Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stephane Dion Plagiarized David Suzuki Foundation

Above: A mug shot taken of Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion, who has been caught being a plagiarizer. Funny he tried to call an innocent man a plagiarizer. Was he projecting his faults onto a political opponent, as is common behavior for those suffering from Leftist Mental Disorder? If only leftists knew that projection doesn't work... one cannot absolve one's guilt by falsely accusing someone else of doing what oneself did.

Desperate and forgetting that he's living in a glass house himself, guilty as sin of plagiarism, Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion has been going around falsely accusing Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper of plagiarizing another Prime Minister's speech. Here's the inconvenient truth about Stephane Dion, the plagiarist! What a hypocrite. And what an asshole for hurling an accusation without knowing whether it's true or not. Soooo desperate!

The speechwriter is the bad boy, not the Prime Minister, and the speechwriter has resigned. PM Harper therefore remains unsmeared by the puffin poop pitched by the pitiful poofter professor. The puffin poop's all on the professor... again! Poor, poor, pitiful, puffin-poopy Stephanie Dee-yawn!

So will the mainstream media pick up on Stephane Dion's plagiarism? I doubt it. They'll protect him instead. Just watch them harp on Harper for stuff he didn't do while looking the other way on Dion's real baddie-boy antics. Or just watch them make a big deal out of the way Harper gives hugs to family members, as if it somehow matters, or is even any of our business. Come on, MSM... tell the voters that Liberal Stephane Dion is a plagiarizer. Because it's newsworthy. What, you don't want to do your job? Ok, then... I just did your job for you. So send me a check for my work.

Canadian Economy Roaring Ahead

Story here.

The Leftist Opposition is trying to fool Canadians into thinking that Canada's economy is faltering, but they're dead wrong.

In fact, the economy is doing very, very well.

Inconvenient truth for the Left, who wanted a recession to try to claim that somehow the Conservatives must've caused it.

Well, we're doing well, and guess what? It's 'cause of the Conservatives! Obviously, they're doing stuff right.

Let's stay the course, then, with the HMCS Conservative under command of Captain Stephen Harper. Full speed ahead! Leave the Librano pirate ship behind, dead in the water with all the mutinying against Captain Lyin' Dion...

Trying crazy stuff like the Liberals' "Green Shift" carbon tax scam would only have a negative effect on the economy, plus no one in their right mind trusts a Liberal when he says he'll balance tax hikes and cuts so as to not increase government revenues at all. And so what if they'd have the Auditor General or whatever determine whether they're keeping their word? They didn't keep their word on the GST, either, and no one could force them to keep their word. The Auditor General, after all, can only investigate, report and recommend, and cannot force the government to do anything at all. Besides, they've openly mused about raising the GST! How would they pay for the dozens of billions of dollars worth of bizarre promises they made on the fly during the campaign and before? They'd have to raise taxes, go into deficit, break their promises or perhaps all of the above! Not worth the risk!

The NDP would raise corporate taxes... can you say "layoffs galore"?

Clearly, the Left has reverted to its tax-and-spend ways of the olden days. Remember Bob Rae, the guy who's falsely accusing the Prime Minister of plagiarism, whereas the truth is that the speechwriter is the naughty party? As NDP Premier, Bob Rae really screwed up Ontario with the massive tax increases, massive overspending and monstrously gargantuan deficits and debt accumulation. Now he's one of the Liberals and even a leader-wannabe... who believes he's changed his stripes? Not me, for the Liberals aren't "centrist", and, in fact, are really as leftist as the NDP, albeit less openly so. No wonder there's talk about the Liberals and NDP merging. Might as well add to the mix the Greens, the Communist Party, the Marijuana Party, The Sex Party, Hezbollah... they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, you see...

Please, don't turn left and ruin everything we've gained. Why shoot the country in the foot by going back to the Big, Fat, Red Menace, the Liberals? Canadians aren't suicidal, after all.

Desperate Librano$ Spew Malicious Lies, Smears Against Conservatives

Two elitist, out-of-touch-with-reality, isolated-from-the-real-world, ivory-tower egghead leftists: Michael Ignatieff, the hidden-agenda, Machiavellian leader-wannabe, and hapless "leader" Stephane Dion of the Liberals

Story here. ht: National Newswatch

No wonder the Liberals are throwing so much puffin poop these days. They must be going completely bonkers, utterly, totally moonbatshit seeing that the NDP of Wacko Taliban Jacko Lay-it-on is poised to, for the first time ever, replace them as Official Opposition.

I'm addressing the lunatic rantings of the desperate, panicky, lying-like-crazy Librano$ here...

Deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff warned business leaders in Toronto on Monday that Stephen Harper would lead the country into an "economic crisis" if he returns to government.

Did he even start to try to make any case to back up his accusation? No?

Ok then. Neither need I. So I say that if the Liberals come back to power, they'll spend like they did during the Trudeau era and devastate the economy, the Treasury, throw millions out of work, raise taxes...

Now here's where he gets slanderous:

He said a Conservative government would make cuts to health care and pensions, would "devastate" the middle class and make Canada unrecognizable.

Hoo-boy. Ok, then. Since we're not offering any proof of claims we make, aren't going to bother to make our cases, I'll say:

The Liberals would raise taxes massively, impose dozens of billions of dollars worth of wasteful, worthless Big Government spending and programs. They'd destroy the health care system, take away our pensions, take away our human rights, abolish our national defence and security institutions, devastate the middle and lower classes, and return to their agenda of turning Canada into an oppressive, communistic, Islamic kalifate, handing over our land to our enemies to oppress and tyrannize us all. They'll also impose polygamous marriage. They'll impose Sharia Law. The list of fascist stuff they'd do is infinite, so, moving on...

The Liberal plan, meanwhile, would provide "sound money, balanced budgets, low taxes and personal responsibility."

Yeah, sure. And Michael Jackson would make an excellent, morally-pure Scout leader. And "Palestine" will stop being hatefully evil, intolerant and murderously violent. And Vladimir Putin will stop pushing the world to the brink of nuclear warfare.

"They know there's a party at the centre, at the centre of Canadian life, it's called the Liberal Party of Canada. And when they see that party occupying the centre, pushing them off from the right, pushing them off from the left, they vote for us."

