Friday, October 19, 2007

Of Course a Human Being is a Human Being, Plus Canadian Left is Reversing in Surrender

I say the following based on this report. It concerns the fact that it's actually not a criminal offence to murder a woman's baby while it's in her womb.

First, the excerpts:

The family of a woman slain while seven months pregnant wants the law changed to recognize a fetus as a person. Aydin Cocelli, 33, said he has requested a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to press the rights of "babies who died before they even opened their eyes." "The law is wrong," said Cocelli, brother-in-law of Aysun Sesen, 25, who died Oct. 2 after being stabbed in the abdomen.

No meeting so far with the Prime Minister is in the offing, though.

Last year, Alberta Conservative Leon Benoit introduced a private member's bill to make it a separate crime to harm a fetus when the mother is assaulted or murdered, but the bill was defeated in the House of Commons.


The reasonable person will have a problem with the Criminal Law deeming the murder of an in-utero human being being "not a crime", even when it includes the heinous attack on the mother of the human being.

The Left, and even Canadian Criminal law, are so arrogantly wrong as to deem, as if they were God Himself, at what point one is a human being.

Come on... we know that every one is human in the genes. Our genes are always human, always have been.

Our genes right now are human. As they were when we were developing inside our mothers' bellies as yet-to-be-born human beings.

Besides, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not in any way, shape nor form, differentiate between any human beings, including in-utero human beings. Therefore, the Criminal Law, in its failure to protect all human beings from discrimination and other forms of harm, is itself unconstitutional, against the Charter.

(Careful, Leftists... there may be a trap here for you. If you're not sure that there's not a trap, perhaps you'd best shut your own trap on the Charter matter... I'm fully prepared to philosophically pulverize any of you at the drop of a hat based on your dogmatic beliefs as to what the Charter does and doesn't say or intend/not intend, regardless of what some criminal-yet-not-prosecuted judges may have ruled in the past, so perhaps you'd best shut up, and avoid opening Pandora's Can of Worms for yourselves).

The case can't possibly be made that one who has human genes somehow isn't human, just because some people say one isn't. To deem which human beings are and aren't worthy of being accepted as human is wholly evil and hateful. Such is what the Nazis did with the Holocaust, and such is what the Chinese Communist Party is doing with its own holocaust against the Falun Gong, plus they conduct untold numbers of forcible abortions in the name of their Satanic ideology, which denies that human beings are any different from non-human animals.

Simply being inside one's mothers' womb and not yet born can't be stated as a valid reason for saying that a human being isn't a human being. To attempt to do so is evil and hateful.

Nor can it be stated as a reason for it to be legal to murder such a human being.

No one has a "right to choose" to murder a human being.

Social attitudes and morality need to change, as does the Criminal Law, which is clearly wrong!

Murder of a human being is murder of a human being. That's indubitable and very easy to understand.

I don't understand why there are those who would qualify humanness based on a wholly non-scientific "secular humanist" ideolgical worldview. I can only think that they're affected by evilness and that they need to fight and expel this evilness that has affected them. Evil cannot win when we exercise our divinely-provided free will to destroy it and cleanse it from our own individual selves, for we have within us the superior power of Him which He gave us. Evil can't survive the exercise of this superior power against it. It's up to us to choose to destoy whatever evil has affected us. And this is one right to choose which we can all agree that we have!

As a matter of fact, this realization that if one has the genes of a human being, that one is a human being, period, came to me for the first time, just this morning, sitting on a comfy couch, in a quiet, reflective moment as I awaited the completion of my car's semiannual dealer checkup.

No one told me this. I came to this simple, indubitable realization all by myself. I used the God-given power intrinsic within me as a human being, differentiated from non-human animals who don't possess this power, to come to this perfect understanding. It's perfectly logical and scientifically sound... and impossible to doubt.

(The tendency of some on the Ultra-Far Left, Communists... and Satanists... is to claim that human beings are no better, no different, than any other animals... and that whatever special, exclusive powers we possess somehow can only make us worse than animals... but they are wrong, as they reject their own humanness, reject their true nature, usually citing depraved sexual urges as proof that we're no different from other animals, forgetting that we, unlike other animals, also possess the exclusive power of free will which we can use to defeat these powerful animal urges).

I'm sorry, those who disagree with indubitable, scientifically-sound, if inconvenient, truth, but I'm afraid I cannot agree that anyone has, for any reason, a "right to choose" to murder any human being, and that includes human beings in the womb. Murder based on the doctrine of inconvenience is evil. And evil isn't a "right".

If we don't make the murder of an in-utero human being a crime, then women won't be adequately protected from being cut by those who hate the in-utero human being. Surely, the reasonable person can agree that such an attack/murder is a hate crime, as, clearly, it involves hate, which is evil, by the way, which is why many religions warn us to not hate.

How hard is it to understand that all human beings are human beings? If one can say that one, for some reason of ideological dogmatism or political correctness, isn't worthy of being allowed to be considered human despite their real, scientifically-indubitable humanness, then anyone can be, unfortunately, subject to the same immoral hatred... and subject, as a consequence, to being murdered in the name of this ideological hatred. And we know that this is wrong... Didn't we not so long ago say, in response to such evilness, "Never Again"?

What does it say about humanity if humanity deems the perfectly innocent, those human beings in the womb, as undeserving of the status of "human being", despite the scientific indubitability of them being perfectly human?

I condemn the attitude of some... that just because they selfishly find other people to be inconvenient to them for some reason... that they can deem those inconvenient people "Not human, therefore there's a "right to choose" or an imperative (like with the Nazis, the Islamic fascists, the Communists, etc)... to kill them".

Unprincipled, Defeatist Canadian Left is On the Ropes, Acquiescing to Conservative Legislative Agenda

At least the Harper Conservative government is bringing forth very-tough-on-crime legislation, and all indications are that it's going to pass!

The Leftist Opposition has indicated that it won't oppose the legislation despite the fact that many of the new laws within the Tackling Violent Crime Act are opposed by the Left whom the Leftist Opposition claims to represent. The Opposition tries to say, "We already gave consent to some of these things, so why would we vote against this legislation?", but that's a smokescreen, as the omnibus bill contains things that they wouldn't ever support if there wasn't the threat of an election looming should they refuse to support it.

Like I said in a recent post, the Harper Conservatives have the Left on the ropes.

The Harper Conservatives, despite having a fragile minority government, now have full control over the legislative agenda. They are, as promised over the years, starting to do the things they said they would, like actually locking up repeat violent offenders and bringing in mandatory minimum prison sentences for gun-related crimes. And raising the Age of Consent to sixteen from fourteen, something they proposed in Opposition, but was rejected by the Leftist parties (I blogged on this when it happened... now the Left has reversed itself, abandoned its principles in the name of political calculation, on that! What'd I say recently about the Left reversing itself?).

(The fact that even the Ultra-Far-Leftist NDP indicates that it will support what I could've sworn is reprehensibly unsupportable by them... is proof that the NDP isn't for real and is as corrupt and unprincipled as even the Liberals... and further supports my declaration that the Canadian Left is defeated... at least for the time being. We will remember this as the point at which they exposed themselves as unprincipled to the core, as fakes... but then again, such is the corrupt, unethical, immoral nature of the Left!).

Now that the Left refuses to stick with its convictions and claimed principles and proceeds to consent to the Harper Conservative legislative agenda, the Left cannot any longer denounce our agenda as "hidden" or as "ultra-right-wing" without opening themselves up to the very same charges.

I guess the Leftist punks don't feel lucky today after all. Either way, my day is made!

Checkmate, moonbats!