Friday, October 12, 2007

School Tramples Student's Rights for Standing up for Second Amendment

Another example of the Left taking away peoples' rights. See also here.

A Christian church-affiliated university in St. Paul, Minn., has suspended a student after he raised questions about the campus ban on concealed weapons, and is ordering him to have a mental health evaluation before he can resume his education.
WTF? Deeming someone "possibly insane" for basically supporting the Second Amendment? Telling him to go to a headshrinker if he wants to get an education? If this isn't fascism by the Left, ironically by a Christian-affiliated institution, what is? Clearly, there are Leftists inside that supposed-to-be-Christian school, and they're exercising Leftofascism!

The Hamline University case involves student Troy Scheffler, who, after the Virginia Tech massacre where a student shot and killed nearly three dozen others, suggested the killing spree might have been stopped if students had been allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Well, many of us actually said the same thing that Mr. Scheffler said. I said it, many said it. In fact, I remember posting about a shooting at VT before the one in question, in which there were actually a couple of guys who actually had concealed handguns who stopped the gunman before he could shoot anyone else. I know the logic and the sanity of allowing law-abiding folks to carry, just in case, because the police can't be there in the blink of an eye and often arrive too late!

"Questioning administrators on controversial topics isn't going to be a threat even if the conversation involves guns," Robert Shibley, vice president of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education told WND.

Ah... the FIRE. Like I say, normal folks like you and me, my fellow conservatives, are organizing to fight back at the Far Left. The FIRE is only one of a growing number of organizations created to combat Leftwing extremism and Leftwing extremists who, like the head of the school in question, forcefully impose their dogmas on people, taking away their rights in the name of political correctness.

(I bet Peter D. isn't reading this post, as he doesn't want answers from me in this format, in response to his question, paraphrased here: "How is the Left taking away rights?")

Scheffler turned to FIRE for help after his brief exchange of e-mails was followed by an invitation from the university to meet to discuss his concerns, and then a letter notifying him of his suspension before he could even respond to the request for a meeting.

Wow... I'm sure the FIRE will be all fired up about this draconian fascist behavior coming from Hamline University. It reminds me of the time the kangaroo-court "Canadian Human Rights Commission" gave effectively no time at all to even respond to accusations (the CHRC backed off fast, as did the complainer, following an internet uproar about their unfair, unconstitutional, illegal fascist taking-away of FreeDominion's rights).
Mr. Scheffler turned to the right folks. Had he turned to the ACLU, well, they'd have told him to "please f*ck off!", despite supposedly being about standing up for "civil liberties", which is a joke, as the ACLU actually goes to court to have them taken away, particularly from Christians!

Best read it all for yourself.

In fact, I'll promote the FIRE by displaying its logo, courtesy of World Net Daily. Click on the logo to go to their website. Maybe they'll help you someday in America. Or someone you know whose rights have been taken away by a university.