Oh, what a big pile of stowed puffin poop! We know that the Liberals aren't "centrist". They're on the ultra-far extreme Left-wing fringes, right there with the Nudies, Greenies, Potheads, the Sex Party, the Communist Party, the Bum-Bouncing Party... their extremely Left-wing behavior during their final thirteen years as a government is all the proof we need that they're Leftist! And their behavior since losing power indicates that they're as Leftist as Leftist can be! No wonder Leftist voters are switching over to other Leftist parties from the Liberals. Too bad they are in denial that they're Leftist, calling the Left the "center".

Is there any doubt that the Liberals are heavily delusional?

Who wants delusional extremists to run their country for them? Only delusional extremists! And, since there's lots of them out there, the Liberals will still get a few votes, though many of their old supporters will be voting for other Loony-Left fringe parties.

Actually, we Conservatives are now laughing at the Liberals.

'Economic/Fiscal Mismanagement' Smear Totally False: Surplus Recorded

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

The Leftist Opposition's accusation that the Conservatives have "mismanaged" the economy and the country's finances is demonstrably completely false.

We are in surplus.

So far this fiscal year, 2008-09, Ottawa has posted a surplus of $2.9 billion, which is ahead of Finance forecast of $2.3 billion but down 57 per cent from last year due to lower revenue from corporate tax and the GST (which was lowered this past January to five per cent from six per cent).

There is no recession. And the tax cuts proved a good idea. Perhaps they prevented a recession.

The Left would rather raise taxes and cause one!
So that they could impose more social programs as a means of providing Leftist voters their comfort food, thus making them dependent on the party that imposed the social program. Eww! Dependence on the state! How degrading! How communist!

Jobs are being created. Overall, net. Sure, some jobs went, but others were created to more than make up for those losses. Nothing unusual about some jobs being lost and others being created; it happens all the time, it's a fact of life, is inevitable... too bad the Left doesn't understand this! Why can't they understand the concept of more jobs being created than were lost? Don't they remember that some jobs were lost, too, during the Liberal regime? Do they think that not a single job should be lost, and that if just one is lost, then that means that the government somehow did something wrong? Stupid Leftists!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dion Claims He'll "Protect Womens' Rights"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Hear the violins?

The so-called, and non-existent, "right to choose" to murder babies by torturing them to death, tearing them apart piece by piece... alive. That's all the "rights" Stephane Dion and the Liberals will ever "protect". Speaking in code again.

As for the other rights, well, may I remind Canadian voters that Stephane Dion, the Liberal Leader, was part of a thirteen-year Liberal regime, with a majority in both houses, and didn't do anything to even grant equal rights to Aboriginal women!

Why not?

Is he a racist and sexist?

How can one logically think otherwise?

The only party who truly cares about equal rights for everyone is the Conservative Party. And they've proven it.

It's a Big Lie to call the murder of innocent human beings by torture a "right to choose". One of the Biggest Lies ever told. So evil.

Don't be fooled by the Big Liar. He could care less about equal rights for all. His real goal is to appease his intolerant, extremist supporters by gaining power. Let's hope he, and the Liberals, will never, never come to power. Canada doesn't want any intolerant extremism; too risky.

Only fools believe that Liberals sincerely care about protecting our existing rights. They keep taking them away whenever they're in power.


Flanked by female supporters, Dion added that the Conservatives have done little to protect women's rights. Twenty per cent of Tory candidates are women, while the Liberals are running 112 female candidates.

Eh? Where's the logic in that? Sheesh! How the hell is it "protecting womens' rights" by denying the riding membership their democratic right to decide who will represent their party in the election? What, doesn't Stephane Dion think the People are qualified to pick the most qualified candidate, regardless of gender? What an insult to women! The message it sends is all wrong: That women can't get elected on merit, are unworthy of democratic nomination; therefore Stephane Dion must "appoint" them as tokens to artificially enhance his Left-wing electoral optics!

What an illogical dumb-dumb! I thought he was supposed to be fecking smart? Yeah, right! And the Liberal women? Why do they agree with and support this stupid asshole? Guess they don't care about womens' rights, either... probably seduced by the prospect of money... sell-outs, vendus, traitors to their fellow women everywhere!

It's really sexism/insulting, degrading tokenism. And racism (Aboriginal women will not have equal rights under a Liberal government. They didn't, during the thirteen years of the last Liberal regime!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mysterious Deadly Cargo Killing Hijackers Of Iranian Ship

The pirates who hijacked the Iranian military cargo ship, which had last docked in China, and was en-route to Rotterdam to deliver "industrial products" to a "German client", are dying, one by one.


Story here.

Somali pirates who have taken over a Iranian merchant ship laden with a mysterious cargo have suffered skin burns, lost hair and fallen gravely ill “within days” of boarding the MV Iran Deyanat. Reports are also stating that several have died.

Clearly, it sounds like the Iranian cargo vessel was carrying lethally dangerous cargo from China. En route to Europe.

To me, the symptoms reported being suffered by the pirates make me deduct that the cargo is radioactive. EXTREMELY radioactive. As if it were nuclear-weapons-grade material.

The ship is owned and operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, or IRISL, a state-owned company run by the Iranian military.

According to the US Treasury Department, the IRISL regularly falsifies shipping documents to hide the identity of end users, uses generic terms to describe shipments and operates under various covers to circumvent United Nations sanctions.

The ship set sail from Nanjing, China, at the end of July. According to its manifest, it was heading for Rotterdam where it would unload 42500 tons of iron ore and “industrial products” purchased by a German client.


Britsh Conservatives Will Ban Sharia Law If Elected

British Conservative Leader David Cameron, above, and below.

The British Conservatives will abolish Sharia Law if elected government.

A TOUGH package is being drawn up by David Cameron to tackle Islamic extremism. One of the key proposals is to ban sharia law courts from operating in this country.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Mr Cameron’s security adviser, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, said the Tories were determined to “integrate” British Muslims into mainstream society.

Must integrate! Must be equal! Must obey the same laws and codes of conduct as everyone else has to! Let no one be special, nor superior! No preferential treatment, no special rights, no special, exclusive laws for anyone!

Lady Neville-Jones, a former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee which advises the Prime Minister on terrorism, said: “We are not going to have any status for sharia courts. Absolutely not.”

Outlining the Tories’ wider plans for tackling Islamic extremism, she added: “We will be tough. We will be really tough on the men of violence and those who lead them to violence. That’s the real gap between us and the Government at the moment.”

She said the party would abandon the “blind alley of multiculturalism, which has deliberately gone down the road of separation for its own sake. We want unity and opportunity, despite difference, through integration.”

