Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Naked Moonbat in New York, Plus Sick HomoExtremists in Public

Warning: Although a conservative post, this post is about stuff that isn't conservative at all, plus I use some silly puns to make fun of a crazy moonbat.

What, is nudity in New York no longer against the law?

I guess it isn't, as long as you got a tallywhacker instead of a pussy.

When hot-looking women try this, they always seem to get arrested in a hurry, don't they?

Well, this ugly naked guy (who was, for a while, actually wearing one black sock (on his foot) before finally losing it was allowed to walk around for a ridiculously long time as if he was at a Leftist "demonstration" or a "pride" parade before police bothered to do a gosh-darned thing and mercifully spare the People the spectacle of yet another crazy naked moonbat walking around in public.

Well, the fuzz took the guy to the nuthouse... pun intended.

Much, much worse, and proof positive that homosexual extremists are literally taking over our streets for the purpose of selfishly commiting disgusting, depraved, immoral sex acts upon themselves and each other, while also deliberately offending Christians, Jesus, etc. and a few other religions (but they don't dare offend in any manner whatsoever, ISLAM... wonder why not?!):

I see the non-MSM report (the MSM didn't cover the truth about) the "Folsom Street Fair" of San Francisco, of which I've recently blogged due to its deliberate offences against Christianity and the refusal of Miller beer company to stop supporting these crazy extremists... has been added to the long list of posts about crazy (and sometimes naked) Leftwing extremists doing insane shit in public. Oh, I see the link to the Folsom Street Fair is accompanied by a WARNING and says something about needing to be 18 to continue, despite the fact that children were brought to witness the whole insane, disgusting, PERVERTED thing by the likes of homosadomasochists. Oh, my... what kind of disgusting Leftist moonbattery has happened in the Satanic San Francisco recently? I'd call it "fulsome", not "Folsom".

That is mostly about homo men... very few women dared to even show their boobs and only one showed her "happy place". Only one. There were depraved homo men walking around naked and "blowing" each other, shoving things up each others' asses... is this normal?! Is this acceptable?! Why does this happen in public, in front of small children and the police? It's against the law! But the Left controls San Francisco, controls the police, orders them to selectively apply the law (and things that aren't law at all). The Left in San Francisco controls everything, and their agenda is to Leftify and degrade America, beginning with San Francisco, plus they aim to attack Christianity while fearing and leaving alone Islam.

I am thoroughly offended as a Christian and disgusted with the gross, impudent immorality of the homosexual male community, who apparently think they're special enough to be allowed to do whatever they please, anywhere, anytime, offend protected religious groups, just basically say to everyone: "We are superior to you. Behold what we're doing and shut the hell up!"

If you ask me, our societies are turning into Sodomy and Gonnorhea (did I get that right?)!

I invite Leftists to condemn this. I also invite homosexuals to condemn the behavior of the sick extremists amongst them. But I don't expect very many, if any, of them to do so.

At least... if the Islamic fascists were to take over and turn the Free World into a Caliphate, the depraved people will all have to go away! What's better, the depraved people or the Islamic fascists? Do we have to choose? We can say, "No public nudity and sex acts and no Islamic fascsism!"

Further non-MSM exposures of Left Wing Extremists can be viewed at

I'm disgusted. I'm angry that the Left and its various extremists and bigots are gaining control of the Free World, without the permission of the People, who have the right to decide what happens in society, not the extremists!

And I'm in no mood to indulge Leftist commentors, unless they only condemn the kind of extremism indicated in this post.

UPDATE: Look who's receiving Communion in San Francisco. Apparently the Far Left is trying to infiltrate the Churches for its own selfish purposes. Imagine what would've happened to these nutjobs if they tried that at a Mosque!