Friday, May 22, 2009

I Dare You To Answer ANY ONE Of These Questions

the State of Palestine Quiz

You just can't, can you? Not even after extensive, time-consuming research at the library.

Hmm. Now, why is that?


Come on... if you currently believe the Big Media Big Lies about there ever having been a "Palestinian" nation, well, it's time to realize that you have been LIED TO!

Not only that, the same people who lie to you about there being/having been a "Palestinian" state, they're telling you Big Lies about Israel.

Why? "Maybe" they hate Jews? Just like Hitler did? And just like Hitler so maliciously, evilly lied about the Jewish people and attempted to wipe them out... just like "Palestine" is trying to wipe out the tiny, surrounded by a massive ocean of hateful Muslims, Jewish state of Israel? Get that- Israel is tiny and surrounded. Surrounded! And soon one of Israel's mortal enemies will have nuclear weapons, with which to keep its promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

(Hey, let's wipe Iran off the face of the earth, if Iran tries to do so to Israel. Now, wouldn't that be fair? I say yes, especially as Iran obviously wants to be wiped out so they can all get their seventy-two virgins or whatever.)

Do you choose reality... or do you choose delusion?

Will you be like the brainless citizens of the Third Reich who went along with Hitler?

Or will you choose to have a mind of your own and not be controlled by hateful liars?

Will you continue to submit to the evil and hatred of the insane Judeophobes?

Or will you say NEVER AGAIN?

You will ultimately one day be judged based on this choice which you make here and now, as well as on other choices. But this one in particular is especially meaningful. Ignoring this choice will also lead to not-so-positive judgement one day. Of course, atheists could care less... just like the Nazis, who were atheists.