment".

But we don't want the Liberals to screw around with our taxes. The only result therefrom can only be higher taxes overall and a crappier environment. Yes, they'd further crappify the environment, exactly as they did after they promised to follow Kyoto, a promise they thankfully broke.

You want to pay more for your power and heat? Then vote Liberal. Knock yourself out, sucker!

Mayrand Again Under Fire for Suspicious Behavior

Story here. ht:

Conservative allegations that Elections Canada tipped off the media and the opposition Liberals to an RCMP raid on Tory Party headquarters so troubled Canada's Chief Electoral Officer that he sought ways to "kill" the story, internal documents reveal.


In the days after the high-profile raid in Ottawa, the Tories charged that Elections Canada had ignored similar electoral ad spending transgressions by the opposition, and told the media and Liberals about the raid to maximize political damage.

"With regard to this allegation of [a] leak do you have any suggestion as to how we could kill it?" Mr. Mayrand asked in an e-mail dated April 18.

"If we can dispel this story [the leak], we will have only positive media coverage," replied Ms. V├ęzina, the associate deputy chief electoral officer in charge of political financing. "And the alternative is that we appear to be partisan or biased or vindictive and at the moment the media seem to believe we tipped off the CBC and the Liberals."


The remaining documents show Elections Canada kept a close eye on media coverage of the raid and its political fallout. Summaries of blogs, websites and broadcasts were compiled.

Ominous, isn't it?

This only raises suspicions with respect to Mr. Mayrand and Elections Canada.

Sure, they deny the leak. They claim an "internal review" supposedly proves there was no tip-off. That's their claim.

They seem quite obsessed with what the People are learning about their agency. They obsess over what everyone says. Probably will even read this very blog post, big-brother-style. Hi there, you liberal fascists! Whazzup!

They stink.

I'm more than ever suspicious that they are indeed partisan, ideological and discriminatory. They deny it, of course. But leftists lie as naturally as a bear shits in the woods.

If they hadn't decided to discriminate against the Conservatives in the first place, then they wouldn't be having such inconvenience. But they made their decision.

Half-Brother Confirms Obama Was Muslim

Barack Obama's half-brother, Malik, shows us a pic of Obama with family members. Apparently Obama's on the far left (what's up with leftists tending to appear on the left in pictures?!), wearing a lovely purple gown. Doesn't he look pretty?

Story here.

Apparently the Obamas of Kenya have been reading those scurrilous emails to which Barack likes to refer, because they have no doubt -- contrary to the claims of the Obama campaign, that the presidential candidate was raised a Moslem. They take that as a given.

As the Jerusalem Post
reports, "Barack Obama's half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya."


In a remarkable denial issued last November that still stands on the official campaign website, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement explaining that "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian."


Melanie Phillips is the
most recent commentator to draw attention to the massive body of evidence that leaves no doubt that Barak Hussein Obama was born a Muslim (Islam is patrilineal) and raised a Muslim (so registered in school, acknowledging attending Islamic classes, reported accompanying his step-father to the mosque, and able to recite the Koran in the original Arabic).
Barack Obama denies ever having been a Muslim. But is he lying? Is he practicing Taqiyya? Why would he lie about having once been Muslim? If he's not Muslim any longer, then why is it that radical, extremist Islamists endorse him and want him to be President if he's an apostate? After all, Islamic fascists hate apostates and frequently execute them for apostasy, at least in the Islamic world. What's going on, then? Why would Obama lie about his past? Why does he feel he has to lie? Is he ashamed of having converted from Islam to Christianity? Why doesn't Obama come clean? Of course, were he to become President, how will the Islamic world view him then? After all, the likes of Iran's Ahmadinejad will see him as deserving of death for his apostasy. He'll be even more reviled by Islamic fundamentalist leaders of Islamic nations than was even Bush. They'll say, well, at least Bush is true to his faith, unlike Obama. So many questions. Obama's one mysterious dude. And he says you can trust him? Trust someone who'd lie about religious conversion? What kind of change does this... liar... have in mind for America? We don't know. He hasn't said!

