Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harper Issues Election Dare To Dion

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Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion has been going around beating his puny chest with his puny professorial "fists", declaring he's ready for an election, confident that Canadians want his de-facto tax on pretty much everything, what he calls his "Green Shift" carbon tax.

Well, calling his bluff is Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"If Mr. Dion wants a real debate – not just among politicians but a debate open to everyone – all he has to do is follow through on his latest threat to force an election," Harper said.

So come on, Stephanie Dee... force an election. Next time there's a confidence vote, have all your MPs stand up when the votes are being counted, thus defeating the government and forcing your party onto the road to try to convince the People to swallow your pill.

That's Ridiculous!

Some folks are paranoid and have no sense of humor. It's just ridiculous!

Pity the fools! Get some nuts!

What a leap of logic. Since when is speedwalking associated with a specific sexual preference?


Next thing you know, they'll be throwing Mr. T in jail just for being Mr. T!

Do you think that commercial is really offensive, I mean, to anyone other than speedwalking men?

Do speedwalking men have a thin skin? Are they wimps and pussies?

Why does one "gay" propaganda organization associate speedwalking with gayness? Who do they think they are, hijacking a sport for their propaganda purposes?

Does the so-called "Human Rights" Campaign believe that skinny guys speedwalking in yellow shorts are automatically homosexual? What's the logic in that? What, is this propaganda organization stereotyping both speedwalkers and "gay" guys? Now, that's offensive to both speedwalkers and "gay" guys! Somebody haul the HRC before the "human rights" kangaroo courts for being hateful!

Is it now a "hate crime" to call speedwalking men wimps? Sheesh!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Mayrand Breaking EC Rules?

The question is being raised in light of the fact that Elections Canada head honcho Marc Mayrand is being so lenient and forgiving of Liberal leadership candidates' failure to repay their campaign debts on time.

OTTAWA -- Conservatives questioned Stephane Dion's ability to handle the country's finances yesterday after Elections Canada released repayment schedules for $1.48 million in candidate loans from the Liberal leadership campaign.


Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre not only criticized Dion, but jumped on Elections Canada for what he characterized as an overly forgiving timetable that may not even comply with the Canada Elections Act.

This is important because Mr. Mayrand has been accusing the Conservatives of wrongdoing, according to his own interpretation of the Elections Act, an interpretation that has led to a lawsuit against his agency and to his having ordered a surprising, suspicious, draconian raid on Conservative headquarters. Now we see Mr. Mayrand interpreting the rules in favor of the Liberals and being questioned as to whether his judgement is in compliance with the law at all.

Well, no time right now (hi-ho, I owe, 'tis off to work I go) to do the appropriate research on the legislation, but, if anyone wants to, you may consider it a fun little research assignment... if you do, let me know; the comments are there for your findings as well as your two cents' worth on the players and their words/actions in this continuing political drama.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Levant Files Defence Against Warman

Ezra Levant, above, and Richard Warman, below

Story here.

Ezra Levant has issued his Statement of Defence in response to Richard Warman's nuisance, bogus "defamation" suit against him.

Other bloggers have already filed theirs (Warman sued them, too, even though they merely told the truth about him and may have made fair comment based on that truth, something that's perfectly legal), and Mr. Levant's the last to file his defence.

Ezra tells us:

My approach is a bit different than the others -- it's a little more fact-packed. Warman's suit is political, and it's part of what he calls his campaign of "maximum disruption". In other words, it's a nuisance suit. It's part of the "lawfare" being waged against me by the human rights industry in response to my criticisms of it. And that, in turn, began when I decided not to surrender to the two radical Muslim complaints against me at the Alberta Human Rights Commission, for publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed back in 2006.

In many ways, the lawsuits filed against me by Richard Warman and Giacomo Vigna, and the one threatened by Warren Kinsella, are distractions from the main fight: radical Islam, and its use of our Western legal tools to censor criticism of Islamic fascism. Those three antagonists certainly don't seem, at first blush, to have anything to do with my publication of the Danish cartoons 900 days ago.