Thank goodness! Someone will stand up to those terrible Islamofascists! Someone refuses to submit!

The Sunday Express approves of the Conservatives' stance.

Of course, the submissive-to-evil, dhimmi Left will not understand, as they've chosen a course of denial and delusion, unable to handle the inconvenient truth of Islamization, as they can't reconcile their worship of the religion of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism with the need to defend their human rights and their country from those whose agenda is to take them away and replace them with Islam/Islamism... they just don't want to think, don't want to make the mental effort to understand, so they'll call the Conservatives all sorts of horrible names, bringing a smile to the Islamofascists' faces...

Make no mistake, Islamization is a clear and present danger to our human rights, our free, democratic countries and our way of life.

We can't all have what we want... we must integrate into the society as a whole, cannot impose our ideology on the majority against their will. When we start to let minorities impose on us, then what we have is a dictatorship of the minority, not a democracy based on freedom, the rule of law and civil rights.

We wouldn't let the Nazis take over our countries from within, by stealth, would we? Letting the Islamists take over is no different. This is what people must understand. After all, the Islamists were onside with the Nazis, literally part of the Nazi forces as soldiers, in WWII, fighting against the Allies, fighting... Britain. The Islamists' ideology and agenda hasn't changed one bit and, in fact, they've expanded in power and influence and number... worldwide. That they got the Leftist Labour government in Britain to submit to their demands to be allowed to have the laws they wanted, not the laws of Britain... is just one example of their ability to get what they want from those who fear them, fear the consequences of saying "no" to their demands.

ht: The Center for Vigilant Freedom

China's Hatefully Evil Exploitation of Blacks In Africa

Why isn't this being talked about a whole lot, every day, incessantly, in the mainstream media?

Isn't it a calamity? Or is stuff like "gay marriage" and its probable imposition without democratic consent too important, as something to pursue and push for, to the far-left and to phony leftist "human rights" activists to bother to care about the plight of poor, downtrodden, slave-laboring Black Africans at the hands of the evil Chinese Communist Party? Why does the Left keep on looking the other way when it comes to the evil that non-Free World nations do? Why does the Left think that the Free World, with all its human rights and everything so wonderful, is somehow evil and must be fought, opposed, etc., whereas the non-Free World isn't, and can be excused no matter what horrific ways it treats innocents? Is the Left actually a mass-brainwashed organization of pawns of foreign evil entities?

Many perish as their primitive mines collapse on them, or are horribly injured without hope of medical treatment. Many are little more than children. On a good day they may earn $3, which just supports a meagre existence in diseased, malarial slums.

We had been earlier to this awful pit, which looked like a penal colony in an ancient slave empire.

Defeated, bowed figures toiled endlessly in dozens of hand-dug pits. Their faces, when visible, were blank and without hope.

We had been turned away by a fat, corrupt policeman who pretended our papers weren't in order, but who was really taking instructions from a dead-eyed, one-eared gangmaster who sat next to him.

This is because of the imperialism of the Chinese Communist Party.

Why are we doing business with a regime, China, led by such a horrific government? The terrible things the Communists are doing just keep adding up, up, up... The CCP is, for all intents and purposes, a real-life version of an astonishingly evil entity in a Clive Barker horror novel.

The Chinese Communist Party may well end up behaving like the Imperial Japanese did and, as a result, would suffer the same fate. We're only helping them out towards this eventuality by doing business with them, providing them with so much cash with which to amass their military might and weapons of mass destruction with which to wage international warfare.

US Taking 'October Surprise' Terror Threat Seriously, Pursuing AQ In Pakistan

Story here. ht: National Terror Alert

The Pentagon has ordered that raids on suspected terrorist targets within Pakistan be stepped up to pressurise al-Qaeda leaders and distract them from preparing attacks on American targets elsewhere.

"The aim is to disrupt their scope for planning and keep their leaders on the move so that it is more difficult for them to co-ordinate complicated plots," a senior US intelligence official told The Sunday Telegraph.

The operations launched from neighbouring Afghanistan have led to sharply increased tensions with Pakistan's armed forces since President George W.Bush recently authorised assaults involving "boots on the ground" without prior approval by Pakistan's government, a supposed US ally.


"Their goal would not be to influence the election but merely to send a message that they are still a force to be reckoned with," the official said. "They know that a successful attack in the election season will have maximum impact, and they want to give the new president the jitters."

Liberals Make Misleading, Defamatory Statement About Tory Candidate

Story here. ht: National Newswatch

The Liberals have wrongfully accused a Conservative candidate of calling ALL refugees "criminals and terrorists".

They're deliberately twisting and distorting, taking the actual words out of context.

What was, in fact, said was:

“… the refugee program is intended for humanitarian reasons, is now a warm bed by criminals and terrorists.”

That's a translation from Chinese. The fact that it's a translation, and apparently a literal one at that, doesn't faze the Liberals. They'll "read-in" whatever they want, just like the judges they put in place to pursue the Far-Left extremist agenda. They'll grab onto it and try to use it, as they always do. Despite the fact that there's nothing "shocking" said by the Tory candidate.

In fact, it is true that the refugee program does attract foreign criminals and terrorists, precisely because it's too weak, too lax, to catch such individuals misrepresenting themselves as "refugees" whereas their real agenda is crime and terrorism. There's no secret about that. It's a fact, and the Tory candidate is simply stating that fact. The context is that the refugee program must be tightened so as to better filter out criminals and terrorists pretending to be refugees.

Leave it to the astonishingly mentally-disordered left-wing Liberals to misread and misinterpret what is said or written. No one has ever said that ALL refugees are bogus claimants, criminals, terrorists. All that was pointed out was that, yes, some people claiming to be refugees are lying, as they want to use the refugee program to enter Canada for hostile purposes. That's all.

The Liberals know this, but they deny it openly. They just want to make the Conservatives look bad by grossly distorting words spoken or written so as to make them sound bad.

All the quotations attributed to the Tory candidate by the Liberals... I agree with them. They're true. Not "shocking". It's just that Leftists like the Liberals and their supporters find such statements inconvenient to their radically extreme left-wing agenda. Here we go again with ultra-far left-wing extremists, the Liberals, trying to falsely paint their opponents as something bad, shocking, terrible, you name it, just because their opponent spoke the inconvenient truth about some serious problems in Canada for which the Liberals themselves are responsible.

