Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hillary the Kitty Hater?

Once Billy had to step down, Hillary got rid of poor little Socks the Cat.

How mean-spirited, uncaring, selfish is this?

Is this all Socks was to Hillary? Having a kitty to make her look warm and fuzzy rather than like an Ice Queen or the Borg Queen?
(...)exploiting the emotions of good-natured people – well, that’s just another example of her three-decade-long drift from the girl she once was to the woman that circumstance and ambition have made her.”
I've noticed that Radical Leftists do employ the tactic of emotional manipulation and even blackmail as they forge forward with their destructive agenda.
I've dealt with such Radical Leftists online (they know who they are; needn't name names) and have learned this very well. So I recognize this disturbing trait in Hillary Clinton, the Long-Avowed-But-in-the-Closet Extreme Communist Who Wants to Rule America and "Take Things Away From" Americans "On Behalf of the Common Good".
Will she take away Americans' kitties, too? She apparently doesn't like kitties very much.
Myself, I prefer women who like kitties.
Why get rid of Socks? He didn't mess around disloyally on Hillary! He didn't mess up Monica's dress, didn't ruin a cigar by doing something unnatural with it with Monica. He didn't show Paula Jones and other women his weenie. And Socks never lied about anything in his life, unlike Billy! Besides, he's a lot cuter, cuddlier... and smarter than Billy.
So why didn't she dump the philandering pervert, her hubby Bubba instead?
She must be stupid to keep the ass and dump the kitty! And she thinks she's Presidential material? Hillaryous!

Socks would like to leave a message for the Ice Queen:

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And a friend of Socks would like Hillary to understand:

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There goes the feline vote for Hillary. I believe the Kitties of America are now Republicans!