Sunday, October 21, 2007

Liberals in Alberta Turn Backs on Federal Party

This is very, very bad for the Liberal Party of Canada.

In other words, it now appears that virtually all Albertans don't like the Liberal Party of Canada and consider it to be alien to their province and values/traditions. Of course, this isn't any surprise, for federal Liberals have long treated Alberta with special contempt, hatred and discrimination, even more so than the rest of the West received from the Liberals.

Provincial Alberta Liberal Party members are so alienated from their federal cousins as to take steps to remind Albertans that they're not the same people, not the same party at all.

Sure, it's normal for provincial party wings to differentiate from their federal counterparts, but this new development suggests that the Liberal Party of Canada can basically forget about ever getting anything in Alberta again in an election, for even their own people there don't want to be associated with them, apparently considering them political toxic waste!

I disagree with that Liberal Senator, whats-her-name, recently named Stephen Dion's "Quebec Lieutenant", in terms of her silly, delusional claim, that the Liberals can "only go up". They're actually continuing to go down... no pun intended...

There's still lots of room for the Liberal Party of Canada to continue going down, down, down!