What a poor, poor, pitiful attempt at a smear on the part of the Liberals. They're no better now than a crappy blogger!

The Liberals are grasping at straws.

Besides, no one need take any lessons from the Liberals.

Their defamatory attack on the Tory candidate smacks of the infamously rampant Liberal Christianophobia. Liberals, being leftists, never miss an opportunity to attack Christians.

They could be considered, if one uses their special leftist "logic", as attacking the candidate also on the basis of race and sex. They're racist, sexist! They're mean-spirited and intolerant. They're backwards. They want to take Canada back to the olden days, destroying our economy by taxing the hell out of everything. They're stupid and insane.

The Liberal Party must go away.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Needs Our Money

This needs our money. Situations like this cry out for funding to deal with the dangerous problems. In this case, we can't have organized criminal gangs taking over our airports. For if they succeed with airports, they'll move laterally to take over everything else, pretty much like the Left already has. And the Left will let them take their place. Let's boost security/law enforcement funding and funding for incarceration to prevent scumbag baddies from roaming free to do it all over again.


The "arts" don't need our money. The far-left, Liberal-boosting CBC doesn't need our $1.1 billion a year.

The "Court Challenges Program" (CCP), which the Liberals promise not only to reestablish, but to double (or is it triple) the funding therfor, is actually a clever, stealthy mechanism for the Far Left to have allegedly regular folks with allegedly legitimate grievances take ultra-far-left-wing matters to the courts... on our dime. Far-Left activist judges hear the "cases" and the end result is things like the imposed redefinition of marriage and maybe eventually Sharia Law, which we saw happen in Britain already (wait for it- the public stonings, floggings, hangings, beheadings, for little misdemeanors). This doesn't beg our funding at all. Extremists who want to transform society can do so either out of their own pockets or out of the pockets of donors or wealthy Left-wingers with an agenda to impose their own private beliefs on Canada and Canadians. Don't let the Liberals start this crap all over again! Personally, I wish we had an "ideal world" in which it were possible to outlaw the Far Left and outlaw affiliation therewith!

There's literally billions and billions of tax dollars being wasted on things the Far Left wanted and got from the Liberals when they ruled (may they never rule again!). Let's take those billions and apply them were they're needed. Why not; Canadians are, according to polls, in a consensus that we need what we need and don't need what we don't need.

We must better communicate the imperatives to the public. People must be presented with the stark choices as to what to do with the limited amount of tax dollars available for investment. When they see that things like the CBC and the CCP (funny how that has the same acronym as the Chinese Communist Party!!!) for what they really are, Far-Left crap, they'll vote for the party they think will abolish such expensively wasteful extremist make-work/social-reengineering centers. They'll then demand that what badly requires funding, in order to protect, for example, their right to security and safety of the person, be fully funded instead.

Add your indications of what really needs our money... in the comments, if you wish.

Oh, and any additional health care financing increases must be, by law, untouchable by greedy unions striking to have these additional funds added to their paychecks. The money is needed to train and hire thousands of doctors, especially specialists who can quickly, properly diagnose and prescribe treatment (which is supposed to be available quickly but usually isn't, thanks to Leftist-style rationing). Might as well build new hospitals where warranted. They don't have to be full-sized hospitals, necessarily, but could be specialist hospitals for high-demand treatments for which people are waiting too long. We could also expand the emergency rooms to alleviate the inhumane gridlock therein. Whatever it takes to make it all work, we must do, notwithstanding the "Canada Health Act", an obsolete document created for purely political purposes, which isn't really helping us get medical assistance very well.

The Far Left wants billions and billions for what they want. They don't care about what everyone needs most of all; they care mostly about their own personal comfort and ideology and could care less about society as a whole. So don't listen to the selfish, entitlist Left-wing whiners whose interests lie with only themselves.

Redirect our tax dollars to things that require it, like national defence and security, health care, law enforcement, etc., not things that leftists just want.

If there's any "hidden agenda" on our part, it's to do the right thing, the very thing that the average person knows has to be done, and indicates so in properly-asked polls. On the other hand, the Leftist parties' hidden agenda is to do all the wrong things to please their radically extreme supporters.

ANOTHER Bus Stabbing In Canada!

Story here. ht: Bourque

The stabber has a name: Aden Ahmed.

What's this, the third bus stabbing, at least? Or fourth... what if there've been other bus stabbings and we weren't told of them? I swear, I'm already starting to lose count!

What the hell? Why, all of a sudden, this crisis of knife attacks on buses in Canada?

What's going on?

Regardless... one thing is for sure: Violent criminals must be locked up for a long, long, long time, as opposed to being told to "don't do it again" and pretty much let loose to go and "do it again".

Lock up Aden Ahmed for a long time. Rehabilitation? Are you delusional? There is NO "rehabilitation"! There simply isn't any; it's a Big Lie told by closet communists who want there to be violence in Canada. The Far Left wants violent criminals to roam free, not be "rehabilitated" or "treated", because they know that even under left-wing governments, there's no such thing.

Lock the scumbags up!

Send a message: If you hurt people, you're going behind bars for a very long time!

Send a message to would-be scumbags: Think twice. Do you want to go to jail for a long, long time?

If you don't help elect a Conservative majority, you will be one of the blameworthy when we see another roaming-free violent criminal commiting terrible violence in society because the brainless far left didn't want to see him behind bars. Oh, those leftists... they love violence, carnage, catastrophe, death, destruction... feck them; we're going to have to build new prisons to remind bad people of what will happen to them if they dare to do bad things to others!

Down with violent scumbags! Tell the mentally-disordered, morally-barren, ultra-far-extremist left to STFU!

They don't care how many people die, do they? They'll never "get it". Because they're addicted to being stupider than hell and crazier than crazy! Sheesh... leftists really piss me off. They need "sensitivity training", in which they're told how to think and to stop thinking that bad equals good and wrong equals right and so on. That's right; when people demonstrate leftist mental disorder, force them into "sensitivity training". Of course... after all, it was the Left who invented "sensitivity training". Ok, Liberals, New Democrats, Greens, Blocks.... you're required to report for sensitivity training. If you refuse, you will be punished. We can't have people going around saying we have to put up with people who stab us, shoot us, beat us up, rape us, invade our homes, tell us to submit to their ideas, hijack our planes, etc...

People are fed up with the free-for all violence-fest enjoyed by scumbag baddies. People are fed up hearing the Left say we "can't lock them up", providing invalid, false excuses and telling us big lies about "rehabilitation".


