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Another Analysis of Obama's Supreme Court Nomination


Republicans also get a nominee who likes showing off and whose YouTube moments and Google insights cause people to wince. There are likely to be more revelations like Stuart Taylor's find last Saturday of this Sotomayor gem in a speech at Berkeley: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion [as a judge] than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Invert the placement of "Latina woman" and "white male" and have a conservative say it: A career would be finished.


The media has also quickly adopted the story line that Republicans will damage themselves with Hispanics if they oppose Ms. Sotomayor. But what damage did Democrats suffer when they viciously attacked Miguel Estrada's nomination by President George W. Bush to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the nation's second-highest court? New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was particularly ugly, labeling Mr. Estrada a right-wing "stealth missile" who was "way out of the mainstream" and openly questioning Mr. Estrada's truthfulness.

Sounds like the Democrats are racists, doesn't it, the way they attacked Mr. Estrada? Or are they, according to political correctness doctrine, exempt from being labelled racist because they're Leftists? Seems that way, the way things go these days. Something stinks about that.

Nonetheless, Republicans must treat her with far more care than Democrats treated John Roberts or Samuel Alito and avoid angry speeches like Sen. Ted Kennedy's tirade against Robert Bork. The GOP must make measured arguments against her views and philosophy, using her own words and actions.

The Ricci case is an example: Whites were denied fire department promotions because of a clear racial quota. Ms. Sotomayor's refusal to hear their arguments won her stinging criticism from fellow Second Court of Appeals judge José Cabranes, a respected Clinton appointee.

I believe the point here is that, in this day and age of Leftists controlling the Big Media and the state apparatus, as well as the executive and legislative branches, and the judicial, if Obama gets his way, conservative folks naturally know they need to tone their language down below that with which the Democrats always get away, because the conservative-hating Big Media will be all over them all the time for anything that could be twisted out of context.

Apparently there's a lot of inconvenient truth pointing to Judge Sotomayor's lack of fitness to be a judge, let alone a SCOTUS judge. It appears that the GOP realizes that they should simply point this stuff out calmly and logically. Otherwise, they'd be giving the Left something to grab onto so they could then say, "hey, look, they're angry and crazy", and the GOP knows that when Leftists say such things about them, the Big Media will be there to cover it, and, boyoboy, they'll cover it a LOT, because they love to bash Republicans in ways they ought to also bash Democrats for the same stuff but won't, because the Big Media is mostly Democrat/Leftist.

But, you know, when a Republican like Bush appoints judges to the SCOTUS, the Democrats, the Left and the Big Media become big crybabies and scream bloody murder and say all kinds of unfair, illogical, unsubstantiated things because they don't want a judge who won't be "liberal-activist", as they know that they need judicial activists (or judges with "empathy", as Obama prefers to euphemize, to use a nice-sounding word to describe something very, very wrong and bad).

Why is it that the Left gets away with this screaming and unhingedness, this insane behavior, whereas if conservatives merely opine that a judge's own words and rulings make her a probable racist, that's somehow unacceptable? Come on! After all, we're talking about putting someone in a position to decide very serious stuff. Can we really, with a clear conscience, really accept someone like Sonia Sotomayor, a suspected racist, being appointed to the Supreme Court of the U.S.?


Sotomayor’s focus on race issues may be hurdle

'The American ideal is that justice should be colorblind,' GOP senator says

Now conservatives say her strong identification with such race-based approaches to the law is perhaps the strongest argument against her confirmation, contending that her views put her outside an evolving consensus that such race-conscious public policy is growing obsolete.

“The American ideal is that justice should be colorblind,” said Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican on the Judiciary Committee. “As we see people like Barack Obama achieve the highest office in the land and Judge Sotomayor’s own nomination to the highest court, I think it is harder and harder to see the justifications for race-conscious decisions across the board.”

Mr. Cornyn added, “This is a hot-button issue and one that needs to be confronted head on.”

Reading the article, I see the communications tactic of the Left on this issue. They're making unsubstantiated claims, following the illogical subconsciously-affective messaging of "Obama was elected, therefore the People agree with whatever he does and whatever the Left wants, and this means that if you oppose us, you're crazy and extreme, so get with the program".

The Left has nothing to go on here. They're just sloganeering and such. They're not pointing to anything concrete that demonstrates that Ms. Sotomayor would be a good judge, becuase the well-reported evidence indicates otherwise.

Climate Change: The Enron Connection

The Great Climate Change Scam
has been linked to Enron, itself of some well-reported fraud infamy.

ht: SDA

The climate-change industry — the scientists, lawyers, consultants, lobbyists and, most importantly, the multinationals that work behind the scenes to cash in on the riches at stake — has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Virtually every resident in the developed world feels the bite of this industry, often unknowingly, through the hidden surcharges on their food bills, their gas and electricity rates, their gasoline purchases, their automobiles, their garbage collection, their insurance, their computers purchases, their hotels, their purchases of just about every good and service, in fact, and finally, their taxes to governments at all levels.

These extractions do not happen by accident. Every penny that leaves the hands of consumers does so by design, the final step in elaborate and often brilliant orchestrations of public policy, all the more brilliant because the public, for the most part, does not know who is profiteering on climate change, or who is aiding and abetting the profiteers.

Some of the climate-change profiteers are relatively unknown corporations; others are household names with only their behind-the-scenes role in the climate-change industry unknown. Over the next few weeks, in an extended newspaper series, you will become familiar with some of the profiteers, and with their machinations. This series begins with Enron, a pioneer in the climate-change industry.

Ottawa Muslim Convicted For 2006 'Honor' Murders

Story here.


OTTAWA - A man who killed his sister and her fiance because they brought dishonour on his family was sentenced to life in prison yesterday with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Hasibullah Sadiqi, 23, said nothing after a jury of seven men and five women found him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the Sept. 19, 2006 gun slayings of his sister, Khatera Sadiqi, 20, and her fiance, Feroz Mangal, 23. The couple were shot to death while they sat in Khatera's car in the Elmvale Mall parking lot just before 1 a.m.

