Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Required Reading on Fighting Islamic Fascism/Imperialism

Christine of Vigilant Freedom writes a valuable article here. I recommend you read it to help further your understanding of the nature of the Islamist threat posed to the Free World and what we must do in order to repel and defeat it.

Christine knows what she's talking about. Trust me.

Here's some excerpts:

I’ve worked with Muslims professionally over the years in various IT projects. Many train expertly as engineers, systems analysts and systems modelers. I wish I could see — because it exists somewhere — the system dynamics model that has been built, perhaps even by people I once knew, to model the Islamization of the West. It’s implicit, but given the skills and that Islamic cultural interest in the design of complex, internally referential systems, I suspect several models are out there competing for strategic dominance as the most useful tool. Our adversaries are wargaming our terms of surrender; it is up to us to build the wargames to define our terms of victory.

This is where our political leaders have failed so miserably, in failing to understand dawa, jihad, supranational terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism, the whole set of tactics as a single system. It doesn’t need a single political entity governing it, to function systematically. You can build these things fairly loosely and they still keep functioning.

Building such analytical models of global Islamization ourselves- not in STELLA or powersim necessarily, but in something more generally accessible, like Excel — is not a bad activity, as a kind of Red Team wargaming activity. Making it public is good, to show the connections between Islamist attack vectors. There are other ways to provide this holistic view of the problem — novels, plays. A culture of resistance requires a breadth of approaches.

But we must fight on the entire game board — against all these attempts to Islamicize the west — not just one tiny corner of the board called terrorism, as our political leaders are now doing. To fight against al Qaeda and to legitimize CAIR is like playing chess and saying you like the other guy’s bishops and rooks, and wouldn’t want to offend him by capturing them, so you’re going to play “fair” and only capture his knights.