Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disturbing Extremist Propaganda

What if they showed a newborn baby with a wristband that said, instead of this, "Christian" or "Jew" or "Kuffar" or "Muslim" or "Conservative" or "Liberal" or "Republican" or "Democrat" or "Communist" or "Al Qaeda"?

I mean, the ad is stupid and dangerous. It smacks of evil, hateful, Nazi-style eugenic junk "science". Showing a newborn baby with a wristband saying "homosexual", as if somehow one's sexual behavior is necessarily predictable by one's genes, which it clearly isn't, unless one would be willing also to concede that heterosexuals, asexuals, bestialists, foot fetishists, s&m practitioners, pedophiles and people who can only get off by commiting violent sexual assaults, or by "snuffing" people out, should have their own special, state-assigned-and-issued newborn wristband, too...

I'm not falling for this propaganda. Common sense and the real world indicate that everyone is responsible for their own behavior, no matter how compelling their animalistic or psychotic urges may be. If it is agreed that straight people can save theirselves for marriage, be celibate for decades, that pedophiles and rapists may possibly be able to suppress their urges, for example, then one can accept that it's not a matter of "being born" that way, but of taking responsiblity for being in control of one's actual actions notwithstanding one's physical/psychological/emotional compulsions, which have their roots in experience and environment, not in one's genes, as the Far Left claims so frequently. Don't tell me it's genetic, for if and when it's genuinely scientifically proven beyond all possible purely scientific, skeptical doubt, then it will be widely and properly seen as such. Right now... just propagandists and extremist-activists are saying that "It's all what we're born to be", not that they're not entitled to their opinion, of course, but they're not saying it's only their own opinion... they're incredibly claiming it's a proven fact, and that we better agree and submit to whatever their demands may be, or else we'll be punished just for daring to say, "Hey, hold on a minute... you can't demand this extreme stuff of us; it's too extreme and imposing on us... it doesn't work this way in any free, civil, democratic, rule-of-constitution-and-law-founded society!".

This sort of thing, as represented by the ad, takes equality away from human beings, assigning arbitrary, political-ideological "orientations" and "status" to people... merely on the basis of the demands of the Far Left and their own people stationed in every institution of the state apparatus. It's what the Nazis did. It's what communists have always, and still, do. But it isn't what the Free World ever wants to do! Humanness is innate, exclusive to human beings. We are not like other "animals"... we're far different, no doubt about it. We are blessed with not only awesome intelligence, but also the capability to understand right from wrong, ethics and morality. We also possess the innate power of freedom of will, to make choices; we are NOT slaves to natural nor unnatural "urges", as are non-human animals, but we have been blessed with the innate power to choose who we will be and how we will behave. Let no one, no state, no one... tell us that we cannot exercise real choice and free will. For understanding of right and wrong, ethics and morality, capacity for real choice and free will make us exclusively human, not animalistic urges.

Communists, Leftists, Satanists... deny all of this. They believe that human beings are no more special than any other animals and that we're really here to do whatever we feel like doing, no matter what. Well, they are wrong.

Next thing we know, these junk scientists of the Far Left will be insisting that one's religion or political philosophy is genetically predetermined, even that whether one will become a "natural born killer" or a "homicide bomber" is something genetic. All without any evidence, other than the say-so of some so-called "scientists" (there were Nazi "scientists" and "doctors", too, who practiced eugenics, and we know where that led). Don't rule out the resurrection of the insane, evil, hateful propagandic myth/Big Lie of the so-called "Master Race, the Aryans", either. It happened before, and there are actually some who still believe in it, just as Leftists believe the crap they claim to be true!

But some extremists are doing this junk science all over again in the name of the imposition of their extremist ideology.

Next thing we know, we won't be able to prosecute/bring to justice pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, etc., because they were "born that way" and "must be who they are" and "must practice their orientation in order to be happy and have a full life" and "to be equal, not excluded" and so on... All the Left has to do is get criminal Leftist judes to practice their infamous, illegal, unconstitutional judicial activism to force governments to acquiesce to the dangerous will of the few who only have their own interests in mind, to hell with everyone else.

I find the ad extremely dangerous as well as dishonest and smacking of absolute garbage "science".