Friday, September 26, 2008

Liberals' 'Green Shift' NOT 'Revenue Neutral': Mutinious Liberal

Another Liberal with a big mouth has opened it. Cue the violins to annoy the already frustrated Lyin' Stephane Dion and make Michael "Puffin Poop" Ignatieff look even more murderously furious than usual. While Skinny-Dippin' Boob Ray simply shows us his bunny teeth, trying to figure out something leftist to say.

ht: National Newswatch

This plan is not “revenue-neutral”. Seriously, when are taxes “revenue-neutral”? I guess that’s some pretty good weed they’ve got going around Liberal policy conventions as of late. They come out with nice ideas, just not ones that are practical and can be easily sold to voters (well, I suppose they could be if they were more up front about what the policy entails).

And the Liberals had just made another of their own walk the plank for being a hateful anti-Semite! Wanna bet that they'll poke this latest dumbass's butt with a cutlass and tell 'im to "walk"?

Poor, poor, pitiful Captain Stephane Dion. Mutiny on the Bad Ship Librano! Even the Librano$$ are all defeatist now, speaking out, indicating that they know they're royally screwed, ain't gonna git back behind the till!

Yo, ho, ho... An' a bottle o' rum!

And the MSM thinks the Conservatives have the most problems with brainfarting bigmouths? They can't even hold a torch to the mutinous Librano pirates!

William Bligh must be thinking, "Y'know, even I didn't have it that bad!"

And if that weren't bad enough news for the Lyin' Captain Dion...

Liberals Totally Screwed: Poll

OTTAWA - Support for the federal Liberal party is crumbling, so much so that the New Democratic Party appears to have a realistic chance of forming the official Opposition, according to a new poll commissioned for Canwest News Service and Global National.

Wacko Taliban Jacko Layton beating the pants off of Professor Poopypants? Funny, I don't see pigs flying, so I guess it's not all that surprising, as both the Nudies and Librano$$$ are basically two pees in the ultra-far-left-wing extremist pod.

Thirty-nine per cent of the respondents said they would vote Conservative, about the same number as a similar poll a week ago. Just 23 per cent of respondents said they would vote Liberal, a drop of four percentage points in a week while 18 per cent would pick the NDP, a gain for that party of three percentage points.

Support for the Green party also climbed in the week, by two percentage points up to 11 per cent.

In the 2006 federal election, the Conservatives received 36 per cent of the popular vote compared to 30 per cent for the Liberals, 17 per cent for the NDP and five per cent for the Greens.

Looks like the Far Left is now badly splintered. It's headless-chicken time for the Left!

The Liberals? No pity for them. They did it all to themselves, the crooks! Oh, and they're also stupider than hell. Their platform looks like a crappy university-course project by a distracted, unmotivated, unfocussed, last-minute-toiling D-minus student.

Oh, and thanks to the big-mouthed Librano, I believe the police should investigate whether the Liberals smoke weed at their conventions. Smoking weed might help explain their mental disorder.

Jihadists Stopped Before Takeoff

The incidents keep piling up. The terrorism we're now seeing all over the world that reminds us of the pre-9/11 period.

The attack on the US Embassy in Yemen. The bombing of the hotel in Pakistan. The increased terrorist chatter, the intercepted directions to sleeper cells. The expert analysis coming fast and furious, warning of an "October Surprise". The indications from terror leaders that it's coming soon.

Here's the latest incident.

German police arrested two terrorist suspects on board a Dutch airliner Friday, minutes before it was due to take off from Cologne-Bonn airport for Amsterdam. A police spokesman said a Somali man aged 23 and a 24-year-old German born in Mogadishu were escorted off the KLM Flight 1804 at 6:55 am (0455 GMT).

The two men had been under observation for several months. A search of their apartment had turned up farewell letters in which they declared their readiness to die in a jihad or holy war, the police spokesman said.


The arrests came a day after police appealed to the public to help track down two missing Islamists, one of them a German convert, who were suspected of membership in a terrorist group called the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), often described as a successor to al-Qaeda.

Police said they were pursuing about 20 leads related to Eric Breininger, a 21-year-old German, and Houssain al-Malla, a 23-year-old Lebanese, were last seen in the zone along the Pakistan-Afghan border. Police suspect they might have secretly returned to Germany.

"Islamic Jihad Union". Guess we'll be hearing more about that. Successor to al-Qaeda, eh? What's the difference? Islamic jihadists, they're all the same, and their common motivation is Islam. I'd say there's no need to worry about affiliation; just worry about whether they demonstrate the jihadist ideology and the intent to carry it out. After all, they're not all affiliated/organized. Some, in fact, are lone jihadists acting according to the ideology, not necessarily on direct orders.

Read Also:

'Terrorists believe now is time to strike America'

The "war on terror" theme has receded during the 2008 election battle as the Wall Street economic crisis is raising alarms across the nation, but author Brigitte Gabriel, an expert on terrorism, is warning that for Americans not to pay attention to the threat – and act now – the future will include a price tag no one wants to pay.

"Some [terrorists] are talking that this is the time to strike, while America is down," she said during an hourlong interview with KSFO's Barbara Simpson that addresses Gabriel's new book, "They Must Be Stopped.

She warned that war with radical Islam is inevitable and, "Things have not gotten any better since Sept. 11, 2001."

"Look across the globe," Gabriel said. "We see the rise of Islamofascism faster than [any time] in the past 30 years. … We are seeing capitulation to Muslim demands. The Western public is at the tipping point. We're heading in the wrong direction. We must wake up very soon and start resisting."


Hamas is here. ... They have cells in over 40 states. ... We also need to reform our immigration and visa programs. We need to monitor who is coming into our country and why. ... We need to increase human intelligence. … I want everyone who fits the terrorist profile to be profiled. We have men between the ages of 16 and 40 who have committed terrorist acts around the world in the name of Islam. They are not little old ladies from Ohio with blue hair. They are not children going to Disney World on their Easter vacation," she said.

There's also the reminder that the enemy wants the Democrats (and particularly Barack Obama, whose ties to radical Islamists aren't being dug up and reported by the MSM, who has been delighted to find anything and everything, no matter how insignificant or even false, against Sarah Palin) to win the Presidential election. What does the enemy know about Barack Obama's hidden agenda for America that the MSM isn't daring to look into, much less dare to tell the People about?

