Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Discrimination Against a Christian Investment Firm

Story here.

Morningstar.com has refused to do business with an investment firm because it doesn't approve of the Christian-oriented content of the ad it was to run on its website.

Faith Financial Planners CEO Stephen Bolt says he had signed a contract with Morningstar and drafted an ad featuring his book and curriculum, Money on Loan From God. The ad was to appear on Morningstar's premiere subscription site; however, his firm's representative was contacted by Morningstar and told that the Christian content of the ad was not acceptable.

"Morningstar declined the ad and would not accept the ad unless we took out any reference to Christianity and even any hints at Christian undertones," states Bolt.

(...) "It's about time that Christians stood up and said, 'You know what?' We care about our values and we thought we had an equal opportunity to share them,"

Note to leftists who would find nothing wrong with this, find no discrimination: I'm sure you'd find it discriminatory if, say, a printing business refused to do business with a homosexual client on the basis of rejecting the homosexual-oriented content of the print job being sought.

Here's the case to which I refer.

So if it's wrong to refuse to do business with a client on the basis of the client's sexually-oriented content being unacceptable, then it's wrong to refuse to do business with a client on the basis of the client's Christian-oriented content being unacceptable.

The left can't have it both ways. Either it's ok for both situations, or it's not ok for both situations.

If a Christian can be forced by the state apparatus to promote things he doesn't believe in, like homosexuality, then everyone must be similarly forced to promote things they don't believe in, whether the content be Christian, homosexual, Muslim, Communist or whatever.

Any leftists wish to promote a double standard?

Let there be no doubt: Christians are being discriminated against. I've done many posts on this blog of other examples of Christianophobic discrimination.