I guess Obama's "Fight the Smear" website will have to attack his half-brother for "smearing" him as a Muslim apostate, then. After all, leftists like Barack tend to denounce inconvenient truth as a "smear". Either BHO will have to disown and condemn his half-brother or will have to admit that he had allowed lies to be told on his behalf and that he, after all, was indeed a Muslim. A Muslim apostate.

To remind people that Obama wants to be the most powerful man in America and in the world, one must look again at the photograph below. Why doesn't he put his hand on his heart for the national anthem of his country (even Hillary will perform the patriotic ritual)? Why does he prefer to put his hands over his genitals? This guy also refuses to wear the American flag as a lapel pin. Some patriot. Contrast him to John McCain, who suffered for his country as a prisoner of war.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Singaporean Courts Eerily Resemble Canada's HRCs

Interesting. This reminded me of the persecution of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn for saying inconvenient things about Islam.

In this case, an American blogger in Singapore criticized a judge, opining that she was "prostituting herself" by doing the bidding of a top politician. The blogger is supposed to also have criticized the Singaporean legal system as "corrupt". What, are the Singaporean People forbidden to criticize the state apparatus?

Sounds a lot like the way it works in Canada. When one makes comments found inconvenient by the state apparatus, which has an agenda (ultra-far-left) which can be inconvenienced by people simply saying inconvenient things, one finds oneself being persecuted for simply rendering an opinion. Enter the "human rights" commissions, which are actually nothing more than corrupt fascist entities telling Canadians what they may and may not say, taking away peoples' rights, ruining their lives and so on. Just for exercising their inalienable, constitutionally-guaranteed and -protected right to freedom of expression. And the commissions discriminate. They favor, for example, sexual extremists and fundamentalist Islamists over those who aren't like that. Rights are irrelevant to the commissions. Evidence is irrelevant to them. Equality is irrelevant. So many things which we thought were sacred and inviolable are irrelevant to the liberal fascists of the HRCs. They will personally, ideologically, politically, fascistically deem what shall be and what shall not be. They punish people for exercising their rights! When our rights as exercised are deemed inconvenient by the HRCs, they'll take them away! And they discriminate in so doing, taking rights away from members of some groups but not members of others, practicing hateful double standards!

I wonder whether truth is a defence in Singaporean courts, as opposed to in Canada. I wonder if the Singaporeans, in actual practice, have more rights than Canadians, or suffer the same situation via corrupt, ideologically-extreme, pseudojudicial fascism by bigoted and/or self-interested, in-conflict-of-interest state apparatchiks.

Another question: If the blogger in Singapore tries to offer evidence of corruption of the courts/judges, will the judge, if corrupt, then allow the evidence? Why would a corrupt judge allow evidence specifically inconvenient to him/her and the court? What's stopping judges from acting in their own interests, or in the interests of their cronies or of their ideology/politics? What if a judge is secretly hateful/intolerant? What's keeping such judges in line?

Hmm. This brings me to another question.

In Canada, who judges the judges? Sure, higher judges judge lower judges in appeals, but then who judges the Supreme Court justices? Why, in a free and democratic society based on the rule of law and a constitution and charter of rights and freedoms, should the People accept the SCOC's rulings as the final word on things? What if the People disagree? What if the ruling is clearly not in conformity with the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? If the SCOC is reasonably seen by the People as having broken the Constitution/Charter and ruled simply as they saw fit, then what is the remedy? Shouldn't there be a form of democratic appeal? Why not have a mechanism wherein a referendum can be legally forced by the People to decide whether to overturn the ruling of the SCOC?

The People must be the final judge. Not unelected, unaccountable, politician-appointed, radical political activists pretending to be "judges" and going far beyond and outside the realm of their duties, the Constitution and the Charter.

We shall not tolerate a dictatorship/tyranny of the judiciary.

Lesbians Arrested in Torture of Five-Year-Old Boy

Story here.

A 5-year-old Los Angeles boy is fighting for his life after police say he was severely tortured with burns and food deprivation by his lesbian mother and her live-in girlfriend.

Officials say the child has countless cigarette burns all over his body, including his genitals, and can't open his hands because he was forced to put them flat on a hot stove.

The boy was also repeatedly beaten and forced to sit in his own urine, police said.

"In my time in policing in 27 years, I have never seen anybody with these kinds of injuries that has lived," Los Angeles Police Department First Assistant Chief James McDonnell said. "And this kid must have a tremendous will to live to be able to still hang on despite what he's been through."

Very sad. Hope they throw the whole book at those two hateful monsters. This hateful evil cannot be tolerated.

TorStar Again Fishes For Badness Against Tories

I see the Toronto Star is trying to spin this as if it was something terrible and exclusive to the Conservatives.

Oh, come on. So when a minister has government business, flies to the place where that is, and, if there's time afterwards, attends to nearby party business, so what? Only a left-wing sophist would claim that the taxpayers are therefore somehow donating their money to the party just because they paid for the government business trip which had, as a happy coincidence, some party business at the same place and proximate in terms of time.

The same amount of money gets spent by taxpayers whether there's party business or not.

Nothing has been proven otherwise.

Besides, I don't recall the Toronto Star going after the Liberal Party so overzealously as it goes after the Tories.

Where's the proof that wrong was done? There's none. Just questions and implications.

Besides, what is the Toronto Star doing to find out what happened to the nine billion dollars that were mysteriously laundered through the mysterious, secretive, unti-recently-untouchable Liberal "Foundations"? What's the Toronto Star doing to discover Liberal wrongdoing, past and present?

The Toronto Star went after Reform, the Canadian Alliance and the Conservatives when they were just the Opposition, while essentially giving the Liberals a free ride and a gazillion stay-out-of-jail passes.

There's so many questions to be asked, so many implications to suggest, about the Liberals, the New Democrats and the Bloc. Why focus on only the Conservatives, whether in or out of power?

Could it be that the Toronto Star is nothing more than a glorified, over-fancified, pretentious hard-left on-the-toilet-reader?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eureka! Renewable Petroleum From Germs!

It's not theory. It's reality. They've actually done it.

Imagine that! Genetically-modified germs that eat waste and piss crude oil!

Aaaaand, and this is the thing that'll make the environmental Chicken Littlists have a heart attack, the oil in question is "carbon-negative"!

Read about it here. ht:

What is most remarkable about what they are doing is that instead of trying to reengineer the global economy – as is required, for example, for the use of hydrogen fuel – they are trying to make a product that is interchangeable with oil. The company claims that this “Oil 2.0” will not only be renewable but also carbon negative – meaning that the carbon it emits will be less than that sucked from the atmosphere by the raw materials from which it is made.

This could put Al Gore and David Suzuki out of business and bankrupt Mo Strong! It would be ever-so-inconvenient for them, for they're making a killing on scaring the hell out of the free world. If this "Oil 2.0" hits the market and ends up in our gas tanks for a lot less cost than the stuff we're using now, then we can just tell these guys to PFO.

LS9 has already convinced one oil industry veteran of its plan: Bob Walsh, 50, who now serves as the firm’s president after a 26-year career at Shell, most recently running European supply operations in London. “How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to grow a multi-billion-dollar company?” he asks. It is a bold statement from a man who works in a glorified cubicle in a San Francisco industrial estate for a company that describes itself as being “prerevenue”.

Inside LS9’s cluttered laboratory – funded by $20 million of start-up capital from investors including Vinod Khosla, the Indian-American entrepreneur who co-founded Sun Micro-systems – Mr Pal explains that LS9’s bugs are single-cell organisms, each a fraction of a billionth the size of an ant. They start out as industrial yeast or nonpathogenic strains of E. coli, but LS9 modifies them by custom-de-signing their DNA. “Five to seven years ago, that process would have taken months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he says. “Now it can take weeks and cost maybe $20,000.”

Because crude oil (which can be refined into other products, such as petroleum or jet fuel) is only a few molecular stages removed from the fatty acids normally excreted by yeast or E. coli during fermentation, it does not take much fiddling to get the desired result.