(Incidentally, the Vigna suit document actually includes the url of a post of mine as supposed evidence in his claim. I'm flattered to have had my post singled out- it indicates that I have an aptitude for really getting under these guys' skin. I know I really annoyed Warren Kinsella with inconvenient truth and fair comment at least once, too, and I'm quite proud of myself, actually)

Indeed, it's true, as Ezra says, that these leftists are trying to stop us regular folks from defending freedom, democracy, the rule of (democratically-originated) law and human rights from Islamofascist imperialism. If they don't realize it, well, that makes it all the more astonishing, as if it could become more so than already!

But in another sense, their nuisance suits -- and the Canadian human rights industry from which they emanate -- are the necessary domestic partners in the foreign jihad against Canada. They're what Lenin called the "useful idiots of the West". Warman, Vigna and Kinsella probably don't even agree with radical Islam -- though Kinsella has dabbled in it, by giving advice and help to the anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress. But they are defenders of (and in Warman's case, a leading participant in) Canada's abusive, corrupt human rights system that has been so effectively hijacked by radical Islam.

Ezra is correct. I've long written that radicals have hijacked the Free World's state apparati, including communists/liberals/leftists/progressives/(whatever they call themseves at any time) and Islamofascists, so I concur with what he says here.

Keep up the great work, Ezra! You are doing the right thing! And you are an inspiration to so many of us to join the fight against oppression and tyranny!

Why Doesn't ACLU Do Something About This?

The ACLU hates and targets the Ten Commandments, seeking their removal from public evidence.

So are they going to similarly target these "commandments"?

Don't hold your breath. Expect the ACLU to prove conservaties right with respect to what they say about the ACLU.

Disturbing Terror Attack Instructions Posted Online

Targeting Canada.


A side note: Why don't the "human rights" commissions and folks like Richard Warman, Warren Kinsella and Giacomo Vigna go after these hateful, violently dangerous barbarians, rather than wasting their time hunting, entrapping and taking away the rights of harmless Canadians who simply say things they don't like; things far, far less shocking and ominous than the sort of things the Islamic terrorists say?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Civil Disobedience In China: Thousands Riot Over Girl's Rape, Murder By Son of Communist Official

It's already starting to come apart, the regime the Communist Party wrought. The Communists are losing their grip on the nation as the Chinese People start their uprising against the Communist state apparatus after learning that the son of a Communist official raped and murdered a girl...

Why isn't the mainstream media talking a lot about this? Afraid of offending the Communists?

And... there's even more... here.

Ottawa Rally Celebrates 40 Million Chinese Quitting Communism

David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific, speaks at the rally

This is a big deal. Why aren't we hearing about it in the mainstream media? What, are they afraid of offending the Communists? Why worry about offending Communists? I do it right here on this blog all the time, and can see that they're reading my stuff, as I see visitations from Beijing, where it's supposed to be impossible to view websites such as this one, which promote human rights, liberty, freedom of expression, democracy and criticize the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, it's also possible that ordinary, non-Communist Chinese have found ways to beat the Communists' censorship software and are reading this and many other websites the Communists consider inconvenient.

OTTAWA As resignations from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) nears 40 million, supporters in Ottawa held a rally on Parliament Hill on July 12 to celebrate this milestone in the approach to the end of communism in China.

"Forty million have resigned from the CCP, and that is 40 million steps in a better direction," said David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific.

"If everybody would resign from the CCP, think what a better world this would be. It would give the people of China the opportunity to elect their own leaders, elect people who are honest, who believe that government of, by, and for the people, democracy, is the best form of government," he said.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Democrats In Action In Congress

That guy really needs help. Looks like he's in withdrawal of something. You can see he's got the shakes and that he's even got the munchies real bad, too...

This is what America will get if it continues to elect Democrats.

Big Brother's Eyes Are Everywhere In China

There's hardly any escaping the spies and snitches of the Communist Party in China. They're everywhere.

And they number at least in the hundreds of thousands.

Not only that, that hateful old ideology and statist mode, Maoism, appears to have made a comeback, in that the state has been recruiting ordinary folks to spy on everyone and tell on them for stuff.

Wouldn't you be pissed to learn that your neighbors are spying on you and telling the cops about everything you do that they think might be naughty?

Wearing red armbands with Olympic badges, the volunteers loiter near the entrance gates of their neighbourhood. They scrutinize every visitor and report to the police if they see anyone unfamiliar or suspicious.

