Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Weathervane" Hurtful Language: Quebec Legislature Speaker

Michel Bissonet: "Weathervane" "hurtful" language, forbids use of word

In the Quebec legislature it is. The Speaker of the House has just deemed the word "weathervane" to be "unparliamentary" language, believe it or not!

Speaker Michel Bissonnet judged the word to be "hurtful" as the legislature resumed Tuesday after the summer break.


Charest insisted calling Dumont a weathervane is fair comment and tried to just withdraw the word "national" in calling Dumont the ``national weathervane." The Premier asked whether the word weathervane is on the list of unparliamentary language.

Bissonett replied that it is now.

"I find that this is unparliamentary and hurtful," Bissonet said.
Heh... voila les Qwazy Qwebec politicians!

Seriously though, this is clear evidence of the essential nature of the origins of political correctness. It's all about what someone unilaterally deems, no matter how illogical, no matter how brainless.
Next thing we know, "lapdog" will be deemed by some powerful moonbat imbecile as a "hateful slur against a protected sexual orientation" or something...
Hey, maybe we can get the words "rightwingnut", "rightwhingers", "redneck", "homophobe", "Islamophobe" unilaterally deemed as "hurtful", thus their use forbidden...
Y'know, I'm onto something here... just wait till our conservative guys start using moonbat tactics against moonbats...