Also, imagine what else it means. If this technology can produce gasoline and other fuels to be cheap and plentiful, then to hell with oil from the Saudis, the Iranians, the Russians, the Venezuelans... no longer will we facilitate those malevolent regimes' rise against us by buying their crude. It also means that we can go back to driving those wonderful land yachts, monster tree-stump-a-pullin' trucks and tire-smoking musclecars.

I hope they make this happen. Of course, "Big Oil" will probably be going all a-poopypants and will try to put a stop to it. So will the nasty OPECkerheads overseas.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Terrorist Next Door on CTV Sunday Night

Starring Michael Ironside.

It's about "Millennium Bomber" Ahmed Ressam, the guy who effortlessly eluded the clueless Canadian state apparatus and who was, by some lucky fluke, captured on the border en route to Los Angeles to blow up the airport there.

I'm watching. So should you, if you happen to get CTV.

One caveat: I don't think Mr. Ironside really understands the nature of a jihadist. He seems to blame Canada itself for "failing" Ressam, when, in fact, Canada went out of her way, bent over backwards, treating him as equivalent to a citizen even though he was ordered deported and had been caught commiting crimes, to be as nice as possible to Ressam, to no avail. Yeah, sure. Someone ought to present Mr. Ironside with a lot of facts sometime. He needs to be enlightened.

Mr. Ironside, lots of folks feel downtrodden by the state apparatus, including folks like yourself. But think of this: Why is it that we only hear of Islamic terrorists these days, rather than "white", non-Muslim terrorists and so on, despite the reality that they comprise the vast majority of citizens and that there's likely many more who feel downtrodden by the state apparatus than there are Muslims similarly feeling? Surely you don't think the Muslims would hate our country, what with its dhimmi submission and bending-over-backwards for Muslims and all that. Of course, the terrorists come to this country already hating us, and brainwashing impressionable young Muslims and dhimmis into hating this country, recruiting them to hate and kill. Whose fault is this? Not Canada's. Don't dump on your country, Mr. Ironside, until you have all the facts and use your brain in a fully unbiased manner with respect to them.

Oh, and, if Canada failed Ressam, then why didn't he target Canada? Why did he just use Canada as a staging area for an attack on the United States? Think about that, sir.

Taliban Calls Coalition Forces "Inhumane"?!

That's like the Nazis calling the Allies inhuman in World War Two.

That's the nature of Islamic irony, lying, Taqiyya. They'll say anything, no matter how insanely incorrect, such as the Big Lie of "Palestine"'s existence. Now they call the good guys "inhumane".

Of course the Left will believe what the Taliban says, no matter what. Why not? They believed Arafat. They believe Abbas. They believe Hamas, Hezbollah, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all those Taqiyya-ing tyrants.

Of course the Taliban wants us to leave. They want to retake Afghanistan so they can once again butcher men, women and children. Especially women and children. Why? Because the Taliban is inhumane, being literalist Islamists to the ultimate extreme. And remember what the Pope said about Islam's contribution to the world ("evil and inhumane").

This is exactly why Muslims Against Sharia and others are rewriting the Koran to eradicate the evil, inhumane verses therefrom so that we non-Muslims can then accept the real Muslim reformists as our friends while still rejecting the likes of literalists like the Taliban and anyone else who accepts the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood, and this includes the "Palestinian Authority", which is just another front for the Brotherhood as well as being a stooge of the Russian KGB since the beginning.

To defeat literalist Islamists we need to help the reformist Muslims defeat them; we must work together to marginalize the literalist Islamofascists as we've marginalized neo-Nazis, Skinheads, the KKK, etc...

We must work with the reformists to end the Islamization of the world.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liberal Fascist Spotlight: Giacomo Vigna

Above: Giacomo "Serenity Now!!!" Vigna
Below: Giacomo's separated-at-birth sibling "Baby Sinclair" of "Dinosaurs"

What we have here, folks, is a big baby, Giacomo Vigna, a Liberal Fascist State Apparatchik acting like a baby in Kangaroo Court. He also went after his victim, Ezra Levant's parents, via a private investigator, who technically also commited assault on the innocent elderly couple.