It's been all good stuff about Obama which the MSM has reported. They're giving this extremist-associated candidate a free ride, unlike their treatment of the anti-enemy Republicans.

Is the MSM aiding and abetting the enemy in its refusal to look for the inconvenient truth about Barack Obama?

Is Obama a "Manchurian Candidate"? Those in the know, those who aren't ignorant leftists, know why I'm asking this question. I've blogged about the many, many disturbing associations of Obama with those who are anti-American, anti-liberty... associations the MSM refuses to even look at, afraid of the inconvenient truth... or covering it up, fully aware and consenting thereabout?

Lunatic Left-wing Photographer Doctors Shocking, Hateful Images of McCain

Story here. ht: Bourque

I wonder if there wouldn't be a larger outrage if she had done that to Barack Obama?

More proof that "progressivism" is a mental disorder.

She should've seen the ensuing consequences coming. However, it bears mentioning that something called "Artmix" is rewarding her for her detestable extremism. Wonder if they'd reward someone for depicting Barack Obama as a bloodthirsty pedophile Islamist sawing off someone's head? What the hell is "Artmix"? Another useful-idiot communist agitation/cultural-uglification agency?

Those loony leftist clowns... anyone who agrees with them has a mental disorder, too.

Canadian Press Fails To Mention Liberal Who Incited Murder Against Aboriginals

Read this article, which discusses the brainfarts of various party candidates.

Now, notice that it didn't mention the Liberal who was booted from candidacy for his recommendation that the army should've wiped out the Mohawks at Oka.

Or didn't you hear about that?

Blame the Mainstream Media.

And the Conservatives, who haven't been mentioning this most shocking of all asshats, the Liberal who wants Mohawks dead. What's the matter, Tory war room? It's a nuke bomb! Drop it on the Liberals! They're dropping everything they have on us! Puffin poop isn't going to cut it! Finish the hateful, racist, murder-inciting Liberal bastards off with the nuke bomb! Make Canadians think Liberals are murder-minded racists so they won't vote Liberal! Fair's fair! Liberals=Murderous Racists!

I'm astonished that the media and the Tories aren't talking about that scary Liberal and aren't linking it to the Liberals as a Party, as would be fair to do, as the Liberals do it to us whenever one of ours has a stupid brainfart (but never anything as shocking as what the Liberal said!).

The NDP, Greens and Bloc are also guilty of intolerance, bigotry, hatred, you name it. They've been exposed, though not nearly enough! Expose them, too!!! Make Leftists realize that the Left is the most racist, most dangerous ideology and that they, if they're sure they're not racists themeslves, must leave the Left!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jihad Directives Posted Online: October Attack?

Story here.

This follows recent Al-Qaeda-style terror attacks, such as the one on the US Embassy in Yemen and the hotel in Pakistan. And plenty of heightened jihadist "chatter".

And all this in addition to what's going on already in terms of ominous conventional military buildup activity.

Russian warships have docked at Syria and Venezuela and have been sent to the Caribbean. Ten thousand Syrian troops have amassed on the Lebanese border. This follows Russia's imperialist, unprovoked invasion, destruction and occupation of Georgia, with apparently deliberate civilian targeting. Not to mention the daily, ominous rhetorical propaganda coming out of Moscow. No doubt, the Cold War is off the back burner, with Russia having strategically rebuilt, regrouped and rearmed, ironically with our money, the ungrateful evil empiricists, proving they can never be trusted again.

I belive that Russia and Al Qaeda are somehow working in concert as a loose, coordinated Axis, in the name of common interest against those they've decided to make their enemies.

Russia would find it convenient to launch imperialist combat operations at a time when the Free World is reeling from massive Islamist attacks. Such a scenario is obviously attractive to the Evil Empire. Darth Vladimir must be salivating like the dog he is.

Let's hope nothing happens, but it's definitely proper to be informed about the threat environment so as to be prepared.

Keep your eyes open.

Be prepared to roll if necessary.

Keep the enemy looking over his shoulder. A nervous enemy is a more mistake-prone, less effective enemy.

To the enemy: You are being watched. By whom, you'll never know. We could be anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Hefner Proves Self Sexist Pig

Playboy bigwig Hugh Hefner has decided to join the rest of the far-left in attempting to discredit, degrade, tarnish, smear Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin, the Governor of Arkansas.

I think old Huey's brain needs some of the little blue pills he takes for his (reputedly very) worn-out Johnny Rocket.

Hefner tells OK! magazine, "Palin would make a great centerfold. I don't know what it is, but there's something about a really sexy-looking woman wearing glasses. Imagine what she's like when those glasses come off. It would be a new definition of the word vice in vice president."

Now, what's wrong with that? In and of itself, Huey's statement is innocent, the usual dirty-old-man comment about a lovely lady for which the Hef's so famous.

But the problem is that we don't hear the publishers of magazines like Playgirl saying they'd like to see any of the male politicians bareassed in their magazines. Not that anyone would want to see John McCain's bare ass anyway.

I think that the optics of Hefner thusly piping up during the campaign will actually offend some conservatives who might currently subscribe to his magazine (I know, it's not a very conservative thing to do, but, hey, who's perfect, who hasn't any little vices, and, besides, at least they're not behaving like Billy Clintoon does!) and lead to cancelled subscriptions and lost profits.

Sheesh. What do you expect from some dirty-minded old curmudgeon who sits around the house in a housecoat and slippers, smoking a pipe all the time? I mean, that guy, he's not normal. It's a mystery to me how on earth he attracts all those lovely ladies in the first place. Must be the big, fancy house, the famous cool "grotto" and all the money floating around, I guess... can't be Huey himself!

Besides, Ms. Palin, I don't believe, would have much more to do with Hefner and his business than she'd have to do with Billy Clintoon and his. Ms. Palin is a conservative, and, besides, she's already got a hubby to whom neither Billy nor Huey can hold a candle. Nobody needs to show off their boobies, muffin or Johnny Rocket to prove anything to anybody. Leave that stuff up to bimbos on the left, like Pamela "Suck it!" Anderson, whose boobies ain't real anyway, and are probably currently Pair Number 478. In fact, I'd pick Sarah over Pam any day, 'cause Sara's a real woman whereas Pam only tries in vain, only to have it all blow up in her face (yep, those silly things have actually practically blown up in her face, once, in fact, in a restaurant... fakies not cool, Pammie, and you can "suck it" yourself, honey! Oh, wait... you did; that's right... you even made one of those "funny home videos" of yourself doing that, you naughty little leftist bimbo!).

