Friday, October 19, 2007

Majority Want Harper Conservative Majority Victory: Poll

The majority of Canadians are comfortable with the Conservatives of Stephen Harper and would much rather have a majority government... and a Stephen Harper-led majority, rather than a Stephane Dion-Liberal one.

Canadians by and large also think any election should be delayed to the spring at earliest, as they want the Harper Conservatives to continue their work.

The results mark the first time Harper, who won a narrow minority government 20 months ago, has registered such a firm embrace from the Canadian public

"It seems that people are pretty comfortable with the idea of majority government and a majority government led by Stephen Harper," said Darrell Bricker, president of Ipsos Reid.


The survey, conducted since Tuesday's throne speech, said the Conservatives hit the magic majority number of 40 per cent for the second consecutive week.

No wonder the Leftist Opposition appears to be going out of its way, even reversing itself and abandoning its purported principles to avoid going to the people in an election.

As long as Canadians say they like the Harper Conservatives, I just don't see the Leftist Opposition doing anything to cause an election.

The timing appears to be in the hands of the Left at the moment, and as they're too terrified of going to the people anytime soon for a new verdict, they'll concede defeat already and submit to the Harper Conservative legislative agenda.

It's time to get to work, then, and really, really start fixing the stuff the corrupt, crooked, immoral Dion Librano$ broke!

So... Canadians are already indicating the Canada they choose.

I remember that infamously silly Librano election ad about "Soldiers... with guns... in the streets... in the cities... in Canada... choose your Canada".

Well, we're choosing our Canada, all righty!