Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Conference Will Discuss New News Media in Canada

Building a New Media - Creating a New Culture

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Mainstream media (MSM) defector-cum WorldNetDaily.com founder, Joseph Farah, will be in Burlington, Ontario, this Friday and Saturday as keynote speaker, along with others from amongst the ranks of the non-MSM media, including Connie Wilkins of FreeDominion.ca, of standing-up-to-the-Leftofascist-"Human Rights Commission"-and-making-them-back-off fame.

Mr. Farah will tell attendees how to create Canada's own alternative to the corrupt, biased, Leftist mainstream media.

"Canadians," says Farah, "are suffering from the same kind of lockstep, pack journalism that has infected the American media. There's no sense anymore that reporting is about telling the truth. It's become all about agendas and political correctness."

Another speaker at the event will be Connie Wilkins. As WND reported earlier this year, Wilkins and her husband run a website which was the subject of a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission for posting material "offensive" to Muslims. The complaint eventually was withdrawn, but Wilkins still faces a potential civil suit.

The conference will be held at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington Friday night and Saturday. There will be a few tickets left available for sale at the door – $45 for the Friday evening "town hall forum" with the speakers, or $90 for Friday night and all-day Saturday, lunch included. Complete information on the conference is available online.