Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CyberTerrorism in November?

Story here.

(...) According to the investigation performed by the cyber investigations unit of the Northeast Intelligence Network, English speaking Muslim college students in western countries, especially inside North America, have signed on to hack and deface open source news sites first. Concurrent with that endeavor, the hackers will attempt to strike government sites and online sites of importance to our infrastructure, from utilities to banks. As many of these hackers are in the United States and Canada, many who attend our universities and are adept at hacking skills, this most recent virtual jihad could well cause interruptions; system administrators should be vigilant in the upcoming days and weeks to potential vulnerabilities.

Hey, if you feel inclined to dismiss this, imagine how you'd have felt on 9/11 after, on 9/10, having been provided with warning information of intent by malevolents to attack us... and dismissed it as "conspiracy theory"?

Hmm... I just had a thought... been bouncing around inside my head awhile now... the words, "conspiracy theory"... why are they used so much as a weapon of ridicule, no matter how credible and evidence-based a "theory" might be? You know, this "conspiracy theory", as the Left would derisively call it, is actually far more credible than "anthropogenic global warming" and "impending catastrophic climate change". Why? Because we understand how it can happen, know who would do it and know that they fully plan to do it. This is a clear and present danger which we cannot ignore. So to dismiss it as a mere "conspiracy theory" is proof positive that those who would dismiss it are utterly without any argument against the warning's legitimacy. It's the same as when the Left calls those opposed to illegal immigration "racist"... the Left cannot make its case for breaking the law, for opening American borders without restriction to any who wish to enter for any purpose, so they pull out the "racist" knife and thrust it forward. Same thing as hurling the closed-minded, knee-jerk dismissive label "conspiracy theory" onto anything they don't want to believe might be possible, regardless of evidence and reason.

"Conspiracy theory" is therefore a meaningless label used as a rhetorical weapon by the losing side in any issue/argument.

We know that it's possible for terrorists and other malevolents to commit a cyberattack. After all, it's a given that the way wars are waged necessarily changes technology, strategy and tactics... that each subsequent war is always different and more sophisticated than the previous, given the same or substantially the same player(s). The ignorant person expects the next war to be like the last, failing to realise that the players involved know that they need to adapt and change so as to keep the enemy guessing, to have the element of surprise, to make it difficult to launch an effective, prompt defence, etc. So we must expect the unexpected (but, actually, a cyberattack is expected! In fact, Communist China has already successfully hacked even the Pentagon's computer network and may very well have advised the Islamic terrorists as to how to carry out their own!)

I've been reading stuff online in recent days about how terrorists are planning to use the internet to attack our information systems grid, in addition or alternative to the possible and feared use of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb to fry our power and information grid, rendering us back into the 19th century in so many ways, thus virtually defenceless (much of our military technology is now computer/information based, and to have it rendered useless by frying its circuits via an EMP blast would therefore have us at a horrific disadvantage with respect to national defence) against an unaffected enemy... and I personally suspect that it's not just Islamic terrorists who would be involved... it sounds as if (most likely) some Communist regime or regimes working together in an axis group would be using the Islamists as foot soldiers not only as they're useful and expendable, but also so that the Communists could claim plausible deniability should the attack(s) fail. It could be another proxy war, or proxy war attempt, with success degree determining whether the larger, more powerful and advanced enemy might choose to launch an attack against us.

Be vigilant.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conan the Moonbat: Pot Not a Drug

As we can see from the still above from Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie "Pumping Iron", The Governator has his reasons for declaring cannabis "not a drug; it's a leaf". Sigh... Arnie, my former "numero uno" hero/idol, you see, although the leaf itself isn't a "drug", it does contain a drug, "tetrahydracannabinol", or "THC", and I'm afraid you've partaken a tad too much thereof, which would explain your recent rash of inexplicable, ultra-moonbatty decisions with respect to new legislation in California, including saying that dope ain't dope, you dope!
Oh, crap... Arnie's turning into Bill Clinton already! He claims he "never took a drug", but just look at the picture above! Dang... I can visualize him saying, "I did not take that drug... besides, it isn't even a drug". Rather Clintonian. Next thing we know, Conan the Moonbat will be telling us that "is" has many meanings, too!
Well, Arnie does have a long history of being a bad boy. I always knew that, I must admit. But now I'm older, wiser, more conservative. And I can say with certainty that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a conservative. He's now a Kennedy.

Conservative MP Proposes Bill Cracking Down on Pedophilia, Human Trafficking

It's time to get tough on and intolerant of human trafficking, sex (and other forms of) slavery and pedophilia. We can't ignore the growing problem and hope it goes away, for it won't. Besides, it's growing right here in Canada, too.

Story here. h/t:

It's critical that we make it clear that human trafficking and pedophilia are serious offences and that we express our full, unwavering intent to strictly, unwaveringly enforce a zero-tolerance regime with respect to pedophiles and others who harm children.

(The Left will cringe at my "extreme" language, but they always fail to realize that extremism frequently requires "extreme" measures to combat... besides, the Left is extreme itself, so it can't point fingers and complain!).

If we don't do this proactively, pre-empting the fledgling pedophile-rights movement (yes, it's a reality and it may actually be accelerating with resolve to impose its ideology on society), which fuels much of the sex slavery/human trafficking underworld, then, we, having left our side of the court undefended, will have enabled the pedophile child-harmers to gain special, false "rights" they don't deserve and can't ever be permitted to have, as they will only harm children, as is their whole raison d'etre.

Human trafficking is a serious and growing problem, everywhere in the world, frequently related to pedophilia and the abuse of children and women. And:

"Canada has not convicted a single person of the offence of human trafficking, while the United States has successfully prosecuted hundreds," said Benjamin Perrin, assistant professor of law at the University of British Columbia.

I also note that Canada goes easy on pedophiliac child rapists and even murderers. Let's see... Karl Toft is free despite having raped well over a hundred young boys for many years while in a position of absolute authority over them... Karla Homolka, who raped and murdered her own younger sister and other girls, is out, as completely free as everyone else, out with no conditions on her freedom... and she has a baby, incredibly!

It's time to get tough. Real tough. If we don't, then we prove we're lax on promoting and defending human rights at home and internationally. So let's crack down... hard!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Cretch Attacks Judge Gomery

Jean Chretien: Still smarting from Judge Gomery's harsh rulings against him as well as other Liberals/Liberal cronies, attacks the Judge today

Story here. h/t:

Former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien is accusing Judge Gomery (remember the Liberals' infamous ADSCAM scandal?) of being influenced by the MSM into making the harsh(and inconvenient-to-the-Cretchen-Teflon-Don) rulings he did.

Oh, dear... now The Little Guy from Shenanigan, who always said we had to obey whatever a judge ruled, no questions asked (he was always saying such stuff as, "Youse knows, da courts, dey say dat ......, so we, da gubmint, we gonna do dis an' do dat an' anybodys who says we's wrong an dat da courts're wrong is a racist, sexist, homophobe, caveman, bumhole an' a redneck..."), is saying that judges are very, very imperfect, corruptible and nuts, therefore unreliable, therefore must be opposed whenever we don't like what they rule?!

So is Jean Chretien finally admitting that judges, including the many he personally appointed all over the place, are corruptible and easily swayed by outside influence/interference?

Thank you, M. Chretien. You've done us all a favor by helping us to shatter the myth of judges being perfect and omniscient, almost... godlike. Now we shall proceed upon the basis of that assumption that they are most certainly not!

The Cretch has basically now said that Gomery was obsessed with the fame and publicity and played to it.

Well, isn't that rather the pot calling the kettle black? The Cretch not only loved the spotlight, but actually told 'em how to shine it on him and how to report on it afterward...

Was Gomery out to get Chretien? Only in Chretien's little mind.

So if Gomery had indeed based his ruling with respect to Chretien on the MSM thing and on preexisting bias (neither of which Chretien has proven), why is that such a bad thing, when we know that Chretien's judicial appointees are perfectly free to base their rulings on, not the law, nor the Charter/Constitution Act, but, if they so please, on their personal ideological feelings, peer pressure, political correctness, a radically extreme leftist agenda or whatever? If it's a bad thing for Gomery to rule not according to the way he's supposed to, then it's also a bad thing for judges to rule not according to law/constitutions/bills of rights (like the infamously Leftwing-extremist-activist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the US, which makes much of the most inexplicable, insane rulings, most of which are overturned by the US Supreme Court).

Jean Chretien can't have it both ways. Either a judge must rule scrupulously and impartially according to law and constitution/bill of rights, or a judge can rule however he/she pleases, which is what happens a whole lot of the time anyway...

Danish Counter-Islamization Leader Was Target of Assassination Attempt

Above: Anders Gravers (Danish Leader, Stop Islamization of Europe)

(Will stay on top until late Monday... because of the shameful failure of both the Danish and international MSM to tell us about this attack. Scroll down for new posts!)

Just in today via email from the Center for Vigilant Freedom:

SIOE Nederland just now comes with a shocking story that on October 21st an assault was attempted on the life of SIOE Denmark leader Anders Gravers and passengers when arriving in a parking located in the basement of a building to join the demo planned for that day in Copenhagen .
The following link is in Danish. Translation pending.

UPDATE: English version of the post. As you can see, the MSM refused to tell the People about what happened, so SIOE has gone over their heads...

SIOE Denmark is only coming with a report now on the murder attempt and the demonstration in Copenhagen. There was a need for recover but also because the main stream medias have been either completely silent or have published lies about the incidents. We have waited to see if the msm would write about the incident. This is the first article about it, and one more will follow about the demonstration.

(...)there was a loud bang and the frontwindow was damaged. About two autonomous looking types were in the front and two on ecah sites smashing the site windows shouting Get him out get him out! and started hitting Anders and the SIAD passenger in the other site with ironbars. The SIAD member in the middle (foto) was hit of a thrown filled soda bottle in her backhead.

Anders succeded after a while to kick one of the autonomous hard in the face as he leaned in to unlock the door. Anders mananged to get out with a fire extinguisher from the van and hit another one hard on the shoulder. It remained later that they attemted to stab him down when there was found cut holes in the shirt, jacket and vest. Anders was wearing his securityvest which saved his life.

Suddenly they disappeared and Anders got around the van and saw a SIAD member (foto top) lying on the floor while he was beaten in the head of 4-5 persons with ironbars. Apperently they also tried to stab him down, but again he also wore his security vest which saved his life.

(More action is narrated...)

Notwithstanding this cowardly, ineffective act of "jihad", counterIslamization leader Gravers, despite being somewhat wounded himself, actually proceeded with the demonstration the "jihadists" failingly sought to stop.

The wounded, 2 men and 2 women decided that the best thing Anders could do was to complete the demonstration. That would be a slap in the face on the undemocratic and fascistic forces who have tried to shut us down forever. Anders agreed, apart from bruises on arm and body he felt allright and after talking to the police he drove away and completed the demonstration in front of the Institute of human rights.

Clearly, there are those who are deadly serious about forcing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia Law onto Europe.

But guess what? No matter what the enemy does to us, we will not submit!

Anders Gravers did NOT submit. He FOUGHT BACK VALOROUSLY AND FEROCIOUSLY against the "jihadist" enemy!

Let this be a warning to the enemy. Mr. Gravers demonstrates the unrelenting resolve of King Leonidas against Xerxes...

And Mr. Gravers is by no means alone. There are countless freedom-loving people like him who will fearlessly do the same.

Thanks to Monique of SIOE-Nederland for the link to the English version of the post.

Liberal MP Caught Up in New Spending Scandal

Story here. h/t:

VANCOUVER — Liberal MP Blair Wilson has resigned from the federal Liberal caucus over allegations that he didn't disclose all of his expenses during the last election campaign.

...the latest incident in the long, continuing history of Liberal crookedness...

Islamic School in Fairfax, Virginia Teaches Hatred of Non-Muslims, Jihad

Mr. Bush, shut this school down!

In America.

Teaching Muslims to hate, with a zeaolus passion, people who aren't Muslims.

Teaching Muslims to kill in the name of Islam.

In America.