"Your crimes have shocked and bewildered the people of almost every community in the nation's capital," said Ontario Superior Court Justice Douglas Rutherford, who sentenced Sadiqi immediately following the verdict. "The forfeiture of your liberty for the rest of your life only seems just."


On the evening of Sept. 18, 2006, the couple went for dinner and to a movie with a group of friends that included Hasibullah. Khatera and Mangal drove Hasibullah to where his car was parked near the mall at the end of the evening. Before they could drive away, Hasibullah walked to his car, pulled a loaded Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum handgun from underneath the seat, walked back to Khatera's car and shot the couple at close range. Khatera died at the scene; Mangal was taken to hospital but died 10 days later when he was removed from life support.

Ah... a handgun. What was a supposedly law-abiding, supposedly peaceful Muslim living in Canada doing with a handgun? They're illegal!

Why is it I don't remember this being reported by the Big Media after it happened? Hush-hush, I guess... don't want to make all Muslims look bad just because yet another Muslim does something deadly due to Islam, apparently. In Canada.

Harper Receives Human Rights Award
Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the first Canadian PM to receive the Canadian Jewish Congress's Saul Hayes Human Rights Award

Story here.

ht: NNW

While introducing the award, Elizabeth Wolfe, a congress official, quoted extensively from previous statements by Mr. Harper, decrying anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

"These are the words of a true defender of human rights," Ms. Wolfe said.

Mr. Harper, in his acceptance remarks, said he is "very troubled" that criticism of Israeli government actions in the Middle East "has become an intellectually respectable cover for anti-Semitic discourse."

He further criticized the "doublespeak" of political opponents who say they support Israel and then denounce it for defending itself when "attacked for the umpteenth time" by anti-Israel militants.

The PM also announced that legislation is being brought forth to enable the victims of terrorism to sue the perpetrators in Canadian courts.

Now, let's juxtapose...

Above: Obama submitting to the King of Islamic Saudi Arabia.

Juxtapose the Conservative sue-the-terrorism-perps legislation with the unacceptably submissive-to-the-Saudis
attitude of the Obama Regime:

The Justice Department, in a brief filed Friday before the Supreme Court, said it did not believe the Saudis could be sued in American court over accusations brought by families of the Sept. 11 victims that the royal family had helped finance Al Qaeda. The department said it saw no need for the court to review lower court rulings that found in the Saudis’ favor in throwing out the lawsuit.

The government’s position comes less than a week before President Obama is scheduled to meet in Saudi Arabia with King Abdullah as part of a trip to the Middle East and Europe intended to reach out to the Muslim world.
The victims of terrorism are angry with the Obama Regime:

“I find this reprehensible,” said Kristen Breitweiser, a leader of the Sept. 11 families, whose husband was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center. “One would have hoped that the Obama administration would have taken a different stance than the Bush administration, and you wonder what message this sends to victims of terrorism around the world.”

Bill Doyle, another leader of the Sept. 11 families whose son was killed in the attacks, said, “All we want is our day in court.”

So much for Obama's meaningless, worthless chant, "Yes We Can". It's been replaced with "No We Can't, 'Cause the Terrorists Won't Let Us!"

Obama doesn't care about the 9/11 victims. Nor does the Democratic Party. They only care about the evil Saudis, who finance terrorism and Islamic imperialism worldwide.

OBAMA is also NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL. Those in the know are well aware that Obama favors the Muslims over the Jews of Israel. I wonder why?

Mohawk Extremists Threaten Terrorism

Will there be a repeat of the infamous Oka Crisis?
Is this what the Mohawks are going for?


ht: NNW

Mohawk Warriors from the Akwesasne Mohawk reserve near Cornwall say they will storm a Canada Border Services Agency post on Monday and shut down the international border crossing, unless their political leaders receive a commitment from the government not to arm border guards at the post, which stands on reserve territory.

The agency started arming guards in 2007, and officers at the Akwesasne reserve, which straddles the Ontario-Quebec-New York state boundary, are scheduled to begin carrying 9-mm guns on Monday.

The Mohawks say they don't want armed guards at the post because it would violate their sovereignty and increase the likelihood of violent confrontations.

"We are going to clear them (border guards) out," said Thomas Stacy, a middle-aged former professional wrestler who stood across from the border post with a small group of young men carrying large Mohawk Warrior flags.

Oh, great. We've got our own Hamas in Canada!

Send in the military as a deterrent against those extremists. Because terrorism is terrorism. Anti-state violence is anti-state violence. It must not be tolerated.

Canada can arm its border guards if it wants. No one has any business saying Canada can't.

No one has any business storming the border and pushing around the border guards.

This is Canada. Not the fecking Gaza Strip!

One must wonder why the Mohawks really want unarmed border guards. Do they or someone else they're collaborating with have plans which would be complicated by armed border guards?

Something doesn't smell right about their attitude. They, after all, like everyone else, have nothing to fear from the authorities, as long as they don't do anything illegal. Hell, even when they do illegal stuff, they get let go, unpunished! Non-Aboriginals don't enjoy this freedom to break the law!

An Inconvenient Informercial: Big Headache For Obama Regime

Coming soon to America if the Hard, Ideologically-Stubborn, Dogmatic, Mean-Spirited, Selfish Left gets its way: Canadian-style socalized medicine. People suffer and die while waiting. I did NOT make this up. I know. I've seen it. The socialized medicine system can't save all lives, it simply cannot. If it weren't socialized, lives would be saved that wouldn't be saved under socialism. This is my conclusion from personal experience.


Yes, it's the same guy as was behind the "Swiftboat" ads that exposed former Presidential candidate John Kerry's lies.

Nothing wrong with that. If there's something wrong with that, then what of Obama's ties to ACORN, George Soros,, William Ayers, Jeremy Wright, etc., etc., etc.?