Sarah Palin is an "ideal woman". My kind of woman. I don't think Hugh Hefner would know the difference, as he's just an old boob in a housecoat looking at fake boobs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Artists" Still Whining Over Loss Of Some Perceived Entitlements

Here they go again. Whiners and complainers. Isn't it annoying?

ht: National Newswatch

They want our money!

They claim that arts and culture cannot possibly survive unless the government takes our money and gives it to them.

Who are they to tell us what is art and what is culture? The arrogance!

You know, crap as art is one of the goals of communism in the free world. Here it is, from the Congressional Record, number 23 on the list:

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."

Need I say more? There are "artists" out there whose agenda is to push gross bullcrap at us, telling us that "this is art", "this is Canadian culture", "this is Canadian identity", "this tells our stories", while demanding we pay them to do it. WTF?!

Granted, not all artists are like this; not all artists are communists without any talent. There are certainly real artists, no doubt.

But they're telling us: "Give ALL of us your money! Don't "censor" any of us, no matter what; we are the ones who determine what's what about Canada, not you!" Sheesh... they equate not being paid to being "censored". What imbeciles!

Such arrogance. Such contemptible whining.

The bums uptown are actually less annoying to me than these "artists"!

I'm voting for the Conservatives, who have already demonstrated that crap masquerading as art will not be funded. Pornography and other inappropriate/obscene stuff won't be taxpayer-funded any more. No tax dollars, either, for violence, expressions of hatred, ideological extremism disguised as "culture", etc.

The artists are just hurting themselves by demanding that any and all art be funded by the state. Sorry, artists, but with that attitude, you may well one day find Canadians demanding that not one more cent go to you whining entitlists who don't want to get a real job in the private sector! I don't want there to be a "civil service" comprised of folks doing such silly nonsense as pooping on paper and telling us the result somehow represents something.

Sheesh! Fofecksake!

Fossilized Liberal Discovered In Alberta!

Holy crap! A chicken-sized dinosaur! That must be from waaaaay back when there were Liberals roaming around in Alberta. What an astonishing find! Hard to believe there'd be anything found after all these eons!

They ought to call it Stephanedionosaurus.

Below is an artist's depiction of what Stephanedionosaurus might've looked like... oh, my... look at the scary chicken-dinosaur!

UPDATE: Paleontologists, after examining all evidence discovered at the site where Stephanedionosaurus was found, have concluded that the dimnutive, awkward Stephanedionosauri were all wiped out due to predation by the larger, more efficient Stephenharperosaurus, a magnificiently-evolved type also known as Conservatosaurs.

I get the feeling now that history is about to repeat itself, with the extinction of the Stephanedionosaurus Libranosaurs.

Why Should We Pay For This Crap?

The following doesn't represent Canada, doesn't represent Canadians.

It doesn't "tell our stories".

It isn't "our identity".

But the extreme left-wing fringe element propaganda coalition is telling us otherwise, saying we must surrender our money to pay for this utterly worthless crap!

My money is needed for things I actually need it for! Why must I have my hard-earned money confiscated for such assinine ludicrousity? Feck, it's not as if I have much to spare, anyway!

It really pisses me off that selfish, entitlist extremist left-wing nutcases say I gotta pay for them to make this ridiculously silly nonsense!

Is there any doubt now that leftism/liberalism/"progressivism" is a mental disorder?

Little Trudeau Runs Election Propaganda For Librano$

Above: Herr Comrade Justin Trudeau as he might look if elected Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau, the "urbane", "sophisticated", politically-correct girly-man who dreams in Technicolor of an impossible socialist utopia in Canada, has waded into the election fray.

Get a load of what he claims...

"This is yet another example that the fact that Mr. Harper simply does not understand Canadians and does not trust Canadians in the choices they make."

Sounds like just another Liberal propagandist to me...

Oh, really, Justin? And
you understand Canadians? How's that? Prove it. Tell me, what am I like; do you understand me? How about the lady standing beside me? How about that guy over there? You're telling me you understand them? How? Oh, wait... never mind. You can't prove it anyway, and the plain, inconvenient truth is that, as a socialist, you tell the people what's what, not the other way around, and this is why socialists have fallen out of favor with the People- the People have figured out your game- you tell them what's what and proceed to impose it upon them without their telling you they wanted it. That's dogmatic, arrogant. And Machiavellianly fascist.

(...) "He's all about the politics of division, the politics of pettiness. The Liberal Party of Canada, and I'm glad to say the other parties in Canada, will not stand for that kind of divisive discourse."

Oh, really? How about the Liberals pitting Alberta against the ROC? Quebec against the ROC? Ontario against the ROC? The Maritimes against the ROC? Minorities against minorities, against the majority, the majority against minorities? Women against men? The Left against regular Canadians? Urban against rural Canadians? Artists against the taxpayers? Canada against America? The "international community" against Israel? Atheists, communists, Islamofascists and radical, intolerant sexual extremists against JudeoChristians? The list goes on and on... Canadians know that the Liberals wrote the book on the politics of division in Canada!

Don't you see this, politically-correct-dazed-and-confused, metrosexual, pacifist little girly-man Justin? Or are you... pick one, please; hell, pick both... out of touch with reality, or an ultra-partisan Liberal extremist with plans to easily, ever so ridiculously easily, take over the Party after Stephane Dion "leads" it to its worst defeat ever, thus moving forward with plans to misrepresent (that means to lie) yourself and your party to Canadians, fooling them into electing the most ultra-far-left-wing extremist government the Free World has ever seen, with the agenda of radically sexualizing everything and everyone, Islamizing everything, implementing Sharia Law, implementing Communism, censoring and punishing inconvenient-to-your-agenda free expression via the "Human Rights" Commission, fascistically brainwashing all students with your dogmatic, ideological rubbish, disarming our national defence forces, getting rid of our national security apparatus, effectively surrendering Canada to her enemies, leaving us at the mercy of, say, Darth Vladimir Putin, Osama bin Laden, the Chinese Communist Party; you name 'em? I know you think I'm nuts, but the problem, Justin, is actually on your part; you can't appreciate the ultimate consequences of your dogmatic agenda's imposition, imposition which has already proven horrendously destructive, as we've seen with past Liberal agendae. And the scary thing is that you apparently want to pick up where Daddy left off, taking his cue of being bum buddies with Communist tyrants like Fidel Castro, yourself becoming great pals with Islamofascists, the Evil Empire of Putin, the Butcherous Chinese Communist Party, etc....

