Monday, October 29, 2007

Danish Counter-Islamization Leader Was Target of Assassination Attempt

Above: Anders Gravers (Danish Leader, Stop Islamization of Europe)

(Will stay on top until late Monday... because of the shameful failure of both the Danish and international MSM to tell us about this attack. Scroll down for new posts!)

Just in today via email from the Center for Vigilant Freedom:

SIOE Nederland just now comes with a shocking story that on October 21st an assault was attempted on the life of SIOE Denmark leader Anders Gravers and passengers when arriving in a parking located in the basement of a building to join the demo planned for that day in Copenhagen .
The following link is in Danish. Translation pending.

UPDATE: English version of the post. As you can see, the MSM refused to tell the People about what happened, so SIOE has gone over their heads...

SIOE Denmark is only coming with a report now on the murder attempt and the demonstration in Copenhagen. There was a need for recover but also because the main stream medias have been either completely silent or have published lies about the incidents. We have waited to see if the msm would write about the incident. This is the first article about it, and one more will follow about the demonstration.

(...)there was a loud bang and the frontwindow was damaged. About two autonomous looking types were in the front and two on ecah sites smashing the site windows shouting Get him out get him out! and started hitting Anders and the SIAD passenger in the other site with ironbars. The SIAD member in the middle (foto) was hit of a thrown filled soda bottle in her backhead.

Anders succeded after a while to kick one of the autonomous hard in the face as he leaned in to unlock the door. Anders mananged to get out with a fire extinguisher from the van and hit another one hard on the shoulder. It remained later that they attemted to stab him down when there was found cut holes in the shirt, jacket and vest. Anders was wearing his securityvest which saved his life.

Suddenly they disappeared and Anders got around the van and saw a SIAD member (foto top) lying on the floor while he was beaten in the head of 4-5 persons with ironbars. Apperently they also tried to stab him down, but again he also wore his security vest which saved his life.

(More action is narrated...)

Notwithstanding this cowardly, ineffective act of "jihad", counterIslamization leader Gravers, despite being somewhat wounded himself, actually proceeded with the demonstration the "jihadists" failingly sought to stop.

The wounded, 2 men and 2 women decided that the best thing Anders could do was to complete the demonstration. That would be a slap in the face on the undemocratic and fascistic forces who have tried to shut us down forever. Anders agreed, apart from bruises on arm and body he felt allright and after talking to the police he drove away and completed the demonstration in front of the Institute of human rights.

Clearly, there are those who are deadly serious about forcing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia Law onto Europe.

But guess what? No matter what the enemy does to us, we will not submit!

Anders Gravers did NOT submit. He FOUGHT BACK VALOROUSLY AND FEROCIOUSLY against the "jihadist" enemy!

Let this be a warning to the enemy. Mr. Gravers demonstrates the unrelenting resolve of King Leonidas against Xerxes...

And Mr. Gravers is by no means alone. There are countless freedom-loving people like him who will fearlessly do the same.

Thanks to Monique of SIOE-Nederland for the link to the English version of the post.