The Obamites are already trying frantically to spread misinformation and fear against this perfectly legitimate, perfectly legal, perfectly constitutional and perfectly rightful infomercial. The brownshirted Soros-Obamite bullies are out in full force to try to silence and censor the inconvenient truth.

It's hard to believe that people (the Left and Obama) who claim to care and to be compassionate would want to force people to suffer, just in the name of the socialist ideology.

The Hard Left wants desperately to take away Americans' rights and freedoms. They don't care if people suffer for however long (months and months and months) or even die, as long as it's all "universal".

Here's part of the infomercial's message:

"As Congress looks for solutions inside the Washington Beltway, we plan to go straight to the family rooms of America to let people see the very real consequences of letting the government take over their health care decisions," Scott said in a statement.

"This documentary will educate people on what 'government-run health care' really means: stalling, waiting lists and rationing and withholding care because of red tape, politics, and bureaucratic foot-dragging."

The infomercial, Scott said, features sick patients from Canada and the United Kingdom forced into long waits for surgeries and forced to come to the U.S. for treatment.

"We'll continue sounding the alarm bell and won't rest until we're sure the freedoms and rights of patients' are protected," Scott said.

Oh, and Canada's most radically left-wing extremist political leader, Jack Layton, is involved in the whole Obamite socialist plot to turn America's medical system into the likes of what only Canada, Cuba and North Korea have. Jack Layton. The wacko neo-commie of Soviet Canuckistan!

That's right, America... Obama wants to import Canadian-style bureaucratic red tape, waiting lines and medical rationing to America!

Americans must stop this. Even though the Hard Left now has practically unopposable power. You must protest! You must call your representatives! You, the People, can stop these extremists from destroying your way of life! Yes you can stop them! Have the audacity to stop the change!

Sotomayor Gets Nasty, Angry, Is Terror In Court: Lawyers

Story here.

ht: Drudge

The case against the controversial Left-Wing Extremist judge Sonia Sotomayor's appointment to the Supreme Court continues to grow ever stronger.

Lawyers who have argued cases before Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor call her "nasty," "angry" and a "terror on the bench," according to the current Almanac of the Federal Judiciary -- a kind of Zagat's guide to federal judges.

The withering evaluation of Judge Sotomayor's temperament stands in stark contrast to reviews of her peers on the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Of the 21 judges evaluated, the same lawyers gave 18 positive to glowing reviews and two judges received mixed reviews. Judge Sotomayor was the only one to receive decidedly negative comments.

Judge Sotomayor's demeanor on the bench will be one of the issues the Senate Judiciary Committee tackles when she appears for her confirmation hearing. A lack of a good temperament has been used as a line of attack against nominees in the past - most notably conservative Judge Robert H. Bork, whose nomination to the Supreme Court was defeated.

Hey, Barack... you said that your job was bigger than you are.

So, considering that, and expecting you to prove that you weren't just saying what the teleprompter told you to say, you must therefore swallow your pride and forget about any ego and do the correct thing: Nominate someone else instead. Someone untainted by judicial activism and bigotry.

It's not that hard. Just do it. Yes you can! Come on, where's that "audacity"? Have the audacity to do the correct thing! You do NOT have to be a leftist! You CAN tell your master George Soros to go to hell! Break free of the shackles of Soros! Are you your own man or does someone own you? Come on, prove yourself independent and impervious to interference! Prove you have a mind of your own. Use it. Do the correct thing and appoint a judge with an unimpeachable record! Screw that nonsensical Left-wing gobbleddygook about "diversity" on the bench! You're the President of the United States, dammit, and you have the power to tell your wealthy oppressors on the Hard Left that you'll no longer tolerate their attempts to tell you what to do. Fire them all!

NO to Sotomayor. Bad judge! Would take away peoples' rights because she's an extreme ideologue! People are afraid of what she's likely to do. Rights would disappear!

Can't sacrifice civil rights for the sake of politically-correct "diversity" optics!

Unfortunately, the man is, after all, a Manchurian President and is controlled by powerful folks behind the scenes. He doesn't have the balls to tell them to feck off and is content to just do whatever he's told. Some President.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

UK Conservatives On Top, Labour Third: Poll$7006231$300.jpg
A stoned-looking Gordon Brown, left, and Conservative Leader David Cameron.
Time for a change. David Cameron represents hope. Yes Britain can!


Well, what does one expect when Labour went too far to the Left and royally screwed up England?

Asked who they would support in a general election, only 22 per cent of voters back Labour, with the party slumping behind both the Conservatives on 40 per cent and, crucially for Mr Brown's future, the Liberal Democrats who are on 25 per cent.

Hopefully these numbers will hold and the Conservatives will return to power in Britain and bring about change. What kind of change, you Leftists ask? Why ask now? You didn't ask "what kind of change" for Obama!

If the Left can arrogantly impose whatever change they want, then so can the right. The Left understands this full well, and can't complain when the other guys come to power with a huge majority and do all kinds of stuff the Left won't like.

How About An 'Empathic' SC Judge For This Guy?

How about a little thought experiment now? To paraphrase Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, who infamously once declared that a Latina woman would make a better judge than a white man would, claiming that a judge must have "empathy"...

How about I say the following, just as a thought experiment, of course:

I believe that a white, disabled male war veteran would tend to make a better judge than would a latina woman who's never been in the military in a case like this.

Right? Gotta have been in the defendant's shoes in order to be capable of making a valid judgement, right?

At least according to Left-Wing dogma about what a judge is supposed to do.

Oklahoma City - Confronted by two holdup men, pharmacist Jerome Ersland pulled a gun, shot one of them in the head and chased the other away. Then, in a scene recorded by the drugstore's security camera, he went behind the counter, got another gun, and pumped five more bullets into the wounded teenager as he lay on the floor.

Now Ersland has been charged with first-degree murder in a case that has stirred a furious debate over vigilante justice and self-defense and turned the pharmacist into something of a folk hero.

Ersland, 57, is free on $100,000 bail, courtesy of an anonymous donor. He has won praise from the pharmacy's owner, received an outpouring of cards, letters and checks from supporters, and become the darling of conservative talk radio.