The volunteers of Hongxialu are just one cog in a vast machinery of surveillance in Beijing these days. Across the city, a network of 400,000 informants and volunteers has been mobilized to keep an eye out in their communities. The old Maoist system of neighbourhood committees, which had largely fallen into irrelevance in the past decade, is being revived again as a tool of social control.

When the last gold medal has been awarded and the athletes have left, this network of informers – along with an estimated 300,000 surveillance cameras and a strengthened security apparatus – will remain as perhaps the biggest legacy of the historic Beijing Olympics.

In many ways, it is a return to China's past. “The country's labyrinthine network of law-enforcement, censorship and surveillance apparatuses has reimposed a straitjacket over the populace,” says Willy Lam, a political analyst based in Hong Kong.

Oh, dear... I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. Looks like I thought wrong!

Clearly, the Communist Party is maximally paranoid. Those in charge obviously suffer from debilitating mental disorder.

Say, you know, this reminds me of the Liberal Fascists of Canada's "human rights" commissions. The only difference is that they won't blow your head off, won't pull out your fingernails, won't harvest your organs for millions in profit, unlike the bloodthirsty Communists. But the underlying, fundamental mental disorder and delusionality of the Liberal Fascists of Canada and the Communists of China is all too familiar.

China Has Own Islamic Terrorism Problem

The Communists in China have a big headache, too.

My, but how inconvenient for the Communists.

Wonder if the Left will get all pissy-demonstratey if the Communists crack down on the terrorists? After all, Leftists do get their pinko panties wedgied-up when the Free World hunts and captures terrorists... but I guess the mainstream media won't care to tell us about how the Communists deal with the terrorists. I guess the MSM only has a problem with the good guys dealing with bad guys. Like hell the MSM will get mad when bad guys, like the Chinese Communist Party, deal with other bad guys, like terrorists, or even with good guys, no matter how atrociously evil this dealing may be.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Holocaust Continues in China Ahead of Olympics

History repeating itself... shades of Munich...

h/t: Dragon Lady's Den

Meanwhile, the world pretty much remains blissfully ignorant. Why?

I cannot help but come ever closer and closer to condemning "progressives" and the "progressive" movement as "Holocaust Deniers". Why don't they demonstrate that they care? They say they do when strongly prodded individually, but that's it...

I also wish that conservatives would speak up more loudly. And boycott Beijing because of the cleansing the Communists are commiting against the peaceful, honest, tolerant Falun Gong people.

Why is it that people say that just because they aren't hearing about it on the regular, mainstream media, it must not be happening? What, do they have some kind of stubborn, religiously zealous-like faith in the mainstream media? Do they believe that the mainstream media, which is addicted to the almighty buck, just like the Chinese Communist Party, is going to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I can guarantee that the MSM will not.

See also: Why China Worries Me, by the reasonable, to-the-left-of-myself Crain Padayachee.

Time To Crack Down On Gangs

Because they're more powerful than ever.

It's not enough to fight terrorism and creeping Sharia/Islamic supremacism/imperialism. We must fight domestic criminals as well. Besides, it's no secret that criminal organizations have been doing business with terrorist organizations, making for an extra difficult job of cracking down on both.

Criminal organizations are not protected by the Constitution Act, nor by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, plus a case can reasonably be made, as allowed by the Charter, that one can be forbidden by law from belonging to a criminal organization. And prosecuted under the law for simply belonging to a known criminal organization, which is what's really needed to really crack down, meaning we must, yes, throw criminal gangsters in jail (although simple membership ought not lead to lengthy sentences, unless evidence of actual criminal conduct/conspiracy therein is provided to the courts) just for being criminal gangsters. Why not? Leftists believe we can take rights away from (via "human rights commissions") folks who simply express views inconvenient to the Left's agenda, so...

(Librano$ must be getting nervous now that I said that...)

Double Standard on "Hate Crimes" Sentencing Exposed

By Ezra Levant, who's working tirelessly to expose and fight Liberal Fascism, Liberal Fascists and any fascism and fascists he finds that need to be exposed. He's not afraid of them, never deterred, no matter how many of them try to intimidate him with b.s. "defamation" lawsuits, nor nuisance "human rights" complaints without legal/constitutional/Charter basis.