Story here. Cross-posted with The Center for Vigilant Freedom. Emphasis mine.

In Fairfax, VA, a stone's throw away from Washington D.C., the freedom capitol of the world, there exists a school that has chosen to teach hatred - pure, evil, hatred. And that hatred is directed at you and me.

One thousand students, spread over two campuses, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, are enrolled in a Saudi sponsored school in Fairfax County. The school adheres to the educational model followed in Saudi Arabia. And even though some modifications have been made to the curriculum this is a school that preaches and teaches hatred of Jews, Christians and all Muslim non-believers.


The School is called The Islamic Saudi Academy. Defenders of the Academy claim that only about 28% of the student body is Saudi, but make no mistake about it, those 28% along with the remaining 72% are all getting a true Saudi/Wahabi education. This is definitely a Saudi school. The chairman of the school board is Turki Fasial al Saud, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States. Despite the alterations made to the school curriculum, the school's website still emphasizes the fact that, in general, The Islamic Saudi Academy located in Fairfax County, Virginia, one of the proud 50 states, still follows the curriculum of the Saudi ministry of education.

We all know that there are religious schools in this country. We know that there are private, special interest schools in this country. The problem with The Islamic Saudi Academy is that it takes educational preaching and moralizing to the extreme. Students are not taught simply to hate non-believers, they are taught extreme hatred. The hatred the students are exposed to goes beyond the typical hatred that Muslims in other schools are taught for Jews and Christians. At The Islamic Saudi Academy students are taught that Jews came from apes and that Christians came from swine. They are taught that once upon a time Jews were believers, but now they do not believe.


The school teaches: That trusted friends can only be Muslim. That even family members, if they are non-believers, have nothing in common with you and should be abandoned or ignored. That people further away from you geographically and culturally are truly closer to you than the family you live with if your family does not believe.That one should never establish a close and trusted friendship with a non-Muslim.

Ninth and twelfth grade curricula heavily emphasize the concept of Jihad, of holy war, and the obligation to fight and destroy the enemy and the non-Muslim. There are no grey areas in Saudi schools, it is all black and white and it is all reinforced in classroom assignments, papers and homework.

Islamofascists from Saudi Arabia. Teaching hatred, supremacism and jihad to Muslims. In America. In America.

Shut this school down immediately!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Study Aims to Determine if Pedophiles Born That Way

This is scary, but not unprecedented, not implausible... I can, I'm afraid, see it coming one day: The pedophiles' rights movement. Pedophile adoption. Pedophiles marrying children.

Read the whole article and you'll be reminded of the same claims made about another "sexual orientation". The parallel is eerily mirror-like. To read the article, which is actually an MSM article, will remind you of the more commonly-debated "sexual orientation" that once dare not speak its name. This is how it starts. And it'll only take a matter of years, a decade at most, perhaps, unfortunately. But as society is already such an inexplicable mess, it shouldn't be too easily dismissed.

The new sexual-extremist propaganda movement is starting with pseudo-"scientists" like the one in the article, who appear to be biased and ideological, while sounding for all the world like "scientists". Reading the article will perhaps indicate this to you, at least if your brain is actually working.

If they're supposedly born that way, then we cannot discriminate, cannot invade their bedrooms... if the "sex" is "consensual" (children are incapable of consenting to such things!), they'll say, "then what's the harm?" Then, if they don't get concrete proof that it harms children, they'll use that lack of proof to push their agenda. They'll probably have the full assistance of the MSM, Hollywood, the legal/judicial system, the Leftist politicians, Leftist demonstrators... you get the picture.

So, if it's claimed that a study "proves" that they're born that way, does this mean that pedophilia will have to be declared by some judge(s) as a "human right", and that they'll read-in pedophilia as a protected "sexual orientation", despite the reality that "sexual orientation" isn't anywhere in evidence in the Charter?

How does one logically go from seeing that the Charter forbids discrimination on the basis of sex (whether one is a male or female, period!) to declaring that the Charter protects peoples' sexual preferences and behaviors, regardless of their sex? It's illogical, stupid and dangerous to build that slippery slope!

Look... we know that pedophilia is harmful to children. But we'll probably face the inexplicable debate in which they'll demand, "Prove it's harmful" and "Suppose a pedophile has a child living with him/her next door and they have sex... they're not bothering you or hurting you at all... so where's the harm? How does it affect you? What's the problem?!"

You know, there's similar studies with respect to homosexuality. And we had this debate with the "how does it hurt anyone" question with respect to same sex marriage, which the former Liberal government forced into law without any mandate to do so from the public and after having promised... and voted, formally, to not do so!

And it appears that the justice system is deciding not to pursue criminal charges against polygamists... again using the "where's the harm" question.

Where's the harm, indeed? Do I really have to tell you? Don't you know, or were you never told anything, therefore you cannot see how it's harmful? What on earth are they teaching in the schools today?

Frighteningly, there's enough people who are stupid and manipulable enough to submit to a pedophile rights movement and eventually support such "rights" in polls and even support "pedo-child" marriage someday in polls... and someday a leftwing fascist government will impose it on society and use police state tactics to protect the whole thing from any and all opposition...

Sound nuts? If people, just ten years ago, suggested that there'd be "gay" marriage in Canada now, or that polygamists would begin to cease to be prosecuted, most folks would've dismissed the idea... and they did. But they were wrong... because that stuff has happened!

This garbage "science" of finding genes to prove that people are born to behave a certain way... I say it's dangerous, evil, Mengellian bullshit and really should be shunned as snake oil research or something like that.

Leftwing Fascists Silence (Others') Free Speech at Emory U

Story here (that one's the best descriptive link), I think, plus here, here, ... and all over the place the story is told about the Far Left and their Islamofascist slavemasters danged nearly goose-stepping around in brownshirts, denying people their right to speak!

Do Leftists really believe in free speech, or only for themselves and their extremist allies, exclusively?

Bloodthirsty kalifascists, aren't they, the little buggers?

The Left, each day, does a fine job of proving to us all just exactly the kind of folks they really are.

Brainless fascist bigots. That's the Left, influenced by malevolent Islamofascist and Communofascist forces.

