Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Referendum on Senate Reform

It's time to shit or get off the pot.

It's time to ask Canadians, directly, whether they want a Senate that is as it is, or elected, or abolished.

This is direct democracy. I believe that the left in Canada has suddenly rediscovered referendum religion now that we have a Conservative government in power, and likes to go around screaming, "Direct Democracy, Not Parliamentary Control" or something like that... not very long after illogically, incorrectly screaming, "You'd put human rights to a vote?!" whenever it was proposed that the people get to decide the fate of the institution of marriage.

This (holding referenda on big, controversial social/institutional reform proposals) is what the Reform Party and Canadian Alliance proposed when the Liberals had a dictatorial and fascist-leaning stranglehold on Parliament, the Senate, the judiciary, the MSM and the entire state apparatus, effectively exerting Stalinist-Maoist command, control and agendae against the will of the People.

The Liberals and the Left are on record as rejecting referenda when they don't like the idea of losing. Some of their ilk, however, want referenda now.

So let's have a referendum on the Senate. And let that be only the beginning! Occasional elections to Parliament aren't enough. We saw that with the Liberals, who mastered the art of only being "accountable" in elections they were guaranteed to win anyway, and which they only called whenever they were assured of a majority victory, with the exception of the last election, which they lost.

Let's have an equal, elected, effective Senate, a sober-second-thought body, not a rubber-stamp group for the Liberals / delayor or destroyer of legislation for the Conservatives.

We should've definitely had a national referendum on the Liberals' "same sex marriage" legislation. The Liberals'/Left's claim that it'd have been a vote on "human rights" was a Big Lie, as we well know that not only are "human rights" actually not written anywhere, that they're whatever we want to say they are at any given moment, that neither homosexuality nor marriage are "human rights". It was a Big Lie that prevented a referendum to protect the institution of marriage from destruction. Granted, we all talk about "human rights", but they're actually undefined, not written anywhere, really, and even the United Nations' "human rights" declaration doesn't include "sexual orientation" at all (probably because Iran didn't want it in there!)... Actually, what really matters in legislation and law is the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which are clearly inconvenient truths for the Liberal Left, so they enlist criminal judges from amongst their ideological brethren to issue declarations of things that do not exist in either of these documents... and enlist the MSM to conduct the Big Lie campaign to force the whole thing onto the people against their better judgement and will.

(To reassure the phobic "center" and Leftists, I remind them to read the recent posts I did so they won't see any "hidden agenda" on my part. Read them here and here. The Liberal Left won't agree with much of what I posted, but it's a small picture of what I believe in, which is equality, equality, equality for all, based on common standards of conduct and laws that apply equally to all.)

Beginning with the Senate referendum, let's from now on have national referenda on the most contentious social reform proposals of any government, particularly when they've been pressured by criminal judges and the MSM into trying to force socially-destructive revolutionary transformations onto Canada.

I also believe that the self-abrogating, racist Charter of Rights and Freedoms (a Trudeau social-reengineering Trojan horse, many believe) wouldn't have been such a defective, dangerous, divisive document if Trudeau knew he had to submit it to the People for approval. We'll, of course, still go with and even defend the Charter we have, of course, and make the most and best of it, even though it's open to referenda and other legislative processes to amend it for the good of the People.

First up for the People to decide on: The Senate.

I say let's have an equal, elected and effective Senate.

If Leftists disagree with anything I said, well, I say, put it to a vote!