A cranky old coot sets up a phone answering machine that says anti-Semitic things. He's a harmless fool. And he serves nine months in jail.

A Muslim serial criminal beats up a Jewish girl and her friends because she's Jewish. He gets a three month sentence, on top of a few months in remand. He'll be out in a month.

Sounds all too familiar. Geez, it must be really easy to be a Muslim immigrant going around bashing Jewish girls, compared to some grumpy old honky geezer who simply has ugly, brain-scrambled answering machine greetings.

You see, it's hard to take on violent Muslims. It's politically incorrect. It actually takes work -- not just sitting in front of a computer screen. And it's dangerous -- look what happened to Theo van Gogh.

Better to chase after some ageing, impotent Nazis denying the last Holocaust, than the young, violent Muslim radicals planning the next one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok, I'm Back...

Finally got online at my new home. Settling in nicely. My, but my living room looks quite tasteful, and dare I say, almost luxurious! Lots of wood- hardwood floors, wood furniture, black futons, a black leatherette lounger, a couple of green plants, wooden Roman window shades over regular Venetian blinds, indirect lighting, including even LED-type... I seem to have a knack for interior decorating, even though I'm as straight as the razor's edge... don't need no "Queer Eye Guys" paying a visit; they'd probably effeminize the place anyway and act really silly while they go about it. Don't need that... it's a man's apartment. Got man furniture and so on. It's a place to sit back with a beer, eat stuff, watch DVDs, blog, read, fart, sometimes have chicks over, y'know...

Will resume posting probably later in the day....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Even Think About A Carbon Tax, Shawn!

New Brunswick Liberal Premier Shawn Graham, way over on the left (in every sense of the word), is thinking about imposing a carbon tax (pardon my French!) in New Brunswick.

Next-door Premier of Nova Scotia, Rodney MacDonald, a Tory, to his credit, rightly denounces the Librano scheme as a "tax on people". Of course. Only the truly greedlustful, mean-spirited Librano$ would think it's a good idea to make life that much harder for those who simply cannot afford to pay so much more for essentials and who also don't have much, if any, personal income tax to cut to make up for the boosted cost of living with which the Librano$ want to slap us all.

Shawn, you must be a man and tell off your Dionista Librano masters. Don't be a puppet; be a leader. Don't be stupid; be smart.

You, sir, have an option. Choose the right one, not the wrong one.

Should, however, you permit the Dionista Librano$ to tell you how to run New Brunswick, then I'm afraid you'll have made a powerful political enemy. Right now I'm the little-fish-in-the-big-sea Canadian Sentinel. As New Brunswick is a far, far smaller jurisdiction than the entire federation, I believe I'd enjoy far, far greater attention herein as the "New Brunswick Sentinel". Don't make me go there by going there, Shawn. The carbon tax concept isn't a "right thing", believe me, and I can see how it'd devastate not only Canada, but doubly New Brunswick to boot, should everything turn, horrors of horrors, all Liberal red again.

Don't endanger New Brunswick's fragile economy, Premier Graham.

If you do, you gain a powerful political pundit dedicated to taking away your throne and giving it to a real leader instead...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conservatophobe Mayrand As Broken Record

The Toronto (Red) Star again gleefully reports the hostile-to-the-Conservatives-only Marc Mayrand's reassertion that the Conservatives did something naughty, notwithstanding that everyone else has always done the same naughty stuff anyway.

Note the headline chosen by the Red Star, which paints the Conservatives as guilty. It could've said, more accurately, "EC Head Mayrand Repeats Accusation Against Tories", but nope, the Red Star simply has to make it sound to the lazy headlines-only-glancer that the Conservatives have indeed been bad boys and girls. Of course. All far-left MSM outlets rarely miss a chance to manipulate the perceptions and prejudices of the lazy-minded, headline-only-reading public. It's only when one reads the full story, often actually the last paragraph or two, that one realizes what a misleading headline it is with which one was fooled at first. Nice piece of subtle propaganda, Red Star. No wonder most of your rapidly-dwindling readership are cretinous moonbats you've successfully caused to foolishly part with their money.