"His adrenaline was going. You're just thinking of survival," said John Paul Hernandez, 60, a retired Defense Department employee who grew up in the neighborhood. "All it was is defending your employee, business and livelihood. If I was in that position and that was me, I probably would have done the same thing."
District Attorney David Prater said Ersland was justified in shooting 16-year-old Antwun Parker once in the head, but not in firing the additional shots into his belly. The prosecutor said the teenager was unconscious, unarmed, lying on his back and posing no threat when Ersland fired what the medical examiner said were the fatal shots.

Now, who would you think would tend to empathize with Mr. Ersland, Sonia Sotomayor? Or a white disabled war veteran? Duh.

But does race matter when it comes to being a judge? Or sex? Or whether one's got a "disability"? Or whether one has been in combat?


Or is a judge just supposed to do their job as the Constitution dictates?

Does the Left think that the guy should fry for what he did? Or do they think empathy should come into play?

Does it matter what race the bad guys were? Should it? Shouldn't it only matter what people do that's illegal or not?

What to do... what to do? How are we going to be fair and unbiased here?

First degree murder? How the HELL can one premeditate when it's already happening, totally unplanned?

The D.A. obviously must be a racist, then. Clearly the charge is wrong. Premeditation is impossible under such circumstances!

It's self-defence, pure and simple. Who are the prosecutors to decide? Have they ever been in the guy's position? How do they know how they'd have reacted? They cannot, for once your life is immediately threatened, things change BIG TIME.

Besides, the bad guys chose to put themselves in that kind of danger, risking their lives for personal gain by robbing the man and threatening his life. Anyone who makes a big deal about skin color is just a racist. It wouldn't make any difference to me if the bad guys were white and the defendant was black. None whatsoever.

So how about some "empathy" here? Now, the Left can't say no, because their leader, Obama, has deemed that there must be.

I could suggest that Judge Sotomayor be removed as a nominee and that a guy very much like the defendant be appointed as a judge to the Supreme Court.

Oh, wait... then who will have empathy for Latina women, then? Oh, my... now we'll have to expand the size of the Supreme Court to whatever number necessary to have empathy available for each and every walk of life, all kinds of potential defendants, etc...

See the ridiculousness of the Left's contention that we need a "diverse" judiciary capable of "empathy" for each and every possible defendant of whatever "group membership(s)"?

And, yes, there's a little bit of sarcasm here.

Obama To Screw US, Boost Enemy Tyrants With 'Climate Change' Deal

Story here.

All part of the whole international socialist plot to thumb down America and raise the evil, non-free world above the free world.

Barack Hussein Obama was the enemy's Manchurian Candidate and now he's in power, making deals and doing all kinds of stuff that will only harm America.

He promised change. The elected him. Now they're getting it. Up-the. Dry. What an unpleasant surprise, eh?

( - The U.S. State Department has provided the United Nations with proposed text for a new global warming treaty that would require the United States to comply with stricter carbon emissions standards than most other countries in the world--including, for example, China and Saudi Arabia--and that anticipates that U.S. taxpayers will provide foreign aid to support efforts to control carbon emissions in developing nations.

Through Obama and the "Democrats", America's enemies and not-so-friendly rivals will suck her blood out and turn her into one of them, unless the bums are thrown out at the earliest opportunity.

The text, obtained by, was submitted in early May to the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is developing a new international global warming treaty that is expected to be finalized at an international conference to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December.

They're not giving up. Kyoto failed, so they've been back at the drawing board, figuring out a new way to impose all this bullshit upon the Free World but not upon the Non-Free World.

Under the UNFCCC, only 40 of the world's nations are considered developed countries, while the remainder are considered developing countries. The "developing" countries include not only the Communist People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia, but also other oil-rich states in the Persian Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Iran. Oil-rich Venezuela is also considered a developing nation.

Oh, come on! China's "developing"? But they're richer than we are! WTF?! Bullshit!

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? "Developing"? Um, no, they aren't. They're regressing or have already reach totalitarian tyranny and oppression (like China), despite being rich with oil!

Why punish the Free World for being free while rewarding the Axis of Evil for being evil and for refusing to respect peoples' human rights?

feck Obama and the "Democrats" for wanting to do this!

The whole thing is nothing but neocommunist gobbleddygook without meaning.

When they do such stuff, you know it's to hide an agenda they can't afford to let us know about until it's already happened.

There's so much Obama's doing that he never said he'd do. And much more to come, apparently. They know they have so little time to destroy America before they must face election, after all. Unless... Nah. They wouldn't dare do that. After all, it's America, right? Right???

That's what voters get when they vote for "change" without asking "what kind?".

Maybe the Republicans should run on a platform of "change" next time, and not specify what it means. Then they can do all kinds of necessary conservative stuff after they win. And get away with it.

They should get brainless Hollyweird celebrities to spew totally irrational, unnecessary hatred against the Democrat ticket, just as was done against Sarah Palin and gleefully, blitzingly reported by the pro-Obama Big Media.

And get people fired just like that, and take car dealerships away from political opponents.

And declare all political/ideological dissidents to be "Extremists" and tell police to profile (and consider as potential terrorists) people for supporting "gay marriage", illegal immigration, international governance and socialism, etc...

And take away their right to speak out against that with which they disagree, and call it a "hate crimes law". After all, who can be opposed to having laws against commiting "hate crimes"?

Of course, first the Republicans will have to take control of the Big Media away from the Democrats so as to facilitate their election and agenda without opposition. And to brainwash enough people into voting for them just 'cause they're sooooo cool and they see that everybody else seems to love them while not liking the "other guys".

Oh, yeah, gotta have elaborate stages and fireworks, too. Dazzle 'em!

And don't forget about having convicts sign up dead people to vote many times each.

And, of course, have frightening, threatening-looking thugs brandishing sticks stand in front of polling stations preventing people from going inside and voting.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic now... But, hey, you know, all of that stuff, the Obama Regime did!

