Monday, October 08, 2007

Hamas is in The (Ohio State Capitol) House

Here we go again with another report of the enemy getting in... invited.

Story here. Read it all to see who's who and what's what. (Emphasis mine)

The Ohio State Capitol in Columbus will be the setting for a curious convocation later this month when it hosts an event featuring several well-known Islamic extremists as part of an “interfaith” conference entitled, “The Many Faces of Islam”. The conference, which is to be held in the atrium of the Statehouse on Sunday, October 28th, will feature two well-known speakers with multiple connections to the HAMAS international terrorist organization, a host of convicted terrorist leaders, and colleagues who fled the US to avoid prosecution on terrorism-related charges. The event is sponsored by the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio.

Isn't that nice? Inviting the enemy into one's home?

I guess offering a drink is out of the question. These folks ain't exactly James Bond!

Why the hell do our governments want to host/work with Islamic extremists? They don't host known white supremacists (oh, wait; one of the US Democratic Senators is one- used to be KKK, so... damn!).

Is political correctness responsible for this dangerous practice of allowing dangerous extremists into the halls of power in the Free World?

Shit, this isn't a Bond movie. This is real life. What the hell is going on?

Incredible, isn't it? Rather like having Hitler's Nazis over for dinner and a pleasant, cultured chat, isn't it? Or like having the Chinese Communists over...

I can only hope that U.S. security, intelligence and military services are going to be keeping close tabs on all of these folks. Hopefully, this is the reason for allowing the enemy to walk amongst us: to spy on them and hopefully gain valuable, actionable intelligence.

Of course, it's also possible to turn some of the enemy folks into spies... for our side against the other side. Perhaps send some of them back to act as moles, providing us information? Of course we must try that, in addition to all the other tactics in the war against Islamic fascism and imperialism.

It better be what's happening. Surely our governments aren't just shooting us all in the foot?

Whatever our governments are doing, we citizens must do our part also. It's not as if we've been told by our governments to not spy, not gather information, not study the enemy, not post our analyses, etc...