Elections Canada clearly cannot be trusted anymore. Their suspicious, discriminatory, fascist actions against the Conservatives, coupled with their continuing apparent anti-Conservative bias, renders them without credibility in the eyes of fair-minded Canadians.

Besides, there's a court battle between EC and the CPC, initiated by the CPC. Of course, the Big, Fat Kahuna, Mayrand himself, of EC, is going to use a political opportunity to bash the Conservatives yet again with his unfair accusation and discriminatory treatment of his ideological opponents.

Harsh words, but when it comes to Liberal Fascists, I pull no punches...


The Gitmo Kid's Oscar-Quality Performance

So we've at least heard of Omar Khadr's masterpiece performance in his interview tapes. My, but what a poignant spectacle... a kid crying. Tends to tug on the heartstrings, doesn't it?

Well, before you start to feel sypmathy for this Al Qaeda-linked, Guantanamo-imprisoned, caught-in-the-act-of-illegal-combat "kid", imagine a "kid" of neo-Nazi skinhead orientation putting on a similar bawly act to garner public sympathy and calls for his freedom and return to his own country. Can you imagine yourself feeling sympathy for a weeping skinhead? Me neither. Nor should you feel any sympathy for any associate or member of Al Qaeda, particularly one captured in the act.

A retired U.S. soldier who was ambushed by armed fighters holed up in the mud compound where Omar Khadr was captured said on Tuesday the Canadian deserves to be at Guantanamo Bay.

Sergeant Layne Morris said he had not seen the dramatic interrogation video released by Mr. Khadr's lawyers, in which the young detainee cries for help, but he brushed off the footage as a public relations exercise.

Sgt. Morris said the defence lawyers' strategy seemed to be to win sympathy for their client, and that he found it "troublesome" the public had to be constantly reminded of what Mr. Khadr is alleged to have done six years ago.

"My lasting image of Omar is of him crouched in the rubble waiting for U.S. troops to get close enough so he could take one of them out, and he did that successfully and that is the underlying reason why we're all here in the first place," Sgt. Morris said.

"Omar is not a kid that was just snatched up off the street somewhere and has been wrongly charged and judged unfairly. I think he is precisely where he needs to be. He's earned that stay."

I don't believe youth should excuse anyone from hateful ideology and murder. If it is to be, then the Left must also excuse, for example, white supremacist teens caught killing minorities or hateful teens caught in the act of bashing flamboyant skinny guys they found walking down the street holding one anothers' hands. The Left will have to consider this, too, when considering whether to excuse the hatefulness and murderous violence of Omar Khadr, whose own late father was a comrade of none other than Osama bin Laden and whose family admits to being with Al Qaeda...

If Khadr's fate was left up to the same far-left Quebec judge who freed Karla Homolka without conditions, you can rest assured that the little Islamofascist would be walking freely amongst us just like that! Thank goodness that isn't the case, however. The US Forces is far more intelligent than some far-left "judge" in the most far-left jurisdiction in Canada.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hang In There- I'm Still Here!

Not to worry- I'm still here. There's, however, been some delay in getting internet service at home- I'm waiting for a special modem to be sent via courier so I can go online pretty much wherever I can simply find a power source for the modem, including even in my car (though certainly not while driving, of course- what am I, a moonbat?!). I figure the ISP was out of modems at the time I placed my order and that they should get around to it. Or perhaps some idiot didn't do their job or something like that, in which case I'll be quite displeased, naturally.

In the meantime, enjoy the kitty pic and remember that I'll be back. Believe me- I really can't stay away!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Canada's World Leadership Recognized

That's right. Canada leads the world today!


Of all the leaders, only Stephen Harper - the talented but curiously neglected Canadian prime minister - is able to point to a popular and successful record in office.

Some will regard it as alarming that, in current times, world leadership should rest with Canada. But the Canadian Tories are a model of how to behave during a downturn.

They have kept spending in check and reduced taxes. They are playing their full role in world affairs, notably in Afghanistan.

Rather than canting about saving the world (Mr Harper, in his quiet and courteous way, is a Kyoto-sceptic) they have addressed themselves to curing remediable ills and, above all, to putting their own affairs in order.

If the rest of the world had comported itself with similar modesty and prudence, we might not be in this mess.

Of course, if the Liberals were still in power, Canada probably wouldn't even exist anymore!