Monday, October 08, 2007

Sharia Law Popping Up Here and There

Always on Watch, at Vigilant Freedom, tells us about incidents of Islamic supremacism and imperialism in the Free World, in which Muslims force their ideology on non-Muslims.

AOW tells us further:

I’ve been doing research for an upcoming speech and learned that, according to some sources, shari’a law is supposed to apply only to Muslims or to those living under Islamic rule. But Muslims living in Western nations are pushing the envelope. The above two examples are extremes, but other less obvious attempts at applying shari’a law and Islamic customs are also proceeding, most in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Will the West refuse to slide further into dhimmitude (defined HERE by Bat Ye’or)? The National Health Service of the UK must take a solid stand against Muslims such as those in the above two stories! Otherwise, the pushing of the envelope will continue to get worse.

The greater danger of Islamification lies in the West’s concessions and in the media’s not making certain stories very public, not in the sporadic attacks by jihadists, though the latter get a lot of attention. The West’s own desire to be tolerant is leading us down the path of the destruction of Western civilization. No wonder I’m sick!

Today Europe. Tomorrow North America. If one thinks this sort of thing isn't a form of nonviolent (for now) imperialism, of nonviolent (for now) imposition of Islam on non-Muslims, then one has their head upside their hiney.