Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harper Conservatives Have The Left On The Ropes

That's what I'm declaring now.

As we know now, the Liberals have chosen to not vote against the Throne Speech, thus avoiding an election that would decimate them.

This means that they're supporting the government's agenda of common sense and realism, as opposed to the sacred Kyoto Protocol, which is obviously dead with the Y-incision already made.

Yes... Stephane Dion, the champion of the Kyoto Accord in Canada, is saying, "Ok, fuggeddabout the Kyoto Protocol... let's go the way Mr. Harper's going... Kyoto, everyone knows, is bullshit anyway... duh... we Librano$ ourselves proved it by doing absolutely nothing to conform to it for years!".

Yep... Stephane Dion's a man of principle rather than political cowardice. Suuuuure, and Britney Spears is pure and virginal.

Also, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has basically told the Leftist Opposition parties that no longer will he permit them to hold up legislation, or amend it, or send it to committee... from now on, it's a matter of confidence. This means, of course, support the legislation or it's go time (an election). In other words, hey, Lefties, shit already or get your fat cat asses off the pot!

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in control now. He's doing what we normal, sane, common-sense Canadians have wanted and loudly demanded for oh, so long, bringing forth real conservative legislation, including broad-based tax cuts and serious, kick-ass lock-em-up legislation to put repeat violent offenders in jail, serious, mandatory sentences (jail) for crimes commited with guns and so on and so forth.

Following the Throne Speech's passage thanks to the pussying-out pantywaisted Stephanie Deeann, the first piece of confidence legislation will be to really, really, seriously, finally reform the justice system to send the message that Canadians will no longer tolerate crime, particularly violent crime. Should the Left refuse to do what Canadians want them to do as their employees, then it's go time!

Oh, of course, the separatist Bloc and the NDP will vote against such legislation. But the Liberals, although generally as leftist as leftist gets, they, having no principles, no values, only caring about electoral calculations, money and themselves, will probably support the legislation, certainly now that they know they're screwed if they don't.

As for the Afghanistan matter, finally the Conservatives have decided to explain why we're there and why we must stay there. And that the Left must support the actions we're taking there rather than abandon the Afghans to the Taliban who will take away all the rights and progress we gave them! The Left must support an extension beyond 2009 or else condemn the Afghan people to losing their newly-granted human rights to the butcherous Taliban.

Well, that's my musing at the moment. I really do believe that, finally, in Canada, at least in Parliament, the Left is on the ropes, unable to get back up and fight its suddenly superior opponent!

I say finish off the Left. They don't represent Canadians. The Left is bad, bad, bad.