Monday, October 22, 2007

Stop-Kuffarphobia Demonstration to be Held in London

On October 26th.

Story here. Click and read it all. It's educational and enlightening for all who care about equality between all human beings.

To protest against Kuffarphobia – the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists.

It's also a protest against Kalifascism (Islamofascism). Kalifascism. Better remember that term. It's a bit new to me, too.

There's plenty of coverage online of this. Click here for more.

This means that there's a lot of people watching, both in attendance and internationally.

It's a legal, police-approved demonstration. So the police had better respect the right to freedom of expression, particularly now. If they renege, we'll be there to tell the world.

Oh, and, I just remembered a cool picture I have that'll tie-in with the reality of the internet community fighting global Islamic imperialism and supremacism. Here it is, reminding those in attendance at the demonstration that they're not alone at all, that we've got their backs: