Tuesday, October 09, 2007

University "Womens Studies" Ignore Islam's Mistreatment of Women

Story here.

Despite their vigilance in behalf of women’s rights in America and other Western nations, Women’s Studies Departments across the nation have been strangely passive in the face of the barbaric treatment of women in Islamic regimes. Numerous hours are spent in the classroom, dissecting the reasons for the ‘wage gap’ in America, violence against women and the ‘privileges’ accorded Caucasian males. But courses on the plight of women in Islamic regimes are strangely absent. Where there are a few courses that touch on Islamic women in Women’s Studies programs, the focus is often cultural and literary, while the abuses go unmentioned.

Yet another reason why I wonder whether I should've just gone to community college and become a carpenter, a plumber, perhaps an electrician, rather than going to university and ending up not doing exactly what I expected, plus learning far, far more about reality by simply surfing the 'net than I ever learned from those ridiculously tortuous (and torturous) hours upon hours of pompous Leftwing elitists babbling inanely about such arcane nonsensical topics as "equity and the distribution of income" and "righting past wrongs".

It seems that Free World universities are increasingly becoming indoctrination factories run by the Left with the objective of manufacturing obedient, well-dressed, well-mannered Leftists who'll perhaps go forth following graduation and spread the lies they were told, possessing less than the truth they were promised... much like the Chinese Communist Party's own agents... or like graduates of some university in "Palestine"...

If one is going to go to university, perhaps it's best to study a science or math rather than the "humanities" or "social sciences" or even "history". Or save a lot of time and money and go to a tech school instead, where you'll just learn what you need and be spared the many, many bullshitty "required" courses that'll only serve to drive many of y'all nuts and may ultimately render y'all fullashit anyway.