Sunday, October 07, 2007

Liberal Party Power Figure Linked to Burmese Regime

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MONTREAL -- Demonstrators marching in Montreal yesterday demanded one of the city's most powerful families become "part of the solution" in Burma.

Since 2002, Quebec tycoon Paul Desmarais Jr., chairman of the board of Power Corp., has been a member of the very small circle of directors of the French oil company Total, which is well established in Burma.

(...) (Some details re. nature of business ties)

Since the Burmese military junta stepped up its repressive activities and arrested hundreds of dissident Buddhist monks over the past weeks, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a good friend of Desmarais, has called on French businesses to freeze their investments in Burma. Total refused.

"They can't tell us that it's not their business. They have a tremendous influence over the Burmese government," said the director of Amnesty International Canada, Beatrice Vaugrante.

"These investors can no longer remain silent, they must exert overt pressure to have human rights respected, to stop forced labour and the crushing of entire villages."

Again, we hear of the ultra-rich, ultra-powerful, well-connected-politically, ultra-influential Left, with its strong ties and influence over the Liberal Party of Canada (and, of course, its leaders, who have been, and could be again, Prime Ministers) being exposed in terms of putting the interests of the almighty buck ahead of the interests of human rights.

This is the reality of the Left. Money is more important to its powerful, influential leaders than are human rights.

Those who submit themselves to the movement of Leftism/"Progressivism"/Socialism/Internationalism/Multilateralism/Dhimmitude/Endless "Diplomacy"/The "United Nations", etc. are submitting to the unfortunate imperative of the evil primacy of the almighty buck over human rights.

Leftists must therefore reject their leadership. But they won't; not by themselves. Because sheep cannot rebel without direction, prodding, encouragement. The border collies of the truth must therefore get to work to inspire the silent Leftist lambs.

Therefore, the leaders of the Left must be exposed to the light of day. The Leftist sheep must be shown the truth about the movement and leadership they're following. They must be made to realize that they're actually, despite their falsely comforting, delusional, mutual assurances otherwise, supporting the evil primacy of the almighty buck over human rights.

Leftists must be given their necessary rude awakening to the proverbial aroma of the freshly brewed coffee of the true reality of the world.

That includes the sheep inside the Liberal Party of Canada. So silent are these lambs whilst the courageous monks stand up, unselfishly sacrificing themselves, in the name of human rights, to the illegal, evil, butcherous military junta of Burma.