Canadian PM Harper Rolls Out Red Carpet for Dalai Lama

He'll be the first Canadian Prime Minister to meet with the Dalai Lama... in public.

And he's not impressed with the threats coming from the Chinese Communist Party dragon. If the CCP wants to downgrade "relations" with Canada, fine. Big deal. Let them whine and stamp their feet!

Myself, I'm sick and tired of the bullying of that CCP monster, which is on its way out, sooner rather than later. The storm gathers around the CCP... eventually it will become a perfect storm and will wipe it off the face of China.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weirdo Buys Che's Hair for $119,500

Story here. h/t:

Why on earth would anyone want to buy asshole hair? Nope, it wasn't Bill Clinton who bought it, in case that was your first thought...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Democrats Invented, Were Involved in KKK

I say a lot that the liberal left is racist. Now here's shocking proof that they've always been racist!

Even today, one of the sitting Democratic Senators is a KKKer... a former Kleagle (recruiter for the racist organization), so let's look more closely at the Democratic Party's murderous, racist history.

Story here. Read it all!

The original targets of the Ku Klux Klan were Republicans, both black and white, according to a new television program and book, which describe how the Democrats started the KKK and for decades harassed the GOP with lynchings and threats.

An estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites died at the end of KKK ropes from 1882 to 1964.

(Oh, at least the Democrat-invented KKK lynched a lot of White Republicans while they were lynching other folks they didn't like because of the color of their skin... the Demmies also hated anyone who wasn't a Democrat, regardless of skin color, I see!)

The documentation has been assembled by David Barton of Wallbuilders and published in his book "Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black &
which reveals that not only did the Democrats work hand-in-glove with the Ku Klux Klan for generations, they started the KKK and endorsed its mayhem.

"Of all forms of violent intimidation, lynchings were by far the most effective," Barton said in his book. "Republicans often led the efforts to pass federal anti-lynching laws and their platforms consistently called for a ban on lynching. Democrats successfully blocked those bills and their platforms never did condemn lynchings."

Interesting... the Republicans tried to stop the Democrat-KKK kkkoalition from lynching Black people... so they decided to lynch Republicans as well so that they could continue with their regular lynchings...

Further, the first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, no Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment to grant citizenship to former slaves and, to this day, the party website ignores those decades of racism, he said.

"Although it is relatively unreported today, historical documents are unequivocal that the Klan was established by Democrats and that the Klan played a prominent role in the Democratic Party," Barton writes in his book. "In fact, a 13-volume set of congressional investigations from 1872 conclusively and irrefutably documents that fact.

Incredible, isn't it? The Democratic Party. The party of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama. With roots like these, what on earth are these folks doing in such a party... and how come they say nothing about the former Kleagle sitting amongst them?

Of course, we're talking about the liberal left. The liberal left is, regardless of race, obviously in denial that it is, in fact, racist! What a mess the liberal left and the Democratic Party are!

Back then, the KKK spared folks if they promised to not vote Republican. Violation of this promise was punishable by death.

Holy shit! The Democrat-invented-and-supported KKK killed people for voting Republican!

No wonder the liberal left and the Democratic Party love the Islamic fascists so much and want America to leave Iraq, Afghanistan and leave Iran alone.

They're also known to be tight with the Communists, and we know how horrible they are as well.

Why on earth is the Democratic Party getting away with this and hypocritically pointing at the Republicans, as if they were the pot calling the kettle...?

Whatever faults the liberal left actually possesses, they accuse non-leftists of possessing these faults, as it tends to make people think that the accusees are the bad guys, rather than the accusors. So whenever the liberal left points the finger at conservative folks and says they're nasty stuff, don't believe them unless they provide credible proof, and unless you've determined that they themselves have clean backyards!

Catholics Demand Vatican Crack Down on Immoral Clergy

They've had enough and want to take their religion back from those who have hijacked it.

Hey, I demand that good Muslims take their religion back from those who hijacked theirs, so it's reasonable that Catholics demand the same takeback from those whose only intent is to corrupt and ultimately destroy their faith.

Everyone is welcome to the Catholic faith. But the Catholic faith has strict rules. Those who reject these rules and wish to render them irrelevant, however, are definitely NOT welcome. This is the Catholic faith. Accept it as it is or go somewhere else.

There's other denominations that don't really adhere to Christian principles... those who want to have their cake and eat it too... those who want to pick and choose... can go to one of those phony Churches.

It's time for the Vatican to lay down the law and clean up the Churches.

The state apparatus and its political correctness facism also has no business in the affairs of the Church. After all, the American Constitution requires the government to stay out of its affairs, right ("separation of Church and state", remember? It really means that the Church is to be left alone by the state, not the other way around, like the left claims)?

So when we boot out the hijackers and blasphemers, the state apparatus must shut up and do nothing. No court may dare, either, to hear any claims against the Church, as the Church has its Constitutional rights and shall exercise them as it sees fit, enforcing its rules, which supercede political correctness, an atheistic philosophy.

Blasphemous/godless folks can do whatever they want and even talk about it... just keep it at home and out of the Church.

Rules are rules.

CodePinko Detained in Ottawa in Second Attempt to Enter Illegally

Story here. ht:

It's the same CodePinko with the criminal record I mentioned in an earlier blog post (scroll down) who was turned away from the border while trying to get in. She knows she's not allowed in, but tried again anyway, arrogantly deeming herself entitled notwithstanding anything the Canadian and US governments say about her.

The US government, of course, has its eye on her, naturally, as her behavior is, to the reasonable person, an indicator of a mentality, a potential predisposition to behaving in the future in a manner threatening to national security.

See, it's not just Islamic fascist terrorist suspects who get this treatment. It's their dhimmi slaves, the CodePinko moonbat fools, also, amongst other moonbats.

Now if only we could also keep illegal aliens out (thousands of illegals from Mexico are actually spilling across the border into Canada, too!)...

Sorry, leftists.... but there isn't any of that "entitlement" to which you delusionally believe you're entitled... and you have to pay for your own gum, too! (Canadian joke- has to do with ex-Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall).

Canada, US Punch Above Weight. What About European NATO Members?

