Monday, May 25, 2009

This-Is-Iggy Ads Not Done By Government, Just The Party

So any claim by the Conservatives' partisan opponents that "The government is doing this while they should be focusing on the real problems of Canada" is a Big Lie.

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In addition to Mr. Ignatieff's rebuttal, some bloggers and Liberal MP Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) also released online videos criticizing the Conservatives for engaging in partisan attack ads at a time when thousands of Canadians are struggling to fight the current economic downturn.


The attack ads have been criticized by many pundits, but Mr. Lyle said the Conservatives can easily defend them because they were launched by the party and not the Prime Minister.

"This is something that the party is doing, this is not a focal point of the government. So long as the government is not being partisan like this, so long as they're not doing things like the economic statement, I don't think that argument is going to get very far. The real question is are people going to believe the argument and if they believe it, is it going to stop them from voting Liberal," said Mr. Lyle.


"The key strategic variable in the equation is defining Michael Ignatieff. He's the new kid on the block. What they should do is run ads that define Michael Ignatieff. If they can get ads that define Michael Ignatieff but contrast against failings of the government," said Mr. Lyle. "You have to fight attacks in the same media the attack came in. If someone is hitting you with a radio ad, you don't respond with a newspaper ad, you respond with another radio ad."

Looks like the Liberals have chosen to drop the ball and depend on their comrades within the Big Media of Mass Deception (particularly the taxpayer-funded, blatantly-Liberal-loyalist CBC), which can generally be counted on to favor the Liberals to an extent significantly greater than they do the Conservatives.

But will the Liberals' passive "save what very little money we may have and hope our Big Media buddies do it for us" strategy be fruitful?

I predict not.

Furthermore, the Liberal Party is in no position to point fingers and complain about "attack ads", for two reasons, firstly that the Conservative ads aren't really "attack ads" in that they're not all that negative or nasty and stick to the facts.

Secondly, the Liberals are infamous for their Big Lie attack ad against Stephen Harper in the past.


The Liberals used a particularly awful picture of Stephen Harper to demonize him.

But are the Conservatives using any awful Ignatieff pictures? Like this one? No. That's just me using it, a wholly independent blogger who votes and who can't stand the always-corrupt-to-the-bone, left-wing extremist Liberal party and the unknown, shifty, flipflopping, self-contradictory international man of mystery named Michael Ignatieff, who was not elected leader by Liberal members and was actually appointed from the very top.


Below is a hilarious mockery of the infamous Liberal attack ad, courtesy of the Rick Mercer Report. Remember, it's the Liberals who are infamous for REAL attack ads. The Conservative Party, in fact, has NEVER done an "attack ad". Arguing that it somehow has, because the defunct PC Party of long ago once did attack ads like this is nonsense, because that was a wholly different party.

It's always best to stick to the facts in one's informational ads.

And that's what the Conservatives are doing.