Thursday, October 04, 2007

SCOC Says Cops Liable When Negligent; What About SCOC?

So the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can be sued for negligence. Well, that's reasonable, as it would tend to remind the police that we expect them to do their job, just do it the best they can and not screw it up needlessly at anyone's expense.

Well, I have a question:

Shouldn't we be able to sue the Supreme Court for negligence, too?

What's keeping the political appointees of the SCOC (indeed, any court) from being negligent... or even worse... in the execution of their duties?

Courts can be negligent. They can be criminal, even (and sometimes; nay, a lot of times, criminal, in terms of going outside the scope of their duties and actually making law or making rulings that contravene the law and the Charter/Constitution).

So shouldn't we be able to sue the judiciary, too? Surely, the judiciary isn't above the law, either!

But it seems that the Left wants the judiciary to be above the law and to make laws, to change our Constitution and Charter, doesn't it? Well, that's totally wrong, unacceptable, intolerable... and must be stopped. Otherwise, our rights are pretty much up in the air and subject to the whims of powerful assholes in black robes!