Obama Regime Making Formerly-Jealous Russians Smug

Remember my shocking, eye-opening post, Communist Goals, Circa 1963 Vs. Current Reality which pointed to a part of the Congressional Record in which the goals of Communists for America were exposed?

Well, now, one may keep that in mind while reading the following.

A must-read, to see for yourself how Russians are looking at America today.

Obama's making things so crappy in America that the Russians are now smugly smirking at her.

The Russians must be feeling so superior now that America's so screwed up by Comrade Obama and the Democrats, today's KGB's well-trained Useful Idiots.

The Russians take delight in the social and economic malaise and depravity they helped, via KGB interference over many decades, to inspire and foment, through Communist elements throughout America who infiltrated everything over time. A sort of quiet Communist revolution for America, 1917 repeated therein, in just short of a century.

Of course, the goal was to hurt, not help, America, so as to screw her up over time to bring her down to where lowly Russia was, and is.

With the election of Obama, it appears that the Russian Bear has finally succeeded in taking control of America and is now wreaking havoc at breakneck pace.

Here's some of the piece from Pravda:

Then came Barack Obama's command that GM's (General Motor) president step down from leadership of his company. That is correct, dear reader, in the land of "pure" free markets, the American president now has the power, the self given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Come hither, go dither, the centurion commands his minions.

So it should be no surprise, that the American president has followed this up with a "bold" move of declaring that he and another group of unelected, chosen stooges will now redesign the entire automotive industry and will even be the guarantee of automobile policies. I am sure that if given the chance, they would happily try and redesign it for the whole of the world, too. Prime Minister Putin, less then two months ago, warned Obama and UK's Blair, not to follow the path to Marxism, it only leads to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, so let our "wise" Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride.

Again, the American public has taken this with barely a whimper...but a "freeman" whimper.

So, should it be any surprise to discover that the Democratically controlled Congress of America is working on passing a new regulation that would give the American Treasury department the power to set "fair" maximum salaries, evaluate performance and control how private companies give out pay raises and bonuses? Senator Barney Franks, a social pervert basking in his homosexuality (of course, amongst the modern, enlightened American societal norm, as well as that of the general West, homosexuality is not only not a looked down upon life choice, but is often praised as a virtue) and his Marxist enlightenment, has led this effort. He stresses that this only affects companies that receive government monies, but it is retroactive and taken to a logical extreme, this would include any company or industry that has ever received a tax break or incentive.

The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left.

The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

Thank former Nazi-collaborator and billionaire ultra-left-wing extremist George Soros for this. This is what he brought about with his power and money. He took over the means of propaganda dissemination, set up community organizations of hardcore-left-wing-extremist thugs and intimidators to push people around, and even got a neo-communist elected to the White House.

Is this what Americans want? Well, it's what they're getting as long as Obama and the Democrats are in power, and as long as the GOP continues to be a pale facsimile thereof.

America absolutely, critically needs a New Reagan.

America needs to stop letting jealous foreign regimes dictate what she shall and shall not do, via proxies called "Democrats" and "RINOs".

It's time to start waking up your fellow Americans, my American conservative friends.

Friends don't let friends sleep through disaster.

Which is why I'm so concerned, as a Canadian, for my American friends. Because what I'm now witnessing is even worse than what the Liberals, even under the neocommunist Trudeau, imposed upon us over Confederation.

Next election, throw those "Democrat" bastards out, all of them!

ht: Drudge Report

Latinos Divided On Sotomayor, Worried About Bigoted Views

Story here.

"As a Puerto Rican American, as a Latino, I do commend President Obama for making a very practical strategic, political nomination. ... As a Christian leader, which I am first and foremost, I have concerns."


"I know Latinos are very excited," said Delgado, the New York/New Jersey director of Rodriguez's organization. "But I'd just like to hear some more about her and her positions."


The Rev. Miguel Rivera, chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, said his organization has sent a letter asking Republicans involved in the confirmation process to strenuously question her positions.

"We support strong, conservative, non-activist judges for the Supreme Court," he said of his conservative evangelical group. "We're commending the choice, but we're not totally behind her until we evaluate her experience."


"If this is an indicator of what Obama is going to be doing," he said, "it's going to take off to a real liberal left."

And that's dangerous, because the Liberal Left, no doubt about it, has a hidden agenda to do all kinds of dangerous, scary things.

And it's not about anything, really, other than ideology, regardless of race, sex, etc.

It's about human decency and rationality. It's about treating everyone equally and fairly.

Those things, the Liberal Left talks about, but doesn't practice. Anyone who makes the time on a daily basis to see this for themselves, day in and day out, can see that this it the scary truth about the Left.

And the closed, lazy-minded Liberal Leftists who would condemn me for saying that, well, they just don't know what they're talking about because they don't think. They're just brainwashed into thinking that the bad stuff the Left does is actually good, and don't care to think about it for themselves to put the propaganda to the critical-thinking test.

Besides, too many people, including "Latino" folks like Ms. Sotomayor, do have trepidations with respect to her apparent biases and supremacistic utterances.

Such a controversial figure, well, hey, when a Republican nominee is controversial, with the Left saying crazy stuff (remember Ted Kennedy's unhinged rant?) about the nominee, well, I recall that the nominee was withdrawn and replaced with a Leftist. Yep, the Left got its way then and will get its way now.

I don't envy America, what with the Extreme Left tearing her to pieces and rearranging them in an illogical, not-fitting-together manner.

And I note, in particular, that there's a LOT of disquiet and worry on the part of Christan Latinos, as well as Christians in general, about this Sotomayor nominee.

After all, just coming from a "Catholic" heritage doesn't mean anything in and of itself. Anyone can call themselves "Catholic", go to church and all that, but, effectively may not be one at all in their philosophy, having rejected all the things about Cathlicism they find inconvenient.

Much like Obama. Claims he's a Christian, but we know he's not. He doesn't bother with church anymore (I guess he only went to enjoy the hate, anti-Americanism and racism preaching he found in his old one). And his policies are decidedly extremely un-Christian. As if he's imposing dogmatic Atheist ideology instead.

