Monday, October 22, 2007

Turkish Leader Swings Jihad Saber

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Pre-emptive strikes against another country. Against Muslims. In a Muslim country. Thumbing nose at UN.

But this time the UN and the International Leftist Movement say little or nothing. It's ok for Turkey, a Muslim nation, infamous for the Armenian genocide and remembered as a key part of the imperialist Islamic invasions and occupations (as the Seljuks) of Christian lands, including forcible conversion or execution of Christians, which forced Christians to take up the cross and the sword, in Crusades against those sword-swinging supremacistic barbarians.

“Whatever is necessary will be done,” he declared in an interview. “We don’t have to get permission from anybody.”

Not even the UN? Why is it that the Free World needs permission, but the Axis of Evil doesn't? Could it be that the Axis of Evil has effectively taken over the UN? What else could the reasonable person think?

Waiting for the Strangely Silent Leftist Lambs to march naked in the streets calling Erdogan a terrorist, a monster, a murderer, demanding that "Turkey get out of Iraq" and so on...

Oh, no... they're too busy screaming against the Canadian government's plans to bring forth updated security certificate legislation so as to continue to be able to stop terrorists before they can commit terrorism.

See? The Left is stupid. Just look at what happens and watch them practice their double standards!

As far as I'm concerned, Turkey isn't part of the Free World after all. Let's stop deluding ourselves as we did, albeit with hope, that Russia was reforming positively and that China would respect human rights if we respected the Communist Party. We know better than to delude ourselves any longer.

Let's talk about Iran now.

Whatever is necessary will be done. We don't have to get permission from anybody.

-Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We know Iran is going to have nuclear weapons, and soon. Couple that with Iran's promises to destroy other countries and eliminate entire races, it is incumbent upon the Free World to launch a swift crusade into that outlaw Islamist regime... and we don't need permission from anybody. If we're wrong, then we'll later pay the price, but doing nothing isn't an option, as we know from the infamous historic miscalculation of Neville Chamberlain.
It's becoming increasingly clear, in fact, that the Free World will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. Perhaps we have learned from history after all. We'll see.
And, remember, we don't have to get permission from anybody.