Can you believe the guy? Telling the chair of the kangaroo court that he's "mentally not serene enough" to answer questions, trying to bullshit and whine his way out of facing the music for his and other apparatchiks' illegal, unconstitutional, hateful, infantile liberal fascism.

MR. VIGNA: Sorry. Mr. Chair, I don't have the flu but I don't feel in a serene state of mind to proceed with the file today. I don't feel very well. I feel dizzy, I feel anxiety, and I am not in a serene state of mind to proceed with this file today.


...MR. CHRISTIE: I have heard two explanations which are as frivolous as any I have ever heard in justifying an adjournment of a whole proceeding… To say I am not feeling well, but sit here and talk about it, is inconsistent. There is no medical certificate, and I heard very faintly Mr. Vigna say I'm not physically sick, I don't have a serene state of mind. Very few of us in the difficulties we face always have a serene state of mind. I don't know what that means.


Vigna has been sending a private investigator to my parents' house again and again, demanding to see me. My parents, who are far more polite than I am, keep telling Vigna's hired tough guy that I don't live there anymore. I did when I was a teenager. But that was in 1990.

I can see that Liberal Fascist State Apparatchik Giacomo Vigna had diligently done his homework and bothered to look up Mr. Levant's current address. How the hell did he come up with an old, long-ago address? Or did he deliberately send the PI to punish Mr. Levant's parents for his republishing the Danish MoToons? Now, that'd be nasty!

The last time Vigna's hired muscle came to my parents' house, he refused to leave. My parents said he had a Bluetooth phone device in his ear, and seemed to be taking instructions from someone -- Vigna himself? -- who told him not to go until he had found me. In the end, Vigna's enforcer must have lost his serenity, too, because he threw some papers down at my parents feet, and stormed off.
Giacomo "Serenity Now" Vigna isn't just a clown. He's a bully who sends private investigators to harass his opponents' families. But in his defence, Vigna works for Ian Fine. He's just living down to the CHRC's corrupt corporate culture.

Don't you just love those wonderful Liberal Fascists? Ain't they the nicest folks since Hitler's Brownshirts?

Giacomo Vigna is a big baby. A mentally-disordered, bullying big baby. A wimp. A pussy. Someone bring him a straitjacket and some Valium!

Hey! Obama's Candidacy Unconstitutional?

Story here.

Bloggers are raising questions about Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's qualifications to be U.S. president, because of the secrecy over his birth certificate and the requirement presidents be "natural-born" U.S. citizens.


(...)"If Obama were born outside the United States, one could argue that he would not meet the legal definition of natural-born citizen … because U.S. law at the time of his birth required his natural-born parent (his mother) to have resided in the United States for '10 years, at least [f]ive of which had to be after the age of 16.'"

(...) Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, was 18 when Obama was born "so she wouldn't have met the requirement of five years after the age of 16."

(...)(Interestingly, apparently there isn't much paperwork on Obama's parents' marriage. 'Obama: From Promise to Power,' page. 27: 'Obama later confessed that he never searched for the government documents on the marriage, although Madelyn (Obama's maternal grandmother) insisted they were legally married.' Also note that Obama's father apparently was not legally divorced from his first wife back in Kenya at the time, a point of contention that ultimately led to their separation.)"

Was Obama born inside or outside the United States?

Let's see proof that he was born inside the United States, as required by the Constitution in order to be allowed to be President.

Prove it, Obama.

It's not enough to claim you're American-born. Legally, constitutionally, it must be proven.

Absent proof, I'd suggest that the Supreme Court of the US declare his candidacy unconstitutional.

Of course, then we'd be stuck with Hillary carrying the Democratic flag. With Billy following closely behind, pants crumpled around ankles...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taxpayer-Funded Christianophobic Hate "Art"

Imagine what would happen if this sort of hateful thing was done to Islamic religious symbols!

( - Federal taxpayers are subsidizing a college in New York whose art school is currently displaying works that include a drawing of a man with a crucifix coming out of his rectum, a drawing of a man with a rosary coming out of his rectum, and rosaries decorated with penises.