Well? What about the rest of our allies? Canadian warriors are again at it, sacrificing themselves for freedom, democracy and the rule of law internationally.

We're doing everything we can with whatever we have, which is a lot less than much or all of the rest of the NATO countries, plus less than the Axis of Evil countries, of course.

But Canada is doing her best. So is America, who is also in Iraq, fighting Al Qaeda and other kalifascist enemies so they won't come here.

Are we, Canada and America, alone in doing our best, regardless of our resources?

Is the rest of the world jealous of Canada, America... and Israel?

Canada, America, Israel... doing their best together.

What about the rest of the Free World?

Kyoto Worthless, Failure, Must Go: Experts, Sci Journal

Story here. Read the whole thing. It's devastating to the AGW/Climate Change/Trading Credits extremists, including Al Gore, George Monbiot (the guy who inspired the term "moonbat"), David Suzuki, Stephane Dion (and his Liberal Party), etc., etc....

h/t: (Emphasis mine).

The Kyoto-worshipping Liberal Party of Canada, we recall, never bothered to do a bloody thing at all since the Protocol was cynically ratified by those crooked extremists for electoral-calculation purposes... and they have, just yesterday, allowed the Throne Speech to pass, said Speech effectively abandoning Kyoto.... the more we see the proponents of Kyoto abandon the Protocol, the more we see the radical, threatening extremism and personal hypocrisy of the AGW extremists in their own behavior, the more we hear more and more scientists expressing serious doubts about Kyoto, AGW and climate change, the more we see for ourselves as reasonable, open-minded people that the whole thing is a Big Lie, a moneymaking scam of a magnitude unprecedented in history. (It makes the Liberals' internationally-infamous, politically-devastating ADSCAM look like baby potatoes!)

Plus... we see nothing happening in the real world, nothing at all... that would lend any credibility to the dire, catastrophic warnings of the likes of politician-actor Al Gore... Where I live, I see no change whatsoever in temperature, nor climate, and I've been here since 1978, so what am I going to believe, my own observations, or the "United Nations", which is wholly discredited in every way possible?

Echoing sentiments long associated with such politicians as U.S. President George W. Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the article in the journal Nature would appear to undermine arguments from Kyoto supporters who insist there is merit in sticking to the treaty even if it has proven to be ineffective.

Not only has the decade-old treaty not delivered cuts in global emissions of greenhouse gases that continue to soar, but it is the wrong tool for the job, say Gwyn Prins of the London School of Economics and Steve Rayner at Oxford. Their commentary has top billing in the British science journal this week.

(Rather makes the Leftist Opposition look like a bunch of yammering fools, doesn't it? Rather makes the governing Conservatives look moderate, careful, intelligent, open-minded and scientifically realistic compared to their political opponents clustered on the lunatic-fringe Far Left, doesn't it?)

Kyoto is a "symbolically important expression" of governments' concerns about climate change, they say. "But as an instrument for achieving emissions reductions it has failed. It has produced no demonstrable reduction in emissions or even in anticipated emissions growth. And it pays no more than token attention to the needs of societies to adapt to existing climate change."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disturbing Extremist Propaganda

What if they showed a newborn baby with a wristband that said, instead of this, "Christian" or "Jew" or "Kuffar" or "Muslim" or "Conservative" or "Liberal" or "Republican" or "Democrat" or "Communist" or "Al Qaeda"?

I mean, the ad is stupid and dangerous. It smacks of evil, hateful, Nazi-style eugenic junk "science". Showing a newborn baby with a wristband saying "homosexual", as if somehow one's sexual behavior is necessarily predictable by one's genes, which it clearly isn't, unless one would be willing also to concede that heterosexuals, asexuals, bestialists, foot fetishists, s&m practitioners, pedophiles and people who can only get off by commiting violent sexual assaults, or by "snuffing" people out, should have their own special, state-assigned-and-issued newborn wristband, too...

I'm not falling for this propaganda. Common sense and the real world indicate that everyone is responsible for their own behavior, no matter how compelling their animalistic or psychotic urges may be. If it is agreed that straight people can save theirselves for marriage, be celibate for decades, that pedophiles and rapists may possibly be able to suppress their urges, for example, then one can accept that it's not a matter of "being born" that way, but of taking responsiblity for being in control of one's actual actions notwithstanding one's physical/psychological/emotional compulsions, which have their roots in experience and environment, not in one's genes, as the Far Left claims so frequently. Don't tell me it's genetic, for if and when it's genuinely scientifically proven beyond all possible purely scientific, skeptical doubt, then it will be widely and properly seen as such. Right now... just propagandists and extremist-activists are saying that "It's all what we're born to be", not that they're not entitled to their opinion, of course, but they're not saying it's only their own opinion... they're incredibly claiming it's a proven fact, and that we better agree and submit to whatever their demands may be, or else we'll be punished just for daring to say, "Hey, hold on a minute... you can't demand this extreme stuff of us; it's too extreme and imposing on us... it doesn't work this way in any free, civil, democratic, rule-of-constitution-and-law-founded society!".

This sort of thing, as represented by the ad, takes equality away from human beings, assigning arbitrary, political-ideological "orientations" and "status" to people... merely on the basis of the demands of the Far Left and their own people stationed in every institution of the state apparatus. It's what the Nazis did. It's what communists have always, and still, do. But it isn't what the Free World ever wants to do! Humanness is innate, exclusive to human beings. We are not like other "animals"... we're far different, no doubt about it. We are blessed with not only awesome intelligence, but also the capability to understand right from wrong, ethics and morality. We also possess the innate power of freedom of will, to make choices; we are NOT slaves to natural nor unnatural "urges", as are non-human animals, but we have been blessed with the innate power to choose who we will be and how we will behave. Let no one, no state, no one... tell us that we cannot exercise real choice and free will. For understanding of right and wrong, ethics and morality, capacity for real choice and free will make us exclusively human, not animalistic urges.

Communists, Leftists, Satanists... deny all of this. They believe that human beings are no more special than any other animals and that we're really here to do whatever we feel like doing, no matter what. Well, they are wrong.

