Monday, October 08, 2007

The World is Cooling: Climate Scientist

Article here.

Biography of the author, Dr. Tim Ball, Chairman of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project:

Dr. Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. Ball’s extensive science background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition, make him the ideal head of NRSP as we move into our first campaign, Understanding Climate Change.

Excerpt from his article:

The world is cooling. Global temperatures have declined since 1998 and a growing number of climate experts expect this trend to continue until at least 2030. This, happening while carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions continue to rise, is in complete contradiction to the theory of human-induced (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW). The CBC and other die-hard AGW proponents respond by publicizing selected glacial melts and the impact of dramatic but improbable sea level rises, the only warming issues that seem to grab public attention.


In 2006, sixty-one climate experts asked Prime Minister Harper to order open, unbiased climate science hearings, something that has never happened in Canada. Like Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, Harper ignored their request. He must no longer. It is time to finally lift the lid off the Pandora’s Box of modern day climate science and let the public hear what scientists are really concluding about this complex and immature discipline. With billions of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake, not to mention the future of our food supply, there is no other ethical choice.

So let's have a diversity of voices, not just one.

Not all climate scientists will jump onto the IPCC bandwagon of global warming theory.

Therefore, there is doubt. And the guy above says the opposite of what the IPCC says. Why dismiss him? Christopher Columbus was dismissed, but he was right: the world is round. To dogmatically believe that there will be incredible global warming and catastrophic climate change is, in my view, akin to believing the world is flat just because a bunch of "experts", the media and the authorities say so. As was once the case. Once.

UPDATE: It appears that some proponents of the AGW Big Lie campaign wish to try to discredit Dr. Ball; shoot the messenger, as the saying goes.

Well, I'm unconvinced that he's been discredited. They seem to believe, from their commentary and links provided, that Dr. Ball was never a professor at the University of Winnipeg.

Well, there is other evidence that he was, indeed, a professor of, amongst other disciplines, climatology, until his retirement from the University. The source is the Manitoba Historical Society.

Dr. Ball was born in England, where he received his secondary education. He received his B.A. (Honours) from the University of Winnipeg and his M.A. from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD from Queen Mary College, University of London. He served in the RCAF as a navigator for eight and a half years. Professor taught geography, and specifically climatology, at the University of Winnipeg for many years before retiring to Victoria, British Columbia.

Well, if y'all want to call the MHS a liar, be my guest.

Oh, yes... there's more... go ahead; read it all...

Dr. Timothy Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. With a doctorate in climatology from the University of London, Queen Mary College, England, Dr. Ball’s comprehensive background in the field includes a strong focus on the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition.


Dr. Ball’s public presentations - over 600 in the past ten years – have been enthusiastically received by professional societies, business conferences, public forums and a wide variety of public, private and non-profit organizations. His entertaining, yet solidly science-based description of the current climate change controversy has resulted in him being a much sought after speaker continent-wide. Recognizing the different knowledge-levels and interests of particular audiences, Dr. Ball specially tunes his talks to appeal to listeners and, as a consequence, is regular repeat presenter for many groups.

Dr. Ball’s compelling presentation style and scientific expertise has resulted in his inclusion as a scientific advisor and lead participant in a number of recent made-for-TV climate change videos, The Great Global Warming Swindle shown on TV4 on March 8th in the U.K. being the most recent example.

In March 2007 Dr. Ball met with leading U.S. Senators, Representatives and Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D.C. He also testified before a powerful House of Representatives subcommittee – his testimony may be heard by clicking here – and presented to leading American think tanks.

Ah, just read on for yourself... I'm not your bloody lecturer, fo'fecksake!

Here's another:

Dr. Tim Ball taught at the University of Winnipeg from 1971 to 1996. With a Ph. D. in Climatology, he is an expert on the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition. While at the University of Winnipeg Dr. Ball was well-known for his sold-out classes for seniors on Current World Events.

Well, this guy appears to have oodles and oodles more credibility than Al Gore... and even more than David Suzuki, who appears to have abandoned science in favor of far-left political activism. Neither Gore nor Suzuki has credibility, refusing to reduce their consumption of ghg-spewing energy, both spewing far more than the average person (Gore uses an estimated 20X more than average and flies on a private jet, fo'fecksake, and Suzuki cruises in a full-size luxury bus with just a handful of folks, rather than in a reasonably-sized van like normal folks would). And Suzuki infamously refuses to acknowledge the reality that there is NO consensus amongst the scientific community as to the AGW theory, thus discrediting himself as a scientist!

Plus... the IPCC is an offspring of the United Nations. So, as only a fool trusts the UN, only a fool trusts anything it offshoots... Who could forget, for example, the Oil For Food Scandal, which is strongly linked to one Maurice Strong, who's actually supposed to be the chief architect of the worthless, impossible-in-the-real-world "Kyoto Protocol"...

The whole AGW movement itself is more discreditable than is Dr. Ball, as far as I can tell.

And, believe it or not, I do have an open mind on this. But I'm not guillible, so...