Over the last eight years, at least $4.6 million in federal tax dollars have been provided to the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, which is displaying the controversial artworks. Some of the money has come in the form of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.


The NEA awarded the grants because, in its words, they "(enrich) our Nation and diverse cultural heritage by supporting works of artistic excellence, advancing learning in the arts, and strengthening the arts in communities throughout the country."

Well, let's depict the Islamic crescent emerging from an asshole, an effigy of Mohammed emerging from a pig's vagina and a Koran floating in a toilet amongst pieces of crap, being urinated upon. And have a taxpayer-funded college produce this "art".

Then we'll hear of that. But looking at the mainstream media, whither the news on the terrible hate crime as seen at the link I've provided above? Oh, no... I had to visit the conservative CNS News website to find out about this.

Why is it only considered "hate" when it's done to Islam or to "gays"? Why isn't it "hateful" when done to JudeoChristians? Why is it instead considered "art" and granted public funding when done to JudeoChristians?

The Left denies there's any hate campaign against JudeoChristians. But we know there is. The evidence abounds! There you have it, Leftists... more evidence. Of course you'll attack the source, implying that only the MSM can be trusted to impart truthful information and to impart every bit of truthful information there is to be imparted, that it holds nothing back that's newsworthy, that it doesn't favor one group over another...

Ed Stelmach an Anti-Christian Bigot: Levant

Freedom fighter Ezra Levant targets Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach.

Another masterpiece from Ezra Levant. He tells it like it is. This man, Levant, is a real human rights hero. No doubt about it.

So... Ed Stelmach is an anti-Christian bigot, he says.

Agreed. And there's so many more like Stelmach who are richly deserving of this label.

Christianophobic hatred is rampant and has reached crisis proportions. Christians everywhere are in danger of persecution just because they're Christians. There's without a doubt a lot of hatred out there being directed by hateful Liberal Fascists towards Christians.

Islamophobic hatred? Why are the Liberal Fascists obsessing over something so much less real and usually imaginary in comparison, than the virulent Christianophobic hatred which we know is completely ingrained within the fiber of the Liberal Fascist State Apparatus and totally drilled into the brains of the Liberal Fascist State Apparatchiks?

Forget imaginary "Islamophobia". Any fears with respect to Islam are not irrational. I mean, many people are indeed genuinely afraid of fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Muslims with great, undeniable justification, just as we also fear, say, Neo-Nazis, who actually, in my view, look like a miniscule number of insignificant, stupid-as-stupid-does, wimps and pussies compared to radical Islam, which we know is extraordinarily powerful, well-organized, well-funded and has its hands on the puppetstrings of Free World Liberal Fascist State Apparatchiks, such as those who have been appointed by radically extreme Leftist politicians like Ed Stelmach to Canada's "Human Rights" Commissions.

Ok, I guess now I'll be next up in the KKKangaroo KKKourts... Bring it on, eh? Make a political martyr of me if you wish. Me and many others who need to be protected from fascism, who yearn for equal rights, for freedom and to be free of persecution!

Sic semper tyrannis!

Stop the latter-day Hitlers and Stalins!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh, Really? Well, The Liberals...

So the Liberals accuse the Conservatives of "being in bed" with "big oil" for mocking the Liberals' plans to impose a devastating carbon tax onto Canadians?

Very well, then. Want to play that way? Okay. My turn...

The Liberals are in bed with international terrorism.

The Liberals are in bed with radical, supremacist, intolerant, imperialist fundamentalist Islam.

The Liberals are in bed with communists everywhere.

The Liberals are in bed with the ultra-far Left.

The Liberals are in bed with ultra-fascist, supremacist radical sexual extremists.

The Liberals are in bed with the enemies of Canada and with the enemies of the entire free world.

The Liberals are in bed with organized crime (ok, maybe one absent-minded, brain-and-judgement-numbingly-horny former Tory cabinet minister was once, one might imagine, in bed with a pretentiously booby, conceited woman who reputedly has been connected with organized criminals, but it's really a Librano thing, eh!).

The list could very well go on forever...