Ok, that's enough. Needn't say more; you didn't say much yourself, anyway. You, of course, will think I'm nuts, but, hey, leftists are always practicing projection and are in denial as to the reality of their own psychological condition. So you spew bullshit; I'll spew some truth and some far-fetched potentialities connected to your bizarre ideological bent and its imposition.

Hey, I can be artsy-fartsy, too, but at least I'm not demanding taxpayer dollars for doing this post! At least I have a real job!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On "The Arts"

So the ultra-far-left-wing extremists are jumping up and down and quacking like an enraged Donald Duck. So?

What, do they believe they're entitled to something?

Do they believe they're entitled to take away the taxpayers' money so that they can have whatever fun they want? So they can go to fancy parties and mingle with other pompous, pretentious, elitist, big-city, politically-correct, far-left-leaning, "urbane", "sophisticated" phony-ass, homonormative, dhimmi, substance-devoid useful-idiot folks without paying for it themselves? So that they can take a dump on a piece of canvas and call it "art"? So that they can stand on their head naked on the boardwalk, calling it "art"?

I also find it laughable that "artists" and leftists are accusing the government of "censorship" and such. Utterly absurd, as there's none whatsoever; it takes a truly disordered mind to equate not being paid by the taxpayers for one's "expression" to censorship, as one can still express oneself howsoever one pleases and isn't being told not to. Besides, the taxpayers, by and large, haven't specifically given any particular artists their express consent to take their money to create just whatever the "artists" want, no matter how disgusting, ugly, stupid, you name the adjective...

Why the hell must I have my money taken away so that artsy-fartsy left-wing elites and entitlists can make a living creating crap and calling it art?

There are things far more important than "art" that require increased funding, like defence, security, the medical system, infrastructure, etc.

Art is NOT a public good.

The government has no business taking our money and giving it to just anyone who demands it.

We demand that the government spend our money wisely. If there must be some contribution to "arts" and "culture" that somehow actually, demonstrably enhances our country, particularly on the world stage, then it must be disbursed carefully, rather than to just anybody who makes some kind of crap, calls it "art" and demands money for it as if somehow entitled.

Besides, if an artist cannot sell art privately, then it's logical that the artist's "art" isn't considered worthy of being called "art", or it's an art that no one would want to hang on their wall or put on a shelf or whatever anyway. Not everyone's got what it takes to be an artist. But we don't have to have our money taken away just so that some folks can be deluded into believing that they're artists when they aren't.

The whole thing sounds like de-facto communism. And waste of taxpayer dollars.

I support the Conservatives' rationalization of arts funding. Only real art, and art that enhances Canada, rather than degrades it or makes it an international laughingstock, shall be considered for support with our money.

Personally, I don't see any point of the state being involved in art. Art is something which The People are supposed to produce and appreciate, without state intervention, interference, direction or coercion. We don't need the state to try to have anything to do with art; the state shouldn't interfere, should keep its hands off, shouldn't waste our money on art anyway, as we really don't need it. Sure, we want it, but it's up to us as individuals to create, acquire, appreciate it, not the government, certainly not with our money without our consent!

So the quacking "artists" are just being a bunch of disgruntled socialists.

Besides, if those left-wing weirdoes and clowns can make a living creating whatever they please and taking taxpayer money, then, guess what? I want some of that taxpayer money, too! But, of course, I know I don't deserve it, nor do the taxpayers want to pay me for doing posts on this here blog. Really, it'd be a waste of money. Besides, leftists who disagree with what I write, who may be offended or even enraged by it, do you think they want their tax dollars going into my pocket? Nuh-uh!

It's unfair that some folks can produce crap and take, via the government, my money for it without my consent!

Only selfish, mentally-disordered assholes would complain about the government spending tax dollars more wisely. But the ultra-far left is complaining, and making false accusations against the government just because the government will not, from now on, disburse our tax dollars to purveyors of pornography, violence, hate propaganda, leftist propaganda, etc...

Leftists, "progressives", "liberals", whatever. I wish they'd STFU, go away and get a real life! I'm sick and tired of having my hard-earned money taken away just so they can have fun or get a check for producing crap or even for doing nothing at all.

The Hidden Communist Agenda of the Liberal Party

Steve Janke exposes the Liberal agenda:

ht: Bourque

If you're interested, I have here an MP3 of the conference call held today by the Liberal Party with MPs and community activists to discuss today's launch of the Liberal Party platform.

There are several interesting points. Going back to standard Liberal-style practise, the military is going to be bled dry. Childcare spaces will be made if the Liberals find money after paying for everything else. And the Green Shift? Not mentioned during the main presentation.

The conference call took place this morning at 9:30am. John McCallum chaired the call, with various Liberal MPs and dozens of third party community groups being given a sneak peek, so that they can prepare gushing praise for the Liberal platform.

The inevitable question: How did I get my hands on this? Let's just say not all Liberals are great team players, at least not with Stephane Dion in charge.

Ah... Lots of fellow travellers being told what to say. Community organizers gathering brainless moonbats, useful idiots...

The Hidden Agenda of the Liberal Party of Canada, led by Stephane Dion, reminds me of another hidden agenda which has been exposed...

See the real agenda of the Liberal Party here.

Although the real agenda of the Liberal Party is hidden, it's badly hidden. Sharp-eyed, aware folks who use their brains will see that I'm right.

The Liberals want to disarm Canada??? And then what?

Lizzy May Caught At Anti-Israel Rally With Hezbollah Supporters

Elizabeth May, left, and her partner, Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion.

hat is their hidden agenda?
Whom do they hate?
Whom do they want to wipe out, push into the sea?

Who will be safe... and who won't... if they're in power?

Do they want to disarm Canada, hand it all over to the enemy who wants us dead?

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

Some random photos found on Flickr from a protest in 2006 - recognize the woman at the top? Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party. This is from the notorious anti-Israel/pro-Hezbollah rally in Toronto during the Lebanon War. Scroll below to see why that rally was notorious.

Clearly, the ultra-far-left-wing extremist, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, has a frightening hidden agenda.

Unworthy of any votes. Except from hateful extremists, the likes of Hezbollah supporters...

Oh, and this reminds me of the Liberals... they've marched with Hezbollah supporters as well... indicating that they, too, have a dangerous hidden agenda... Heil Dion!

Not worth the risk.