Sunday, October 14, 2007

Will Liberal McGuinty Be a Two-Time Liar on Taxes?

Story here. h/t:

He promised before not to raise taxes. And, once elected, he raised taxes.

Now that he's promised again to not raise taxes, and was elected partly on that promise, there are suggestions that he nevertheless might raise taxes again.

"Linda, rumour is high in the finance department at Queen's Park that after the federal budget reduces the GST by 1% and cuts personal taxes, the Liberals will introduce a 2% PST increase, with 1% for the municipalities and 1% for public transit," states an e-mail from a reader who will remain anonymous.

Hmm... maybe a disgruntled Liberal who just found out something? Or some arsehole playing games with us? The mind races...

The e-mail went on: "They say this is why (Toronto Mayor David) Miller laid off in the provincial election."

Well, the story goes on to remind folks of the multibilliondollar new-spending promises McGuinty made. However will they be paid for? Will he either break some of his key spending promises, or break his no-tax-hike promise... again?

It's going to be fun to watch this Mr. Bean act-alike... we'll sooner or later see what kinds of not-so-funny nonsense he pulls next!

Liberals... never know what stunts they're going to pull...

Not that it affects me... I don't currently reside in Ontario, but, as the saying goes, for Ontarians, "Fool them once, shame on McGuinty. Fool them twice, shame on those who voted for him again!"