Hey, this is a fun game! I'm glad the Liberals started it! Whee!

Sheesh! The Liberals are spending a lot of time screwing around with a very diverse lot of scary folks in bed. No wonder they could do nothing but screw up for the whole thirteen hard years they ruled the country!

Don't believe anything Liberals say. They lie, period. You can't trust them when they say they'll cut taxes to make up for the new taxes they would impose. After all, with so many tens of billions of dollars worth of socialistic, special-and-radically-extreme-interests-pandering promises, they'll have to raise tens of billions more in taxes to pay for them, or at least the ones they keep. This means that any tax cuts they'd bring in, if they even kept that promise, which is doubtful, wouldn't come anywhere near compensating us for the higher taxes, both direct and indirect, that we'd be paying for pretty much everything.

I mean, think of all the promises they've made with Stephane Dion as leader, for which they haven't said how they'll pay for them...

Then think of their leader's slip of the tongue that they'd consider raising the hated GST...

And now their promise to impose a massive carbon tax on us all...

You get the idea. They plan to tax us all into bankruptcy and force us to become dependent on a bigger, more powerful, more fascist-than-ever Liberal state apparatus!

The Liberals are trying to pull a fast one on us.

But there's hope, for...

After all, the Liberals are not in government anymore, so we can breathe a bit easier...

But only as long as the Liberals are prevented from regaining power!

So remember... don't vote Liberal! Ever!

Some of the Latest News on Liberal Fascism in Canada

Courtesy of Ezra Levant, Canada's Freedom Fighter:

How the Left is taking away peoples' rights (or the anti-Christian hate crimes the Leftist State Apparatus is commiting against Christians, in violation of their Charter and human rights)


The "Human Rights" Commission deletes inconvenient evidence relevant to RCMP investigation

And, as always, be sure to visit Ezra's site daily for the latest. He pulls no punches! He's not going to submit to political correctness! Your rights depend on this man and others like him, so go here daily!

The Liberals' Tax on Everything

Smart kitty tells ignorant kitty: The Liberals will make you pay more tax! Don't vote Liberal! They'll only take your money away!

Visit the website about it
here. It's fun and informative and will scare the crap out of you and leave a lasting impression that'll remind you to NOT vote Liberal!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Born From Jets

ht: Aizlynne

Steyn Wants To Take Rights Fight To Supreme Court

Story here. ht:

“We want to lose so we can take it to a real court and if necessary up to the Supreme Court of Canada and we can get the ancient liberties of free-born Canadian citizens that have been taken away from them by tribunals like this.”

Take it to the Supreme Court. Then dare the Supreme Court to take away our rights, too. If the Supreme Court would do that, then we know that the entire state apparatus must be purged of liberal fascists before it's too late.

We'd have to bring back the era of McCarthyism. No tolerance for liberal fascism, just as there must be no tolerance for any other kind of fascism.

No tolerance for intolerance. No apology for being free.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moonbat Spotlight: Justin Trudeau: Aliens Have Charter Rights

At left (literally as well as philosophically) is Justin Trudeau, reputed Liberal leader wannabe and son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, himself infamously leftist.

Guess what weirdness Justin has recently uttered?

He has declared that aliens from outer space have the same rights as human beings, at least if they were Canadian citizens.

One might argue that he has a point.

But... remember, there are no humans in outer space, other than the ones currently up there on the space station, suffering from a clogged toilet (how on earth, er, how in the universe do they manage to relieve themselves without getting their gross stuff all floating around in the air?!).

Here we have a leftist, and a reputed Liberal leadership wannabe saying that he would see to it that aliens from other planets could have Canadian citizenship and would, as citizens, have the same Charter rights as human Canadian citizens.

What does this logically mean, then? Next thing you know, once he gave equivalent-to-human status to, say, bizarre creatures such as we saw in "Alien" and in "Predator", he'd have to also grant citizenship and Charter rights to cats, dogs, monkeys, chickens, etc...

See, here we have another leftist Liberal Party of Canada member demonstrating exactly how messed-up his thought process actually is.

