Monday, May 25, 2009

Angry's Janke Discusses THE ADS

Steve Janke (Angry in the Great White North) weighs in via the National Post's "Full Comment" section.

Good stuff. This Janke dude really takes his time to dig it up, to research and to communicate his findings.

They're brilliant, and they perfectly frame everything that is wrong about Michael Ignatieff, everything that the media seems all too happy to ignore.

The ads are being panned by the press, but, frankly, that doesn't matter. It's the impact on voters that counts.

But put that aside for a moment. The ads are not sly insinuations of the sort the Liberals and the NDP throw around (the classic is the Conservative "hidden agenda", which by definition has to be insinuated, or else it wouldn't be hidden).

I must admit that I've, as a blogger and online commentor, mirrored the Leftists' tactic of insinuation of a "hidden agenda". I've particularly done this with respect to Barack Hussein Obama, who, indubitably, does have a hidden agenda (likely hidden in the pocket of his behind-the-curtain puppetmaster George Soros), as he proves every day as he does radically-extreme, neo-communistic, ultra-far-left-wing stuff he never said he'd do. But as far as the rational person can see, the Leftists' insinuations against Stephen Harper, such as allegedly planning to put armed soldiers on the streets all the time, have proven nothing but pure B.S.

The Conservatives' so-called "attack ads", they're not insinuative at all. They actually tell the plain truth about Michael Ignatieff. Mr. Ignatieff apparently can't handle having the truth so publicly, so blitzingly on TV, told about him. What, does he believe that his many, many, shocking public pronouncements are somehow private, and that he's somehow entitled to not have such public utterances exposed? Why does he think he should be exempt from the truth about him whereas Harper and all other Conservatives are never excused from anything at all?

The Liberals understand the power of the ads, which are being broadcast with high frequency and have been for a couple of weeks now and are being talked about all the time. They know that their leader is in big trouble, so they start going around threatening to whip and beat the Conservatives and so on and so forth. My, but isn't that soooo "taking the high road"?

If the ads weren't so powerfully true, then the Liberals wouldn't have to worry, and could just laugh it off as mere clownish antics, a waste of millions of dollars on the part of the Conservatives. But they've brought out the biggest guns, including the infamous S.O.B. bully, Warren Kinsella, aka "The Prince of Darkness".

Mr. Janke refers to the media.

Since they don't seem to be doing it, the Conservatives will do it for them. If the media is offended by someone else doing their job, then they should just start doing it themselves instead of complaining about it. If they don't like the job the Conservatives are doing ("too partisan!"), then show everyone how it's supposed to be done. But don't complain because the Conservatives have stepped in to fill the gaping vacuum left by the media on this important point.

That's what I've been saying, too.

The Big Media needs to do its job and dig up as much dirt on Liberal leaders as it does on Conservative leaders!

Since it hasn't, then, of course, the Conservatives will do it. Of bloody course. If they don't, then they're going to lose for sure, therefore they're doing these inconvenient ads.

The Conservatives are kicking the Liberals' asses. It's driving the Liberals nuts.

I betcha the Liberals will do something really stupid and desperate now. Wonder what kind of a stuffed animal they'll pull out of a gym bag on live TV to make fun of whomever's religion? Wonder what kind of extraordinarily unflattering picture they'll fade-in while making outrageously unbelievable accusations against Mr. Harper in a TV ad (if they manage to afford one, which is dubious)?

You know, I betcha the Liberals are now wondering whether they've got yet ANOTHER dud of a leader. They're probably thinking "Martin, Dion, Ignatieff... oh, shee-it!).

The Liberals just can't attract decent leadership material. Wonder why? Wonder why so many competent potential leaders without too much baggage and without too many glaring flaws, avoided the whole leadership thing like they would a fresh, fly-speckled dog turd on the sidewalk?

ht: Bourque