Next thing we know, these junk scientists of the Far Left will be insisting that one's religion or political philosophy is genetically predetermined, even that whether one will become a "natural born killer" or a "homicide bomber" is something genetic. All without any evidence, other than the say-so of some so-called "scientists" (there were Nazi "scientists" and "doctors", too, who practiced eugenics, and we know where that led). Don't rule out the resurrection of the insane, evil, hateful propagandic myth/Big Lie of the so-called "Master Race, the Aryans", either. It happened before, and there are actually some who still believe in it, just as Leftists believe the crap they claim to be true!

But some extremists are doing this junk science all over again in the name of the imposition of their extremist ideology.

Next thing we know, we won't be able to prosecute/bring to justice pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, etc., because they were "born that way" and "must be who they are" and "must practice their orientation in order to be happy and have a full life" and "to be equal, not excluded" and so on... All the Left has to do is get criminal Leftist judes to practice their infamous, illegal, unconstitutional judicial activism to force governments to acquiesce to the dangerous will of the few who only have their own interests in mind, to hell with everyone else.

I find the ad extremely dangerous as well as dishonest and smacking of absolute garbage "science".

Unhinged CodePinko Leftist Moonbat Attacks Condi


Crazed CodePink liberal-left "progressive" dhimmi deafeatist moonbat attacks an annoyed but cool U.S. Secretary of State Conoleeza Rice, effectively stopping her from speaking. Where, oh, where was this CodePinko nutcase when Mahmoud Ahmadienjad was speaking?

It was a pinko melee! A brouhaha! Pinkomonium! Bunch of pink-t-shirt clad moonbats arrested!

Story. More pictures. Video. See moonbattery unhinged, unfiltered, uncut!

What did I tell y'all just last night about how right Canada was to bar a CodePinko moonbat with a criminal record from entering my country? We don't want the above crap happening up here, either! We've got our fair share of these lunatics, too, thank you very much!
Besides, we can't keep Michael Moore and Howard Dean from entering Canada so far, so at least we can tell the CodePinkos with criminal records to stay away.
Probably that was another stupid, insane friend of the infamous, mesmerizingly charismatic Canadian communist-kalifascist internet cult leader HanniBalbulican Lecter... Hey, HanniBalbulican, that's right... you are a cult leader, charismatic, Svengalian, Hannibal Lecterian... and your site, which I shall not mention herein, is a virtual cult. Your followers will believe anything and everything you say without question, as if you were the Heavens Gate guy or David Koresh or Reverend Moon... so when does the spaceship come to pick you guys up? Soon, I hope!

Referendum on Senate Reform

It's time to shit or get off the pot.

It's time to ask Canadians, directly, whether they want a Senate that is as it is, or elected, or abolished.

This is direct democracy. I believe that the left in Canada has suddenly rediscovered referendum religion now that we have a Conservative government in power, and likes to go around screaming, "Direct Democracy, Not Parliamentary Control" or something like that... not very long after illogically, incorrectly screaming, "You'd put human rights to a vote?!" whenever it was proposed that the people get to decide the fate of the institution of marriage.

This (holding referenda on big, controversial social/institutional reform proposals) is what the Reform Party and Canadian Alliance proposed when the Liberals had a dictatorial and fascist-leaning stranglehold on Parliament, the Senate, the judiciary, the MSM and the entire state apparatus, effectively exerting Stalinist-Maoist command, control and agendae against the will of the People.

The Liberals and the Left are on record as rejecting referenda when they don't like the idea of losing. Some of their ilk, however, want referenda now.

So let's have a referendum on the Senate. And let that be only the beginning! Occasional elections to Parliament aren't enough. We saw that with the Liberals, who mastered the art of only being "accountable" in elections they were guaranteed to win anyway, and which they only called whenever they were assured of a majority victory, with the exception of the last election, which they lost.

Let's have an equal, elected, effective Senate, a sober-second-thought body, not a rubber-stamp group for the Liberals / delayor or destroyer of legislation for the Conservatives.

We should've definitely had a national referendum on the Liberals' "same sex marriage" legislation. The Liberals'/Left's claim that it'd have been a vote on "human rights" was a Big Lie, as we well know that not only are "human rights" actually not written anywhere, that they're whatever we want to say they are at any given moment, that neither homosexuality nor marriage are "human rights". It was a Big Lie that prevented a referendum to protect the institution of marriage from destruction. Granted, we all talk about "human rights", but they're actually undefined, not written anywhere, really, and even the United Nations' "human rights" declaration doesn't include "sexual orientation" at all (probably because Iran didn't want it in there!)... Actually, what really matters in legislation and law is the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which are clearly inconvenient truths for the Liberal Left, so they enlist criminal judges from amongst their ideological brethren to issue declarations of things that do not exist in either of these documents... and enlist the MSM to conduct the Big Lie campaign to force the whole thing onto the people against their better judgement and will.

(To reassure the phobic "center" and Leftists, I remind them to read the recent posts I did so they won't see any "hidden agenda" on my part. Read them here and here. The Liberal Left won't agree with much of what I posted, but it's a small picture of what I believe in, which is equality, equality, equality for all, based on common standards of conduct and laws that apply equally to all.)

Beginning with the Senate referendum, let's from now on have national referenda on the most contentious social reform proposals of any government, particularly when they've been pressured by criminal judges and the MSM into trying to force socially-destructive revolutionary transformations onto Canada.

I also believe that the self-abrogating, racist Charter of Rights and Freedoms (a Trudeau social-reengineering Trojan horse, many believe) wouldn't have been such a defective, dangerous, divisive document if Trudeau knew he had to submit it to the People for approval. We'll, of course, still go with and even defend the Charter we have, of course, and make the most and best of it, even though it's open to referenda and other legislative processes to amend it for the good of the People.

First up for the People to decide on: The Senate.

I say let's have an equal, elected and effective Senate.

If Leftists disagree with anything I said, well, I say, put it to a vote!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beryl Wajsman On The Liberal Party's Many Faults

I like this guy. He understands the Liberal Party of Canada, as he was once a Liberal, though apparently there's no way he'd touch it right now with someone else's ten-foot pole, I think.