Typical Liberal, eh? One of the supposedly best bets to lead his party, eh?

Heh! These guys, sometimes they just make me laugh and provide such wonderful material for me to do a blog post mocking their moonbattery...

Funny guy, that Justin Trudeau!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

SCOC Tosses Conviction for Child Molester

Because the police violated his charter rights.

But I thought it was ok to violate peoples' Charter rights...

Because the "Human Rights" Commissions do it all the time!

So it's ok to take away peoples' rights for simply saying that there's actually a lot of bad Muslims out there, or for republishing Mohammed cartoons.

But, given that, why is it simultaneously wrong to violate the Charter rights of a pervert who sexually molests children?

Maybe the SCOC needs to say something about what the "human rights" commissions are doing, and order them to stop violating peoples' Charter rights!

What the hell is up with all this? Either our Charter rights are inviolable and sacred or they aren't... and for all of us equally, period!

If we can't take rights away from active pedophiles, then we can't take rights away from people who daresay that there's hateful, dangerous Islamofascists all over the place who want to take over the world or who dare to republish Mohammed cartoons...

China's Slave, Child Labor Camps Expanding

Story here.

( With only 70 days until the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing, human rights analysts say Communist China is cracking down on dissidents, adding to the already huge populations in its forced labor and child labor camps.

Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, said that as a result of the crackdowns, human rights abuses will not be evident during the 2008 Olympics.

"The time that we're seeing human rights abuses in China is right now ... leading up to the Olympics," Mosher told Cybercast News Service. "That's when the dissidents are being put away; that's when the labor union activists are being arrested; that's when the beggars are being swept off the streets of Beijing and sent packing."


"Twenty thousand people have been arrested just for protesting the destruction of their homes," said Mosher, "so that 20,000 people has been added to the labor-camp population."
An estimated 10 million people are currently enslaved in Chinese labor camps, Mosher said.

Ten million in forced labor camps. Ten million.

In China.

Doesn't the world care?

Doesn't the left care? Why do they incessantly demonize Israel and America rather than the Chinese Communist regime?

Why is the world rewarding the hateful Communists in China? Why reward the enslavement, torture, rape, murder?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Airstrike On Iran Seen Imminent

Our Washington sources report that president George W. Bush is closer than ever before to ordering a limited missile-air bombardment of the IRGC-al Qods Brigade’s installations in Iran. It is planned to target training camps and the munitions factories pumping fighters, missiles and roadside bombs to the Iraqi insurgency, Lebanese Hizballah and Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza.

Source: Debka File

Well, there's no doubt that Iran has it coming. They should've been minding their own business, rather than interfering all over the Middle East. And they shouldn't have been working on a nuclear weapons program and thumbing their noses at the United Nations's demands to cease and desist.

Again, the failure of the so-called "United Nations" to do any good whatsoever makes it necessary for the free world to take action instead.

Yeah, yeah, you all-knowing leftists out there, sure, I'm wrong again. Nothing's going to happen. The world exists in a vacuum and there will never again be any conflict. All you need is Saint Obama to talk to the Devil and all manner of things will be well in the world...

Nation Of Islam Activists Are On Obama's Payroll

The racist/anti-Semite/Islamofascist gives another hate speech.
Some of his underlings are on Barack Obama's payroll.

Story here.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's ties to racists and Islamic fascists just keep on becoming more and more apparent in their vastness. Now...

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama employed and continues to employ senior staffers who belong to the Nation of Islam, and the presidential candidate has some "worrying" ties to the controversial group headed by Louis Farrakhan, a former key Obama insider told WND.


The former insider confirmed Obama is directly aware of the Nation of Islam members on his staff.

Holy Shee-it... you know, if John McCain had such connections to white supremacists, do you think he'd be left as alone about it by the mainstream media as Barack Obama is being left alone?

Why is it ok for Barack Obama to be so closely tied to so many racists and supremacists?

How can we think it'd be ok to risk such an individual becoming the most powerful man in the world?

Is it worth the risk? Barack Obama tells us he's not a racist, not even a Muslim.

But, as a politician, of course, he's expected to lie...