Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canada Bars Entry of CodePink Moonbat

Hoooo-ahhhh! Moonbats with criminal records are not allowed to enter here!

What do you expect to happen when enemies try to enter? This San Franciscan Leftwing extremist has a criminal record, which makes it quite difficult to be able to enter even Canada.

There's a process to go through to be allowed to enter Canada in this situation. "Criminal rehabilitation", it's called. There's a five-year waiting period following the "last arrest", I understand.

Ohhhh... what do you know... former NDP Party leader Alexa McDonough is trying to get these extremists into the country to spew their vile, defeatist nonsense. Of course. Alexa's a moonbat, too, and a very annoying one, I find.

Can you believe the nerve of this Codepinko? She tries cynically to appeal to our emotions and "sense of fairness" to not bar her type as if "common criminals". But she is a common criminal, guess she forgot, or is in denial!

Nasty, do I sound? Of course. Look at who I'm talking about. These pinkos would just give the Free World away to Islamists, Communists, you name it. They're the enemy within, and they are intolerant of others who dare to speak with a different point of view, as we well know from examples such as when the Judeophobic, kalifascist moonbats and administration of Concordia University effectively cancelled former Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu's speech... and Colombia University's ultra-far-Leftwing-fascist behavior towards the Minutemen, followed by a surprising, all-too-eager hosting of the nuclear Islamist madman, Iran's Ahmadinejad... We know what kind of folks we're talking about here! I mean, think friggin' Stalinist, fofecksake!

I see this turning-away at my border of this moonbat as a message to all moonbats: Stop being intolerant of those with something different to say... and stop getting yourselves arrested all the bloody time, and then you'll probably get in.