Excellent reading concerning what's wrong with the Liberal Party and its "leader" Stephane Dion. It's astute analysis of those (fill in the blank with your own choice curse or political epithet).

Though you really must read it all, as it's fully worth it for understanding what's wrong with Dion and the Liberal Party, I particularly like the following paragraph, and agree with it, no surprise:

The multicultural and social programs the Liberals enacted ostensibly for “the common good” were done in reality for no other reason than to have something for flyers in the next election. These programs have become restrictive of our rights as individuals and invade every aspect of our civil liberties and basic privacy. They are reflective of government by coercion and compulsion instead of by education and persuasion.

He also warns, however, perhaps reminding the Conservatives to remain true to the philosophy of the supremacy of individual liberties and small, non-invasive, non-coercive government with lower taxes and so on:

Though the Liberal Party of Canada may have lost its relevance , the promise of industrial liberalism is still the last, best hope for the broad masses of Canadians struggling for better lives under the crushing burdens of rising taxes, contracting opportunity, invasive statism, failed bureaucracies and continued pandering to privilege and preference. But whether historic liberalism will be best exemplified by the large-L Liberal Party or the small-c Conservatives is yet to be determined.

Finally, he warns the Liberal Party as to what it must absolutely do if it wishes to ever again matter to Canadians:

They left a legacy of withered grass. If Stephane Dion cannot come to terms with the hypocrisy of the Liberal mantra--and change it--then he will never be able to make the party relevant to Canadians. The real challenge to Liberals is much more than technical politicking on the ground. It is how to move beyond the deceptions of an agenda of statism and sustainability.

I think that this analysis can easily equally be applied as a warning to the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. I believe my American friends, particularly conservative ones, are crying out for a party that truly represents the interests of Americans and America, just as Canadians demand such a party, which, for many at the moment, is the Conservative Party. May the Conservative Party stay true to conservative principles forever... and actually become more conservative to undo the damage wrought by the reprehensible Liberal Party over so many painful decades!

Canada Bars Entry of CodePink Moonbat

Hoooo-ahhhh! Moonbats with criminal records are not allowed to enter here!

What do you expect to happen when enemies try to enter? This San Franciscan Leftwing extremist has a criminal record, which makes it quite difficult to be able to enter even Canada.

There's a process to go through to be allowed to enter Canada in this situation. "Criminal rehabilitation", it's called. There's a five-year waiting period following the "last arrest", I understand.

Ohhhh... what do you know... former NDP Party leader Alexa McDonough is trying to get these extremists into the country to spew their vile, defeatist nonsense. Of course. Alexa's a moonbat, too, and a very annoying one, I find.

Can you believe the nerve of this Codepinko? She tries cynically to appeal to our emotions and "sense of fairness" to not bar her type as if "common criminals". But she is a common criminal, guess she forgot, or is in denial!

Nasty, do I sound? Of course. Look at who I'm talking about. These pinkos would just give the Free World away to Islamists, Communists, you name it. They're the enemy within, and they are intolerant of others who dare to speak with a different point of view, as we well know from examples such as when the Judeophobic, kalifascist moonbats and administration of Concordia University effectively cancelled former Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu's speech... and Colombia University's ultra-far-Leftwing-fascist behavior towards the Minutemen, followed by a surprising, all-too-eager hosting of the nuclear Islamist madman, Iran's Ahmadinejad... We know what kind of folks we're talking about here! I mean, think friggin' Stalinist, fofecksake!

I see this turning-away at my border of this moonbat as a message to all moonbats: Stop being intolerant of those with something different to say... and stop getting yourselves arrested all the bloody time, and then you'll probably get in.

Conference Will Discuss New News Media in Canada

Building a New Media - Creating a New Culture

Event homepage here.

Story here.

Mainstream media (MSM) defector-cum founder, Joseph Farah, will be in Burlington, Ontario, this Friday and Saturday as keynote speaker, along with others from amongst the ranks of the non-MSM media, including Connie Wilkins of, of standing-up-to-the-Leftofascist-"Human Rights Commission"-and-making-them-back-off fame.

Mr. Farah will tell attendees how to create Canada's own alternative to the corrupt, biased, Leftist mainstream media.

"Canadians," says Farah, "are suffering from the same kind of lockstep, pack journalism that has infected the American media. There's no sense anymore that reporting is about telling the truth. It's become all about agendas and political correctness."

Another speaker at the event will be Connie Wilkins. As WND reported earlier this year, Wilkins and her husband run a website which was the subject of a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission for posting material "offensive" to Muslims. The complaint eventually was withdrawn, but Wilkins still faces a potential civil suit.

The conference will be held at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington Friday night and Saturday. There will be a few tickets left available for sale at the door – $45 for the Friday evening "town hall forum" with the speakers, or $90 for Friday night and all-day Saturday, lunch included. Complete information on the conference is available online.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stop-Kuffarphobia Demonstration to be Held in London

On October 26th.

Story here. Click and read it all. It's educational and enlightening for all who care about equality between all human beings.

To protest against Kuffarphobia – the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists.

It's also a protest against Kalifascism (Islamofascism). Kalifascism. Better remember that term. It's a bit new to me, too.

There's plenty of coverage online of this. Click here for more.

This means that there's a lot of people watching, both in attendance and internationally.

It's a legal, police-approved demonstration. So the police had better respect the right to freedom of expression, particularly now. If they renege, we'll be there to tell the world.

Oh, and, I just remembered a cool picture I have that'll tie-in with the reality of the internet community fighting global Islamic imperialism and supremacism. Here it is, reminding those in attendance at the demonstration that they're not alone at all, that we've got their backs:

Turkish Leader Swings Jihad Saber

Story here. h/t:


Pre-emptive strikes against another country. Against Muslims. In a Muslim country. Thumbing nose at UN.

But this time the UN and the International Leftist Movement say little or nothing. It's ok for Turkey, a Muslim nation, infamous for the Armenian genocide and remembered as a key part of the imperialist Islamic invasions and occupations (as the Seljuks) of Christian lands, including forcible conversion or execution of Christians, which forced Christians to take up the cross and the sword, in Crusades against those sword-swinging supremacistic barbarians.

