Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kyoto Worthless, Failure, Must Go: Experts, Sci Journal

Story here. Read the whole thing. It's devastating to the AGW/Climate Change/Trading Credits extremists, including Al Gore, George Monbiot (the guy who inspired the term "moonbat"), David Suzuki, Stephane Dion (and his Liberal Party), etc., etc....

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The Kyoto-worshipping Liberal Party of Canada, we recall, never bothered to do a bloody thing at all since the Protocol was cynically ratified by those crooked extremists for electoral-calculation purposes... and they have, just yesterday, allowed the Throne Speech to pass, said Speech effectively abandoning Kyoto.... the more we see the proponents of Kyoto abandon the Protocol, the more we see the radical, threatening extremism and personal hypocrisy of the AGW extremists in their own behavior, the more we hear more and more scientists expressing serious doubts about Kyoto, AGW and climate change, the more we see for ourselves as reasonable, open-minded people that the whole thing is a Big Lie, a moneymaking scam of a magnitude unprecedented in history. (It makes the Liberals' internationally-infamous, politically-devastating ADSCAM look like baby potatoes!)

Plus... we see nothing happening in the real world, nothing at all... that would lend any credibility to the dire, catastrophic warnings of the likes of politician-actor Al Gore... Where I live, I see no change whatsoever in temperature, nor climate, and I've been here since 1978, so what am I going to believe, my own observations, or the "United Nations", which is wholly discredited in every way possible?

Echoing sentiments long associated with such politicians as U.S. President George W. Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the article in the journal Nature would appear to undermine arguments from Kyoto supporters who insist there is merit in sticking to the treaty even if it has proven to be ineffective.

Not only has the decade-old treaty not delivered cuts in global emissions of greenhouse gases that continue to soar, but it is the wrong tool for the job, say Gwyn Prins of the London School of Economics and Steve Rayner at Oxford. Their commentary has top billing in the British science journal this week.

(Rather makes the Leftist Opposition look like a bunch of yammering fools, doesn't it? Rather makes the governing Conservatives look moderate, careful, intelligent, open-minded and scientifically realistic compared to their political opponents clustered on the lunatic-fringe Far Left, doesn't it?)

Kyoto is a "symbolically important expression" of governments' concerns about climate change, they say. "But as an instrument for achieving emissions reductions it has failed. It has produced no demonstrable reduction in emissions or even in anticipated emissions growth. And it pays no more than token attention to the needs of societies to adapt to existing climate change."