Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conservative MP Proposes Bill Cracking Down on Pedophilia, Human Trafficking

It's time to get tough on and intolerant of human trafficking, sex (and other forms of) slavery and pedophilia. We can't ignore the growing problem and hope it goes away, for it won't. Besides, it's growing right here in Canada, too.

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

It's critical that we make it clear that human trafficking and pedophilia are serious offences and that we express our full, unwavering intent to strictly, unwaveringly enforce a zero-tolerance regime with respect to pedophiles and others who harm children.

(The Left will cringe at my "extreme" language, but they always fail to realize that extremism frequently requires "extreme" measures to combat... besides, the Left is extreme itself, so it can't point fingers and complain!).

If we don't do this proactively, pre-empting the fledgling pedophile-rights movement (yes, it's a reality and it may actually be accelerating with resolve to impose its ideology on society), which fuels much of the sex slavery/human trafficking underworld, then, we, having left our side of the court undefended, will have enabled the pedophile child-harmers to gain special, false "rights" they don't deserve and can't ever be permitted to have, as they will only harm children, as is their whole raison d'etre.

Human trafficking is a serious and growing problem, everywhere in the world, frequently related to pedophilia and the abuse of children and women. And:

"Canada has not convicted a single person of the offence of human trafficking, while the United States has successfully prosecuted hundreds," said Benjamin Perrin, assistant professor of law at the University of British Columbia.

I also note that Canada goes easy on pedophiliac child rapists and even murderers. Let's see... Karl Toft is free despite having raped well over a hundred young boys for many years while in a position of absolute authority over them... Karla Homolka, who raped and murdered her own younger sister and other girls, is out, as completely free as everyone else, out with no conditions on her freedom... and she has a baby, incredibly!

It's time to get tough. Real tough. If we don't, then we prove we're lax on promoting and defending human rights at home and internationally. So let's crack down... hard!