Friday, October 19, 2007

More Damning Doubt Against ClimateScam


Following are excerpts that demonstrate the mentality of those who blindly, unquestioningly buy into the Big Lie of "Anthropogenic Global Warming", infamously propagated by the likes of Al Gore, a mere politician.

Last June, the Surrey, B.C., school board passed a motion that a documentary with an opposing viewpoint, such as the The Great Global Warming Swindle, be screened for students along with An Inconvenient Truth.


"I was called a right-wing fundamentalist [George] Bush lover. All I wanted was to bring balance to the classroom."

Victoria climatologist Dr. Tim Ball, who has been arguing against man-made global warming for 30 years, found that he too was on the receiving end of much derision when he began publicly airing his view that the climate changes all the time and global warming isn't man-made.

He says he has received death threats, in fact, and that he and other scientists with the same view have been labeled "deniers" by environmentalists.

"Initially we were called skeptics, and I can live with that because all scientists should be skeptics, but what's nasty about being called a 'denier' is the holocaust connotation," says Ball, who argues that Gore's movie "would fail as a Grade 10 students' project."

Why is it that those who support the AGW Big Lie/Snake Oil Sales Pitch demonstrate such lack of confidence that they feel they need to defame and demonize those who dare offer a different viewpoint or merely ask questions? You know that something's wrong with a movement that resorts to death threats to protect its ideological worldview. Rather like radical Islamism, isn't it? Rather like the Far Left, hmm?