“Whatever is necessary will be done,” he declared in an interview. “We don’t have to get permission from anybody.”

Not even the UN? Why is it that the Free World needs permission, but the Axis of Evil doesn't? Could it be that the Axis of Evil has effectively taken over the UN? What else could the reasonable person think?

Waiting for the Strangely Silent Leftist Lambs to march naked in the streets calling Erdogan a terrorist, a monster, a murderer, demanding that "Turkey get out of Iraq" and so on...

Oh, no... they're too busy screaming against the Canadian government's plans to bring forth updated security certificate legislation so as to continue to be able to stop terrorists before they can commit terrorism.

See? The Left is stupid. Just look at what happens and watch them practice their double standards!

As far as I'm concerned, Turkey isn't part of the Free World after all. Let's stop deluding ourselves as we did, albeit with hope, that Russia was reforming positively and that China would respect human rights if we respected the Communist Party. We know better than to delude ourselves any longer.

Let's talk about Iran now.

Whatever is necessary will be done. We don't have to get permission from anybody.

-Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We know Iran is going to have nuclear weapons, and soon. Couple that with Iran's promises to destroy other countries and eliminate entire races, it is incumbent upon the Free World to launch a swift crusade into that outlaw Islamist regime... and we don't need permission from anybody. If we're wrong, then we'll later pay the price, but doing nothing isn't an option, as we know from the infamous historic miscalculation of Neville Chamberlain.
It's becoming increasingly clear, in fact, that the Free World will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. Perhaps we have learned from history after all. We'll see.
And, remember, we don't have to get permission from anybody.

Chuck Norris Endorses Mike Huckabee for Prez

I'd listen to Chuck if I were an American Republican, as Chuck is as conservative as any could get.

Chuck's explanation why he endoreses Mike Huckabee

Don't know anything about Huckabee myself, but now the guy bears closer scrutiny, seeing that Chuck Norris would like him to be President.

Hmm... this Huckabee guy sounds good to me, too.

Republicans appear to like him, too, judging from straw polls taken amongst the "values voters", despite the fact that the MSM gives him little coverage at all.

Wonder how come the MSM ignores him?

Obviously, ALL candidates need to be closely assessed, not just the so-called "front runners"!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Human Rights Not Negotiable

...thus spake the Holy See.

"Many in contemporary society actually deny the existence of a specific human nature, which only adds to confusion and, in many cases, hinders authentic dialogue.

"Clarity in this regard is needed so that a weak vision of the person will not open the door to authoritarian impositions and leave people defenseless and easy targets for oppression and violence."

The monsignor asked, "Relativistic notions of what it means to be a person offer insufficient justification and defense of human rights; because if rights are absolute, how can they be founded on a notion that is merely relative?"

He added: "Human rights, therefore, must be grounded in the objective requirements of human nature. Otherwise, in some cases the human person is marked by a permanent dignity, and rights that are always and everywhere valid; in other cases a person may not have a permanent dignity, and negotiable rights.

"This state of affairs is what we witness everyday in acts of intolerance and discrimination.

"Without a clear and strong awareness of who we are as persons, it will always be easier to claim that some people are worthy of respect and others are not; some people have the right to life, liberty, and religious belief, and others do not."

"Yet," Monsignor Frontiero concluded, "the task at hand is not simply to condemn actual injustices in the light of an adequately understood concept of the human person and human dignity, but to work together for a meaningful new future."

Hillary the Kitty Hater?

Once Billy had to step down, Hillary got rid of poor little Socks the Cat.

How mean-spirited, uncaring, selfish is this?

Is this all Socks was to Hillary? Having a kitty to make her look warm and fuzzy rather than like an Ice Queen or the Borg Queen?
(...)exploiting the emotions of good-natured people – well, that’s just another example of her three-decade-long drift from the girl she once was to the woman that circumstance and ambition have made her.”
I've noticed that Radical Leftists do employ the tactic of emotional manipulation and even blackmail as they forge forward with their destructive agenda.
I've dealt with such Radical Leftists online (they know who they are; needn't name names) and have learned this very well. So I recognize this disturbing trait in Hillary Clinton, the Long-Avowed-But-in-the-Closet Extreme Communist Who Wants to Rule America and "Take Things Away From" Americans "On Behalf of the Common Good".
Will she take away Americans' kitties, too? She apparently doesn't like kitties very much.
Myself, I prefer women who like kitties.
Why get rid of Socks? He didn't mess around disloyally on Hillary! He didn't mess up Monica's dress, didn't ruin a cigar by doing something unnatural with it with Monica. He didn't show Paula Jones and other women his weenie. And Socks never lied about anything in his life, unlike Billy! Besides, he's a lot cuter, cuddlier... and smarter than Billy.
So why didn't she dump the philandering pervert, her hubby Bubba instead?
She must be stupid to keep the ass and dump the kitty! And she thinks she's Presidential material? Hillaryous!

Socks would like to leave a message for the Ice Queen:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And a friend of Socks would like Hillary to understand:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There goes the feline vote for Hillary. I believe the Kitties of America are now Republicans!

Liberals in Alberta Turn Backs on Federal Party

This is very, very bad for the Liberal Party of Canada.

In other words, it now appears that virtually all Albertans don't like the Liberal Party of Canada and consider it to be alien to their province and values/traditions. Of course, this isn't any surprise, for federal Liberals have long treated Alberta with special contempt, hatred and discrimination, even more so than the rest of the West received from the Liberals.

Provincial Alberta Liberal Party members are so alienated from their federal cousins as to take steps to remind Albertans that they're not the same people, not the same party at all.

Sure, it's normal for provincial party wings to differentiate from their federal counterparts, but this new development suggests that the Liberal Party of Canada can basically forget about ever getting anything in Alberta again in an election, for even their own people there don't want to be associated with them, apparently considering them political toxic waste!

I disagree with that Liberal Senator, whats-her-name, recently named Stephen Dion's "Quebec Lieutenant", in terms of her silly, delusional claim, that the Liberals can "only go up". They're actually continuing to go down... no pun intended...

There's still lots of room for the Liberal Party of Canada to continue going down, down, down!