Sunday, October 14, 2007

Now, THIS is a Moonbat

Poor Lindsay. There seems to be a psychoaffective virus affecting these Hollyweird types. Many folks, including Paris, Britney, and now Lindsay Lohan, have demonstrated that Hollyweird has deleterious effects on people.

Poor lass blew seven million bucks on booze and drugs and stuff in a few months and is broke as a bum.

These Hollyweird types have no values, do they? It's all feel good all the time, to hell with consequences.

I wonder how this happens? There must be some serious psychoaffecting going on in Hollyweird.

Some anthropologists ought to study Hollyweird and assess how it affects so many of its members so shockingly negatively, causing them to engage in incredible self-destructiveness...

And, guys, Lindsay, you may know, just like Britney and Paris before her, has been caught with her frontal vertical smile showing while getting out of a car... what's up with that? Is it like a "cool" thing to do? I'd be mortally embarrassed if a picture of me was all over the internet with my Little Sentinel saying "Hey, there!" to the world...

No wonder they call it Hollyweird!