Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Islam Targets Hollywood for Infiltration

The CAIR (a Hamas offshoot) is at it again. And this time it's got FOX TV helping it out.

More creeping Dhimmitude, that's what it is.

Affirmative action to get into the entertainment industry... for Muslims referred by the CAIR. Oh, my...

How come we don't see any such affirmative action for the entertainment industry to hire more Christians? Surely there aren't enough true Christians in Hollywood; the result is that we see many Christianophobic TV shows and movies, far more than we see anything anywhere near as negative towards Islam/Muslims, in my opinion.

Reading between the lines, it's obvious to those who are learning the truth about imperialist Islam that the radical Islamists seek to infiltrate and greatly, disproportionately influence everything, including Hollywood, of course. Just like other groups have, like the Left and its rogues' gallery of diverse extremists...

Islamization of the Free World is progressing right before our eyes. Who's going to stand up and protest?

For Leftists who would label this post “Islamophobia”, well, I take no lessons from Christianophobes, Judeophobes, Ameriphobes, nor Israelophobes…

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