SEE ALSO: The Wrong Choice For The Highest Court

It's pretty good, worth a visit and a read.

These "empathic" judges, they're really judicial activists, they make law, something they're not allowed to do but get away with.

"Empathy" is the new euphemism for judicial activism/judge-made law.

And Sonia Sotomayor has "empathy" fluttering out of the ol' wazoo.

Next thing you know, judges will be having empathy for murderers and terrorists just because they're from a similar social group as are the murderers and terrorists.

This can't be allowed; social group membership cannot be considered by a judge because doing so is unconstitutional!

Of course, Obama has already indicated that he doesn't like the Constitution.

Obama's Supportive Words For Bigoted Judge Sotomayor Are Nonsense

US President Barack Obama applauds his nominee for Supreme Court ...
Supremacism on the march: Two extraordinarily powerful, like-minded Left-Wing Extremists. Most Americans don't know what these people have planned for them, because the Big Media won't tell them, even if they know.


ht: Drudge

I'm sorry, Obama, but I'm afraid that it would be dangerous to appoint a racist and sexist who you personally wish to believe would have "chosen her words differently" if given the chance.

Sorry, but that doesn't make any difference.

Just as it wouldn't make any difference for a Republican nominee who said something that made him sound racist, sexist, anti-Muslim, anti-GLBT, etc...

You know as well as I do that the Democrats and the Extreme Left wouldn't allow it to happen. They'd freakin' threaten de-facto civil war, for feck's sake! Riots, cars burning, beatings, killings, you name it. Think Rodney King and the aftermath of his guilty verdict. This is what the Left, your own people, would do if a real judge was appointed, even one who never said anything controversial.

Besides, I remember you opposed Bush's own nomination offering. So choose someone untainted by the perception of bias and discrimination.

You must understand that appointing this person to the Supreme Court would not be accepted by a lot of people... a LOT.

Yet I see you digging in and doggedly, stubbornly pushing to have a racist, sexist, ultra-extreme left-wing ideologue into the Supreme Court.

Yes, I agree that one sentence alone isn't everything. That's why there's a LOT more sentences that were uttered by Ms. Sotomayer which confirm that she has no business being a judge anywhere.

Call me what you want, but it's clear to me that Sotomayer can't be trusted and will only be very dangerous to America and to Americans' equality rights.

She is unacceptable to be a judge anywhere due to her apparent extremist views and numerous stupid, inexplicable, bigoted utterances. She clearly isn't fit!

Judicial activism must be opposed. This is why I oppose the bigot Sotomayor. Even though I'm not even American. Because I know that what happens in America affects Canada and vice versa. After all, the whole SSM war in America is happening because it was imposed on Canada by the Liberals.

Don't be deceived by a pretty, vulnerable, kind, tolerant, equitable, innocent-looking face from which the warmest, fluffiest of Big Lies spew forth. Bigotry doesn't always have a narrow mustache and an evil-looking countenance. Sometimes it looks nice.

Being a "minority" of any kind (including "white", of course) doesn't mean you'd be a better judge than anyone else.

Only a proven track record of doing the judge's job properly and without bias can be accepted as qualification.

Sotomayor's rulings were, in fact, overruled on appeal 60% of the time. How's that for a record?

A judge's job is to do what the Constitution says to do. Period.

Not what the Extreme Left (as represented by Obama) wants them to do.

"Empathy" and "putting yourself into others' shoes" are not parts of the judge's job, and the People must say so, and demand perfect-as-humanly-possible scrupulousness of all judges.

Any doubts, especially doubts borne of such shocking utterances as made by the likes of Judge Sotomayor, must be seriously taken into account.

Just like the Left, including Obama, took the slightest of doubts (and their own judgement-skewing Leftist prejudices against conservatives, Christians and Constitutionalists), both real and imaginary, into account when vehemently opposing any nomination that they din't think was Left-Wing Extremist enough for their hidden agenda.

It's frightening that most Americans don't realize what Obama and the Democrats are doing and what they have in store for them. It's like they are unable to see what's going on. Thank the Big Media for hiding the truth from them and sugarcoating everything else, except when they attack anything and anyone who's not a Left-Wing Extremist radical reformer.

And nothing any Leftist or professed "centrist" can say, even the "moderate"-acting ones, will impress me with whatever retort them may offer, because the facts are the facts, and no amount of smoke and mirrors and hypnotic semantic sophistry will change the facts.

Closed-minded? Moi? Hardly. I'm the exact opposite of "closed-minded". I aggressively seek observable facts, rather than just letting others tell me what they want me to "know" and not what they don't want me to "know". I gather every bit of data and properly process it inside my brain so as to understand what's really going on in the world. Most people really can't claim to be doing that, actually, and this is why it'll be really tough to make any impression on me, because I've already considered this stuff from all sorts of angles, believe it or not.

Besides, hey, tit-for-tat. The Extreme Left and their moderate comrades the useful idiots are guilty of far, far, far, infinitely worse than I am in this post, so they can't complain that I'd dare say:

"Obama, just pick someone else. I'm reasonable. Find someone with a proven record of impartiality in rulings and no perceptions of highly-probable bias and bigotry. I don't even care if it's a Democrat... just find a Democrat with a decent record as a judge who just does his or her job. That's all. So come on, swallow your pride and pick someone who's a better choice, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, etc."

Besides, if you proceed with this, don't be surprised if, one day, an arguably foreign-born, crazy, right-wing extremist president with disquieting (but covered-up-by-the-Big-Media) ties to racist and terrorist organizations rises effortlessly to power on a ludicrously vague, detail-devoid platform of "hope", "change", and "yes we can", just like you did and appoints David Duke to the Supreme Court. After all, History shows precedent for both "left"-wing and "right"-wing extremists to rise to power based on Big Media propaganda and impressive charisma and oratorial skills. You couldn't blame the People in that case, either, because, after all, they're stupid, non-thinking and extremely bullshittable, as was proven when you bullshat them with the help of the Big Media into thinking you were just a nice guy who'd be supposedly "better" than Bush. (You're far, far worse).

