Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beryl Wajsman On The Liberal Party's Many Faults

I like this guy. He understands the Liberal Party of Canada, as he was once a Liberal, though apparently there's no way he'd touch it right now with someone else's ten-foot pole, I think.

Excellent reading concerning what's wrong with the Liberal Party and its "leader" Stephane Dion. It's astute analysis of those (fill in the blank with your own choice curse or political epithet).

Though you really must read it all, as it's fully worth it for understanding what's wrong with Dion and the Liberal Party, I particularly like the following paragraph, and agree with it, no surprise:

The multicultural and social programs the Liberals enacted ostensibly for “the common good” were done in reality for no other reason than to have something for flyers in the next election. These programs have become restrictive of our rights as individuals and invade every aspect of our civil liberties and basic privacy. They are reflective of government by coercion and compulsion instead of by education and persuasion.

He also warns, however, perhaps reminding the Conservatives to remain true to the philosophy of the supremacy of individual liberties and small, non-invasive, non-coercive government with lower taxes and so on:

Though the Liberal Party of Canada may have lost its relevance , the promise of industrial liberalism is still the last, best hope for the broad masses of Canadians struggling for better lives under the crushing burdens of rising taxes, contracting opportunity, invasive statism, failed bureaucracies and continued pandering to privilege and preference. But whether historic liberalism will be best exemplified by the large-L Liberal Party or the small-c Conservatives is yet to be determined.

Finally, he warns the Liberal Party as to what it must absolutely do if it wishes to ever again matter to Canadians:

They left a legacy of withered grass. If Stephane Dion cannot come to terms with the hypocrisy of the Liberal mantra--and change it--then he will never be able to make the party relevant to Canadians. The real challenge to Liberals is much more than technical politicking on the ground. It is how to move beyond the deceptions of an agenda of statism and sustainability.

I think that this analysis can easily equally be applied as a warning to the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. I believe my American friends, particularly conservative ones, are crying out for a party that truly represents the interests of Americans and America, just as Canadians demand such a party, which, for many at the moment, is the Conservative Party. May the Conservative Party stay true to conservative principles forever... and actually become more conservative to undo the damage wrought by the reprehensible Liberal Party over so many painful decades!