David Duke? Hell, how do we know that this Sotomayor person isn't just hiding her more extreme agenda, whatever it is? She could be even worse than David Duke!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Tells "Palestinians" To Stop Inciting Hatred

Story here.

And from the White House itself...

Obama said:

And I also mentioned to President Abbas in a frank exchange that it was very important to continue to make progress in reducing the incitement and anti-Israel sentiments that are sometimes expressed in schools and mosques and in the public square, because all those things are impediments to peace.


Sounds a lot like when politicians mention human rights to Chinese Communists. So what? Nothing gets done, and the People don't even know it was mentioned.

I'm pretty sure that the PLO ("Fatah", they changed the name to, to fool folks into thinking they're not terrorists) of current leader (replacing the late Yasser Arafat) Abu Mazen ("Mahmoud Abbas" obviously sounds less scary, doesn't it?) will NOT say anything to the People in its area, either, and certainly the hate incitement and violence and terrorism fomenting will not suffer any setback.

It'll be continue to be par for the course.

But at least Obama's own words can be used, can be repeated.

Obama knows that mere words aren't going to be worth anything on their own.

But I wonder if he envisions others using his own words as a weapon against Islamofascism and "Palestinian" terrorists?

After all, he actually declared that there's hatemongering as a matter of fact in "Palestine".

Of course, there's a lot more of the hatemongering than it sounded coming from Obama. "Sometimes" is a gross understatement, obviously. The truth of the matter is that hatemongering is a longstanding official practice in "Palestine".

Left-Wing Extremist Gets Geert Wilders Nashville Conference Cancelled

Who censored Geert Wilders's conference in Nashville?

Thomas A. Negri, managing director of Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel and Office complex in Nashville, that's who.

Story here.

Negri appeared at a 2003 pro-immigration event on the same dias with a well-known Somali warlord, Gordon told Newsmax.

In a written statement to the conference organizers, Negri said that the hotel had “not received any information related to a specific security threat concerning this event,” and declined to provide any justification for cancelling it at the last minute.

One of the conference organizers told Newsmax on Wednesday that the group was considering a lawsuit against Negri and the Loew’s hotel chain for “unlawful breach of contract.”

Negri also serves on the board of advisors of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, TIRRC, an activist group that states its mission “is to empower immigrants and refugees throughout Tennessee to develop a unified voice” and “defend their rights.”


Earlier this month, the group won an award from the Migration Policy Institute, which is funded by grants form the J.M. Kaplan Fund, a left-wing group that also funds the ACLU, the Tides Foundation, the Tides Center, the Sierra Club, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other left-wing causes.

The Liberal Fascists got their way. Islamism advances a little more, thanks to them.

They're so lucky to have Barack Hussein Obama in power.

I hope that fascist, intolerant bastard gets sued.

Obamite Racist Thugs Free Due To Political Interference

Story here.

ht: Drudge

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.


Career lawyers pursued the case for months, including obtaining an affidavit from a prominent 1960s civil rights activist who witnessed the confrontation and described it as "the most blatant form of voter intimidation" that he had seen, even during the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

The lawyers also had ascertained that one of the three men had gained access to the polling place by securing a credential as a Democratic poll watcher, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

The career Justice lawyers were on the verge of securing sanctions against the men earlier this month when their superiors ordered them to reverse course, according to interviews and documents. The court had already entered a default judgment against the men on April 20.
Just like Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe!

What next from Obamugabe's regime???

Why Has Ignatieff Kept Saying He's American?

Michael Ignatieff
Michael Ignatieff

Why won't he answer?

It's a perfectly legitimate question being asked by concerned Canadians who want a real Canadian to be their Prime Minister.

Like Stephen Harper is.

But Michael Ingatieff???

You're defined not just by the answers you give, but by the questions you duck.



Obama SCOTUS Nom Member Of Racist, Separatist Group

Via Drudge,

Obama nominee to Supreme Court of the U.S., Sonia Sotomayor...

Member of Racist, Separatist Group "La Raza"

As President Obama's Supreme Court nominee comes under heavy fire for allegedly being a "racist," Judge Sonia Sotomayor is listed as a member of the National Council of La Raza, a group that's promoted driver's licenses for illegal aliens, amnesty programs, and no immigration law enforcement by local and state police.


Meaning "the Race," La Raza also has connections to groups that advocate the separation of several southwestern states from the rest of America.

Over the past two days, Sotomayor has been heavily criticized for her racially charged statement: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."
(Emphasis mine)

Unfortunately, the chances of this racist and sexist becoming a SCOTUS judge and going on to tread upon Americans' rights and so on and so forth, in line with the Hard-Left-Wing, neo-Communist, anti-America movement, are virtually 100%, unless there's a groudswell of anti-racist/anti-discrimination opposition to her confirmation that gets respectfully and professionally covered by the Big Media.

I guess that means that the SCOTUS is gaining an extreme bigot, for sure. Place your bets!

America is in for a historical period of reversal of progress, of deconstructionism and radical extremism.

All part of the Soros-Obama hidden agenda of which I warned.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taxpayers Pay For Obama To Fundraise For Dems


Barack Hussein Obama flies around the country raising money for the Democrats.

And the taxpayers foot the bill for this travel.

Sometimes he flies over major cities to scare the hell out of people. The taxpayers also pay to be thusly terrified by this guy.

Shouldn't the Democrats pay for it?

ht: Drudge

Michael Ignatieff: No Commitment To Canada
Will the REAL Michael Ignatieff please stand up?

Story here.

ht: Bourque

During the 2006 federal election, Michael Ignatieff, who had been lured back to Canada to run for the Liberals after 34 years abroad, made it quite clear in an interview with The Harvard Crimson newspaper just how dedicated he was to Canada.

If he didn't win his Toronto riding, he said, he would move back to Massachusetts.

No great surprise there. After all, this is a man who continually referred to himself as an American, both in his speeches and his writing. In fact, in 2004, just one year before he was coaxed into coming north to grab a chance at his party's leadership, Ignatieff appeared on C-SPAN, the congressional cable channel, and said this:

"Look, this is America and you have to decide what kind of country you want. This is your country as much as it is mine."

He, Michael Ignatieff, says America is his country.


Michael Ignatieff.

He has no commitment to Canada.

He actually said so.


He wants to be Prime Minister of Canada.

Of Canada.

I didn't make this up.

I'm not allowed to.

Choose your Prime Minister.

Not Michael Ignatieff.


Payback's a bitch. For that nasty ad about Stephen Harper the Liberals did. If they hadn't done it, I wouldn't have done this. After all, they made it up, and gave me the idea to throw it back at them.

The difference is that I'm telling the truth.

And so are the Conservatives. About Michael Ignatieff.

Threaten this, Warren Kinsella!

'Be Exceedingly Careful': Exceedingly Careful Obamites

This is rich.

ht: Drudge

Yeah, sure. Right-o.

And the Democrats, certainly the Obamites, are "exceedingly careful" when criticizing folks. Suuure. Riiiiight.

Indeed. As if we've any lessons to take from these hopelessly careless fools and hateful lunatics!

Maybe if they didn't call all of their own critics enemies of the state and terrorists, they'd have a little bit of credibility when issuing warnings and threats to those who dare say that a racist and sexist must not be appointed to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Yep. They're in a position to be telling folks to be "exceedingly careful".

What'll they do if we don't shut up? Kill us?

We take no lessons from Left-Wing Extremist Fascists who want a wacky, ideologically exceedingly extremely left-wing racist and sexist to be the ultimate decider of all things.

Justice cannot discriminate or favor on the basis of things like race and sex.

Justice has to be about facts, laws, and the Constitution, period.

Anything else is unacceptable. Therefore she must not sit on the SCOTUS.

If she's confirmed, then it will set a dangerous, frightening precedent.

There is no excuse for confirming such a scary prospect for a judge.

There's far too many judges who are clearly not impartial and above bias of ANY kind.

Justice must NOT care about race, sex, etc... Otherwise it isn't justice, as justice is supposed to treat everyone equally.

Leftists don't understand this.

How am I doing being "exceedingly careful"?

Liberal Scandal Darling Evicted For Breach Of Contract

Or "Noose Tightens Around Ignatieff's Neck", if you want to annoy Ignatieff's chief propagandist/dirty-attacks pseudo-mastermind Warren Kinsella, who, on Iggy's behalf, is furiously blogging, trying to create and spread conspiracy theories to distract us from the inconvenient truth about the Liberals. Not that anyone's paying any attention to him.

Ruby Dhalla has been evicted from her MP's constituency office for breach of contract.

Ruby Dhalla, who stands accused of being a slavedriving ogre to poor immigrant women.

Ruby Dhalla, the Liberal.

With whom Liberal "leader" Michael Ignatieff continues to stand.

Take notice that Satgur Investments Ltd hereby terminates and forfeits the Lease date 1st day November, 2008, between Satgur Investments Ltd as Landlord, Dr Ruby Dhalla, in capacity as Member of Parliament as Tenant, by reason of contractual default in the Tenant's leasehold improvement maintenance and repair requirements.

Nothing to see here, folks. Right? < /sarcasm >


Looks like somebody got to the landlord. Apparently the eviction has been cancelled for some reason. Interesting...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Muslim Gets 65 Years In Terror Financing Case

Story here.

There's more sentences in the offing.

Mean-Spirited Liberal Fascist Napolitano Can't Handle Heat For Ignorance

Story here.

Why should we let nasty liberal fascists who call all non-leftists terrorists and enemies of the state off easy?

They won't let us off easy when we make a stupid, ignorant mistake, will they? No. They'll finish us off!

Until Napolitano scraps the Goebbelian hate document defaming all conservatives everywhere as "right-wing extremists" and tells law enforcement not to profile us, we must keep the heat and pressure on her!

No more Mr. Nice Guy! Liberal fascists must be pushed back, because if they're not, they'll push us into the ground with their jackboots!

Obama SCOTUS Nom 'Racist', Must Withdraw: Critics


Racist is racist, regardless of who the racist is and regardless of to whom they're racist.


Can't have racists being judges, right?

Well then Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court of the U.S. must withdraw or be blocked.

Otherwise, the SCOTUS will be tainted with racism. And sexism, too, I might add. And who would trust the SCOTUS then? Besides racists?


“I think Obama has reached out to one of the most left-wing judges that there is in the United States,” Robertson said. “I think it's an outrage.”

Robertson, founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Christian Coalition, and host of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club,” said Republicans should focus on Sotomayor’s judicial decisions, which he believes make her extremely vulnerable.

As a matter of fact, the judge has a lousy record, in which 60% of her rulings were reversed on appeal. 60%!


Judge Sotomayor and Five Million Criminal Votes for Obama

The key argument used by felon voting advocates is that barring criminals from voting is a form of racial discrimination, since a disproportionate number of convicted felons are black or members of other minority groups. This brings in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into the picture. Using the VRA, the Supreme Court could potentially strike down any state laws banning criminals from voting. Even convicts still in jail.

This would immediately unlock that golden box of 5 million votes for Obama, even more than local state measures of ACORN’s voting fraud, which relied heavily on ex-cons, did.

And the Voting Rights Act is where Judge Sotomayor comes into the picture. While the Supreme Court currently has not chosen to hear any cases involving felon voting, allowing state circuit courts to maintain the ban, Judge Sotomayor is an enthusiastic judicial advocate of applying the VRA to felon voting, treating criminals as a discriminated against group being denied their civic rights.

This one is a radically dangerous extremist. Can you imagine this person sitting on the Supreme Court of the U.S.?

See? Obama does have a hidden agenda. Told you so.